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Welcome to my Run This World Podcast! I'm a former pro athlete turned entrepreneur who believes in the power of positivity. I feature visionaries who are creating change in the world; people who will inspire you to create positive forward change in your own worlds. You'll hear from entrepreneurs, athletes, experts in health and nutrition, and amazing humans with a message to share. It's time to get out there and Run This World!

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Welcome to my Run This World Podcast! I'm a former pro athlete turned entrepreneur who believes in the power of positivity. I feature visionaries who are creating change in the world; people who will inspire you to create positive forward change in your own worlds. You'll hear from entrepreneurs, athletes, experts in health and nutrition, and amazing humans with a message to share. It's time to get out there and Run This World!

    191 - Ryan Van Duzer "All of us have the Power to Make the World a Better Place"

    191 - Ryan Van Duzer "All of us have the Power to Make the World a Better Place"

    We all talk about wanting to turn our passions into work. I'm personally attempting to do just that right now during my sabbatical from life. First, we need to identify our passions and then we need to honestly assess whether our skills align with our passions.

    Today's guest Ryan Van Duzer has done just that. He lives his passion every day - and has fun doing it. I have wanted to interview him since the day I met him at Skirt Sports. He was supporting our mutual friend Dana D (Episode 30 "From Drug Addict to Love Addict") as she delivered the first ever Women Run The World talk that would later become a multi-year monthly speaker series.

    Ryan was totally at home at the event, even as one of the only men in a packed house of passionate women. I observed him and realized why he was so comfortable. There was something emanating from him that I like to call pure intentions. He was there to support and celebrate his friend. He didn't even notice that he was one of two men, because his intention wasn't to draw attention to himself. It was about being there for someone else's important event.

    Everything Ryan does is based on pure intentions. That's what makes him so special. He's relatable and vulnerable, something many men struggle with. He puts it all out there. Like truly all out there through his super popular, inspiring YouTube Channel DuzerTV, through his other projects including tv shows like Carbon TV's "Tough Jobs," Discovery's "Out of the Wild," & more.

    Notables from this episode:

    "I may not be able to get you everything you want, but I will get you everything you need." - Donna Jobert (Ryan's mama)

    The gift of being a mama's boy: Watch Donna get to the top of Machu Picchu in "Mama Picchu"

    Dana D & the Gratitude March

    Sobriety: Why Ryan needed to end his drinking relationship

    How to deal with haters

    Trail Magic & Trail Angels

    Have as much fun as possible as you're doing whatever you do.

    Just Get Outside!

    For more Ryan Van Duzer:

    His website! https://www.duzertv.com/

    DuzerTV on YouTube

    This video sums up his philosophy. Watch it!




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    190 - Emily Holland Explores the Upside of Sobriety

    190 - Emily Holland Explores the Upside of Sobriety

    I met Emily Holland in October 2019. She interviewed me about my entrepreneurial journey on her Stokecast Podcast. Toward the end of the interview, we talked about my sobriety journey and I did what lots of podcasters pull on other podcasters - I turned one of her questions back on her. I asked her if there was anything in her life that she felt that she wanted to let go of. She replied, "I'm in the process of thinking about letting go of alcohol. I just haven't done all the thinking I want to around it yet." Or something very close! The point is that she was on the verge of starting the journey that has taken her life in a new direction. Sobriety.

    Emily is an emerging thought leader in the world of alcohol and sobriety. She embarked on her sober journey over a year ago. In fact, she hit the one year milestone just a few days ago and wrote a powerful blog with 9 powerful takeaways. Emily is a very deep thinker. She is not taking her sobriety journey lightly. She has become so passionate about what sobriety has brought to her life, how much it has helped her grow, that she decided to start a new venture, a podcast called Nature Untold. Her goal is to normalize and destigmatize the discussion around sobriety, addiction, and recovery in the outdoor community and industry. And she is doing just that!


    The "Bristle" Trigger: What is bugging you? What is it time to examine?

    Prioritizing Partying: Why this becomes important and when it's time to shift priorities

    Question asked in therapy: "Have you grieved the loss of alcohol?"

    Drinking is a relationship that brings you comfort or fills a void of some sort. It makes sense that the loss of it needs to be grieved.

    Euphoric recall: Nostalgia for the memories & community that were part of one's drinking life

    She believes there is a line between calling oneself an alcoholic and recognizing drinking isn't a positive part of one's lives and it's time to stop.

    The habit of drinking: we riff a bit on the example used in the book "Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg

    Destigmatizing sobriety: It starts with having open conversations.

