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How do you extract value from the profile and reputation you've built in the marketplace?

How can you more effectively package and leverage your knowledge and expertise for greater influence and impact?

Welcome to Reputation Revolution, the show where we dissect what’s involved in commercialising - and profiting from - your professional personal brand.

You’ve put in the hard yards: now it’s time to capitalise!

Let’s dive in!


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REPUTATION REVOLUTION: The Personal Brand Monetisation Show Trevor Young

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How do you extract value from the profile and reputation you've built in the marketplace?

How can you more effectively package and leverage your knowledge and expertise for greater influence and impact?

Welcome to Reputation Revolution, the show where we dissect what’s involved in commercialising - and profiting from - your professional personal brand.

You’ve put in the hard yards: now it’s time to capitalise!

Let’s dive in!


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    280: The business of speaking: An insider's guide with Carson White

    280: The business of speaking: An insider's guide with Carson White

    As you grow your profile and reputation as a thought leader in your space - a professional domain expert of note … over time opportunities will pop up to speak at industry events, community meetups, webinars, online summits and the like.

    These are great opportunities to share your ideas and your message with a captivated audience, in turn helping to build your professional bona fides and enhance your personal brand in the marketplace.

    But what happens if you start getting good at this speaking caper, and the stages become bigger and more prestigious? You’ve honed your speaking chops for free - but you’re now starting to think: I could - and should - get paid for all this work!

    Well, if becoming a professional keynote presenter is something that’s been on your radar, stay tuned because my guest today is a true insider of the speaking business.


    His name is CARSON WHITE - he’s the founder of Leading Voice, a speaker management company that represents some of Australia’s most respected and experienced presenters, MC’s and facilitators - he’s been in the speaker management trenches for some 25 years and has seen it all when it comes to presenting from the stage. 


    1. **Introduction:** Welcome to Reputation Revolution, a podcast focused on leveraging your professional reputation for greater influence and impact.

    2. **Guest Introduction:** Meet Carson White, founder of Leading Voice - a speaker management company that represents Australia's top presenters.

    3. **Speaker Management Business Model:** Learn about how Leading Voice - a speaker management company - differs from speaker bureaus by serving the needs of a small group of professional presenters (versus simply sourcing any speaker for any occasion, which is the domain of many bureaus).

    4. **Impact of Covid-19 on Speaking Industry**: Explore how the pandemic has led to pro speakers diversifying their service offering due to the increased use of online training and events.

    5. **Transitioning into Professional Speaking:** Gain insights from Carson's 25 years in the speaking business trenches about what makes an impactful speaker, and key factors needed for success in this competitive industry.

    6. **Types of Speakers**: Understand two main types of speakers: thought leaders who provoke insights and ideas, and entertainers who share captivating personal experiences or achievements often involving overcoming adversity.

    7. **Shift in Speaker Trends**: Discuss evolving trends over time within the speaking industry – moving from adventure-centered narratives towards more content-rich presentations.

    8. **The Art of Stagecraft**: Delve into why stagecraft is crucial for effective presentation skills, focusing less on slides and more on engaging delivery.

    9 .**Inspiring Speaker Story**: Hear about Tom O'Toole, a baker with an unconventional but highly successful approach to public speaking.

    10 .**Effective Speaking vs Building Business as Speaker**: Uncover why being good at public speaking doesn't necessarily equate to building a profitable business as a paid speaker – it requires strategic thinking around positioning oneself in the market along with strong marketing efforts.

    If you're thinking about embarking on a speaking career that pays, this episode is a great place to start!

    Connect with Carson on Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/carsonpwhite/

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    279: Design an offer that aligns with your purpose AND fuels your business - w/ Cristina Castro & Angela Tsai

    279: Design an offer that aligns with your purpose AND fuels your business - w/ Cristina Castro & Angela Tsai

    Being good at what you do is one thing … designing a product or service offering around your knowledge and expertise so that it sells itself … is another matter entirely.

    This is the theme of today’s episode, and to help us unpack this important but often confusing task, we have in the virtual studio Cristina Castro and Angela Tsai, founders of Grow Your Brand With Impact, a UK-based consultancy that “helps marketing-fatigued consultants, coaches and business owners implement marketing that gets results”.

    Many of Cristina and Angela's clients come from corporate backgrounds with 10-15 years of experience under their belts.

    These established professional operators have deep domain expertise but often struggle to recognise the value they bring to the marketplace.

    This, in turn, becomes challenging when said experts try to effectively present and market their unique offerings.

    This is where Cristina and Angela come in - they help professional solopreneurs turn their products or service into "money magnets" that sell effortlessly.

    In this wide-ranging conversation, we touch on:

    **Back story**  - Christina and Angela share their journey from corporate backgrounds to running a successful consultancy business.

