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Riding Shotgun With Charlie is a aims to entertain and educate people who are into firearms. However, not everything is firearm related. We may talk music or politics or whatever may come up during a conversation between the driver and the passenger.

Riding Shotgun With Charlie Charlie Cook: Riding Shotgun With Charlie

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Riding Shotgun With Charlie is a aims to entertain and educate people who are into firearms. However, not everything is firearm related. We may talk music or politics or whatever may come up during a conversation between the driver and the passenger.

    RSWC #148 Evan Nappen

    RSWC #148 Evan Nappen

    Riding Shotgun With Charlie
    Evan Nappen
    Gun Lawyer
    Evan Nappen!  What can I say?!?! I used to listen to Evan on Gun For Hire Radio with Anthony Colandro (RSWC #003 & #025). He’s always been educating and entertaining to listen to and that’s when I became a fan. He has offices in New Jersey and New Hampshire.  I always wondered why.  I heard that he was doing a US Law Shield seminar in New Jersey and had a cold. But I feared it was worse, so I reached out and asked if he would be on the show. 
    He got right back to me when I emailed and gave me a call.  We talked like old friends, I love it! We set up a time and I headed up to the Concord, NH, area to meet with him. It wasn’t the first time I saw him. I spoke at NJSAFECON in 2017 on a panel with Anthony Colandro, Tony Simon (RSWC #041) and Maj Toure. Evan was also speaking, but I was too nervous to introduce myself. But RSWC has grown and it was time to have him in the shotgun seat. 
    New Jersey has been a great state for RSWC. I’ve had several of the 2A folks on the show from there. Of course, Evan didn’t disappoint even though we were in NH, he’s got very strong NJ roots. He covers a lot of NJ centered topics on his podcast, Gun Lawyer. Like everyone else I’ve met in the 2A community, Evan was friendly, kind, and a great man to be around. 
    Our first quick stop is near the Hannah Dustin monument, where he explained her story.  I went back and got a few pictures of the monument and marker. We headed up I-93 North and talk about why he moved to NH, the Live Free or Die state, as well as the differences between NJ and NH. There’s a LOT of them! 
    We also talk about bang, bong or badge, Constitutional carry vs permitless carry, permits vs licenses, and assault firearms and assault rifles. He’s got opinions and reasons for using each of these terms at different times. There’s lots of the ridiculousness covered about the New Jersey gun laws, ‘ghost guns’ and homemade muzzleloaders, and even some BB gun and sling shot nonsense! 
    Evan shares some stories of cases he’s had from the man with the 1600’s muzzleloader, Shaneen Allen’s situation and some gun control racism, and the Brian Aitken case with moving ammunition and how to properly move hollow points from one house to another. .We cover his books on gun laws in NH and NJ, and the knife laws book, too. If you buy a book, there’s free updates, which may be good post NYSPRA v Bruen.  He also got into the Gun Lawyer Podcast, which you should be listening to, and how well that’s going. 
    Evan is just a wealth of knowledge of laws and stories. He has always had me listening and paying attention on Gun Lawyer or Gun For Hire Radio. This is absolutely one that you’ll need to go back to and watch/listen to a few times. 

    Favorite quotes:
    “The ultimate freedom when it comes to Second Amendment rights is New Hampshire.”
    “In New Hampshire, it’s a license because a permit implies a permission. And it’s not a permission, there is no permission. It’s your Right.”
    “We are in a war of words with those who want to take our freedom.”
    “Every gun offense in Jersey is a felony level offense.”
    “It (the 2A) is what empowers individuals.”
    “True Second Amendment is the ability for everyone that wants to have the Right, to exercise that Right, to defend themselves regardless of race or gender or anything.”
    “If you are pro-Second Amendment, you and I are on the same side. It really boils down to that.”
    00:00 Intro
    01:34 Credit card knife
    03:19 Evan Nappen
    05:08 Bang or bong or badge
    07:47 Hanna Dustin
    12:23 Healthy interest
    14:53 Becoming an attorney
    17:19 NJ & NH
    20:13 Permit vs license
    21:38 CC vs PL
    23:38 Assault firearm vs rifle
    26:50 BB guns in NJ
    29:04 “Ghost guns” in NJ
    33:47 Big cases
    35:03 Racism and gun control
    40:55 Evan’s books
    44:28 The Repeal Party
    46:38 Liberty movement

