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Rose Sinister: Vampires is an ongoing exploration of vampire stories, from folklore through pop culture. Vampires may or may not have reflections- but their stories do. Join me as I unravel what these enduring tales communicate about our cultural fears, values, taboos, and expectations. I'm a professional vampire tour guide in New Orleans' French Quarter, and a lifelong fan of vampire stories. These are some of my favorites.

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Rose Sinister: Vampires is an ongoing exploration of vampire stories, from folklore through pop culture. Vampires may or may not have reflections- but their stories do. Join me as I unravel what these enduring tales communicate about our cultural fears, values, taboos, and expectations. I'm a professional vampire tour guide in New Orleans' French Quarter, and a lifelong fan of vampire stories. These are some of my favorites.

    3.2 He Never Died

    3.2 He Never Died

    Is it a vampire movie, or a movie about an unkillable ancient cannibal who consumes blood to take the edge off of his hunger for human flesh?
    Whatever your thoughts on whether or not He Never Died is a vampire movie, it IS a story that delves into concepts such as ennui and depression, the challenges of sobriety, and gnawing questions about the existence of god that invite the inevitable questions about good and evil and the possibility for redemption, which means that this bleak, bloody, nihilistic film is exactly the kind of vampire story Rose Sinister likes to sink her teeth into, this time with an extra helping of Biblical exegesis with help from my friend and fellow vampire nerd, Rabbi Uriarte.
    That’s right. I consulted a Rabbi on this episode for you, dear readers. All errors in pronunciation and interpretation are entirely my own, however.
    This was a fun episode to make, and while it’s been delated by travel, Mardi Gras, and my own bout with Covid-19, it’s here at last, and a lot more content on the way, since what better time than quarantine and lockdown than to work on new content to be published from here on out?
    The delay in publishing this episode has also allowed me to hammer out details with this podcast’s new sponsor, EndlessNight.com : welcoming the vampire world by keeping Endless Night culture alive
    The transcript for this episode has already been shared with my Patreon Patrons, and will be available on my website, rosesinister.com, in about a week or so. If you’d like first dibs on my episode transcripts, or access to other fun, exclusive features, consider supporting me on Patreon, patreon.com/rosesinister.
    Support from my patrons and sponsors help make this podcast possible. Thank you for listening and sharing.

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    3.01 The Historian

    3.01 The Historian

    It's the second week of January 2020, so here's the first episode of season 3 of Rose Sinister: Vampires, all about Elizabeth Kostova's 2005 novel "The Historian," which ruminates on history, evil, and Dracula. 
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    S2E5 What We Do In The Shadows

    S2E5 What We Do In The Shadows

    Surprise, fans! 
    On the 3rd day of January, 2020, I give you... the final episode of the truncated second season of Rose Sinister: Vampires, an episode that is literally so many months overdue that I had to go back and re-edit out some of the stuff that was no longer relevant. Astute listeners will easily find the spot I didn't edit out. 
    THERE WILL BE A SEASON3! It is in the works and currently fairly far along. Season 3 will be more like season 1 was: regular uploads every 2 weeks. 

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    2.4 Fledgling

    2.4 Fledgling

    Polyamorous vampire communes from space. What makes a vampire a vampire? When vampires and their prey have a symbiotic relationship, who is addicted to who? Also, melanin is a vampire superpower in the 4th episode of season 2 of Rose Sinister: Vampires. 
    Join me as I examine the life of sci-fi writer Octavia Butler, her strange vampire novel Fledgling, and why I am so committed to going beyond the obvious on this podcast. 
    Spoiler alert: if the phrase "Black Lives Matter" makes you angry, you won't like this episode.
    Halloween is fast approaching and if you're going to be coming to town for Endless Night, use the code "RoseSinisterNOLA2019" when you checkout online. 
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    2.3 We Are the Night/ Wir Sind Die Nacht

    2.3 We Are the Night/ Wir Sind Die Nacht

    I'm back from a long, much needed, self-imposed hiatus, and excited to be in the thick of creating and publishing content again. This episode, lucky number 13 (!!!) is a bit on the long side, but it covers some important historical ground that I felt was really helpful in understanding this 2010 German film with the contextual nuance that I, a sometimes embarrassingly ignorant American, didn't grasp the first time, or even the first three times I watched this film.
    Knowing what I know now about the German history and cultural identity alluded to by the filmmakers when creating this vampire movie, I find it so much more enjoyable than I initially did- although I'm terribly disappointed that I couldn't get my hands on a simply subtitled version, and had to make do with the dubbed version for my own research, and the perspective of my German friends who could point out the places where the over-dubbing over-simplified or mangled the script somewhat. If anyone knows of a good English-language subtitled version of this film, without the dubbing, let me know.
    I'm starting to experiment with some sponsorship shoutouts in this episode. The truth is, even with Patreon, this podcast doesn't exactly pay for itself yet, and acknowledging the individuals and businesses who have given me so much support in this endeavor is the least I can do.
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    And finally- look, I know AirBnB is a controversial subject, especially in cities like Los Angeles or New Orleans with staggering housing costs and rising homeless populations, but there are still AirBnB's that offer incredible accommodations and whose owner/operators live on-site, and The Scarlet Dahlia in Downtown Los Angeles is exactly one such listing. I am obsessed with this AirBnB and consider it my "home away from home" when visiting LA- especially since Colette, the owner, is such a wonderful supporter of the Rose Sinister podcast. I hesitate to share my secret! But I also want Colette to get lots of awesome guests! If you're planning a trip to Los Angeles, check out her AirBnB listing at https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/plus/18793627?source_impression_id=p3_1565036537_bt9%2FETbcNgQTnxjY or look her up on Instagram

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    2.2 Blade

    2.2 Blade

    1998's vampire hunting summer blockbuster, "Blade," actually has quite a bit more to say that simply, "vampires bad. Blade kill."
    But yes, in this movie, vampires are unambiguously bad guys- but the why might surprise you.
    Two online essays helped immeasurably when constructing this episode, and it is with gratitude that I share the links here.
    "Daywalkin' Nightstalkin' Bloodsuckas: Black Vampires in Contemporary Film by Francis Gateward
    Some Vampires Are Real: Stereotypes and Dominant Fears (Re)presented in the Black Vampire of American Popular Film" by Sarah Broderick

    • 25 min

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5.0 out of 5
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100 Ratings

queertown ,

Visiting NOLA

I went to New Orleans this past winter, and while I didn't go on Rose's tour, my experience of the city was much enhanced by having listened to this podcast. I noticed the shutters on the church that she spoke about in the Casquette Girls episode, I was able to visualize the setting for Interview. I loved visiting, and can't wait to go back again and take her tour this time! I have learned so many interesting things from this podcast, and Rose's delivery of information is concise and intelligent.

Noonan420 ,

New Favorite!

I’m so happy to discover this podcast!

Yami Darwich 07 ,

Best tour guide ever!!!

I took a tour with Rose and it left me amazed and scared of vampires. Definitely would go again!
P.S. ask her about Jack if you go in a tour with her!! 😄

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