Return to Gilead Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

NCut4 ,

An enjoyable listen!

I grew up an avid Adventures in Odyssey fan and had heard bits and pieces of Down Gilead Lane on the radio growing up, but never listened to the entire series. I always liked what I heard from DGL and recently bought the entire series and have begun listening through it for the first time. I am really enjoying the episodes, as well as listening to Return to Gilead as I finish each episode of DGL. Michael and Ryan’s discussions are always interesting, entertaining, and have great humor throughout. Return to Gilead has been a great companion as I listen through the series for the first time!

Odyssey Geek ,

A Must-Listen for DGL Fans

Michael and Ryan are great hosts in any podcast. Hearing new fans enjoy Down Gilead Lane and discuss the greatness of the show is a joy to hear. The podcast also includes some very insightful interviews that make the podcast all the better. Thanks Michael and Ryan for helping revive the DGL fandom!

Chucklaf143 ,

Brussel Sprout recipe!🙂

So THAT’S the way to win them over....Awesome! Thanks, Ryan!

Craiggory ,


Even though I haven’t yet listened to all of DGL, I’ve really enjoyed the discussions. I love it when the hosts get into the deeper debates. :D

odysey fan ,

Great podcast

This podcast makes you want to start listening to Down Gilead Lane.

Though I have listened to all 12 seasons of Down Gilead Lane and the special episodes, I still learned new things about the show!

noahBroWn ,

Another Stellar Podcast from Michael and Ryan

As an avid Adventures in Odyssey fan, I was already subscribed to the Odyssey Scoopcast and AIO Audio News. I had heard of Down Gilead Lane, but it was only mentioned and never explained. When I saw that you guys had started a podcast for DGL, I immediately HAD to listen. And, as always, I was delighted to hear the high quality, insightful comments from Michael and Ryan. Of course, it’s also your fault that I may have to bite the bullet and just buy the complete series on thumb drive (Thanks, guys 😜). In conclusion, thank you for making my morning drives to class worthwhile!