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Tips, Tools and Coaching to Rock Your Restaurant

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Tips, Tools and Coaching to Rock Your Restaurant

    193. Protecting Your Restaurant From A Fire

    193. Protecting Your Restaurant From A Fire

    Think what would happen if you had a fire in your restaurant. You might be insured, but would you lose your business to the competition while you remodeled or even rebuilt?

    Do you think your staff would stick around and wait for you to reopen or would they find jobs with the competition? This is scary stuff, but statistics show it happens. Don’t let it happen to your restaurant!

    In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m speaking with Michael Crafton the CEO of NELBUD. They’re one of the Nation’s largest providers of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning… the place where most fires start. We’ll be talking about simple fire prevention, the steps of quality and effective hood cleaning, the importance of compliance and the expectations you should have of your service provider.

    Hoods should be cleaned at a minimum every six months and its quite a process. It needs to happen in the middle of the night while you’re restaurant is closed and your venting system can adequately dry. This means you’ve got to trust your service provider and their people while chances are your’e asleep at home. Thankfully, NELBUD offers full transparency and “Digital Documentation” of their entire service offering clients peace of mind that’s extremely rare these days. No wonder some of their more high-profile clients include “The White House”, “The Pentagon”, casinos in both Atlantic City and Vegas, as well as restaurants just like yours in 23 states.

    Stay tuned because we’ll also be discussing Fire Suppression, Sprinkler systems, alarms and grease trap service. Just four more of those “Thousands of Details” you have to think about in running your operation. You can find Nelbud at www.nelbud.com and follow them on Instagram and Twitter @nelbud9

    Listen on then go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!


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    192. An Entrepreneur’s Journey to Launch a Global Brand - Candela MamaJuana

    192. An Entrepreneur’s Journey to Launch a Global Brand - Candela MamaJuana

    We’re all inspired by those incredible entrepreneurial journeys. The vision, the dreams, sacrifices, hardships and victories. Ideas can come from anywhere and the next great thing may be around the next corner. In this case, its all about a drink you may want to serve in your operation.

    In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m pleased to introduce you to Alejandro Russo, a young serial entrepreneur who found inspiration in a tropical place and counter to his intuition, took a chance by sharing “shots” with strangers in a bar. You’ll hear all about the passion and history of the “National Drink” of the Dominican Republic, creating the perfect recipe, staying authentic by producing it in the country, finding distribution and then creating a market in Chile and the United States. Alex calls his product “Vacation in a Bottle”!

    We’re taking about a rum based drink called “MamaJuana” and if the name doesn’t catch you the flavor and taste certainly will. This is a centuries old elixir believed to have healing properties that contains honey, essences of tree bark and exotic spices.

    Follow us on Alex’s journey to compete against the biggest Rum brands on the planet with massive marketing budgets in order to create a Global Brand and stay true to his inspiration. Major International Resorts and leading U.S. Restaurants are serving Candela MamaJuana.
    You may want to pick up a bottle or two to introduce to your customers.

    This is an amazing story you’re not going to want to miss. Follow Alex and his rum on Instagram @DrinkCandela and at www.drinkcandela.com

    Thanks for listening.


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    191. How a Powerful Brand Becomes a Franchise - The Daily Jam

    191. How a Powerful Brand Becomes a Franchise - The Daily Jam

    You’ve probably all seen the film “The Founder” about how Ray Krok created the most powerful restaurant brand and franchise on the planet. Well in the film, you see its all about the “Systems”. You can’t grow a successful business without proven systems.

    In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m speaking with a franchise expert who cut his teeth in several other most successful brands. Krispy Kreme, Auntie Annie’s Pretzels, Cold Stone Creamery… you’ve heard of these.

    Berekk Blackwell is now the President of a fast growing concept called “Daily Jam”. Its a breakfast, lunch, brunch and specialty cocktail brand that’s refined its mission and now growing regionally and national with a franchise model.

    Listen on as we discuss the foundation of any successful business:

    - “Core Values” that lead to a motivated team that rise to the challenge to over deliver on the guest experience.

    - Training philosophies and best practices

    - Delivering “WOW Factor” across your operation

    - Why Not taking regular inventory is like tearing up $100 bills in your walk-in

    - Growing and sustaining Customer Loyalty and much more

    I love talking with dynamic operators who are executing a laser-focused vision. If you’re serious about building an unstoppable brand and not just running a restaurant, don’t miss this episode. Its the only way to start and run a profitable restaurant, whether you’re satisfied with one location or want to create a chain legacy.

    Follow the brand on Instagram @eatdailyjam If you’re interested in a Daily Jam franchise, go to www.dailyjamfranchising.com

    Now Go Out There and Rock Your Restaurant!


