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A couple buddies took a work chat too far, and now we're lost in a sea of history, social dogmas, and all the made up shit in between. This is the Rogue History podcast a comedy of historic moon landing proportions.

Rogue History Elephant Memory

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A couple buddies took a work chat too far, and now we're lost in a sea of history, social dogmas, and all the made up shit in between. This is the Rogue History podcast a comedy of historic moon landing proportions.

    They Might Be Giants

    They Might Be Giants

    They Might Be Giants - Episode 8

    Brian comes back with tales of ghosts and haunted islands. So we unpack the legends of Lokrum Island.

    Magellan definitely circumnavigated the globe. But did he encounter giants when he landed on the shores of patagonia?

    No one knows where reality meets fiction here. We give it our best shot when we weigh in on this Pop-Con.

    • 58 min
    Batman's Ethics

    Batman's Ethics

    We fly over the Dyatlov Pass and see yeti's, top secret goverments weapons, and some telekenitic spies. The Dyatlov Pass Incident might be one of the most fun Pop-Cons we have discussed.

    Alex and Brian take Edgar on a trolley ride through Gotham City to discuss utilitarian and kantian ethics.

    Really....we just need to know...how are YOU programing your car?

    • 54 min
    Until The Sun Dies

    Until The Sun Dies

    Until The Sun Dies - Episode 006

    A journey through the storage and exchange of value takes us from physical gold to digital gold AKA cryptocurrency. This topic covers everything from the Knights Templar to the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

    The exchange of value runs hand in hand with encryption and the protection of information. The best offense is a good defense and the protection and encryption of information has been one of the main tools of warfare since ancient times.

    The Achilles Heel of encryption and protection of data is being able to read the minds of the people that know the information. This week's PopCon explores the governments efforts to read and control minds... MK ULTRA

    But the most important question this PopCon is ...how many people do you call by three names?

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Apes Smoking Wheat

    Apes Smoking Wheat

    Apes Smoking Wheat - Episode 005

    We dive headfirst into the foundation of modern civilization...the good ol' agricultural revolution. A trip through the reasons early humans decided to farm and the poor animals that succeeded in misery.

    For as long as we've been farming, we've been smoking. A brief history of modern smoking and an absolute relativity level theory on why we even smoke at all.

    Keeping with the theme of early humans and smoking the earth we stumble upon the Stoned Ape Theory. We weigh in on early sapiens and if Toad sparked the explosion of consciousness.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Unsung Modifications

    Unsung Modifications

    We open up the discussion on genetic and body modifications to take a look at its origins and where it can go in the future. We were all more excited than we thought to consider the endless possibilities. What would your modification of choice be?

    In an effort to sing a song for the forgotten heroes of time, we sit down to bring up our first tracklist of Unsung Heroes. In this episode we sing a song for a pencil-pusher hero, a benevolent medicine man, and the first "software developer". More importantly though...can you patent the sun?

    A PopCon being discussed all "around" the world... The Flat Earth theory. In this one we run through the science of the flat earth map and explore the philosophy of the believers. With rudimentary math you can do the calculations and figure out that the world is spherical BUT who taught you that math?

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Independence Day

    Independence Day

    Independence Day - Holiday Special

    In observance of the official holiday for burgers and dogs the Rogues get together to discuss a Founding Uncle and some Declaration of Independence Fun Facts!

    We then go on a journey through some revolutionary espionage, the seeds of the CIA and a truly unherabled hero and wife.

    Our Holiday Special PopCon takes us down the Freemason rabbit hole as we discuss just how much of America's founding they built.

    So take a moment, put down that dog, and learn about what makes that victory burger so damn tasty.

    • 39 min

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4.9 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Heisenber-go ,


I only wish they released episodes a bit more often.

HistoryDude1492 ,

Excellent & Engaging Discussions!

The topics of history discussed by the host's of this podcast are excellent, and I always learn somthing new after having listened! I encourage you to give this podcast a listen!

YazanAK ,

Best History Podcast Ever!

Definitely worth the listen! Hilarious and laidback discussions, worth every minute

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