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Learn how to sell T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and many other Print on Demand products online.

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Learn how to sell T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and many other Print on Demand products online.

    E93 - Print your own products at home

    E93 - Print your own products at home

    I have been experimenting, it is true!  I talked about doing this for almost a full year, and around Christmas, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the equipment I needed to print my own 11oz white coffee mugs right at home.  
    I didn't need to do this, but I knew that in order to break new ground, and build a very massive business, sometimes you have to do crazy things!  
    In today's episode, I talk at length about my new "print shop", how much it cost, and the exact equipment I have.  I also discuss the best reasons to try printing your own products at home, and some drawbacks.
    I will be including this as a segment in my training program, Print on Demand A-Z, which is available now here.

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    E92 - 2020 - a Year in Review

    E92 - 2020 - a Year in Review

    It's *over*.
    2020 has slipped under the waves, with a small stream of bubbles the only sign that it was ever there.  
    If you have been listening to the podcast for any length of time, you'll probably know that 2020 was a WILD rollercoaster for me, both in my personal life, and in the Print on Demand world.  The end of the year was so different from the beginning, that it's almost like I was living a completely different life!
    In this episode, I walk through the challenges, and the wins of 2020, as well as a little bit of an update on a little "experiment" that I've been running.
    I can TEACH you how to sell Print on Demand with my POD A-Z training course!
    You have 4 more days to sign up at the $297 price...after that, it goes up in price forever! Join here

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    E91 - Everything grinds to a halt

    E91 - Everything grinds to a halt

    The entire shipping system has practically run into a brick wall, and I've been fielding around 6-10 messages every day asking where a product is.  It's not hard to answer these, but they are annoying, a necessary irritation of the Christmas rush.  
    In today's episode, I talk about how to deal with the customer questions, and how to manage the fact that many, many items are moving at a snails pace through the system, and yet, I'm still getting a decent number of sales every single day!
    As always, you can get a free video when you sign up with my email list, and start learning how to make $100,000 a year in sales with the Print on Demand methods that I teach in my new course.
    Join at salesondemandshow.com/az

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    E90 - Two year Anniversary of SOD podcast...what's next?

    E90 - Two year Anniversary of SOD podcast...what's next?

    Two years ago, I bought the domain name "salesondemandshow.com" and thus, this is the second birthday of the show.  
    A lot has changed since the beginning of the show, and a lot more changes are still on the horizon!  In today's episode, I talk about the future of the podcast, and a few of the big projects I'm working towards for the coming year.  
    As always, I give selling tips in every episode of the show, to help you make the best decisions for your business right now.
    If you are thirsting to grow your business, you should know that I teach everything I know in an expansive training program called "Print on Demand A-Z", available at a discount till the end of the year at

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    E89 - Let the good times roll - Get those sales!

    E89 - Let the good times roll - Get those sales!

    This is it, the middle of the Christmas rush!  You should be seeing some sales by this time, if you have been diligent in listing your products on the platforms.  Remember, people can't buy products that don't exist, so if you are concerned that you aren't getting any sales, it's because you don't have enough listings!
    Next week is the 2nd Anniversary of the Sales on Demand Show, so I will be eating a small piece of cake to celebrate that.  I'd share with all of you listeners, but it's really a very small cake, not enough to share...
    I might offer one last discount on the training as a special gift, just before the end of the year.  Make sure you tune in next week!
    Getting started - salesondemandshow.com/start
    Join my training program - salesondemandshow.com/az

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    E88 - Are you thinking too "small"?

    E88 - Are you thinking too "small"?

    Here we are, counting down the days to Black Friday, pushing orders out the door, and hoping that all the effort that we put in for the last 6 months is going to pay off with a nice rush of sales!
    No one really knows exactly what is going to happen, except that we know the shoppers are out there!  Maybe they are "locked down" or maybe not, but they are shopping online, and you could be selling to them already!
    I'm already seeing 40+ orders per day, and I'm expecting to see around 150+ per day by December.  It's going to get CRAZY, but this is where we make the big $$$!
    In today's episode, I talk about your mindset.  Are you thinking big or are you thinking tiny?  
    A tiny thinker can't risk spending money, they can't cope with long hard days, and they don't like learning new things.  The world is filled with these people, and most of them are wearing masks alone in their cars...
    A big thinker knows that measured risk brings reward, and that saving is better than spending.  They put themselves around more successful people to try and pull themselves higher, and they dive into hard projects with energy and focus!
    Which are you?
    If you want to build a sustainable business that can grow 200 or 300% every single year, I can teach you!
    Find my training here, and listen to this episode for a special discount code to get this training for $297, but only till the end of the year!

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4.3 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Elmouse! ,

Very informative. One bite at a time.

What I like about the show is that Adam comes off as a normal person that really wants people learn print on demand. Nothing “pitchy” here. Just him being himself in a sincere way with tons of content.

Brittany T. in Iowa ,

This podcast = value bombs galore

I really appreciate Adam and his candid, relatable way of providing a ton of value pertaining to all things POD related. I’ve learned so much; he’s incredibly generous with his knowledge. I also think he has a great sense of humor—an added bonus! Thanks for churning out this awesome content!

cotton2020 ,

Print On-demand

These Podcasts presented by Adam are done very well! Explains everything very clearly, explains why he does something and how it will work for you in selling Print on Demand following the steps he outlines. He tells truths on how things will sell one way over another, and is very clear on it not being a get rich quick thing, but you can make good money at it. Thanks Adam

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