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Encouraging and equipping Christians to witness and disciple to the growing population of broken families caused by the Family Court System. Episodes focus on helping Christians learn the problems broken families face including no fault divorce, parental alienation, child protective services, and other material and spiritual issues that can be specific to broken families.

Saving Fatherhood Podcast Joe Gormley, #SavingFatherhood

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Encouraging and equipping Christians to witness and disciple to the growing population of broken families caused by the Family Court System. Episodes focus on helping Christians learn the problems broken families face including no fault divorce, parental alienation, child protective services, and other material and spiritual issues that can be specific to broken families.

    39 - Abuse and Survival with Dr. Sandra Speer - Ph.D., CLC, CDRC - Legal Advocate, & Survivor at Lifeanswers

    39 - Abuse and Survival with Dr. Sandra Speer - Ph.D., CLC, CDRC - Legal Advocate, & Survivor at Lifeanswers

    Dr. Speers is a survivor of abuse who pledged to use all she learned in life to help others in the future. Today, as a survivor, she asks God to continue to watch over her and give me the strength to continue overcoming chronic illnesses and injuries to reach my life’s goal of helping survivors of trauma.

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    2021 03 17 – Re-play of FAN-PAC Legal Symposium

    2021 03 17 – Re-play of FAN-PAC Legal Symposium


    On March 5th, 2021 FAN-PAC of New Jersey (www.fanpacnj.org/donate) held a legal symposium followed by a question and answer session with Attorney Steven M. Resnick, Esq., a partner at Ziegler, Resnick & Epstein. He is a matrimonial and family lawyer and one of New Jersey’s trailblazing practitioners in custody matters and the area of parental alienation.

    A highly skilled litigator, Mr. Resnick handles all aspects of matrimonial and family law relating to divorce, equitable distribution, palimony, annulment, high net worth, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, business valuations, real estate, domestic violence, custody and visitation, paternity, estate/will contests, judgment/agreement modification, appeals, N.J. Supreme Court maters, trial, and case second opinions, among others. Mr. Resnick has also served as co-counsel for numerous out-of-state matters.

    Mr. Resnick recently broke new legal ground in New Jersey on the subject of parental alienation and has argued before the Appellate Division of New Jersey and New Jersey Supreme Court on many other matrimonial and family law issues, as well.

    Below are the questions from the Q&A period. If you have a question about this event please reach out to joeg@savingfatherhood.org. If you are interested in learning more about FAN PAC or supporting their efforts please use the following links. https://www.fanpacnj.org/donate



    My case and many others in New Jersey would indicate the family court system has failed to meet its obligation as noted in 9:2-4, 'The Legislature finds and declares that it is in the public policy of this State to assure minor children of frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage and that it is in the public interest to encourage parents to share the rights and responsibilities of child rearing'

    In your opinion, is the family court functioning as it should in high conflict custody cases?  

    If so please discuss how?  If not, what does the system need to meet this objective?  

    It cost me $230k in legal fees to defend my right and obligation to maintain a relationship and support my children.  Once the money ran out so did my lawyer.  Is a lawyers job only to vigorously defend me when there is money?

    What are the professional conflicts a family law attorney must weigh?  Is a lawyer an officer of the court first? Then represent their clients interests?  

    Do family court judges have too much discretion? How can I get a court order enforced? I have been trying to for years but, they run me around in an expensive circle.

    Can you sue the court /judge for PTSD Associated with alienation and numerous years of abuse during trial?

    "January 1, 2018 my ex and I are divorced (vanilla - almost 50/50 & no mention of abuse). June, 2018 my ex is interviewed. The night prior, I am told by our son; ""Dad, you would lie if it meant more money for your family, right?""My ex received $10k to say ""I abused her and my kids"".

    I have a liable/slander case against the corporation whom paid her and posted my kids pics on their website.My question: when & if my ex or my kids claim ""abuse""; isn't that...

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    2021 03 04 – Weekly Hopecast for Broken Families

    2021 03 04 – Weekly Hopecast for Broken Families



    I want to personally invite each and every one of you to a ZOOM event this Friday March 5th at 7pm.  FAN-PAC is New Jersey’s Family Advocate Network – A Political Action committee with a mission to advocate for reforms in the family court that protect the interests of children and families in the state of New Jersey.  This Friday this online event will feature an attorney Steven M. Resnick, Esq.  who among other areas of family law promotes his experience in the area of parental alienation? 

