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Are you a SaaS Founder or Entrepreneur who’s made the leap from leading a team to leading an organization? Overwhelmed juggling sales, marketing, and operations while managing client expectations and an ever-expanding product roadmap? Find freedom with your host Jeff Mains, five-time entrepreneur, SaaS founder, and globetrotting adventurer. Refill your think tank with actionable tips and strategies from great business minds you know, and those you don’t know yet. SaaS Fuel is here to help CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and SaaS founders fire up revenue growth, spark creative thinking and deliver encouragement on this wild journey of entrepreneurship.

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Are you a SaaS Founder or Entrepreneur who’s made the leap from leading a team to leading an organization? Overwhelmed juggling sales, marketing, and operations while managing client expectations and an ever-expanding product roadmap? Find freedom with your host Jeff Mains, five-time entrepreneur, SaaS founder, and globetrotting adventurer. Refill your think tank with actionable tips and strategies from great business minds you know, and those you don’t know yet. SaaS Fuel is here to help CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and SaaS founders fire up revenue growth, spark creative thinking and deliver encouragement on this wild journey of entrepreneurship.

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    Phil Alves - Founder Lessons from 100+ SaaS Product Launches & Exits

    Phil Alves - Founder Lessons from 100+ SaaS Product Launches & Exits

    This week in our SaaS Fuel™ Expert Series, Jeff is joined by Phil Alves, CEO and Principal Consultant at DevSquad, who delves into the significance of comprehensively understanding a problem to create a successful product. 
    By sharing personal experiences and insights gained from working with clients, Phil underscores the significance of data-driven decision-making and comprehending the crucial metrics for constructing high-performing development teams. Moreover, they touch upon the hurdles of business scaling and adapting to changing circumstances, while emphasizing the value of prioritizing profitability rather than solely pursuing revenue.
    Make sure you don't miss out on valuable insights and practical tips by tuning in to SaaS Fuel!
    Key Takeaways00:00:00  Recent Graduation Ceremonies In Texas
    00:04:55  Insider Secrets: Venture Capitalist Reveals Future of SaaS
    00:10:02   How Solving Your Own Problems Can Lead to the Best Products
    00:13:33    How One Company Created Their Own Benchmarks and Changed the Game
    00:17:48   The 6 Key Metrics Every High-Performing Team Needs to Track
    00:23:30   The Importance of Planning Accurate Rates in Development Teams
    00:25:15    How Dev Stats Helped Us Deliver More Accurately
    00:31:14    The Evolution of a CEO in Scaling a Business
    00:33:21    Funding Your Second Business After Selling Your First
    00:36:59   Why Profitable SaaS Companies Should Be the New Unicorns
    00:40:08  Why Being Bootstrapped is the Key to Serving Your Customers
    00:44:51   Mastering the Art of Investing: Why Small Bets Can Lead to Big Wins
    Tweetable Quotes"Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, but it's worth it when you see your vision come to life." - Phil Alves (09:45)
    "The key to success in SaaS is to focus on solving a real problem for your customers." - Phil Alves (14:20)

    "Benchmarking six key numbers is crucial for high-performing teams in software development." - Phil Alves (18:38)

    As a SaaS founder, you have to be willing to pivot and adapt to changing market conditions." - Jeff Mains (22:10)

    "Effective planning is key to the success of any product." - Phil Alves (25:25)

     "Building a successful SaaS company requires a team effort, with each member bringing their unique skills to the table." - Phil Alves (30:15)

    "As a SaaS founder, you have to be closer to those who have already achieved what you're striving for." - Phil Alves (46:29) 

    "Building a huge company comes with trade-offs, it's important to weigh them carefully." - Jeff Mains (40:08)

    The best way to learn about entrepreneurship is to talk to other entrepreneurs who have been there and done that." - Jeff Mains (46:29)
    SaaS Leadership LessonsBenchmarking is crucial for high-performing teams. By tracking metrics such as customer acquisition cost and lifetime value, SaaS leaders can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to drive growth. Effective planning is key to product success. By taking a strategic approach to product planning, SaaS leaders can ensure that their products meet the needs of their target customers and drive business growth. The evolution of CEOs and founders in growing companies. As companies grow, the role of the CEO and founder evolves. By adapting to the changing needs of their companies, SaaS leaders can drive growth and achieve long-term success. The overlooked strategy of doing a spin-off of an existing company to fund a SaaS. By leveraging the resources and...

