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A science and science fiction based podcast hosted by two high school friends, and two college friends. Listen and learn and geek out. In this podcast, science meets fact, meets fiction.

Science Faction Podcast Devon Craft and Steven Domingues

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A science and science fiction based podcast hosted by two high school friends, and two college friends. Listen and learn and geek out. In this podcast, science meets fact, meets fiction.

    Cats, Pigs and Locusts. Ferengi, Rancor and Daleks.

    Cats, Pigs and Locusts. Ferengi, Rancor and Daleks.

    This episode contains: Ben is super awake this episode, Devon is kinda here. We never know what Shrodinger Steven is gonna say to introduce the other hosts. Devon reviews a Peppa Pig playground. Steven got a LEGO Fender Guitar and Amp. Ben's got into sudoku. Steven's riding bikes. Devon's tired. All in the end of the world.
    If I Fits, I Sits: Starlink's Self-Heating Internet Satellite Dishes Are Attracting Cats. SpaceX deployed 1,800 satellites for Starlink. They'll launch 40,000 eventually. Cat's love Starlink dishes on a cold day, because it's warm. Now SpaceX knows that Starlink satellite dishes can double as a cat home. Turns out cats want to become the center of your attention. Unless they don't.
    Now doesn't it make you feel better?: Pig heart transplanted to human for the first time. And the human's still alive! Xenotransplantation is important because there are more people on organ waiting lists than there are donors. Scientists have been genetically modifying pigs to make them better organ donors. The pig heart transplant was FDA authorized by it's compassionate use program. "If it oinks... it boinks?" We really should workshop these jokes.
    It's a plague!: The ‘surprisingly simple’ arithmetic of smell
    When you want to learn about smell, consider the humble locust. Locusts can be trained to recognize specific odors. Locusts have palps. It's not short for "Palpatines" despite Steven's argument. You can't drown out a smell like you can drown out sound.

    Science Fiction: Ben hasn't yet read the Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation graphic novel, but is going to (thanks to listener feedback from Joe Kohr). Episode 824 of Star Trek this week. It's the Prodigy episode "First Con-tact": Not to be confused with the eighth Star Trek movie, "First Contact", or the fifteenth episode of season 4 of The Next Generation, "First Contact". Nor even the season two finale of Lower Decks "First First Contact". Steven on episode 3 of The Book of Boba Fett: "the juice isn't worth the squeeze." Ben thinks the show is funny, but where's it all going?

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    We'll Always Have Lost

    We'll Always Have Lost

    This episode contains: We’re all back and recording on a Sunday night. Devon is taking his son to a Peppa Pig park and Rainforest Café. Ben finished Spiderman for the PS 5. Ben talks about a fan edit of the second Amazing Spider-Man film. Devon then complains about movie soundtracks where the songs are not in the movie.
    Zoo Cares: Zoo air contains enough DNA to identify the animals inside. The air in a zoo is full of smells, from the fish used for feed to the manure from the grazing herbivores, but now we know it is also full of DNA from the animals living there. Two research groups have each published an independent proof-of-concept study showing that by sampling air from a local zoo, they can collect enough DNA to identify the animals nearby. This may prove to be a valuable, non-invasive tool to track biodiversity.
    Admiral, There be Whales Here: Ben talks about an article form a good friend of his. Why 'Star Trek' made San Francisco the center of the universe.
    Science Fiction: We discuss The Book of Boba Fett, Star Trek: Prodigy, Station Eleven, Fallout TV show, Alien TV show, Matrix: Resurrections, Star Trek comic The Q Gambit, and more!

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Toxic Subspace Effects

    Toxic Subspace Effects

    This episode contains: Good riddance 2021, welcome to hell 2022. Steven vacationed in Hawaii. Ben went to Disneyland. Devon is absent and tired. 
    That's an Old Tree: Ancient DNA reveals the world’s oldest family tree. Analysing DNA extracted from 35 entombed individuals, we found 27 of them were close biological relatives. Most of those buried in the tomb were descended from four women who had all had children with the same man.
    taH pagh, taH be?: To learn Klingon or Esperanto: What invented languages can teach us. Christine Schreyer, a language creator, has invented Kryptonian, Eltarian, Beama, and Atlantean. We also talk about Toki Pona.
    Science Fiction: Steven watched "Don't Look Up" and gives his review. Ben talks about the  mid-season finale of Star Trek Discovery and it's connection to Star Trek Insurrection. Ben also gives us the run down on all the Star Trek media that's coming in 2022. We talk about the first episode of The Book of Boba Fett, and try not to get too detailed with our analysis. We need more episodes.

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    Disposable in the Nicest Way Possible

    Disposable in the Nicest Way Possible

    This episode contains: No Steven this week, but Devon and Ben make do. Devon got his son a Lego Hogwarts castle. Ben thought we'd be without Lego talk with Steven not on the show. He was wrong. Devon practiced an hour to pitch in a VR baseball game, and still sucks.
    Oooh girl, shock me like an eletric eel: Here’s how to give an electric eel an MRI. Ben talks about how to give an electric eel an MRI. Devon asks "Why?" but still thinks eel skeletons are pretty metal. An anesthesized eel can still drown... How do vets keep them breathing? Ever wanted to know how to reconstruct a blown knee on a bullfrog?
    Here comes the sun!: A spacecraft has 'touched' the sun for the first time. NASA's Parker Solar Probe spent five hours in the sun's corona. WOW! Devon talks about Alfvén critical waves, theorized in 1942 and proven in 2019. Turns out the corona is far hotter than the surface of the sun. NASA's Parker Solar Probe is the fastest known object built by humans.
    Science Fiction: Doom Patrol season 3 was crazy! Devon and Ben really liked it. Devon is caught up on season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, but skipped season 3. We talk future airdates for Star Trek: Discovery, Prodigy and Picard in early 2022. