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All the podcasts from the Ricochet Audio Network in one place.

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4.6 out of 5
387 Ratings

387 Ratings

CinnaminMm ,

4 your “intermittent” co-host

Q is so adorable, 5 stars for her alone .. 😉

Martin Treptow ,


I’m a 47 year old husband and father of 3 (24, 21, 13) in exurban Atlanta. I fill vending machines for Coca-Cola and my wife is a secretary in a hospital. We have a nice home, 2 solid cars, we go on vacations and have all the amenities of modern life while still saving for a nice retirement. As our jobs may indicate, neither my wife or myself have any more than the dreaded “some college”. I would never say this about my bride but I will freely say it about myself, I’m nothing special. If I can swing this many others are just as capable. I don’t see the bleakness that your guest seems to. That is not to say that many if not all of his suggestions I disagree with, quite the contrary. One of my biggest pet peeves when discussing the cost of college is the notion that the only way to attend is what I call “Hollywood college”. That means that one has to go away to college for 4 years and purchase the meal plan, pledge a frat or sorority, take the summers off, etc. Why can’t people go to community college for the first 2 years while living at home and working at least part-time or gasp...full-time. From there they could transfer to a four year school and probably still live at home. This option is never discussed as if it doesn’t exist and I want to know Why! Also, the new cinnamon flavored Coke is delicious and should be enjoyed by all...Happy New Year and I love the podcast and really everything that Jonah does.

Sebastian Fjori ,

Great content!

This is the best way to get all of the great content at the Ricochet Audio Network. They have a wide range of right-of-center podcasts that span culture, politics, law, policy, history, and news. You can also subscribe to individual shows in the network, but this is the feed to get everything in one place.

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