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Celebrating the RV Lifestyle by Mike and Jennifer Wendland. Tips, travel ideas, RV news and great interviews about the RV Lifestyle.

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Celebrating the RV Lifestyle by Mike and Jennifer Wendland. Tips, travel ideas, RV news and great interviews about the RV Lifestyle.

    RV Travel Goals: Visiting Cities with Songs

    RV Travel Goals: Visiting Cities with Songs

    Many set RV travel goals like visiting all the National Parks or driving to Alaska. Others collect things to hold onto their memories, like a magnet, pins, or maps. But a music-loving RV couple from New York has a whole new way of making memories.

    Jill and Karl Marsh plan to visit as many cities/locations as they can that have a song written about it.

    Not only that, they plan to video themselves there, singing the song. The Marsh's are our guests on Episode 423 of the RV Podcast.

    You can see a video version of the entire podcast by clicking the player below from our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel.

    If you prefer an audio-only experience, you can listen on your favorite podcast or by clicking the player below:

    How the Marsh's set their unusual RV Travel Goals

    The Marsh's are just beginning their RV lifestyle, traveling in a Jayco 40-foot Super C they’ve named Lucy. Their idea to collect the names of cities/locations that inspired a song, travel there, and sing that song was posted on our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group and brought hundreds of suggestions of places to visit.

    Jill is a marketing executive and can work remotely. Karl runs a summer panini restaurant in their hometown in Inlet. NY in the Adirondacks. He is free to travel, and as soon as the holidays are over, they plan to set off on a long, looping trip to the Southwest.

    Both insist this is just for fun. They hope to video themselves singing each song and then create a sort of video scrapbook of their adventures.

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    RV News of the Week

    Some states offering "green" alternative to Black Friday with free state park entrance Nov. 25Many state parks will be offering free entrance this Friday in an effort to provide an alternative to Black Friday shopping for outdoor fans.Oregon and Minnesota are among the states offering free park entrance. They are calling the offer "Green Friday" in Oregon saying it is designed to provide an alternative to the busy shopping day.In Minnesota officials say they are making the free park entrance offer because research shows being outdoors is good for people's emotional and mental health, with Black Friday being a natural day to offer this.Be sure to check a state park near you to see if it is participating.

    Federal Reserve official says he believes interests rates must go higher to tackle record inflation More bad news for those needing to borrow money to buy a new RV. The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis said last week that he believes the Federal Reserve will need to raise interest rates even higher to get inflation u...

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    Meet the 100 Year Old RVer

    Meet the 100 Year Old RVer

    We just met a 100 year old RVer who is still going strong. And he has a lot of wisdom about travel and adventure to share.

    He is James Ziegler, and he is - as you read this - 100 years and five weeks old. We caught up with him at his favorite campground in California and so enjoyed our conversation that we made him the Interview of the Week on Episode 422 of the RV Podcast.

    You can watch the entire podcast and the interview with Mr. Ziegler on our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel in the player below.

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    The 100 Year Old RVer - James Ziegler

    The 100 year old RVer James Ziegler in front of his RV

    Mr. Ziegler started camping in 1991 and hasn't stopped except for the times when he traveled internationally.

    He has been to 130 countries, been to Antarctica,  Alaska, traveled across the continental US three times, and drove his RV down to the tip of South America.

    About 10 years ago he was in China climbing the Great Wall. It was his third time climbing the Great Wall. The first was in 1945 shortly after WWII. 

    He's been to Antarctica. Twice.

    Mr. Ziegler camps in a 31-foot 2000 Storm motorhome that he still drives himself, though sometimes his son comes along on the adventures and shares the driving. He has been married twice-widowed once divorced the other time. He has four kids. 

    He is a WWII veteran, walks a half a mile every day and for a hobby, makes airplanes out of beer cans.

    We caught up with him at the KQ Ranch Resort in Julian, CA 

    Here's an edited version of the interview:

    Interview: The 100 Year Old RVer

    Mike Wendland:

    Well, let's go out to the beautiful KQ Ranch Resort out in Julian, California, in the mountains east of San Diego and meet for ourselves the 100 year old RVer, Mr. James Ziegler. Mr. Ziegler, thank you for coming on the program today.