    • 1 hr
    RSWC #147 Umar Arrastia

    RSWC #147 Umar Arrastia

    Riding Shotgun With Charlie
    Umar Arrastia
    Close Quarter Countermeasures
    I really do have the coolest gig AND friends!  One of my friends and training partners, Mark L, sent me a Facebook event for an ACTIVE Killer Response Course. I swear it said ACTIVE Kicker! He then messaged me and said that the instructor Umar Arrastia would be a great passenger for the show.  I reached out to Umar and we filmed the show, then Mark and I took the course the following month. 
    Umar has a background in traditional kung fu and martial arts.  He’s been with the National Guard for a number of years, he’s done some personal security work, and some bail bondsman work. He’s got an incredible background. Umar grew up around firearms so there wasn’t a fear or taboo about them like with many who don’t grow up with them. After 10 years with the National Guard, he tried getting an office job, but found that working in an office setting wasn’t really for him. So he signed back up with a Guard and ended up in Afghanistan.
    He found himself working on some training programs for executive protection, site security,  and vulnerability assessments. All of this work led to having to start a business. The business led to writing curriculums for various classes, including one for an active killer/shooter. There’s a lot of great information in the course, which Close Quarters Countermeasures offers for free every quarter. The next course is Monday August, 29, 2022. 
    Umar gives us the history of the course, but also how it’s changed due to the nature of the world we’re living in. It was originally an active shooter response course, but it’s morphed into a violence response course talking about active killer/shooters, but also how to respond if there’s some mass hysteria.  Oftentimes, after a large act of violence, people can be trampled or run over by a crowd of people who are trying to escape. As a gun guy, I did enjoy the segment where one of the instructors fired a couple blanks in the other room.  Many folks haven’t heard real gun fire and it’s beneficial for people to learn that, especially if the firing comes from a different room with some closed doors, too. 
    We have some good conversation about what Umar did to train his daughters without making them scared or paranoid about responding to incidents. Like many things, teaching your children takes the fears and tabooness of things away. 

    Besides working for the Guard, Umar owns and runs a Chinese martial arts school in central Massachusetts, where he offers lots of other training and courses. We do get into how he is avoiding being the new Voda or DUST instructors, but he also shares that there could be something these personalities have to offer to the community. 
    We end up hearing some stories about when Umar was a bail bondsman and had to chase some folks down. He explains a bit about what the job is, who gets into it, and what they’re supposed to be doing and who they can take into custody. 
    I really enjoyed this conversation with Umar. I want to send a special thanks to Mark for connecting us. It’s good to have good friends. Umar has a lot of training, experience, and education that he loves passes on to others at Close Quarters Countermeasures. If you’re in central Massachusetts, please check out the class on Aug 29, 2022. There’s a link below for other classes, too. 
    Favorite quotes:
    “When you’re exposed to firearms at a young age, it cancels out that fear that you have.”
    “Active shooter training is really more preparation than it is response.”
    “My goal has always been to make sure people, when they are not in my presence, are a little bit better off in some way that they were beforehand.”
    “No one ever plans to be a victim.”
    “The best way to combat fear is to be trained.”
    00:00 Intro
    01:37 Umar Arrastia 
    03:11 Umar’s background 
    06:35 Developing training
    08:35 Active shooter response cou

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    RSWC: Writing Shotgun With Charlie; Armed Lifestyle Magazine: Anthony Colandro