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    Jonathan Baktari MD - Health Meets Tech: A Look At The Future

    Jonathan Baktari MD - Health Meets Tech: A Look At The Future

    Today’s SaaS Fuel™ Founder Episode is all about the integration of technology and healthcare to enhance patient experiences and service levels. Jeff had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Jonathan Baktari, CEO of E7 Health and US Drug Test Centers, and host of the podcast Baktari MD. 
    Dr. Baktari delves into the significance of prioritizing specific aspects of software development, recognizing that not all aspects can receive the highest priority. He talks about the value of differentiating oneself in a competitive market by using technology to simplify processes for clients, patients, and staff. Don't miss out on SaaS Fuel to dive deeper into these topics!
    Key Takeaways00:00:00  Learn About E Seven Health And Dr. Baktari Through Websites And Podcasts
    00:02:16    Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Intersection of Health Tech and Fintech
    00:04:19    Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Power of Technology and Human Connection
    00:08:11     Meet the Tech Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Preventative Medicine 
    00:18:35     Revolutionizing Healthcare Compliance with Cloud-Based Solutions
    00:20:29    Maximizing Reimbursements in Healthcare Technology
    00:28:33    Finding the Michael Jordans of Your Industry at Conferences
    00:32:34    A Crash Course in CEO Mistakes and Opportunities in Healthcare
    00:35:56    The Challenge of Personalized Healthcare in the Age of Technology
    00:39:59    The Future of Healthcare
    Tweetable Quotes"Don't sacrifice your family for the sake of your business. Build a business that allows you to have both." - Jeff Mains (00:39)
    “... But the key is that the tools are fostering proactive health care and it's enabling early intervention and making preventative care a feasible reality.” - Jeff Mains (04:24)
    "I think it's important to understand you need to bring something else to the table." - Dr. Jonathan Baktari (10:57) 
    “If you really want super duper great customer service, have your staff eliminate all the busy work, inputting stuff, have things auto-populate and things being pushed without someone having to manually do it.”  - Jonathan Baktari (11:20)
    “If you're spending all your time, no matter what field you're in, not focus on the client, but you're focused on getting the process done, that's kind of like a DMV kind of thing. So you got to really figure out ways to let your staff, you know, be there and serve the client.”  - Jonathan Baktari (13:58 )
    "The best way to learn is to seek out the experts in your industry and strike up a friendship. They're usually more than happy to share their knowledge." - Jonathan Baktari (29:31)
    "I really tell people if you're starting out, go one way just to go to a lot of the major conferences and seek out usually the Michael Jordans of whatever industry you're looking for are pretty obvious." - Jonathan Baktari (30:03)
    "The key to success in entrepreneurship is to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward." - Jonathan Baktari (32:34) 
    "The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption, and telemedicine is one of the most promising areas for innovation." - Jonathan Baktari (37:34)
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Focus on creating a healthier and happier human experience.
    2. Customer service is important, but not a key differentiator.
    3. Networking is key: Attend industry events, join online communities, and connect with other SaaS leaders to learn from their experiences and build valuable relationships. 
    4. Continuity of care and efficiency are key challenges in healthcare.
    5. Shortcomings of the current healthcare system provide

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    Sam Baker - Finding Go To Market Repeatability

