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The craziest food show in the history of eating.

Richard's Famous Food Podcast Richard Parks III

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The craziest food show in the history of eating.

    #12: Season One Finale Spectacular!

    #12: Season One Finale Spectacular!

    It's RFFP's Year-End, Decade-Over, Season One Finale Spectacular! Featuring Jimmy, The Pod God, The Peeklay, The Editor, The Podcast Police... plus, an assortments of our favorite characters and friends from the past 4-and-a-half years of RFFP... WOW! Let's call it a first season, shall we?
    Richard's Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.
    Theme song & J.S. Bach dream-escape riffage by Dr. Bobby Halvorson.
    Logo by James Archibald "Honey Ham" Braithwaite the XIV.
    Voices in this episode in order of appearance: Fais Apekina-Weinberg, Walker Garrick Korb, Turner Rightor Kibbey, David Weinberg, Wolfgang Johannes Puck, Jessica Glazer, "Nasty" Nate Welch, Richard "Dick" Schinkel.
    Follow us on social media @reechardparks and @richardsfamous.
    See you in 2020, mes peeklays! PEACE-LAY!!

    • 19 min
    "Christmas Pickles" Rebroadcast

    "Christmas Pickles" Rebroadcast

    For the holidays, we're revisiting our 2018 classic "Christmas Pickles" — a rhyming, sing-songy, kid-friendly documentary investigation into the holiday tradition of hanging pickle-shaped ornaments on Christmas trees. With a little update from the Christmas Pickle Capital of the World.
    (See last year's episode for full credits.)
    Happy Holidays, everybody!

    • 29 min
    #11: Bug Appetit

    #11: Bug Appetit

    Exploring the world of eating bugs — culture, history, and implications for our human destiny — with a rousing game of "cricket."
    Produced by Jessica Glazer and Richard Parks III.
    Voices: Bricia and Paulina Lopez, Mark Hay, Louis N. Sorkin. Theme song by Bobby Halvorson. Logo by James Braithwaite.
    Bad Brine Records Engineer played by Cesar Hernandez. Podcast Police Officer played by "Nasty" Nate Welch.
    Thanks: Fernando Lopez and the Guelaguetza family, Tien Nguyen, Caitlin Esch, Nick White, Elizabeth Parks Kibbey and family, David Weinberg, Matt Sultan, Tom Gorman.
    Follow us on social media @richardsfamous.

    • 17 min
    #10: Chamoy

    #10: Chamoy

    Chamoy — it’s Mexico’s ruby-red, fruity, sour, salty, savory, spicy flavor combination. The mere thought of chamoy makes ones mouth water. But, what is it? Where did it come from? And where is it headed? We go on a “voyage de la chamoyage” all over LA to find out.

    Thank you to our guests. Bricia and Paulina Lopez from Guelatguetza; Javier Cabral and Gab Chabran from LA Taco; Wesley Avila and Philip Newman from Guerrilla Tacos; Andrew Chau from Boba Guys; Danny Trejo from Trejo’s Tacos; Andrea

    • 28 min
    #9: Cornichons Quest (with Ludo Lefebvre)

    #9: Cornichons Quest (with Ludo Lefebvre)

    In the sequel to #8: "Jimmy's Request," Richard (the mustachio'd pickle a.k.a. "The Peeklay" or «The Picklé») travels to Paris, France in search of Jimmy, his nephew, the cornichon — and to learn a thing or two about the culture & history of «les cornichons» along the way. With help from Michelin star-awarded chef, Ludo Lefebvre.

    Richard's Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.

    Follow on Instagram & Twitter @richardsfamous and @reechardparks.

    Elizabeth Parks Kibbey is our Peeklay

    • 18 min
    #8: Jimmy's Request

    #8: Jimmy's Request

    Little Jimmy learns that Uncle Richie is struggling with his podcast output & tries to help. Then the Pod God shows up. Plus: impressions of famous podcasters.

    • 10 min

Customer Reviews

Brian Feinzimer ,

A blast

So much fun, every zinger you can imagine in an audio journey that teaches you a out food.

juanorqueen ,

A+ Content

Perfect high-low comedy podcast and it’s informative to boot. Great for anyone who enjoys food and festivity. I love food and learning about the food scene, but most food podcasts are dry, too self-serious or just too long to be enjoyed thoroughly. This one is none of that: it’s creative, it’s hilarious, the episodes are short and it’s just fun. It may be a little too weird for some, but if you like your entertainment a little off beat, this is worth a listen. A+ work!

SX225SFC ,

Hilarious and Thoughtfully Produced

As someone who finds most comedy and all foodie culture tedious, I didn’t think that this would be up my ally. How wrong I was: this is neither gastro pretension nor a string of dumb jokes but is instead equal parts investigative journalism and hallucinatory dreamscape. This podcast may be the best thing on the internet.

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