    Replace the drinking addiction with something else like exercise or adventure

    3 things that were key to Emily's decision to stop drinking: 1) Therapy, 2) Someone who loves you unconditionally and wants to support the changes you decide to make, 3) COVID

    Best gateway (drug 😂) to sobriety? "Taking time off is incredibly awesome." Consider testing out a sober life for Dry January (or any month)

    Sober support resources: Start with Grace, Praise for yourself, Therapy; then move on to community resources like AA, the Luckiest Club, Tempest Group, Phoenix Multisport (we mention Scott Strode too!)

    Nature Untold Podcast: Emily has a passion to help people with their own journeys

    Recommended books about sobriety: "Sober Curious" by Ruby Warrington & Holly Whitaker's "How to Quit Like a Woman"

    Nugget: Stay curious. About yourself. What am I feeling, who am I, what do I want? knowing yourself. Curious about others too, about things you don't understand. This can only lead to positive discovery and growth.

    Join the Nature Untold Podcast Facebook group

    Follow Emily and Nature Untold on Instagram

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    189 - Love Always Wins with Yummy Butter's Yuma Haidara

    189 - Love Always Wins with Yummy Butter's Yuma Haidara

    I discovered Yuma Haidara when she was an ambassador for Skirt Sports. I think I stumbled upon a photo of her crossing a finish line in a Lioness Skirt, all smiles and happiness. Then I dug deeper and saw this gorgeous, tall, glowing woman standing in front of a huge truck only to learn that she is both a runner and a trucker. I was even more intrigued and reached out to feature her for Skirt Sports. She blew me away with her positive outlook and her focus on love; for others but more importantly for ourselves.

    Just over a year later, I saw another post. This time she was holding a container of something I can only describe as mysteriously delicious-looking. Turns out that's the perfect way to describe her new product: Yummy Butter! Yuma started A Yummy Life after countless friends begged her to make her soothing body lotions for them too. One thing led to another and suddenly, Yuma was an entrepreneur!

    Her journey has been tough, but through it all, she only shines brighter each day. Just for you, she is offering 15% off all products at A Yummy Life. Use code LOVE for 15% off at checkout!

    Notables from our conversation:

    Trigger warning: Yuma is a survivor of child sexual abuse, something I didn't know before we talked.

    How serving in the military gave her the family environment she had always craved

    #22aday: Each day 22 veterans take their lives. Yuma is passionate about raising awareness to help veterans so we can decrease this shocking statistic

    "I'm glad you exist."

    How to be a healthy trucker: cook your meals in a crock pot in your truck!

    Recommended books: "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins & "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

    Nugget: To Just Love...

    Broccoli Soup recipe forthcoming!

    More Yuma: @yumahaidara on Instagram

    Don't forget to use code LOVE for 15% off Yummy Butters and new Yummy Lips!

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    188 - Tasha Edwards 2021 word is POWER

    188 - Tasha Edwards 2021 word is POWER

    I reached out to Tasha in July 2020. I didn't have a topic in mind when I discovered her; I just knew that I needed to talk to her. It finally hit me. She is on the journey. We don't share enough stories from people who are literally in the middle of the journey. We like to share stories from people who have been "enlightened," who have "gotten there." Tasha is a work in progress which reminds us that we are all works in progress.

    Her overriding mission is to help women connect back to their power through movement. She uses the phrase "connect back" because women have always had the power, they just lose the connection to it.


    Priorities and connection: When Tasha lost half of her clientele in 2020. what she found is that she had time to connect to the people who were left.

    "My space is the conversation around why we believe what we believe, and why are we following who we are following. What is our why? What do we really want in life and how do we get out of the bed from the depression and stress of 2020? How do we even get out of bed to talk about movement?"

    "Mind your own mat" concept: How do you feel and perform if no one is looking?

    Optimum health is the goal: It's not entirely tangible. It's not about a certain weight. It's about functioning the best we can be as our bodies constantly change.

    Stop comparing! Especially to our younger selves

    What the heck are "morning abs?"

    Tasha's 2021 word is POWER

    "Trust yourself. Your intuition will not lead you the wrong way."

    Tasha's nonprofit: See Her Healthy @seeherhealthy on Instagram - Follow now!

    Tasha's Website Hip Healthy Chick

    Work with her: https://www.hiphealthychick.com/services

    Check out her fitness workouts on John Garey TV

    Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube @hiphealthychick

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    187 - "Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken." Astrologer Debra Silverman

    187 - "Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken." Astrologer Debra Silverman

    "You have a calling and a purpose. I have insights and answers."

    This is the first thing you read on Debra Silverman's website and for those of us who are in a confused space in life, possibly made even more so by our current health and political climates, we want insights. We want answers!

    I took an interest in astrology when I first met Tim. I think that happens to a lot of us. We find the love of our life, we get all romantic and we want to learn more about how we were meant to fit together. I bought a book on astrology and started reading. At some point I put the book away and for years my only connection to astrology was through the daily horoscope in the paper. But the foundation of the practice still tugged at my heart; I had a feeling I would come back to it at some point.