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    190. A Brand Creating RAVING Fans - Leslie Silverglide of MIXT

    190. A Brand Creating RAVING Fans - Leslie Silverglide of MIXT

    I’m always amazed at those dynamic hard-charging people that can grow a concept to multiple locations. It takes courage, fortitude, an unwavering vision, not to mention leadership to build a brand and maintain consistency and quality that’s on point.

    In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m speaking with Leslie Silverglide who’s the co-founder and CEO of a fast growing chain of healthy restaurants MIXT, offering a plant-forward menu that they call “Craveworthy”. Not only that, but the underlying mission of Leslie’s company is to lead the charge for sustainability in the restaurant business for a healthier world and planet. They’re also sourcing 100+ ingredients locally in their markets.

    We’re going to talk about how to grow a brand, how to find great people, inspire and lead a team and best practices to keep the customer coming back for more. On top of that, their average staff retention is 3 years. I was astounded to hear that MIXT’s most loyal customers actually dine in the restaurants 21 times a month. That means customers are raving fans and of course you know that word of mouth is The Most Powerful Marketing in the restaurant business. You just know these people aren’t just dining at MIXT, they’re also spreading the word and praise on social media and the reviews are gold! This is what I call Affinity folks!

    Listen up as this is the way to run a restaurant, increase restaurant business and build an unstoppable brand!

    Now go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!


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    189. Restaurant Payroll Made Easy

    189. Restaurant Payroll Made Easy

    Payroll is a necessary detail with a huge impact on your bottom line, but it doesn’t need to be a challenge.

    There are so many other critical details in running your operation, so let’s talk Profit, Convenience and Efficiency. Payroll processing has come so far beyond just time and attendance reporting and paying your employees.

    In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m speaking with Mr. Michael Splane an independent Consultant formerly of Heartland Payroll Solutions.

    You’ll hear about a complete online suite of integrated services (P.O.S., Accounting systems and even Worker’s Comp) to help your business thrive and grow forward. Check out the Pre-Employment features like posting jobs, screening applications, scheduling and hosting interviews and even onboarding new staff all available online.

    It helps to have an expert in your corner. You get one dedicated “point person” to handle all your needs plus on-demand access to H.R. professionals to guide your business on state and industry-specific labor laws. At some point, you may even want to set up a 401K plant or your team. Heartland does this too.

    You probably already know Heartland for their payment processing solutions, now payroll is a natural extension.

    Focusing on the critical details that have the biggest impact on your profit and success only makes sense. This is the way to run a restaurant and build your restaurant business.

    Listen on then go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!


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    188. Forget your Competition, Think like your Consumer w/Erik Shellenberger

    188. Forget your Competition, Think like your Consumer w/Erik Shellenberger

    Everyone’s says you need to Market your place on Social Media. Not only that, you need to know how to post, what to post and how often?

    Today’s guest Mr. Erik Shellenberger is going to turn that idea upside down and tell us why Social Media Marketing has Lost its Effectiveness. I love Erik’s “Test Taking” analogy.

    “Picture a room full of people all taking a test that nobody studied for. Everyone is copying off of each other’s paper so we end up with a bunch of different versions of the wrong answer. Everyone assumes their neighbor knows more than they do but it turns out everyone is shockingly uneducated. In today’s visual online world, presentation and aesthetics are more important than ever. If your business’s online presence was a Tinder profile, would you score a date? Or would you continue to live through endless uneventful weekends?”

    This is what happens folks when you try to copy how your competition is marketing to the customer. Instead, you need to “THINK Like your Consumer”!

    Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor are often the consumer’s first impression of your brand, especially in a tourist economy. Is your business dominating your competition?   Have you not addressed your search engine ranking because you simply “show up” when you Google your own business? Do you think this is good enough? Not even close!

    What works for your competitor’s brand could be worthless for yours. Erlk’s advice is to “Stop the copy/ paste madness and create your own plan on your own terms!”

    Tune in to this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast and get a whole new fresh approach on your marketing strategy. This is the only way to run a restaurant and bar.

    Listen On!


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Customer Reviews

Katie Joy B. ,

Restaurant Rockstars, Indeed!

Roger and his incredibly knowledgeable guests shine the brightest of lights on the restaurant industry and those inside it! Bold, insightful, and engaging are just a few of the words I’d use to describe the time you’ll spend with them. Thanks for putting out such a superb show Roger - keep up the great work!

ryan53405 ,

Midlife Career Change

I am completely new to the restaurant/hospitality industry and I’ve learned a lot over the year and a half that I’ve been open. We have fortunately been pretty successful with a lot more growing opportunity in front of us. I’ve listed to every single one of Rogers podcasts and have taken away a lot of useful nuggets of information that I’ve installed here at my restaurant. It truly is amazing that people like Roger dedicate their time to help fellow restauranteurs succeed in this difficult industry. I know I run a better restaurant because of what I’ve learned from these podcasts. Thank you!

d-266382992 ,

Audio needs work

Good content but the audio quality is painful to listen too. It sounds like a Walkie talkie from the 50’s.

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