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    Hola!  Long time, no speak?  No stream?  No download?  Whatever.  You get the drift.

    The reason we're here now is because we gots some shit to share now!  Aren't you glad that we haven't just been constantly putting out content even though we actually have nothing of any value to present?  Don't you wish ALL podcasters valued your time as much as we do?  Holy shit what a beautiful world that would be.

    But we're here to talk about shit, not just talk shit.  The first shit we have to talk about is the valiant return of First Friday Comedy at Lawn Gnome Publishing!  We'll be back at the independentest little bookstore on Roosevelt Row at 10pm on Friday, September Fourth, after a brutal summer off.  This time around, we'll be featuring Zed Phillips, Erin Ontko, and Steve Maxwell!  Come out, BYOB, and help us kick off another fantastic season in the backyard!

    The second s***s we're here to talk about is The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour at ThirdSpace!  Mishka Shubaly, JT Habersaat, and Ron Babcock will be blowing the roof off of ThirdSpace on Grand Avenue at 7pm on Saturday, September Fifth!  This show, with all this talent, is unbelievably free!    Get out to ThirdSpace for this very special Saturday night comedy extravaganza!  (see, Steve, I remembered the links!)

    Jamie had the distinguished honor of appearing on the Wednesday Morning Surf Report Podcast, plugging these here very shows and some other stuff.  But mainly plugging these shows.

    Alright, that about does it for us!  Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Cranky, Grumpy, Curmudgeony, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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    Episode 100: The Mind of Mazzeo

    Episode 100: The Mind of Mazzeo

    Episode 100!  We've finally made it to Episode 100!  We've hemmed and hawed, dawdled and dallied, and just generally put it off, but it's finally here...and we could think of no more fitting interview to grace this hallowed ground than one with Stuart Mazzeo!

    Why Mazzeo, you ask?  Well, because we're the few guys that ever give him a chance to get on stage in PHX.  And because we love the guy and he loves us.  He's been banned from lots of stages for his various shenanigans, he bombs catastrophically as much as he crushes, he alienates audiences as much as he endears them, but he's always welcome on an S&M Comedy stage.  When he does well, it's brilliant, like one for the books.  When he doesn't do well, it's like someone shouted "FIRE!" in the room, and it's equally brilliant.  We've drawn heat for putting Mazzeo on our shows because of his polarizing wild card factor, but just like Stuart, we don't give a f**k what anyone thinks about it.

    Like him or not onstage, today you'll get to hear about Mazzeo's upbringing in Utica, NY, moving to PHX, living homeless, giving to charities while living in poverty, troubles with the law, and being Alice Cooper.  It's a long one.  Buckle up.

    We don't really have a whole lot of shows coming up; Steve is performing in the Southeast Comedy Arts Festival next week, so Jamie will be helping out at ThirdSpace on Thursday.

    Hey, speaking of ThirdSpace- The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour with Mishka Shubaly and Ron Babcock will be swinging by on September 5th!  Get there, and don't f**k around!

    That's about it; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Polarizing, Dividing, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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    Information Blurt! The Big Pine Comedy Festival

    Information Blurt! The Big Pine Comedy Festival

    Well hi there!  Yeah, we haven't been up to much, but we finally got a reason to post something again, so here it is!

    There has been a lot of hubub about the new and mysterious Big Pine Comedy Festival, lots of questions, lots of rumours and speculation.  So we decided to right to the source and get some answers on record and thrust them out into the internet where they belong, where everyone can ignore the actual official information and continue speculation and rumour slanging.  (c'mon, comedians on Facebook, we see how you are)

    We hope you enjoy and learn from this brief little conversation with Genevieve Rice, spearhead of the Big Pine Comedy Festival.  We hope all your questions are answered, we hope you have a burning passion for comedy in Arizona ignited deep in your soul, and we hope you submit, attend, and make sweet love to the first annual Big Pine Comedy Festival!

    Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Big and Piney Independent Comedy Scene!

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    A Comprehensive Comicon Compendium

    A Comprehensive Comicon Compendium

    Hey!  Gotta be quick!  There's some serious laying around and not doing shit that we've got to get back to!

