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Are you a SaaS Founder or Entrepreneur who’s made the leap from leading a team to leading an organization? Overwhelmed juggling sales, marketing, and operations while managing client expectations and an ever-expanding product roadmap? Find freedom with your host Jeff Mains, five-time entrepreneur, SaaS founder, and globetrotting adventurer. Refill your think tank with actionable tips and strategies from great business minds you know, and those you don’t know yet. SaaS Fuel is here to help CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and SaaS founders fire up revenue growth, spark creative thinking and deliver encouragement on this wild journey of entrepreneurship.

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Are you a SaaS Founder or Entrepreneur who’s made the leap from leading a team to leading an organization? Overwhelmed juggling sales, marketing, and operations while managing client expectations and an ever-expanding product roadmap? Find freedom with your host Jeff Mains, five-time entrepreneur, SaaS founder, and globetrotting adventurer. Refill your think tank with actionable tips and strategies from great business minds you know, and those you don’t know yet. SaaS Fuel is here to help CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and SaaS founders fire up revenue growth, spark creative thinking and deliver encouragement on this wild journey of entrepreneurship.

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    Oshri Cohen - Challenges and Triumphs: Balancing Creativity and Management in Tech Leadership

    Oshri Cohen - Challenges and Triumphs: Balancing Creativity and Management in Tech Leadership

    Welcome to SaaS Fuel! In today's episode, Jeff Mains dives into an insightful discussion with Oshri Cohen, a seasoned fractional CTO, who shares valuable perspectives on the strategic nature of the role, the importance of a "million-dollar mindset shift," and the future of AI. 
    From saving agencies thousands of dollars to evaluating candidates and guiding businesses through the evolution of their tech leadership, Oshri dishes out valuable advice for startup founders and tech enthusiasts alike. 
    Strap in for an episode packed with leadership lessons, tech insights, and valuable takeaways. Let's dive in!
    Key Takeaways00:00 Fathers play pivotal role in shaping leaders.
    03:13 Fatherhood, business, and leadership require patience.
    07:59 Fractional CTO provides strategic value without excess.
    11:22 Hire CTO at generation 2, not 1.
    14:30 Technical cofounders like getting married for cleaning.
    18:19 Transitioning to enterprise requires more complex strategies.
    23:23 Technical recruiting often neglects problem-solving assessment.
    25:42 Small Fish Big Pond: Dominate, skyrocket, transform.
    28:47 Small design, not suited for architecture decisions.
    33:17 Guide development with dev agency, no technical skill.
    34:01 99.999% of dev agencies are nonstandard.
    39:46 Dev agencies crucial for B2B and Fintech startups.
    42:15 How often will users redesign dashboard?
    Tweetable QuotesFractional CTO: "A fractional CTO is like a full-time CTO minus all the b******t. That's it. Straight up." — Oshri Cohen 00:08:50
    Quote: "Get a fractional CTO at the beginning because they'll help you organize your mind, organize your thought. They'll help you build your development team, hire the right people." — Oshri Cohen 00:17:00
    The Importance of Technical Leadership in Dev Agencies: "If you don't have technical leadership, you cannot divorce from the dev agency." — Oshri Cohen 00:34:39
    The Importance of Empathetic Leadership: "Great leaders understand the importance of empathy in managing their teams, taking time to listen to your team members, learn their individual strengths and challenges, communication styles, and provide the support they need to thrive." — Jeff Mains 00:02:38
    Viral Topic: Leadership and Fatherhood: "Your actions speak way, way louder than your words. So demonstrate integrity, work ethic, a positive attitude." — Jeff Mains 00:04:29
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Fatherhood Shapes Future Leaders: Jeff Mains highlights how being a father can influence leadership. This lesson emphasizes the personal and emotional growth that can positively impact leadership qualities such as empathy, patience, and understanding.
    2. The Million-Dollar Mindset Shift: Oshri Cohen emphasizes the importance of adopting a strategic and value-based mindset. This lesson teaches leaders to focus on delivering high-value solutions and making decisions that have a significant impact on the business’s bottom line.
    3. Communication is Key: From evaluating candidates to guiding client interactions with development agencies, effective communication is crucial. This lesson stresses the necessity of clear, transparent communication for successful leadership and problem-solving.
    4. The Evolution of the CTO Role: Oshri Cohen discusses how the CTO role evolves across different business stages. This lesson outlines the dynamic nature of leadership roles and the need to adapt, evolve, and acquire new skill sets as a leader's responsibilities grow.
    5. Hiring a Fractional CTO: The episode underscores the value of bringing in a fractional CTO early in a business venture to provide valuable advice. This lesson emphasizes the importance of seeking expert guidance and support to