    James Ziegler:

    Quite welcome.

    Mike Wendland:

    I want to start off a little bit by having everybody understand, how often do you travel? Tell us about your RV experience.

    James Ziegler:

    Right now I'm traveling alone. I have traveled alone most of the time since I got an RV and that was in 1991. At that time, I sold my house to my kids, or one of my kids, and moved into an RV. Then right away I went on a long trip.

    The 100 Year Old RVer is a lifelong traveler


    Mike Wendland:

    You started late in life. You have been all over the world. You've been to Antarctica.

    James Ziegler:

    Yes, once.

    Mike Wendland:

    Since you started RVing, you have traveled across the continent three times. Is that right?

    James Ziegler:


    Mike Wendland:

    So you like to travel.

    James Ziegler:

    Yeah. I've probably been to at least 130 different countries.

    Mike Wendland:

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    RV Tires: What you need to know

    RV Tires: What you need to know

    RV Tires are perhaps the most essential but overlooked parts of an RV. Failure to pay attention to the care and maintenance of your RV tires is a significant safety risk, and today we share the basics that every RVer needs to know.

    This week on Episode 421 of the RV Podcast, we talk to Certified RV Tech and RV Industry Consultant Chris Daugherty.

    You can watch a video version of the RV Podcast on our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel by clicking the player below.

    Or, if you prefer an audio-only version, the RV Podcast is available through all the major podcast apps or can be heard directly through the box below.

    Important Advice about RV Tires

    Chris Daugherty

    Chris Dougherty is the former technical editor of MotorHome and Trailer Life Magazines, RV Enthusiast magazine, and RVTravel.com, an RVDA/RVIA/RVTI Certified RV Technician and life-long RVer. He's been RVing with his family since 1973 and today trains other RV techs and presents seminars on RV technical matters at RV shows and exhibitions.

    Below is an edited transcript of our interview with Chris.

    Motorhome and Towable RV Tires are Very Different

    Mike Wendland:

    Chris, it is a pleasure to have you on the podcast today. Let's start off talking about the two different kinds of RVs with two different tires, the motorhomes with their tires, and then the towables, the fifth wheels, and the trailers. People think tires are tires. Maybe you could start us with a little education about that.

    Chris Daugherty:

    Well, definitely not Mike. Different tires for different applications, which is an important thing to keep in mind.

    So when we're dealing with motorized RVs, motor home tires, we're looking at truck tires generally. Anywhere, if it's a smaller Class C or class B motor home, they're appropriate for the size and weight of the vehicle. But you have steering tires and you have drive tires.

    So if it's a two wheel drive, you can put snow tires on in that type of thing. There are some RV application tires that are out there, specifically Goodyear, that have special additives in the rubber to help protect them from ozone degradation and that type of thing.

    But you're basically looking at a tire that's appropriate for the use that you're going to be putting it to and making sure that it is sized properly, both in its physical size but also in its weight carrying capacity.

    Towable RV Tires

    Mike Wendland:

    So these are motor homes for all different classes of class A, B, and C. Tires that are meant to be on a vehicle that is controlled by the engine on that vehicle. So what's the difference then in tires that we find on fifth wheels and trailers?

    Chris Daugherty:

    So trailers use a different type of tire. It's a special trailer tire, ST tire, for Special Tire. And there's different grades of those tires depending on-

    Mike Wendland:

    Special trailer, ST. And that will be on the side wall of the tire?

    Chris Daugherty:

    Yes, it will be. So when you're looking for the size, it would be an ST and the size of the tire. Okay. And so those have a little bit different design to them. They're designed for the weight that they're designed to carry.

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    RV Land for Sale Out West – In Arizona

    RV Land for Sale Out West – In Arizona

    We've had lots of people ask if we know of any RV Land for Sale out West and we can now say we do - in Arizona at a new development called Greenwood Ranches.

    We've been covering RV land ownership for some time now but most of the places we have found are east of the Mississippi. Large, multi-acre parcels aimed at Rvers are hard to find. Especially out west. So when we heard about this one, we decided to devote a podcast to it.

    Located in an elevated valley not far from Kingman, AZ, and the fabled Route 66, this development is offering five-acre RV parcels starting at $39,900 in an area close to National Parks, Las Vegas, Lake Havasu, and many other attractions.

