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Tune in to learn what's working and what's NOT for businesses looking to boost their revenues faster.
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Revenue Accelerator Cat Stancik

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Tune in to learn what's working and what's NOT for businesses looking to boost their revenues faster.
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    Revenue Accelerator with Alison Tedford

    Revenue Accelerator with Alison Tedford

    In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Alison Tedford, a business consultant and author specializing in inclusive communications. She did work in the public service around creating inclusion for indigenous people within the federal prison system. Today, Alison discusses inclusiveness and communications, their respective origins, and how they interact.
    Telling Someone’s Story
    When you think about storytelling and the role of a storyteller, you have to recognize the historical relationships that your subjects have had with who tells their stories, how they're represented in media, how their narratives are framed, and what level of consent they've experienced when their stories are told. It's important to consider when you're telling stories about people who are either different from you or share your identity. 
    Writing Isn’t Just Writing
    It involves relating, mediating, translating, and interest-based negotiation. Sometimes, you have to be able to come back to a subject and say, I understand why these things are important to include. We need to figure out how to share that with an audience who might not have the same frame of reference and knowledge base. 
    Things can be factually accurate. But the aspects of a story that are emphasized and how things are positioned can make a difference in how people feel.
    Inclusion Value
    When you are inclusive, you create many more opportunities for people. It's important not to engage in perfectionism to the point where you continue to exclude people who haven't had opportunities. You need to do the best that you can to create a space that is going to accommodate people.
    What are your values? Who do you want to include? If somebody comes across your website if somebody comes across your work, experiences, your services, how would they be able to see those things? If those things aren't things you can articulate, or aren't built into your processes or language, then that's something to evaluate if things need to shift and research what people need. And how might you need to do things differently?
    It's good to be clear about where you stand and understand who your people are and what they care about. 
    Diversity Inclusion Statement
    It's something that should be a living document. It shouldn't be something that you copy and paste because the way you include people might change over time because norms and expectations can change. Technology can change, and there are lots of different aspects that will change over time. So it's important to be current with your statements so that people know what to expect.
    Regarding diversity inclusion, sometimes people are afraid because they think they will be lectured and made to feel bad about themselves. It's not about guilt; it's about growth. We're all humans conditioned by our environments, and there's a lot of messaging out there that we internalize just being people. When we know better, we can do better.
    Discover more about Alison Tedford by visiting: http://alisontedford.com/ 

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    Revenue Accelerator with Diana Needham

    Revenue Accelerator with Diana Needham

    In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest will be Diana Needham, the CEO, and founder of Business Book Partners in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Diana has been making magic happen since 2008 for big business book partners, entrepreneurs, speakers, and business leaders. She has created over 90+ bestselling authors in a row using her proven system. Today, Diana tells us how she approaches her clients and how this system works.
    Diana’s Work Background
    Project management is in my blood. So, one of the side things that makes me different, I think, from a lot of people that work with authors is that there is a proven process.
    I had no time to work with my people. That's what I loved the most about my role: mentoring and working with people.
    Marketing Books
    You need to be clear about some key questions at the very beginning. And the first one is about why am I writing this? What's the big heart story? I have to dig a lot of times to get the heart story behind the book. Why is this so important? Because you don't want to be writing the wrong book. And you don't want to be writing something you don't have passion for.
    When I work with people from the beginning, they've got some idea, even if it's vague, which we refine, and we figure out those answers to those key questions. We know who it is, what the problem is that we're solving, what we want to be known for, what's the result that we want from this book.
    Knowing your end goal
    It goes back to that foundation, those seven questions. And knowing your end goal, that's another thing that people miss is like, okay, at the end of the day, imagine you have this book in your hand. What do you want to have to happen? And they never thought about it. They want to get it out there but haven't thought about what they want.
    How changes are made
    if you somehow got to the finish line with a book, and you're looking at it now through the lens of how can I use this as a business asset, there are probably some key things we could look at, tweak, rearrange and make it work.
    Starting conversations with partners
    How do you start the conversation? Just turn the conversation from discussing the weather to whether we should work together. Does the conversation start with what you are reaching out to?
    It takes us a while to realize that what makes us different from everybody else who does what we do is our experience and story. 
    Learn more about Diana Needham by visiting: www.dianamneedham.com

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    Revenue Accelerator with Kachina Gosselin