    • 48 min
    Massoud Alibakhsh - Trailblazing Software Evolution: AI-Driven Objects and Industry Revolution

    Massoud Alibakhsh - Trailblazing Software Evolution: AI-Driven Objects and Industry Revolution

    Welcome to another thrilling episode of SaaS Fuel! In this episode, our guest Massoud Alibakhsh, a tech entrepreneur and multi-time founder, delves deep into the world of AI and software development.
    Together, they explore the future of software architecture, Omadeus, and its potential to revolutionize project management in the SaaS enterprise world. Massoud shares his insights on integrating traditional software with AI and offers a glimpse into his company's cutting-edge AI-based project management tool. Join us as we unravel the power of intelligent object messaging architecture and its seamless integration with natural language interfaces.
    Stay tuned for an in-depth discussion on the evolving AI landscape and the impact of large language models in the tech industry. It's an episode packed with thought-provoking ideas and forward-thinking solutions!
    Key Takeaways00:00 Successful event debut despite setbacks and uncertainty.
    05:10 Encourage customer interaction, value feedback, and empower advocates.
    07:12 Leverage community for SaaS growth, and leadership insights.
    11:52 Creating innovative project management through intelligent architecture.
    15:27 Turning innovative ideas into practical, profitable products.
    17:07 Open source, Facebook's Lima, growing competition in technology.
    20:55 Program logic assigns x-ray data to an entity.
    25:08 Describing software problem, need for AI adaptation.
    29:04 Confusion about the upcoming Internet transition.
    31:19 DOJ filed Sherman Act suit against Apple.
    33:07 Tech companies' legal battles may impact profitability.
    37:41 SaaS resource for scaling up revenue.
    40:12 Met professor Johanna Goldie, and discussed a new field.
    43:51 AI's rapid development will impact everyone's lives.
    47:20 Organizing and processing information to save efficiently.
    52:05 Experienced software developer discusses solving privacy issues.
    54:09 Rebranding to OMA Deus, launching new products.
    56:38 Masoud shares journey and insights, check out.
    Tweetable QuotesThe Future of AI: "So that world is kinda growing, competing. But the philosophy of, you know, if we solve a lot of these problems with the parameters and, processing power, why don't we, pour more parameters and more processing power and solve all the problems in the world?" — Massoud Alibakhsh 00:17:15
    The Future Impact of AI: "What is gonna change everybody's lives True. Is the transfusion of traditional software with AI in a way that you can't tell them apart." — Massoud Alibakhsh 00:44:23
    The Future of Information Architecture: "This architecture removes the burden of processing information and reroute it or saving it from humans altogether." — Massoud Alibakhsh 00:47:45
    Community-Led Growth: "The real secret to creating brand affinity and a loyal following is community-led growth." — Jeff Mains 00:01:04
    Building Brand Loyalty: "If you want to be successful, your brand has to be bigger than a tomato. But brand loyalty isn't built overnight. It's about cultivating genuine connections and fostering a sense of belonging among your customers." — Jeff Mains 00:03:07
    Creating Brand Loyalty: "But the real magic happens when your customers don't just use your product or want your product. They love it." — Jeff Mains 00:03:44
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Embrace Revolutionary Change: Massoud highlights the importance of adapting to technological revolutions and shares his experiences of starting companies during the GUI revolution and the inspiration he sees for the upcoming AI revolution. SaaS leaders should be proactive in embracing and leveraging revolutionary technological changes to stay ahead in the...