    In this Episode #420 of the RV Podcast, we share the details in an in-depth interview with a representative of Western Land and Ranches.

    If you'd like to see the video version of the podcast, click the player below.

    You can listen to an audio version of the podcast on your favorite podcast app or by clicking the player below.

    Details on RV Land For Sale at Greenwood Ranches

    Below is an edited transcript of our interview with Eric Pozniak of Western Land and Lakes. Details on the property can be found at ArizonaRVLand.net

    Mike Wendland:

    I'm happy to welcome to the program Eric Pozniak from Western Land and Ranches. That's the company behind this development, which is called Greenwood Ranches. And I can tell you're pretty excited because you got a Greenwood Ranch shirt on there, Eric.

    Tell us a little bit about this development.

    Eric Pozniak:

    Yes, absolutely, Mike, and thank you very much for having us on here today. This is a very, very special project. I've spent a lot of time out there, and I'll tell you, it's one of a kind. We are located in what I call the heart of Arizona, centrally located between Las Vegas and Phoenix. And I can't wait to tell you about some of the things that really make this project special.

    Mike Wendland:

    Well, let's start with, first of all, as I said before I introduced you, we have been kind of following this RV land-for-sale trend for about a year and a half now. And we found a number of developments east of the Mississippi. This is the first this that I have heard west of the Mississippi. And I know you are right near Route 66, right?

    Eric Pozniak:


    Mike Wendland:

    Tell us a little bit about the area that you're in so people can visualize it. What are the nearest cities for example?

    Location for this RV Land for sale in Arizona

    Eric Pozniak:

    Well, first off, when people think of Arizona or the West, they are typically going to think of the desert. And what makes this project very, very unique, I personally live in Las Vegas, and let me tell you, it gets hot in July and August.

    Where we're located, we're up just at the tree line, so it's green, and you can expect cooler temperatures. We're seeing people from Phoenix, from Vegas, and from all over the West that are looking for somewhat of an oasis, an escape from the heat, and this project absolutely delivers.

    Mike Wendland:

    What's it near? When people are visualizing the state of Arizona?

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    Storing an RV for the winter

    Storing an RV for the winter

    With winter fast approaching, many are planning on storing an RV for the off-season. This week, we talk about the most efficient ways to do that and what procedures should be followed so that when spring comes, the RV is ready for the road again.

    Our guest on RV Podcast Episode 419 is Master Certified RV Technician Todd Henson. Director of Education for the National RV Training Academy. Also known as “the Beard,” Todd is the lead technical instructor for a very popular home study RV tech training course that teaches everyday RVers how to do basic maintenance and repairs.

    In Episode 418, Todd passed along RV Winterizing Tips. We continue with the second part of that conversation - all about storing an RV.

    You can watch the video version of the podcast from our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel in the player below.

    If you would rather listen to the audio-only version, you can catch it on your favorite podcast app or by clicking the arrow in the box below.

    What's involved in storing an RV during the off-season?

    Here's an edited transcript of our interview with Todd Henson:

    Mike Wendland:

    Todd Henson from the National RV Training Academy is back with us, and Todd, thank you for agreeing to do two of these back-to-back interviews for us. We sure appreciate it. We got the RVs winterized last week and now we're going to put it away. Where do we go from there when we talk about storage?

    Todd Henson:

    You go south.

    Mike Wendland:

    Store it in warm weather, yeah. I like that.

    Todd Henson:

    I mean, that was one method of winterization and storing we didn't talk about, and that's to go south.

    Mike Wendland:

    Yeah, yeah.

    Best Practices for Storing an RV in the winter

    Todd Henson:

    If you can do that. All right, so first and foremost, I'm from Texas, and so we winterized and then we store it in our yard, but let's go over a lot of the considerations. I mean, we have a large investment sitting in the cold weather, and the one thing we don't want to do is just simply just leave it out there, and in all cases, so let's look at some of the best practices.

    So number one is, if it's possible, to store it indoors, right? Store it indoors.

    The worst thing that we can do is leave this out in the field by itself, okay, but I know that in some cases, we've got no option, so how do we protect that investment?