    Sam Baker - Finding Go To Market Repeatability

    Join Jeff Mains in this week's episode of the SaaS Fuel™ Expert Series as he welcomes Sam Baker, Principal at Scale Venture Partners, to talk about everything from the power of face-to-face networking events to the potential of robots in the food services industry.
    Sam highlights the significance of fostering a robust connection between CEOs, founders, and board members, likening it to the dynamics of a valuable friendship. He also stresses the importance of establishing clear expectations from the outset to ensure fruitful collaboration.
    Sam Baker drops some serious wisdom on the differences between the investment scenes in Boston and Silicon Valley, as well as the key indicators of success for SaaS and cloud businesses.
    Key Takeaways00:00:00 SaaS Fuel Podcast: Tips And Strategies For Overwhelmed Tech Founders
    00:01:02 Tech Week in Silicon Valley: Connecting with Founders and Discovering New Solutions
    00:04:11 Find Your Perfect Software Solution with Tech Po: Honest Reviews and Latest Editions
    00:11:48 Exploring the Exciting World of Investment Opportunities: A Conversation with Scale Venture Partners
    00:16:06 Revolutionizing Warehouses: How Automation is Solving Labor Shortages and Cutting Costs
    00:17:34 The Rise of Robotic Baristas: Exploring the Future of Coffee-Making Technology
    00:25:03 Proof of Concept Pitfalls: Why They Don't Always Lead to Long-Term Engagements
    00:28:28 The Shift from Growth at All Costs: Why Companies are Prioritizing Healthy Cash Spend and Efficiency
    00:32:01 Insights from a Long-Standing Firm: Navigating the Financial Future and Investment Strategy
    00:36:11 Behind the Scenes: A Venture Capitalist's Favorite Presentations and the Importance of Meeting the Entire Partnership
    00:37:29 Why Humility is Key to Building Strong Business Relationships: A Story of Owning Mistakes and Winning Trust
    00:41:16 The Importance of Trust in Long-Term Business Partnerships: Insights from SaaS Fuel
    00:42:46 The Power of Partnership: How Taking an Active Role Can Help Build Great Companies
    00:47:33 The Importance of Setting Communication Expectations with Your Board Members: Insights from a Venture Capitalist
    Tweetable Quotes"Being a successful entrepreneur is not just about making money, it's about creating a business that you're proud of and that makes a positive impact on the world." - Jeff Mains (00:35)
    "It's an interesting crossroad standing at the intersection of new unknown better and the old familiar choosing the right solution can feel a bit like standing in front of a big vending machine with a mass array of colorful candies." - Jeff Mains 02:11)
    "This is just a job where the learning curve never plateaus and you know you're always talking to people that are tinkering around with interesting things and our job is to figure out whether or not there's a good investment opportunity there." - Sam Baker (11:59)
    "It's really been that first or second go-to-market around 95% of the time, and we like where we play." - Sam Baker (35:47)
    "Setting expectations upfront is a key ingredient." - Sam Baker (47:48)
    "I always love to have conversations, especially with folks in the audience." - Sam Baker (49:25)
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Humility is key to building strong business relationships: One of the guests shared a story about a leader who owned up to a mistake and made a joke about it in front of the team. This level of humility and transparency can help build trust and strengthen relationships with team members and clients.
    2. Know your business inside and out: To make the right decisions for your business, it's important to have a deep understanding of your vision, goals, and capabilities. This will help you identify the...

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    Melissa Kwan - Driving Success In The Digital Era

    Melissa Kwan - Driving Success In The Digital Era

    In our SaaS Fuel™ Founder Episode this week, Jeff is joined by Melissa Kwan, co-founder and CEO of eWebinar. 
    Melissa shares her experiences as a founder, highlighting the challenges of balancing board meetings, investors, financial predictions, and economic uncertainty while finding personal time off. She emphasizes the importance of not neglecting personal fulfillment and urges fellow founders to prioritize their own happiness.
    Jeff delves into a range of topics with Melissa, including personal branding, bootstrapping, and the significance of pursuing experiences outside of the office. 
    Whether you're a founder or an aspiring entrepreneur, SaaS Fuel goes beyond business strategies, featuring interviews with professionals, and serves as a valuable resource in your journey.
    Key Takeaways00:00:00 SaaS Fuel Podcast: Tips And Strategies For SaaS Founders To Scale Their Business
    00:02:07 The Importance Of Vacation For Founders.
    00:03:41 Finding Joy And Relaxation In Unconventional Ways For Team Building And Productivity
    00:07:07 Interview With Melissa Kwan, co-founder And CEO Of eWebinar
    00:10:46 Starting A Webinar After Selling A Company: A Personal Account
    00:13:24 Breaking Out Of The Mold: The Risks Of Sticking To What You Know
    00:14:52 The Freedom Of Customer Service Workers And Work-life Balance
    00:16:21 Balancing Work And Life As A Founder
    00:20:30 Use Cases For Automation In Sales And Training
    00:22:14 A Dedicated Product For Evergreen Webinars: The Challenges Of Finding A Genuine Solution
    00:27:18 Benefits Of Prerecorded Tech Presentations Over Live Ones
    00:29:33 Asynchronous Communication In Webinars.
    00:32:00 Lessons Learned In Growing A Product Company
    00:34:11 Building A Community Based On Mission-driven Company Founders
    00:36:22 The Power Of Branding: The Influence Of Marketing And Company Values In Consumer Choices
    00:37:48 Reflection On Startups And Learning
    00:41:19 Success Doesn't Necessarily Mean Fulfillment
    00:45:00 Building Tech Companies, Fulfillment, And The Digital Nomad Lifestyle
    00:47:00 Success In Business Without Sacrificing Personal Life
    Tweetable QuotesVacation can be hard for founders, but it's important to break up the routine and embrace life, even if it's just for a day." - Jeff Mains (02:32)
    Summer isn't just about the escape. It's a mindset and finding joy in the little things." - Jeff Mains (04:04) 
    As founders, we always tell ourselves, 'Once I become successful, then I can do all these things.' But life goes on, and we need to remember to live." - Jeff Mains (16:21)
    Building a personal brand is more important to me now than rallying people around a product." - Melissa Kwan (35:43)
    "We're not just building a product, we're building a community."  - Melissa Kwan (39:40)