    • 55 min
    Bob Kawabe - The Success Beyond Wealth: A Journey of Fulfillment

    Bob Kawabe - The Success Beyond Wealth: A Journey of Fulfillment

    Welcome to SaaS Fuel, where we explore insights and strategies to fuel your business growth. In today's episode, we have a captivating conversation with Bob Kawabe, the founder of virtual family office planning at Kawabe and Associates.
    Bob shares his unique perspective on success, wealth management, and philanthropy, drawing from his experiences in empowering self-made business owners. From discussing the importance of stress testing financial and estate plans to the profound impact of mindset and purpose, Bob's insights are sure to leave you inspired and equipped to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.
    Join us as we delve into Bob's profound wisdom and discover how his approach applies to the SaaS world and beyond.
    Key Takeaways00:00 Creating future-proof business: adapt, pivot, persist.
    09:39 Started business to help people achieve wealth.
    11:17 Success is giving your very best effort.
    21:13 Perception shapes reality; different angles shift mindset.
    25:46 Develop talents, dominate the market, transform business.
    28:21 Language shapes mindset, commit to action confidently.
    36:04 Encouraging maximum effort through the 1% rule.
    43:48 Discussing asset protection and charitable impact focus.
    44:40 Joe Robbie built Miami stadium, faced liquidation.
    54:13 Woman on stage discusses childhood trauma statistics.
    59:55 Believe, trust, feel - keys to success.
    Tweetable QuotesThe Meaning of Wealth: "Wealth to me and with the people I work with is about the knowledge we gain as a result of a journey." — Bob Kawabe 00:10:12
    Turning Adversity into Empowerment: "Your adversity is your asset because I want to use adversity to empower myself so that I can use that empowerment for the better going forward. If you want something in life, anything, and I mean, anything is possible." — Bob Kawabe 00:14:58
    The Cost of Oversight: "Majority or practically all of his assets were tied up in the football team in the stadium." — Bob Kawabe 00:45:20
    Surfing and Entrepreneurship: "Entrepreneurship is like surfing a point break. Sometimes you ride a long wave, and sometimes you hang loose and just enjoy the wipeout. And then head back out for the next set." — Jeff Mains 00:00:26
    The Entrepreneurial Mindset: "But when you're crystal clear on what that looks like, what the right wave looks like, what that right opportunity looks like, it makes it much, much easier to make that quick, quick decision and for that quick decision to be the right decision and a good decision." — Jeff Mains 00:03:12
    "Creating a Future-Proof Business": "And that adaptability helps navigate challenges and stay ahead in a competitive market." — Jeff Mains 00:04:31
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Stress Testing for Resilience and Growth: Just as Kawabe stresses the importance of stress testing financial and estate plans, SaaS leaders should regularly stress test their business models, strategies, and products to identify weaknesses and build resilience.
    2. Purpose-Driven Leadership: Like how Kawabe emphasizes the importance of understanding one's purpose, SaaS leaders should ensure their companies have a clear purpose, which can inspire teams and guide decision-making with a focus on creating genuine impact.
    3. Consistency and Deliberate Action: The conversation about consistent execution aligns with the need for SaaS leaders to maintain consistency in their strategies, product delivery, customer service, and team leadership to achieve sustainable growth and success.
    4. Resilience and Overcoming Fear: Similar to the discussion on overcoming fear of failure and facing criticism, SaaS leaders should embrace resilience, courage, and the ability to push past...

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Masha Petrova - Marketing Mosaic: Uniting Technology, Leadership, and Cultural Diversity

    Masha Petrova - Marketing Mosaic: Uniting Technology, Leadership, and Cultural Diversity