    Revenue Accelerator with Kachina Gosselin

    In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Kachina Gosselin, an MIT graduate with a degree in aerospace. She is now coaching entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers to become elevated experts. Today, Kachina shares her thoughts about experts, what people should do to become one, and how to handle being one.
    The people we attract are good at what they do. And if you happen to be good at what you do, you forget what it's like to be a beginner.
    Knowing what to say and when
    You don't have to have a Ph.D.; you don't have to have a book. You need to be a step ahead of your audience. They can be relatable and teach them what they need to know at the time.
    One of the things I like to talk about as an expert does have to have authority and authority isn't claimed. It's given, which means you can claim the expert title, but then people have to give you authority and say, I invite you to write that book or to be on that podcast that you can kind of put some weight behind that claim.
    Showing Vulnerability
    I think there's something bonding with seeing somebody show humility and vulnerability, which makes it a little less intimidating for other people to do the same.
    External Perspective
    I think that's where it helps to be in the community. And that's what mentorship is all about. Because of the courses we see, the easier it is to look at you from an external perspective and help you shine, and it's very hard to do that work yourself.
    Experts and Brilliant People
    Right now, we are focusing a lot on our partnerships because we found that experts and brilliant people lift the people around them and have a constant stream of new introductions.
    The truth is if you can envision a future where your business works for you, you will get there. So, I want you to give yourself permission you can do less and earn more. 
    Learn more about Kachina’s mentorship by visiting: www.elevatedexpertmentorship.com

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    Revenue Accelerator with Rocky Buckley

    Revenue Accelerator with Rocky Buckley

    Welcome to another episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast. Today we have Rocky Buckley, creator of Platinum Path and The Power Persona Project. Rocky assists influencers and experts in reinventing their brands and helping them with strategies to improve their business.
    Discovering you
    It is critical to discover and understand oneself. It is working with your foundation to become the person you want to be. After completing those tasks, it's time to consider how unique you may be.
    Taking a step back
    Know which parts of yourself you want to leave behind, your assets, and the resources that you have—Taking a step back is critical to get some perspective.
    Be conscious of your identity, your strengths and resources that you can use on personal branding, and elements in your past that can help you resonate with people.
    Brandable character
    Developing systems and procedures that people will use, including instructional design ideas, in your work is highly crucial. 
    Importance of design in a system
    Design can help you to market what you are selling. People find it highly appealing when you have this three-part system with all of these features and functions, and it even sounds more digestible from a marketing perspective.
    It's all about speed
    it's about speed and ease and clarity. You can market rate by telling your clients that you can achieve something faster than it usually takes.
    Components in building an audience
    You need to decide if you want to be a public figure. It would help if you do not only decide who you want to be but also examine your market to determine its demographics. People won't be drawn to you if you aren't enthusiastic about what you do and have a clear sense of purpose that motivates you daily.
    Attracting audience
    It would be best if you were engaged, and you can't expect others to be interested if you only try to post every so often. Engaging with people in the comments and having enough grasp of human nature is the way to know what would pique someone's interest.
    Entrepreneurs’ perspective
    Always begin with a perspective of an entrepreneur. What do you envision for your life? The decisions you make in business are contingent on how you expect your life.
    Foundation for everything else
    What am I doing here? Why do I exist? What is my purpose, and where am I headed? Objectively experiencing life is the basis for everything else. Take the time to stand back and get perspective if you're not already doing so. You will begin to observe shocking alterations in the aftermath if you get conscious of your life.
    Join Rocky's Facebook group to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/powerpersona
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    Revenue Accelerator with Emily Aborn