    RSWC: Writing Shotgun With Charlie; Armed Lifestyle Magazine: Anthony Colandro

    Armed Lifestyle Magazine
    Anthony Colandro
    Writing Shotgun With Charlie
    Here's an interview I did with Anthony Colandro from Gun For Hire Range & Gun For Hire Radio.
    I interviewed him in 2016 for the first time. And I'm glad I reached out and stopped at Gun For Hire on my way down to Washington, DC, to interview Kenn Blanchard. We've become friends. Expanding my circle of friends was a goal when I started RSWC! I can't express how grateful I am that I got out of my comfort zone and pushed my boundaries.
    Anthony took a call for a recorded interview which you can listen to here. I expanded and wrote about it in Armed Lifestyle Magazine, which you can get here. We talk about his book Crime Proof: Think Like a Criminal and Beat Them At Their Own Game, tactical pens, and more.
    Get Crime Proof here: https://crimeproofbook.com
    Second Amendment Foundation
    Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms https://www.ccrkba.org/
    Please support the Riding Shotgun With Charlie sponsors and supporters. Buy RSWC & GunGram shirts & hoodies, stickers & patches, and mugs at the store! http://ridingshotgunwithcharlie.com/rswc-shop/
    Keyhole Holsters Veteran Owned, American Made http://www.keyholeholsters.com/
    Dennis McCurdy Author, Speaker, Firewalker
    Self Defense Radio Network

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    RSWC #146 Anne Mauro

    RSWC #146 Anne Mauro

    Riding Shotgun With Charlie
    Anne Mauro
    Collegiate Shotgun Coach, 
    University of Maryland
    At SHOT Show 2022, Cheryl Todd (RSWC #060) messaged me and said I need to have Anne Mauro on the stagecoach. After some group texts and making plans during a vacation week, I hit the road for Maryland.  Anne is a shotgun coach at the University of Maryland, where she runs a top notch program that she grew from the bottom up. We met at The Point at Pintail in Queenstown, MD, where she started her shotgunning path, not knowing where it would lead her. 
    Anne started shotgun shooting at her husband’s suggestion and started Pintail Point renting a shotgun to use. Her instructor, Ben Wise, made it fun and enjoyable for her so she kept going.  Eventually, the rental guns were up for sale and she bought the one she was renting.  When she used it, she had to take off the recoil pad. After she bought the gun, she headed up to Maine to have a custom stock made to her specifications, which led to helping manufacturers design stocks for women. Let’s face it, the ‘pink it and shrink it’ didn’t really work for new female shooters. She’s designed shotguns for Blaser including the F16 Intuition design. 
    Anne found herself offering to teach a Lady’s Clinic at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, TX. She had some folks that doubted her, but she proved them wrong in the first year, filling several clinics. From there, her clinics were always filled with ladies wanting to improve their skills. Eventually, the ladies got to shoot at the Nationals’ stadium where all the big dogs want to shoot! One of the most rewarding moments is when a lady who already knew how to shoot well came to the clinic and Anne asked her why she was her, she said it was just to learn from Anne. The great thing about Anne as a coach is that she realized that women needed some help with her focus, not her shooting. 
    The University of Maryland asked if she would work with their informal trap and skeet clubs which she did and she introduced sporting clays as well. The very first year, they won their first regional championship. They’ve won over 80 other awards over the years with everyone from beginners to experienced shooters who need some fine tuning. When she started, it was called the Shotgun Sports Team, but eventually they changed the name to the U of M Clay Target Team. She knew that this wasn’t a battle the club would win, but it paid off a few years later with some funding from the university for specialty shooting vests.  She’s also got some stories about how the team got sponsored by Beretta. 
    There’s some great tips about coaching, shotgunning and dominant eye exercises she shares with us, we talk about practicing, the time commitment, and much more. And she’s got a great story about Ted Nugent, too!
    Favorite quotes:
    “My shooting instructor at the time, Ben Wise,a great individual, kept me safe and made it fun even though I was black and blue.”
    “They just ‘I can’t thank you enough because I’ve got a great sport that I enjoy with my family.’”
    “I’m going to take this team and I’m going to make something of them.”
    “You have this imaginary bag on your side here, you get these little pieces of golden nuggets you put in that bag, you just kind of store them in there and over time you’ll learn when to pull those pieces out.”
    “You had to be able to prove yourself, not only in what you do knowledge-wise, but being able to shoot, all of it.”
    00:00 Intro
    01:25 Anne Mauro
    04:14 Texted at SHOT
    05:08 Lessons with Ben Wise
    12:16 Designing shotguns & traveling 
    13:54 Lady’s clinic surprise
    17:17 Nationals’ stadium
    19:39 Amazing moment
    20:36 Chesapeake Bay Bridge
    22:12 “Fun that can be had”
    24:35 University of Maryland
    31:40 Coaching 
    34:13 Impostor syndrome
    36:32 Commitment
    39:58 Eye dominance
    42:54 Coaching tips
    44:55 Beretta sponsor