    Comicon was quite fantastic.  Our show on Friday had some serious butts in seats, and Saturday had a great turnout for a midnight show, and This Day was just as special as a This Day can be.  Thanks to all the comics who performed, thanks to all the Comicon guests that allowed a little S&M in their lives, thanks to Ben Lewis for having Jamie on his Saturday show, and most importantly, thanks to all the Comicon volunteers that were unbelievably sweet and awesome, and to the sound guys at the Renaissance Hotel Grand Ballroom.  They were straight thugs.

    Now we have pretty much a whole summer off.  Not sure what we're going to do with it, other than try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.  Steve's working on music, and Jamie's learning how to not kill plants.  Steve is doing better than Jamie, let's just say that.

    We'll see what the future has in store, until then, keep your ears peeled for episode 100, look for us at House of Comedy and Laff's, and thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Amazing, Spectacular, Uncanny Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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    Episode 99: Chad Daniels- “It’s Fun to Talk Adults into Things.”

    Episode 99: Chad Daniels- “It’s Fun to Talk Adults into Things.”

    Hey bubbas! Thanks for coming back! We've finally got us a real podcast to share with you! It's like we're real podcast boys! We got no strings to hold us down, and whatnot!

    Today's fantastic podcast it with Chad Daniels, a magnificently snarky man, hailing from Minneapolis, MN. He was down here for a weekend at Stand Up Scottsdale, and he very generously took time out of a lovely weekend to lock himself in his hotel room with us and chat about comedy, raisin' some kids, and f*****g with audiences. We had a great time having a really fun conversation with a swell guy, filled with exceptional gratitude for his station in life and how it came to be. You'll enjoy this podcast today. Get on it.

    Steve will be hosting at Laff's in Tucson all weekend, Fri-Sunday. It's a long weekend, head down, grab some Rocco's and say hi to Hoodie!

    Jamie will be at House of Comedy on Tuesday for the Funniest Person with a Day Job contest. Email Jamie@smcomedy.com if you'd like free tickets!

    We're back at Comicon this year! Friday, 5/29, 10pm, Saturday, 5/30, midnight, and a very comicon edition of This Day in History on Sunday, 5/31 at noon!

    Go to Chad's website, Faceybook, and the place where he leaks tweets all day.

    Be sure to check out an animated clip of Chad's "Press Conference" bit!  It's pretty cool!  Do you have fans animating your bits?  No, I didn't think so.

    Also, check out his "As Is" YouTube special, recorded at ACME Comedy Co in Minneapolis!

    Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Flapdaddlin', Hoohahin' Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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    The New A*****e’s Almanac

    The New A*****e’s Almanac

    Howdy everybody!  Yeah, still no podcast.  We're lazy as fuckballs.  Prolonging the inevitable.  What inevitable?  You know, the inevitable.

    Nothin' new here, really.  Space 55 was excellent.  This Day in History is unequivocal fun.

    Steve, as you read this, was just in House of Comedy's "Funniest Person with a Day Job" contest...and he advanced!  Along with Leslie Barton, Charlie Speez, and Tim Bateman, Steve has advanced to the next round in the contest, date to be determined.  Jamie will be out for his preliminary show on 5/26!  Won't you be on his guest list?

    Jamie will be on a very special show created by Alex Lemoine at Trunk Space this Tuesday, 5/19!  Bring a mere $5 for Eroticanonymous!

    Steve and Jamie will both be in Tucson this Sunday for The Southwest LaughFest, presented by Gibbs Saad's LaughterHours Comedy!

    And don't forget!  S&M Comedy events at Comicon!  Friday!  Saturday!  And Sunday Sunday Sunday!

    Alright.  Enough of that shit.  Thanks for for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Bookish, Twerpy, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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8 Ratings

crustyskaman ,


This made me queef. And I loved it.

Amy Blackwell ,

Comedy Love

The S&M podcast is great. With a variety of interviews from local and national comedians, you never know what you will hear on the show. Insights and anecdotes can be expected from this fun, insightful podcast. Comedy love for Jamie and Steve!

AnthonySeyz ,

Hot sauce!

Enjoy the work. Keep up the good work!

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