    Revenue Accelerator with Emily Aborn

    In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Emily Aborn, a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and the Founder and Owner of "She Built This". She works with people who have businesses that are unconventional and help them find their voice in the world of marketing. Today, Emily shares some of her wisdom in content creation that have helped businesses build their brands and get noticed by potential customers.
    Content Writing
    Being able to build a voice for clients to promote themselves is what content writing is all about. This includes managing their social media, blogs, and websites.
     Representing client's voice
    The brain dump approach is taking all thoughts and then narrowing them down to the most important ones. Getting into a creative flow requires organization.
    Creating a process
    Have a process and understand that sometimes you have to adapt that process. It helps you figure out how to get into that zone fast.
    The most common mistake in marketing is when people create content that is solely focused on themselves. While talking about yourself is OK, keep in mind that the focus is on the person reading it, and consider their experience, what makes them go on social media and then stop.
    Generating leads
    Maintain a strategic approach and focus on what your piece has to offer. Assume your company or brand were a book genre. What kind would it be? It encourages people to go the extra mile, resulting in content that they can share on their own social network.
    It's all about the vibe or how I want people to feel going into the group as a group leader, making it a fantastic location to connect with other community members. Remember the initial few people in your community as your cheerleaders, encouraging you to keep going.
    Get accurate information on what individuals are doing.
    Knowing your audience
    Every group is unique. It all depends on the type of community you want to create. It is critical to:
    Determine how they discovered the organization and gained access.Get their email address so you can keep them up to date on group rules.Listen to what your people are going through.Building community
    Carli.ai is an app where individuals may attach it to various Facebook groups and enter keywords that connect you to other people to engage with them. 
    Look for similarities to help you attract the perfect individual. People in the peer group share something they're struggling with or something that's challenging them. Then individuals express their opinions and weigh in. 
    There is no discernible difference between being a leader and being a member of your community. You only need to specify the boundaries and guidelines, and that's where leadership line stops to assist leaders in steering the ship.
    Discover Emily Aborn and her work by visiting: https://www.emilyaborn.com/

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    Revenue Accelerator with Jennifer Levy Frye

    Revenue Accelerator with Jennifer Levy Frye

    In this episode, our guest is Jennifer Frye. Jennifer has been in business development for her entire career, working with local and national clients of all sizes. After spending decades in business development, she knew there was a better way to approach sales than the traditional bro marketing tactics. Appreciated Asset Sales Accelerator Program offers businesses a unique consultative approach to contract them to set new business appointments with their prospect’s wish list.
    Aligned Approach for Cold Calling
    Jennifer says you have to come first from a heart of service. Provide a solution you believe in and know you can help your customer. You have to get specific as well. Many people are nervous about narrowing down their target market and their ideal prospects, but you’ll find that the more specific you get, the narrower you get, the better results.
    Wrong Expectations about the Sales Efforts in a Business
    Jennifer works with people who have had bad experiences within their own sales departments or external call center-type services. She doesn’t spend much time talking about what’s gone wrong in the past because she can’t compare what her client does with what she does. Jennifer created an entire paradigm shift within sales because it is within her heart of service and her focus on the solution that her clients can provide.
    The Paradigm Shift
    In the paradigm shift, you must come from the angle of wanting to educate people. Offer a solution that you know that they need to know about. Doing that makes the entire energy shift around what you are messaging. At the end of the day, you don’t have to volley with someone. You don’t have to argue with someone. If you are arguing with someone, it’s probably not the right energy fit for you for long-term relationships.
    Healing the Wound
    You have to get specific and direct on what your value proposition is. Be dialed in on that and not just in general terms. But with some key metrics and some KPIs, you can show that you have success stories and percentages that you’d be able to increase revenue. Then figure out how you can monetize it because the prospect will be ready for the next step of that call once it is monetized.
    Building the Pipeline
    CRM is essential to any business. It is essential to have something to keep track of. It is really important to ensure you’re in front of the clients at the right time and that they know it’s not about your commission check this month or your sales or your numbers this month. You want to work with them in the timeline that makes sense for them, and you’ll be there. Sales is not a short-term strategy. You have to continue to do the activity and plant the seeds over and over again.
    How Jennifer Helps Business with Cold Calling
    Jennifer works with people who are looking to grow and have a sales department in place but are not doing cold calling activities. Jennifer helps with giving her clients all the benefits of cold calling campaigns without anyone having to pick up the phone.
    Jennifer’s Final Thoughts
    Jennifer says that cold calling is like anything else. It’s a skill; if you are uncomfortable, it’s because you’re learning to grow. She encourages people to try it, especially business owners. Try to see what objections people are saying. See what people are saying so you can better train and prepare your team to want to go out and do the same.
    Get Jennifer’s free pipeline assessment at https://appreciatedasset.com/assessment

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5.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

Kachina Gosselin ,

Excellent actionable tips from fellow experts!

I absolutely love Cat’s energy and she brings on amazing guests who help shed light on the ways that other businesses are breaking the mold when it comes to sales and marketing. What I love about Cat is that she puts relationships first, and when I finally learned how to put that into place it changed everything for my business. If you haven’t read her book, Experts Never Chase you’re missing out. We’ve taken notes and put her teachings into practice and it’s been phenomenal!!

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