    • 1 hr 4 min
    RSWC #145 Dave Kopacz

    RSWC #145 Dave Kopacz

    Riding Shotgun With Charlie
    Dave Kopacz
    Red Pill Politics Radio
    Flag Day/2A Rally
    I met Dave Kopacz a few years ago when I was helping a friend run a campaign for state senate. He’s been fighting for our Rights in Massachusetts for a number of years now. For the last 8 years, he’s been hosting the Flag Day/2A Rally, which is going to be on June 11, 2022, at the Century Sportsman Club in Auburn, MA. Some of the scheduled speakers are Dan Wos (RSWC #040 ), Jared Yanis (RSWC #051 ), and Jan Morgan, as well as yours truly. 
    Dave tells us that he’s got some great memories and lessons from going hunting with his grandfather even when they didn’t harvest any animals. This is where he learned things from how to be a man, how to treat a woman, and how war starts. He shares that history shows us that unarmed nations often get taken over by the governments.  And that our elected officials think the 2nd Amendment was about deer hunting. It’s not about that, it’s about killing tyrants. 
    While working with one of his sons on a home school project and connected with a local radio station, Dave put in a show proposal. He would take his kids to the radio station while he was doing the show. And that is how Red Pill Politics started. Despite being in very liberal western Massachusetts, the show has grown and he’s started taking calls from around the country, including Canada. There were even some openly socialist hosts of other shows on the station and they asked Dave to be on their programs. He’s got two weekly shows that he does: Red Pill Politics that he does with his wife, and another show on Republic Broadcasting Network. He takes calls from around the country and Canada, too. 
    We get into talking about the NYC subway shooting, which happened before the show was filmed. We talk about how people can pass background checks, then still go out and break the laws. But there are also people that get firearms illegally and go out and break the laws. The issue isn’t the firearms or how they acquire them, the focus needs to be evil people doing evil things. Evil people can and do commit heinous acts with and without firearms. 

    We talk about the gun culture in western Massachusetts and the closet gun owners that aren’t just Republicans, they’re Democrats, too. I bring up that one passenger, DeeDee Edmondson (RSWC #023) had an easier time coming out as a lesbian than the did coming out as a gun owner. 

    Even with the success of The Flag Day/2A Rallys, Dave tells us that there was some resistance one year.  There were some folks at the sportsman club that thought they were hosting extremists.  There were even some politicians who said they wanted to speak at the event, but Dave didn’t let them. They tried to hold their own similar event which wasn’t well attended. 
    One of the things I really admire about what Dave does is that everything lines up with liberty, freedom, and the Constitution. He’s even gone into Boston to speak out against what Massachusetts is doing not just against our gun rights, but all the others as well.  If you’re going to be in central Massachusetts on June 11, please come to the Flag Day/2A Rally and hear some great speakers at the event. And tune in to Dave’s shows with the links below. 

    Favorite quotes:
    “I believe in the strength of the whole Constitution.”
    “We looked at the government regulations, they’re becoming limitations on the people, not limitations of the government.” 
    “If we are unhappy with a public servant, we should be able to get them out the very first time they come up for reelection.”
    “The whole Constitution is kinda like this; how many legs of the table can you kick out before it becomes unstable and collapses under its own weight?”