    It's been well over 20 years since I bought that book, so when I discovered Debra Silverman and her work helping people fall in love with themselves, I knew the time was now.

    Debra is a perfect blend of scientific and cosmic knowledge. She is both a Clinical Psychologist and a master Astrologer. I liken it to a blend of Eastern & Western practices that can help you find what you're looking for. Or gain peace from what you know you already have.

    We talk about so many things today, but the foundation of our conversation is about the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. Turns out I'm a whole lotta Fire and Air but I'm missing Water. Water is the place where you go inside and float (I made up the floating part but it sounds about right!). It also turns out that Tim is a whole lotta Water. So going back to my relationship and why many of us turn to Astrology for answers, this is why we find the person who brings us so much joy because they complement our elemental makeup, but so much tension because they have what we don't! WOW!

    If you are intrigued and want to learn more, check out Debra's Applied Astrology School. The timing couldn't be better because it only opens twice a year and it's open right now! Let me know if you are interested. I'm considering applying too. It's one of those things that when you feel the inkling of change, when you feel that push on your heart, you know it's got to happen sometime, so why not now?

    Watch his review of her book.

    Debra helps people fall in love with themselves.

    The concept of permission slips

    She recommends the book "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor

    Get more Debra:

    Grab a FREE gift from her! The Elemental Compatibility Guidebook is here!

    Sign up for Applied Astrology School

    Buy her book that we talked about "The Missing Element"

    Follow her on IG @debra_silvermanastrology and Facebook - her daily horoscopes are AWESOME!

    Check out her YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/silvermanastrology

    Get a reading!

    Connect with a certified astrologer from her network near you (or virtually)

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    186 - Just Believe in Yourself with Sarah Vernon-Brunner

    186 - Just Believe in Yourself with Sarah Vernon-Brunner

    Sarah is one in a million. In 2006 she visited Boulder to interview for Skirt Sports, this crazy little company with a powerful mission. I hired her immediately, or at least after I asked her to help us move boxes around the warehouse and I realized how strong she was! 😘

    I had the honor of working with Sarah for over 15 years, longer than I thought I would actually still be at Skirt Sports myself! Sarah came on board a year after she finished college; she held almost every job at Skirt Sports, except for the most creative, technical roles. For the last 5+ years, she held the title, President, and basically ran the company.

    This conversation is both a celebration and a form of closure for me & Sarah. When we sold our last unit on August 16, 2020, Sarah and I were the last-women-standing. We had spent three months effectively closing down the company, and were thrilled that we had turned the finish line into a baton handoff, but the very end it was anticlimactic. We weren't even in the same room when the final unit sold. I think I texted her and that was it.

    15+ years of working together can't end on a text! Sarah wrote me a beautiful note, that was full of emotion and I wrote this on a piece of paper, "Write Sarah a letter." Then I never did it. And I realized that this conversation could be the best way to gain a little more closure.

    It's a bit of a tell-all, so get ready to hear what REALLY happened at Skirt Sports along the way. What a ride. I hope you enjoy the retelling as much as we did.

    Notables from today:

    Laughter is one of the best ways to deal with stress!

    Two thumbs up (you have to listen)

    Relationships: That's what everything is built on in the end. Be sure to nurture and honor them.

    ALL THE PEOPLE! We riff on the amazing team we had the honor of interacting with over the years. If we missed you, it doesn't mean we don't love and appreciate you. It was like an Oscars speech and we were getting pushed off the stage!

    Sleep is for the weak! (at least before kids!)

    Fred Factor: Every interaction is a chance to practice customer care

    The crazy times: Getting sued (twice), the eviction (not ours), Skirt Chaser 5k Races, the entire wholesale apocalypse, the ROLLER COASTER!

    Gaining new titles while at Skirt Sports: Wife, Mom & more

    Thanks for listening. If you want to reach Sarah, send me a note and I'll get it to her!

    And please write me a review on iTunes! It helps!!!

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169 Ratings

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Nicole is your new best friend

Nicole DeBoom is a gem. She’s a brave, authentic, down-to-Earth superstar with an infectious laugh and a brilliant way with words. Listening to her and her guests makes me feel like I’m hanging out around a bonfire with a group of high vibe friends. Thank you for adding your unique voice to this space, Nicole! 💜

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Nicole Deboom Runs This World

Looking for a motivational, positive podcast that feeds your workout while it feeds your soul? Meet Run This World. Host Nicole Deboom puts her whole self out there and using her engaging interview style to bring out the most in her guests. Every episode is filled with truth, sunshine, inspiration, and Nuggets of advice.

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I love this podcast so much! It’s like being with friends- always a great conversation!

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