    **Common pain-points**  - Transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship and the challenges faced by experts in recognising their own value. Plus the identity shift involved when moving away from predefined roles in corporations to standing alone as an entrepreneur.

    **Overcoming challenges** - Strategies for effectively presenting unique offerings and selling oneself in today's market.

    **The changing work landscape** - Exploration of factors contributing to more people leaving traditional corporate jobs including Covid-19, remote working opportunities, changing career aspirations among millennials, and midlife self-evaluation trends.

    **Understanding 'offer'** - Discussion around misconceptions surrounding 'offer' in business context; how it goes beyond just sales pitches or discounts.

    **Articulating unique value proposition:** - Real-life examples illustrating difficulties businesses face while differentiating themselves from competitors; importance of clarity about one’s unique factors that set them apart.

    **Defining offer essence** - How understanding the essence of your offer can make selling easier and attract clients who resonate with your story; includes analogy using a favorite restaurant experience!

    If you want to design a product or service offer that hits the mark with your ideal client, this episode is a great place to start!


    Follow Angela on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelatsai1/Follow Cristina on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristina-castro-reyes/

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    278: Automate your personal brand-based business with Alycia Edgar

    278: Automate your personal brand-based business with Alycia Edgar

    In this episode of Reputation Revolution, I sit down with profit strategist and business growth expert, Alicia Edgar.

    We delve into the the role automation plays in scaling businesses while freeing up entrepreneurs' time and reducing their workload.

    The following topics are covered in this interview:

    **Introduction to Guest**: Learn about Alicia’s journey from being an accountant to a profit strategist who helps help six figure entrepreneurs leverage their business to fuel growth without requiring more of their time

    **The Power of Automation**: Discover how automation reduces human oversight, streamlines processes, saves time, and increases profitability across various business aspects like marketing efforts or knowledge sharing.

    **Profit Generation through Automation**: Understand the concept of creating automatic income streams that ensure consistent revenue inflow (when implemented gradually).

    **Examples & Key Areas for Automation**: Get insights on automating administrative tasks and marketing activities to save time and reduce costs without hiring more staff.

    **Marketing Focus Points**: Explore key areas -- awareness through amplified content; visibility beyond algorithm restrictions; lead generation (which generates new prospects daily without attending networking events); and growth strategies requiring our constant attention (automated to function every day on a consistent basis).

    **Effective Lead Generation Strategies**: Learn about selling low-priced items initially to attract new customers and convert them into loyal ones by demonstrating value over time.

    **Content Strategy & Marketing Automation Tips:** Stay active across multiple platforms like blogs, podcasts etc., use paid advertising especially promoting content via Facebook Ads at minimal costs per day to ensure visibility among existing followers while attracting new ones as well.

    This episode is packed full of actionable insights and tips for anyone wanting to scale their business without relying on more of their time and attention.



    Website - https://www.alyciaedgar.com/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alyciaedgar/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/alycia_edgar/

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    277: Design your one-person service-based business with Ellen Donnelly, The Ask

    277: Design your one-person service-based business with Ellen Donnelly, The Ask

    You've built a strong profile and reputation in the marketplace - you're a recognised domain expert and/or bona fide thought leader in your field.

    Now, how are you going to capitalise on all your hard work? You don't want to work for anyone else, but nor do you want to run a large business and employ stacks of people.

    What's the answer?

    Establish and grow your own one-person service-based business!

    The brilliant thing today is it's never been easier to start a business.

    And here's the kicker: one-person enterprises need not remain tiny revenue-wise, with the owner/operator eking out a small income. Thanks to technology, support services ecosystems and removal of geographic barriers, many one-person service-based businesses can become wildly profitable despite not having an office and staff.

    The key is to design such a business around yourself.

    Or, as my guest for this episode likes to say:

    "I believe that designing a one-person business around yourself is the answer to finding work that lights you up, lets you reach your earning potential and can be done entirely on your own terms."

    London-based Ellen Donnelly runs a coaching business called The Ask, which specialises in helping entrepreneurial professionals turn their expertise into a profitable one person business in five months.

    Ellen recently published a 5-step guide on this very topic (access your copy here) - it's designed to help you package up what you know into a marketable service that clients will pay you for, again and again.

    In this episode, Ellen walks us through (and elaborates on) the five steps of her guide.

    Some key talking points covered in this conversation include:

    Ellen shares her journey from headhunting tech talent in corporate London to running a thriving business coaching practice called 'The Ask.'Ellen unpacks what she calls 'Your Unique Contribution: this is the truest expression of the work you were put on this earth to do and is an underrated business- building strategy.Defining Uniqueness: Tips on how to define what sets you apart in terms of abilities, personality traits or life experiences which shapes how you conduct business differently than anyone else even within similar industries.Articulating uniqueness effectively: Challenges faced while articulating our inherent uniqueness into marketable packages due to overlooking obvious aspects about ourselves thinking they're too simple.Personal authenticity and audience resonance: Importance of identifying what resonates with your audience while staying true to yourself is emphasised upon.Overcoming comparison trap and indecision: Strategies shared on overcoming comparison with others and focusing on what suits them best when deciding the type of work they want to do based on their insights.Promotion platforms and niche selection : Discussion around numerous options available for marketing efforts such as podcasting or other platforms and challenges in niche selection.

