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Comedians Mike Perkins and D.J. Demers review their favorite reviews on the internet.

Reviewing Reviews with D.J. Demers and Mike Perkins D.J. Demers and Mike Perkins

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Comedians Mike Perkins and D.J. Demers review their favorite reviews on the internet.

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5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

annaisawhitecollarfan ,

Review of Reviewing Reviews

This is not a podcast about yelp. Not one about places , but two men who embark on a journey to comment on folks comments about their favorite and least favorite places.

The first man Mr. D.J. Demers. A Canadian and self proclaimed lover of 90s gangsta rap, sports, and hot girls. His only career move seemed obvious as a stand up comedian. He also likes weed and can’t hear that well so that mixes things up. This man, while he may not know it, holds a special place in my heart. He was the Emcee and headliner for my first ever time on stage as a standup comedian. Cheeres D.J.

And then we have Mike Perkins, a self proclaimed lovable jersey guy. He’s Italian, from jersey and has a dad named Mike too. Mike’s an idea guy and thrives off enthusiasm much like your favorite wedding crasher. He loves Queenie from Whittier , king taco, and a good deli. While D.J. May have been my first Emcee, Mike has been the “best emcee” according to my mother.

You may have options when choosing a podcast, but once a week to have these guys chuckle about some silly Taco Bell review, well that’s art folk and no matter how you listen, you’ll be sure to fall in love.

Love and light always.

Melindabelle ,

My favorite part of Monday

I ❤️ this podcast. It’s funny and a great way to start the week! The reviews are good....but your commentary and back-and-forth make it great.

Houry Magarian ,

Awesome! Great! Funny!

Stop what you're doing and PRESS PLAY and SUBSCRIBE to this podcast! Heck, even stop reading this review and listen to the even more funny reviews these funny guys talk about.

Seriously, no joke.

I may not be funny, but these guys definitely are! Why are you still reading this?!
LISTEN to this podcast!

You're only seconds away from laughter and joy and forgetting about anything bad in your life.

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