    Welcome back to SaaS Fuel, the podcast that ignites growth for SaaS founders and C-Suite executives. In today's episode, Jeff sits down with Dr. Masha Petrova, a powerhouse in both engineering and marketing.
    Masha shares her experiences from engineering to CEO, providing insights into marketing, leadership, and the tech industry's lack of diversity. We delve deep into her unique journey, failures, and resilience as she navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship.
    Join us as we discover the intersection of engineering and marketing, learn from Masha's valuable lessons, and gain inspiration for tackling the hurdles of the SaaS world.
    Key Takeaways00:00 Strategic growth over unlimited money and resources.
    04:16 Pricing and packaging drive viral adoption success.
    08:09 Mechanical engineer transitioned skills to marketing executive.
    10:28 Logical and systematic approach to marketing's importance.
    14:53 In-house creative team boosts efficiency and vision.
    19:52 CEO of SaaS involves diverse, intense tasks.
    20:58 Transitioning from technical engineering to marketing challenges.
    24:51 Marketing requires internal branding and global alignment.
    30:43 Engineering requires thorough education, no shortcuts. Limited diversity impacts access and culture.
    33:18 Pressure to conform to appearance vs intelligence.
    36:22 Engineering and science degrees are challenging.
    38:24 Rough process raising venture capital but exciting.
    43:27 Marketing leader faces challenges in company meeting.
    45:12 Successful meeting led to lunch conversation.
    50:07 Relaxing, crossing off tasks, taking it slow.
    Tweetable QuotesThe Importance of Budgeting in Marketing: "I think making sure that you have a budget to do what you need to do because so often in B2B technical organizations, marketing is seen as a last thing. Right? — Masha Petrova 00:21:39
    The Importance of Cross-Departmental Relationships: "There's a very large disconnect between the engineering development side of things, the product side of things, and marketing. Right? Because no one is bothering to build that relationship." — Masha Petrova 00:23:12
    Tight Relationship Between Marketing and Engineering Teams: "So building that really tight relationship with the engineering and r and d side of things and making sure that you go out of your way, to so that they go out of your way out of their way to explain what the feature means, why it's significant to the customer, and how you can present it in a way that's meaningful, interesting, relevant to the customers." — Masha Petrova 00:23:52
    The Challenges of Internal Marketing in a Global Organization: "A large part of your time will go to internal marketing, will go to internal branding, meaning making sure that the organization as a whole knows what your department is doing, what marketing is doing, and why it's valuable." — Masha Petrova 00:25:45
    "Smart Strategies for Scaling a SaaS Business": "Money alone doesn't guarantee growth. If it did, you just pour cash in and, you know, unicorns pop out the other side." — Jeff Mains 00:00:59
    Scaling Up Without Burning Cash: "Execute, execute, execute. Stay lean and leverage those strategies to grow efficiently even on a bootstrap budget." — Jeff Mains 00:05:50
    "Encouraging people that have those gifts and talents to pursue them. Yeah. And making that available to education. I think education is becoming more available, more accessible, and whether that's online, whether it's, online classes or or lots and lots of community colleges, you know, getting more traction." — Jeff Mains 00:35:11
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Cultural Sensitivity in Marketing: Masha...

    • 51 min
    Kyle Kuderewski - Democratizing SaaS Investments Through a Two-Sided Marketplace

    Kyle Kuderewski - Democratizing SaaS Investments Through a Two-Sided Marketplace

    Welcome to the SaaS Fuel podcast, where we dive deep into the world of online business and investing. In this episode, Kyle Kuderewski shares insights into key trends and risks in online business models, including content sites, FBA, Kindle Direct Publishing, and agencies.
    Kyle and Jeff, explore the increasing competition and risks associated with artificial intelligence and SEO updates. They discuss the surge of FBA during COVID-19 and the challenges it now faces. You'll also learn about Kyle's journey from engineering to entrepreneurship and his favorite travel destinations and dive sites.
    Stay tuned for valuable insights on online business and investing.
    Key Takeaways00:00 Awkward leader conversations in past workplaces.
    05:16 Upgraded wardrobe, taught laundry care, made progress.
    09:00 Entrepreneurial spirit leads to vacation rental venture.
    13:37 Facilitating investment in online businesses, scaling portfolios.
    16:32 Option to sell businesses after working with us.
    19:13 Acquisition search continues, cautious about AI impact.
    23:40 Challenges of AI and ranking in content.
    25:29 Kindle Direct Publishing offers diverse, creative opportunities.
    29:16 Seeking private companies with good fundamentals and profit.
    32:30 Creating a platform for investing and legal considerations.
    34:36 Attractive remote work culture with strong connections.
    40:58 Share the episode, get a fearless filter and meet amazing founders.
    42:03 SaaS Fuel: Listen, follow, subscribe, rate, review.
    Tweetable QuotesMonetization Strategies in Business Acquisitions: "The investors continue to get, you know, the exit is a big part of the profit plan." — Kyle Kuderewski 00:16:32
    The Future of Content Marketing: "I don't think that model is going away anytime soon, but it's something that we're being more cautious with." — Kyle Kuderewski 00:24:05
    Viral Topic: The Future of FBA Businesses
    “So if you're gonna be an FBA operator in general or with us, I you know, you need to be really an expert at it. It's not nearly as easy as it used to be." — Kyle Kuderewski 00:25:20
    Viral Topic: Self-Publishing and AI Writing
    "So we do have, some operators with, onboard with WebStreet that have been very successful with KDP, and that doesn't even necessarily have to be fiction, nonfiction type books." — Kyle Kuderewski 00:25:38
    Elevating Leadership Through Difficult Conversations: "Embrace the discomfort, wield empathy and honesty, and watch as your leadership reaches new heights." — Jeff Mains 00:06:55
    Viral Topic: Augmented Reality Visor for Leadership Challenges
    "It's an augmented reality visor that overlays your daily challenges with visual cues of success, boosting your resolve to tackle those leadership challenges head on." — Jeff Mains 00:41:07
    SaaS Leadership Lessons1. Emphasize Scalability and Profitability: The episode emphasizes the importance of focusing on scalable and profitable SaaS businesses. This lesson highlights the significance of building a business that can grow sustainably while maintaining profitability, a crucial aspect for SaaS leadership. 
    2. Skillful Operators and Competitive Advantage: Successful SaaS leadership requires skillful operators and the creation of a strong competitive advantage to stay ahead in a crowded market. Recognizing and nurturing skilled operators within the organization and building a defensible moat around the product are essential components for success in the SaaS industry.
    3. Handling Difficult Conversations: Jeff Mains shares a 3-step framework for handling tough talks, which includes preparing with empathy and clarity,...