    This is a deep-dive chat about designing a one-person service-based business around yourself. If this sounds like you, I'm confident you'll find the conversation relevant and illuminating!



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    276: [ CASE STUDY ] How Jackie Goddard has commercialised her knowledge & expertise

    276: [ CASE STUDY ] How Jackie Goddard has commercialised her knowledge & expertise

    Welcome to the first interview for Season 8 of Reputation Revolution, the personal brand monetisation show!

    In this episode I have the pleasure of hosting Jackie Goddard, the founder of Power to Speak, based on the south coast of England.

    In this insightful discussion, Jackie shares her journey from being an art development officer and drama teacher to becoming a public speaking coach who helps business owners and professionals to get performance ready and excited about stepping in front of an audience to share their message.

    Key points covered:

    Jackie's background in fashion design, acting, and working behind the scenes at the Royal Shakespeare Company.How teaching drama led her towards coaching adults which inspired her business, Power to Speak.The impact of Covid lockdown on Jackie's career path and how it prompted her transition into online platforms.The inception story behind Power To Speak, and how Jackie helps individuals confidently express themselves before their audience.Importance and challenges around articulating what you do when building a business around your expertise.The concept of impostor syndrome – why we undervalue our abilities and how understanding and valuing personal stories can be empowering.

    We also delve deeper into Jackie's journey in establishing her business including positioning strategies used along the way, and why she opted to create the Power to Speak brand versus trading solely under her own name.

    Jackie also unpacks her sources of revenue, and how she integrates her various programs and offerings under the Power to Speak banner.

    If you're in the early stages of building a business around your knowledge and expertise - or you're thinking about doing so in the future, you'll love this interview with Jackie Goddard!



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    275: Reputation = revenue: The business of personal branding

    275: Reputation = revenue: The business of personal branding

    In this solo episode to kick off season 8 of the podcast, I set the scene for what's to come on the Reputation Revolution.

    There's been a shift in focus on what topics we cover on the show.

    You may have noticed we've changed the subtitle of the podcast, from 'The professional personal branding show' to 'The personal brand monetisation show'.

    In the past - across 270+ episodes in fact - this podcast has zeroed in on topics associated with professional personal branding, with a view to helping credible individuals build visibility, influence and trust in the marketplace.

    The business side of personal branding

    However, from Season 8, we're going to be more purposeful about covering topics that focus solely on playing a bigger game and leveraging one’s personal brand assets for commercial gain.

    In other words, the business side of personal branding - capitalising on the profile and reputation we've built in the marketplace.

    It’s a meaty topic, and we'll be looking at both sides of the ‘creator coin’, with a skew towards the 'reputation creator' and how they can build a high revenue business off the back of their professional personal brand.

    But, we'll also be looking at independent content creators, and highlighting what we can learn from them, as they are at the cutting edge of content creation today.

    Plus we'll dig deeper into the commercialisation aspect of personal branding, and how we can build a sustainable enterprise off the back of our profile and reputation.

    My goal is to ‘build a bridge’ between the Reputation Economy and the Creator Economy - to explore where they meet and intersect, and unpack the commercial opportunities that come with that.

    When it comes to topics we've previously covered on the show i.e.

    owned media (content creation in all its various forms),social media (including all the platforms),media and influencer relations (earned media),reputation management,community building,book publishing,networking and public speaking, etc

    ... I've established a new podcast - BECOME YOUR OWN PR MACHINE - to cover these.

    (Become Your Own PR Machine is available now from your podcast app of choice)

    So, my two podcasts are essentially bookends:

    Become Your Own PR Machine - learn how to harness the power of PR, content and digital communications to build recognition, influence and credibility for your business, organisation or personal brand.

    Reputation Revolution - learn how to leverage your reputation to take advantage of commercial opportunities so you can profit from your personal brand in a way that's strategic, sustainable ... and respectful.

    I hope you enjoy either - or both shows!

    Hit me up on Twitter (@trevoryoung) or Instagram (@theprwarrior) or LinkedIn (/trevoryoung) and let me know what you think of the changes! Thanks :) TY

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4.8 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

mvelasco07 ,

10/10 show!

I recently discovered Reputation Revolution and I am hooked! Each episode is packed with tons of insightful content, actionable advice, and tangible tips. I truly learn something every time I listen. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Trevor - keep up the great work!

tommye w-c ,


Great show with awesome content!!!

RWlistens ,

Great PR-related content

A relevant podcast for building a brand and reputation in business.

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