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Sales Beast is a Podcast hosted by Mike Johnson and Ana Marin. This podcast is here to inspire and surround you with the idea's and thoughts of the most successful individuals in Real-Estate.

Sales Beast Podcast w/ Mike Johnson & Ana Marin Sales Beast Podcast

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Sales Beast is a Podcast hosted by Mike Johnson and Ana Marin. This podcast is here to inspire and surround you with the idea's and thoughts of the most successful individuals in Real-Estate.

    Ep 60: Liam Knoll - Crushing Your First Year in Real Estate

    Ep 60: Liam Knoll - Crushing Your First Year in Real Estate

    People say, "it is never too late to get started in real estate." But on the other hand, have you ever heard of someone being too young? Meet Liam Knoll, a licensed real estate agent who started in real estate at 18 years of age, and is currently one of the top-producing agents on Team Jordan. Getting involved in business at a very young age has helped him navigate the real estate world. His consistency and passion to learn have driven him to constantly achieve greater and greater results. And just this year, he was able to hit a volume of 16 million. 

    Liam has been interested in the entrepreneurial world since high school from selling blueberries right through to selling boats - and now venturing into the real estate industry. Listen and get to know more of Liam as he shares lots of his strategies that have helped him succeed, this episode is especially valuable to young entrepreneurs out there!
    Here are some notes from our conversation with Liam. Don’t forget to listen to the episode for more!
    How Liam got interested in entrepreneurship at an early age and how he got into the real estate businesshe shared his day-to-day routine; prospecting and lead gen shared a few resources that help shifted his entrepreneurial mindset - Rich Dad, Poor Dad book, and YouTuber, Graham Stephan"Being on such a big team with people that are working at such a high level, it's easy to just put my head down, get the work done and do the deals."he shared habits and lessons that were implemented that helped him become a better salesperson/business owner - staying consistent with the lead gen the whole time, maintaining a good relationship with people, and staying on top of mind the whole time.Liam's goals in the next 3-5 years -  financial freedom and giving back
    Reach out to him on:
    IG -  @liam_knoll
    email - liam@teamjordan.ca

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    Ep 59: Sean Provencher: Success Through Self-Mastery

    Ep 59: Sean Provencher: Success Through Self-Mastery

    For this week's episode, we invited Sean Provencher, the CEO of FlipSpace Coaching and Training Community. Sean isn't only obsessed with growth but also with leadership which has led him down the coaching path. Sean has been focused on building FlipSpace, one of the fastest growing coaching programs that spread a simple, yet effective system towards success with young professionals and realtors across the world!
    Sean has dedicated his career to implementing a life by design to allow his life to reach beyond just a career. His interest in helping people is so inspiring as he was able to engage and contribute at local shelters in different communities, getting himself involved in schools and charity.
    Listen and gain some valuable real estate tips and strategies!
    Here are some notes from our conversation with Sean!
    - Get to know Sean's previous career before leading his path to real estate especially with KW, and his successful business, FlipSpace Coaching and Training Community 
    - Sean talked about some changes, strategies and how different it was before the pandemic vs. now
    - He elaborated what real estate career opportunities have been created with the shifting market
    - "This is not a time to be carrying expenses that aren't producing an ROI." -  He shared important tips on what the agents and business owners should be doing right now in this kind of market
    - Sean talked about the systems he and his brother put in place to build an effective conveyor belt in their business with the help of KW.
    - He talked about how FlipSpace works and how it helps realtors/agents leverage their business.
    -  He explains why everyone should be in coaching; how he was attracted to becoming a coach which develops his leadership skills
    - growing your team should be your next jump to scale your business
    - He talked the type of coaching he provides and he is involved into
    - "You don't need to donate money if you don't have it, you can donate your time"; Sean shared his passion of helping other people -engage in charity and support other communities
    *If you want to connect with Sean, reach him out at sean@goflipspace.com

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    Ep 58: Halloween Special w/ Nickey Calford

    Ep 58: Halloween Special w/ Nickey Calford

    Happy Halloween Sales Beast listeners! Are you up for a crazy horror story? We have prepared a special episode for you that you definitely don't want to miss. We, once again, invited Nickey Calford, a real estate agent and one of the best coaches in the real estate industry. And for this spooky episode - it's not what you think - nothing like the ghosts and monsters that you see in the movies! Nickey is going to quickly share with us her scariest story while showing a property to her clients. Listen and learn how you can avoid it in case you encounter this terrifying situation!

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    Ep 57: Daniel Berger - The Golden Handoff and Retiring As A Realtor

    Ep 57: Daniel Berger - The Golden Handoff and Retiring As A Realtor

    Let's talk about one person who is living a life by design! For this episode, we are joined by Daniel Berger of Montreal Quebec KW Urbain. His passion for coaching has helped real estate professionals move their business to a massive level of success. Let's dive into how he smoothly put systems in place while living a meaningful and purposeful life!
    Daniel, who is soon to be retiring, is a born entrepreneur who impresses us with his professional and personal accomplishments. He was a national-level athlete while acquiring real estate properties. Despite the unfortunate time the world had been facing, he was able to move the needle in his business. Keep inspired as he drops amazing strategies on how to take a leap of faith and succeed.