    00:00 Intro
    01:30 Dave Kopacz
    02:10 9th Annual Flag Day/2A Rally beginnings
    05:55 Strength of the Constitution
    06:50 Memory & lessons
    09:13 Histor

    • 48 min
    RSWC #144 Mary Forgues

    RSWC #144 Mary Forgues

    Riding Shotgun With Charlie
    Mary Forgues
    The DC Project
    At SHOT Show 2022, I was checking Dianna Muller’s (RSWC #059) presentation on The DC Project (DCP) and ran into several DCP ladies who I’ve had on the show.  Holly Sullivan (RSWC #036, CCDL) introduced us and said I needed to have Mary Forgues on the show, which should be easy since she isn’t that far from me. I was thrilled that Mary thought I was a rock star, so how could I NOT have her on the show. 
    The real reason for her being in the shotgun seat is that Mary’s story about using a firearm to save her life is truly amazing! She didn’t grow up as a firearm person, certainly not like she is now. She eventually got a firearm as a means to be able to protect her children as she is a single mother. She shares a shocking story that changed her life and her attitude about life.
    Mary was involved in an attack in her home by someone she knew.  Her attacker was someone she tried helping through the VA, where she has strong connections as her brother is a Veteran. Previously, during a VA event, there was a need from her home which is how her attacker knew where she lived. Later that year, the attacker was released against clinical advice, she was notified, and he ended up at her house. On the night of her incident, her kids were out of the house and she was home alone.
    He broke into her home and lied about some papers that he thought she had and he said he needed them. While she was putting one dog away in her room, he followed her upstairs to attack. While the man was on top of her, choking her neck and punching her face, her thoughts went from her daughter is going to come home and find her lifeless body to her daughter is going to come home and be the next victim. She was able to dial the last number she called and a male’s voice was heard on her phone which distracted him long enough for Mary to grab her handgun from the dresser. If there were storage laws at that time, Mary would be dead. 
    She was able to get out of the house, contact the police, and get to a neighbor’s house while she waited 10 minutes for the police to arrive. The attacker continued with his pattern of drug and alcohol abuse, which ended his life before a trial could take place. 
    During a training session at her boyfriend’s training school, she shared her story with other women who have their own stories of struggle and maybe an attack. She reached out to Holly Sullivan, president of Connecticut Citizens Defense League, and Holly wanted her to share her story with Dianna Muller and the other DCP members. Since then, Mary has taken over the helm of the DCP representative for Connecticut.  She’s got lots of amazing and ongoing plans and goals, which are going to include monthly get together are various businesses in Connecticut where the funds will go to the efforts of getting Mary to Washington, DC, where she tell her story to our employees, the politicians, and let them know that gun rights are women’s rights.

    Favorite quotes:
    “It’s probably my responsibility as a parent to protect my children.”
    “It took him around like 8 times for him to use his body to slam up on my door and to break through that sliding lock.”
    “Imagining your child going through anything like that, that puts more fight in you than for your own life.”
    “I’ve always been an advocate for people to have better options in life.”
    “Everybody is struggling with something and too many people avoid it.”

    00:00 Intro
    01:34 Mary Forgues
    03:12 Growing up
    04:58 Buying her license 
    08:15 Continuing training
    11:29 Generational gun ownership
    13:51 Sharing her story
    17:34 Meeting Holly
    18:35 The incident
    24:56 Heading upstairs
    27:40 Breaking the door down
    30:01 Daughters going to see me
    31:46 Getting her gun
    34:55 Escaping
    38:14 10 Minutes for the police
    40:40 Bonded out
    4512:27 Court case/aftermath
    45:11 Happy endin

    • 1 hr 9 min

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4.6 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Eckwin ,

What a concept!!!

I really love this concept and this Podcast!! In these interviews you learn history - not just pertaining to the Second Amendment - around the country, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be entertained. Also you’ll hear about Second Amendment events, activism and opportunities you (may not have been) aware of!

I’ve found other Second Amendment friends from this Podcast!

SlowFacts ,

Fun guests

Charlie lets the guests talk.. and he has interesting guests.

Bombero13 ,

Great podcast.

Love listening to these...while I drive of course!

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