    * Submit questions ahead of time – here* fanpacofnj@gmail.com* Live question and answer period* Register in advance for zoom credentials* https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAuce6trTwoHN0oXTfZHOhSSPsx8gaxKq5m?mc_cid=7cfd08dedb&mc_eid=53479cb507


    Breakfast with Bacon – airing on AM 1110 WKQASAVING FATHERHOOD WILL BE ON THIS SHOW ON MARCH 26TH

    Radio Host of Breakfast with Bacon: The Relationship Doctor

    Fridays from 11:00 until noon on AM1110 WKQA

    * Website: www.drchristinebacon.com/* Facebook: www.facebook.com/BreakfastWithBacon/* Radio show: www.breakfastwithbacon.com* YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/drchristinebacon* Order:  "Super Couple" book on Amazon* Parler: @DrChristineBacon* Twitter: @BreakfastwBacon* Instagram: BreakfastwithBacon


    Clean Law Union Podcast –




    I meet many alienated parents and victims of broken families and they all ask the same question.  They say “How long, oh Lord”?  But they leave out the Lord part.  “How long, oh Lord” is a common question in the psalms and all over scripture –

    Psalm 13:1, 79:5, 89:46, 94:3, 6:3, 35:17, and there are many more places in scripture lamenting the same desire for rescue from many things.  I think the cry from broken families is best described in Psalm 94:3 which says            3       O LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked exult?

    But who are the wicked?  Who are we calling upon the Lord to crush on our behalf?  Is it our ex-wife or husband?  Is it the person we are still married to who is dragging us through the courts?   Is it a judge, an attorney or a psychologist, that we blame for our problems?  Is it a politician or a political party that deserves our wrath and by extension, God’s wrath?  We may reason that if God were just he would promptly strike down our enemies because of their ongoing, unrepentant sin. The problem with these theories is it ignores what Scripture teaches us about sin, God’s holiness, and how he handles evil.  There is no doubt that the alienated parent’s cause is just.  When the alienated parent cries out because their child has been taken from them either physically or emotionally it is not a cry that goes...

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    38 FAN PAC Parental Alienation Preview with Atty Julie X

    38 FAN PAC Parental Alienation Preview with Atty Julie X

    Tonight your Saving Fatherhood host speaks with Julie “X” attorney at large, a certified mediator and family court reform advocate with mediation experience in the New Jersey family court system. Julie is a member of FAN PAC – Family Advocate Network – Political Action Commitee.

    This is a two part discussion discussing

    FAN-PAC event on December 4th at 7 PM. Please register on the FAN PAC website –


    2. Benefits of membership in FAN-PAC

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    Presumed Guilty - An appeal to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to save a family from being destroyed.

    Presumed Guilty - An appeal to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to save a family from being destroyed.

    PRESUMED GUILTY - An appeal to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to save a family from being destroyed.

    Presumed Guilty - Episode 37 with Daddy X - A father who can't give out his name without risking imprisonment. How can he defend himself?

    How many of you entered family court presuming you would get a fair trial? How many of you expected that justice was the goal, and that while injustice was something that sometimes happened the system was designed to protect your rights as a parent.

    For Father X of North Carolina the fragility of "parental rights" came in the form of a protective order. The protective order was issued in a meeting that Father X did not attend. He wasn't invited to share his side of the story.

    He wasn't told what he was guilty of. He was told that he could face jail time if he or anyone on his behalf attempted to contact his wife or children.

    Why does the state want to prevent reunification of marriages? How can this father attempt to save his family if he can't legally contact them?

    Father X can't even help them get out of a shelter because he can't contact his children.

    On this podcast we discuss the details of the protection order, how it keeps this father from revealing his identity and most importantly how it prevents him from protecting his family.