    Store the RV away from Trees

    If you can't store it indoors, I would recommend storing it even outside of trees. I know some people would say, "well, if I sit it next to trees ..." The problem with that is that most trees, of course, they go into winterization mode as well, and that's when we get a lot of foliage that drops, and then of course we get limbs that drop, and guys, most of our roofs are either some type of rubber membrane or PVC membrane and falling objects are not desirable, so, I would recommend storing it in an open air situation.

    Our dispersed camping boondocking spot in the Pigeon R...

    • 37 min
    How to winterize an RV: The complete guide

    How to winterize an RV: The complete guide

    If you live in cooler climates, you need to know how to winterize an RV. In late fall, that is job one.

    This week, we talk with a Master Certified RV Technician and one of the country's top RV experts to learn when, how, and exactly what steps to take to protect the plumbing system of your RV from cold weather.

    Our guest on Episode 418 of the RV Podcast is Todd Henson, Director of Education for the National RV Training Academy. Also known as "the Beard," Todd is the lead technical instructor for a very popular home study RV tech training course that teaches everyday RVers how to do basic maintenance and repairs.

    You can watch a video version on our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel in the player below:

    For an audio version, you can hear the RV Podcast through your favorite podcast app or through the player below:

    How to winterize an RV: What you need to do

    Here's an edited transcript of our interview with Todd:

    Mike Wendland:

    As the weather turns colder, we want to talk about winterization. And then, if I could bring you back next week, I'd like to talk about storing your RV. Because there are so many new RVers who are going to encounter their first batch of winter weather very soon, and even some of the experienced RVers are a little unsure of a couple of things. Winterization and storage. This week let's talk about winterization. When do they need to winterize those RVs?

    Todd Henson:

    Winterizing an RV means protecting the pipes from freezing

    Okay. Now, here's the thing. When we are talking about how to winterize an RV, what we're trying to do is protect our plumbing from freezing water. We know as water freezes, it expands and that water is under pressure. It's in pipelines. It just has no place to go, so it ends up causing problems. It creates cracks. And then as soon as we go back out, we turn on the water, of course, we have a huge problem. So when do we winterize, of course, is whenever the temperature outside begins to drop.

    Now, where it's difficult is, is for how long? Right now here in Texas, we're enjoying our second spring, so it is getting upwards in the 90 degrees, low 90s in the afternoon, but when we wake up in the morning, we're in the low 50s. The problem that we have is, as we continue to get into October, that number's finally going to come down, and again, we may be in the 70s in the afternoon, but in the 30s in the morning. And that's the deadly time for us as RVers, because even for a few hours, when we have a half-inch line, it doesn't take very long to freeze those.

    So let's talk about the different types of winterization processes that we can do. But the first and foremost, we're talking about when. First off, if your season is over, obviously you want to go ahead and winterize. So in other words, you're back home, but you're not scheduling anything through the winter months, through the autumn months, that would be the best time to do it. It is best to do it when it's not freezing.

    BONUS: Ever wonder about camping in an RV that has been winterized? Here's an article on how to do meals and cleanup in a winterized RV

    The different ways of winterizing an RV

    If you're still RVing out there, one of the things that you can do is if you can, keep it plugged into shore power. And if you have a four-seasons RV or all-seasons... They give it different names...

    • 44 min

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4.4 out of 5
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572 Ratings

DeanCHS1980 ,

Trailer Tire Talk - Thanks!

Thank you for your “fair and balanced” discussion of trailer tires. Thank you for referring to the phrase “china bombs” as derogatory. It is. Yes, most trailer tires are made in China. Most of those tires are just fine. I have towed over 30,000 miles in 6.5 years on two sets of tires made in China. I purchased them from my local tire store/mechanic that recommended them. I always keep them covered when not traveling. I always check the psi before leaving home and leaving the campground and I added a TPMS this past year. I replace my tires at about 4 years and they look brand new when I replace them. Maintenance and replacement due to age are very important.

WinkingBuddha ,


Love your podcast and videos!
Thanks for your episode on dogs, travel and the parvo spread in summer 2022.

traditionalgirl ,

More Bo…

I look forward to the new episode each week, but I’d like to hear more about Bo’s outdoor adventures and less of the tips & tech stuff. Most of us nature-loving road warriors have a canine sidekick.

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