    • 39 min
    Beth Nevins - Talent Trenches: Startup Hiring Strategies and Recruitment Puzzles

    Beth Nevins - Talent Trenches: Startup Hiring Strategies and Recruitment Puzzles

    Welcome to the latest episode of SaaS Fuel, where we dive into the world of startups, leadership, and company culture.
    In this insightful discussion, our guest, Beth Nevins, founder of developa.io, shares invaluable insights on the critical role of empathy and soft skills in leadership within the fast-paced startup environment. From emphasizing the importance of translating emotions into effective business communication to navigating the challenges of scaling company culture, Beth brings a wealth of experience and practical advice for founders and people leaders.
    Join us as we explore the intersection of empathy, company values, and talent strategy in driving success in the startup world.
    Key Takeaways00:00 Tornadoes hit several states, causing injuries. Lessons: stay calm under pressure.
    06:08 Supporting team members through tough times is crucial.
    09:41 Transitioned from talent to leadership, now consulting.
    13:04 Strategic talent acquisition and scaling for success.
    15:44 Audit revealed talent strategy was fundamentally off.
    19:02 Consider early hires' ability to attract talent.
    23:18 Challenges of scaling without proper training.
    26:14 Founder's role is crucial in shaping company culture.
    28:20 Post-fundraising: anticipate, and prepare for changes.
    34:36 Many factors contribute to success in ventures.
    38:04 Defining impact, business model, and values.
    38:58 Customers care, capabilities align, values differ, and founders struggle.
    42:54 Employees must understand high risk and potential rewards.
    48:13 Emphasizing the importance of empathy and soft skills.
    51:01 Culture is key to company success.
    54:04 Industry experts share insights, offering strategic tools.
    Tweetable QuotesQuote: "Logo seduction and logo focus on its own, you know, and not coupled with any due diligence or as you and I just both rightly said, you know, some of that situational relevance is finding the right logo within that situational relevance." — Beth Nevins 00:19:44
    The Challenge of Scaling and Hiring Fast: "If you're growing headcount very fast, the challenge that you have with that, if managers aren't trained and you decide then to optimize for low process and high collaboration, you need training." — Beth Nevins 00:23:45
    Quote: "And how that team makes decisions, how they work will filter down in terms of the rest of the company. And you can absolutely see it, and I've been there before where 2 departments are not working very well together." — Beth Nevins 00:27:16
    The Impact of SaaS on Business Models: "Well, I think it comes down SaaS as as I said, the root cause is defining what impact actually means." — Beth Nevins 00:38:04
    Building Empathy in the Workplace: "So when you have better relationships, you have better trust. And when you better trust, you have better engagement and performance. So that empathy piece around the business is very, very important." — Beth Nevins 00:48:47
    Staying Calm Under Pressure: "The first thing that really stood out to me is the importance of staying calm under pressure. And when everything around you is in turmoil, being able to keep a level head and make rational decisions can make all the difference in the world." — Jeff Mains 00:01:50
    Quote: "And remember, leadership isn't just about a title, it's about making a positive impact and guiding others toward success." — Jeff Mains 00:07:17
    Quote: "This AI-powered device automatically adjusts your business strategies based on the intensity and direction of economic and competitive wins, ensuring that you remain steady no matter what kind of storms are swirling around you." — Jeff Mains...

    • 52 min

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5 Ratings

mvelasco07 ,

Incredible podcast!

Cannot thank Jeff enough for putting out such an incredible podcast. No matter the topic, you’re guaranteed to gain actionable insights from every episode. Go ahead and give it a “follow”, SaaS Fuel will quickly become a favorite in your feed!

HillGamingCompany ,

This one will keep climbing the charts

This is a brand new podcast that is good for anyone in the SaaS space looking to scale but not lose their soul in the process.

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