    "Success in life and business are not mutually exclusive propositions." - Melissa Kwan (47:22)
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Focus on your team: Your team is the backbone of your company, and it's important to invest in their growth and development. Provide opportunities for training and mentorship, and create a culture of transparency and open communication.
    2. Embrace change: The SaaS industry is constantly evolving, and it's important to be adaptable and open to new ideas. Don't be afraid to pivot your strategy or try new things in order to stay ahead of the curve.
    3. Prioritize customer success: Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and it's important to prioritize their success above all else. Listen to their feedback, address their concerns, and constantly strive to improve their experience with your product.
    4. Stay focused on your mission: It's easy to get...

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    Bobby Gillespie - Brand Building Strategies And Tactics

    Bobby Gillespie - Brand Building Strategies And Tactics

    In our SaaS Fuel™ Expert Series this week, Jeff is joined by Bobby Gillespie, a brand growth consultant, author of the forthcoming book Build Your Brand like you Give a Sh*t, and the founder/principal at Propr Design.
    Bobby highlights the significance of addressing the obstacles and symptoms hindering brand growth and suggests seeking assistance from consultants or advisors to overcome these challenges. The discussion underscores the impact of employee satisfaction on marketing, stressing the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. Bobby also encourages entrepreneurs to stay true to their core values, advocating for their beliefs, while also recognizing the importance of investing in growth, even during difficult times. The conversation critiques companies that have an excessive number of core values or buzzwords, emphasizing the value of authenticity and developing unique values that align with one's own brand. Ultimately, the key message is to remain authentic and genuine in order to stand out in a competitive market.
    Key Takeaways00:00:00 Weekly Tips And Strategies For SaaS Founders Transitioning To Leading An Organization
    00:04:50 Introduction To Bobby G And Propr, A Brand Strategist And Creative Agency
    00:08:54 Importance Of Defining Your Brand And Maintaining It Over Time
    00:13:03 The Cost Of Not Marketing
    00:17:43 Investing In Growth During A Downturn With Limited Resources.
    00:20:27 Brand Purpose: Going Beyond The Noble Goal Of Saving The World
    00:23:35 Focusing On Customers And Champions For Impactful Marketing The Passage Discusses The Importance Of Focusing On Customers And Ch
    00:26:05 Considerations For Advertising On Social Media
    00:28:30 Understanding The Importance Of Brand Personality And Targeting Ideal Clients
    00:30:35 Motivation For Fighting And The Importance Of Gut Instinct
    00:34:10 The Empowering Concept Of Brand Personification
    00:37:49 Making Informed Decisions As A Company To Ensure Sustainable Growth
    00:42:28 The Importance Of Constant Improvement In Business
    00:45:27 The Power Of Word-of-mouth Marketing
    00:48:14 Reasons For Writing A Book.
    00:51:43 Investing In Branding For A Stronger Legacy
    Tweetable Quotes"How is this built to perform is the question that every in-house marketing person should be asking their creative consultants or agencies." - Bobby Gillespie (18:24)
    "Your brand is your reputation. So what message is it sending for our advertising on Twitter with all the Musk Madness?" - Bobby Gillespie (24:49)
    "Creativity without parameters is just daydreaming and hoping. But creativity with those parameters in place enables innovation." - Bobby Gillespie (34:35)
    "Don't remember 11? Who's gonna remember 11, right? And who's gonna at how or 11 words actionable, right?" - Bobby Gillespie (40:58)
    "The whole reason we did that was because of factories, well, factories don't really exist anymore, at least in this country. So why do we maintain the factory work schedule?" - Jeff Mains (44:48)

     "The best way to market your business is to create a culture that people are excited to be a part of." - Jeff Mains (51:43)
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Define your brand and maintain it over time.
    2. Focus on customers and champions for impactful marketing.
    3. Make informed decisions to ensure sustainable growth.
    4. Embrace curiosity and constant improvement in life and work.
    5. Invest in branding for a better legacy.
    6. Condense core values and brand pillars in the tech space.
    7. Establish a feedback loop with employees, customers, and users to stay connected with your purpose and continuously improve your offerings.
    8. Prioritize investing in a brand that generates excitement and...