    Here are some notes from our conversation with him!
    - Daniel shared his previous professional experience as he ventures into real estate.
    - He was focusing on change and building the business to be able to leverage not by being in the business but being on the business to achieve success.
    - He talked about how he is able to put systems in place to run his business smoothly and manage all of his transactions remotely 
    - "COVID gave me the opportunity to bring my business five years faster than I was expecting." - Daniel
    - Daniel's best feeling as a coach is to see his agents follow his business model and achieve success.
    - How the book, The Golden Handoff by Nick Krautter, has influenced him to move the needle in his business forward. 
    - He explained about how the Golden handoff model works.
    - Anything is possible, especially given the unlimited access to everything!
    - Tips and strategies on how to live a life by design.
    - His coaching process & the importance of being patient towards attaining organizational goals and happiness!

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    EP 56 - Jacquilyn German: Coaching for Success - Habits that Lead to Growth

    EP 56 - Jacquilyn German: Coaching for Success - Habits that Lead to Growth

    For this episode, we invited Jacquilyn German, a coach with Keller Williams Complete Realty. Working in the service industry for a significant period of time makes her the best at what she does in her career - she specializes in helping agents kickstart their journey in real estate through education, training, and mentorship. 
    "Listen to your coach," she said.
    Real Estate is simple but never easy; therefore, having someone to help you smoothly maneuver to your end goal is important. The real estate market has shifted rapidly and being able to adapt to the market's condition allows you to be a step closer to success. In this episode, Jacquilyn gives us the access to her daily strategies in order to keep the momentum and be consistent every step of the way! 
    Here are some notes from our conversation with Jacquilyn!
    - Jacquilyn talked about how she transitioned and started in the real estate industry, and her current role in the business as an instructor and leader
    - The things she learned through the process of being an agent to becoming a coach
    - The importance of trusting your coach
    - Strategies and tips for prospecting for potential clients
    - "People will always come back to you. It's not what you do for people, it's the way you make them feel."
    - She gave valuable pieces of advice to agents who are looking for accountability and how they can start great habits from day one
    - "If you were your own employee, would you be happy with the amount of work you've done this week?"  
    - Jacquilyn shared three things about what her calendar looks like in order to be productive - get in the office, learn all the training, and have a business plan
    - Don't reinvent the wheel. Following a certain model is the road to success
    - Be resourceful, have a good database and set KPI
    - "Putting yourself in a position where you are dedicated to your consistency is huge."
    - The number one tip Jacquilyn gave to all realtors to keep themself productive given the market shift -  "Forget the past 2 years."
    - "Be educated, be aware of what's going on with the world, make sure you have full understanding of what the underlying factors are in your market, and figure out what it is that you're missing and make it your number one priority."
    -"The best things come from being uncomfortable."

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    EP 55: MegaAgent Camp Recap

    EP 55: MegaAgent Camp Recap

    Yes, MegaAgent Camp 2022 was intense! For today's podcast, we have a special episode as we talk about some massive takeaways that we learned from the event. Join us as we dive into the top MegaAgent Camp tricks, tips and systems that will help grow your business. 
    We were jam-packed with information - with learning, growing and networking - and we don't want to let this month pass without passing on some of the most important takeaways! Let's all admit, we entrepreneurs can get caught up with a lot of the daily activities, and we forget to focus on that one thing, our goal. So as you are about to listen to this podcast, we want to leave this question for you...What is the ONE thing that you can do today that's going to move the needle in your business?
    Here are some notes that we prepared. Hope you enjoy it!
    - We talked about some massive and impactful takeaways from the MegaAgent Camp 2022 event.
    - Mike talked about how he started sales with no knowledge and how he considered it a blessing.
    -"Focus on ONE thing that actually matters."
    - Mindset and skills over market.
    - Mike explained what is and what isn't when providing value and creating a life-long relationship with our clients.
    - The 3 big risks that are impacting our economy; massive economic update and the economic cycle.
    - More takeaways on how to leverage our time, money and effort, and what opportunities we have as real estate professionals.
    - The leverage you can make on your personal life and not just your business.
    - 3 things you can spend your money on - stuff, experience and things that can buy back your time.
    - Mindset: Who is going to take over for the things that you are doing today so that you can move on to your next opportunity?
    - 3 pillars to focus on with the people that you surround yourself with - skillset, mindset and effort.
    - "If you switch your mindset from being a salesperson to a business owner, you can help an unlimited number of people. I think that will truly leave an impact on the world." - Mike
    -"Being intentional determines how high you can go and how far you can go when you really have a big goal." 

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