    Two homeless children in North Carolina are being kept from their father who wants to provide a home for them. The mother has filed and received a protective order that keeps the father from contacting the mother to offer help or try to save the marriage. The protective order does not accuse the father of any violence against the mother or the children. The father denies any violence against the mother or the children. This protective order was granted in a hearing where the father was not invited or allowed to present evidence in his defense. The father was stripped of his parental rights without any opportunity to plead not-guilty. This father stripped of his parental rights for nothing more than an accusation of verbal abuse. Because the protective order was granted this father can not legally contact his wife or care for his children. The father can't even reveal his identity because this request could be considered a violation of the protective order.

    This father loves his wife and the two children they have together and he legally can't tell them that because of this protective order. The father wants to offer the mother a place to live separate from him while they engage in discussions to improve their relationship and restore the family. The father does not want his children living in a shelter or multiple shelters because it is reported that the mother was asked to leave the first shelter she was in.

    It is in the best interest of the children for Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina to remove the protective order so this father can tell his wife he loves her. It is in the best interest of children for the father to be able to ask for forgiveness. It is in the best interest of the children to restore this father's parental rights.

    Please sign this petition and ask Governor Roy Cooper to intervene, rescind this protective order and give these children back their father!!

    You can hear the father share his story on the latest podcast episode on SavingFatherhood.org.

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    36 – Family Law 2.0 with Aaron Wemple

    36 – Family Law 2.0 with Aaron Wemple

    Today's episode is a conversation wtih Aaron Wemple, founder of Clean Law a new way to navigate family courts.You can purchase Aaron's book on Amazon - HERE. or directly from the CleanLaw.Today website. About today's guest Aaron WempleAaron W. Wemple is an author, social entrepreneur at Clean Law, and co-founder of CLU family trial research and support group.

              As an entrepreneur, Aaron’s venture Clean Law started off with the dream of every child having a family. So, his team went to work developing a safer private network (SPN), which includes a child safety file system, or what’s called Family Law 2.0. And to accomplish the goal of every child having a family, the company donates all proceeds from product licensing Family Law 2.0 to CLU parents who are in desperate need of a right to be represented in classical family law courts when they are indigent, a right to bail policy when accusations are made, and encouragement to bear their own family sustainability crosses. Especially when they’re unwillingly involved in decades of divorce protocols. Clean Law provides a safer experience for families through military deployments, quarantines, divorce, and other life-altering trials.

              Clean Law is grateful for many achievements, including:

    * Provided free community resources* Rewarding family connection-keeping milestones* “My Lead Style” smartphone app* Seven books on Amazon* Numerous TV interviews, speaking engagements, and articles

              published in other professional publications. 

              Before devoting his life to Christ and their vision of Clean Law, Aaron served as the facility administrator of the Old King’s Orchard Community Center in Decatur, IL, a co-founder of Clean Law Union (CLU) family trial group, and a member of Sheet Metal Workers Union. He teaches the Bible at Water Street Mission homeless shelter and writes grants for Decatur Cares Rescue Missions.

              Aaron has an education in electrical engineering and psychology, which turned out to be a perfect blend for his product. Now their peer-to-peer team makes clean law & clarity for improved peace of mind and next-generation safety.

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4.7 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Guitar peace ,

Using Children as Weapons in Family Court

The public needs to be aware of what really goes on behind closed doors of the corrupt Family Court system. So many families are broken up and never to be the same ever again. Children are turned against a parent all for the sake of an incentive. Society needs to know what is going on and where their tax dollars are going and the children are suffering the most.

PhelineCat ,

The name is a terrible trigger

I might be able push through the Christian viewpoint in order to listen to these … maybe it's not there in every episode. But "saving fatherhood"‽ I was destroyed by my children's father- the man I begged to be more genuinely involved in their lives. I had no idea. I honestly wouldn't have filed for divorce -in order to protect my children to hear him yelling at me- had I known he would damage them like this.

This is the WORST name for women whose children were stolen from them. I still cry every day a decade on. On the rare occasion I see them I tell them I love them and they tell me they love me. So painful. Please don't bring the abuser into the name of the podcast because I just can't. (My own father was also an abuser. It was good when he died young.)

coachdes ,


Great podcast! Well done... Joe Gormley is passionate about families and tells the truth! Everyone should care & listen!

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