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    Dennis Kelly - Navigating the Marketing Tech Stack

    Dennis Kelly - Navigating the Marketing Tech Stack

    In our SaaS Fuel™ Founder Episode this week, Jeff welcomes Dennis Kelly, the CEO of Postalytics, who shares his insights and experiences in the tech industry. With a track record of six successful startups, Dennis emphasizes the importance of identifying the right audience for your product. 
    Reflecting on their journey, Dennis emphasizes the critical shift in audience focus, the development of their visionary system, and the importance of data-driven campaign optimization. Discover invaluable insights for growing your SaaS business on the SaaS Fuel podcast!
    Key Takeaways00:03:38 Introduction To Dennis Kelly, CEO Of Postalytics
    00:06:32 The Decline Of Physical Mail
    00:08:59 The Power Of Direct Mail Marketing
    00:13:53 Data Capturing With A Postcard Campaign
    00:17:34 Direct Mail Is More Than Just Marketing
    00:19:47 Challenges Of Reaching Young Digital Native Marketers For Brand Awareness
    00:24:56 Successful Product-Led Growth Strategies Include Sales Assistance
    00:29:37 Evolution Of A Vision For A Growing Business
    00:34:55 Reevaluating Target Audience For Tech Sales
    00:39:46 Homestar - Fighting Homelessness Before It Happens
    Tweetable Quotes"There's a big difference between those who use AI for marketing and those who are actually building deep solutions using AI." - Jeff Mains (00:41)
    “Direct mail is a powerful way to put your message in front of somebody. It's going to be read, your brand will be recognized." - Dennis Kelly (08:59) 
    "Successful product-led growth strategies include sales assistance." - Dennis Kelly (24:56) 
    "Reevaluating your target audience is important for tech sales. You need to know who your ideal customer is and how to reach them." - Dennis Kelly (34:55)

    “It's the hardest thing to know when to pivot in business. If you've got a growth mindset, you're thinking, let's try this, let's try that." - Dennis Kelly (36:57)
    SaaS Leadership LessonsEmbrace Change and Pivot When Necessary: One of the most important lessons for SaaS leaders is to be open to change and pivot when necessary. Focus on Customer Success: Customer success should be at the forefront of every SaaS leader's mind. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and success, companies can build a loyal customer base and increase revenue through referrals and renewals.Build a Strong Sales and Marketing Tech Stack: A solid sales and marketing tech stack is essential for SaaS companies to succeed. By aligning sales and marketing efforts and utilizing the right tools, companies can increase efficiency and drive revenue growth.Foster a Culture of Innovation: Innovation is key to staying ahead in the competitive SaaS industry. SaaS leaders should encourage their teams to think outside the box and come up with new ideas to improve products and processes.Prioritize Data-Driven Decision-Making: Data should be at the core of every decision made by SaaS leaders. By utilizing data to inform decisions, companies can make more informed choices and increase the likelihood of success.Invest in Employee Development: Employee development is crucial for building a strong team and driving company growth. SaaS leaders should prioritize training and development opportunities for their employees to help them reach their full potential and contribute to the company's success.Replication And Scalability: Explore opportunities to replicate successful programs in different regions, leveraging best practices and lessons learned to expand the impact and address homelessness more effectively.
    Guest ResourcesDennis Kelly (Linkedin): a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennisjohnkelly/" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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5 Ratings

mvelasco07 ,

Incredible podcast!

Cannot thank Jeff enough for putting out such an incredible podcast. No matter the topic, you’re guaranteed to gain actionable insights from every episode. Go ahead and give it a “follow”, SaaS Fuel will quickly become a favorite in your feed!

HillGamingCompany ,

This one will keep climbing the charts

This is a brand new podcast that is good for anyone in the SaaS space looking to scale but not lose their soul in the process.

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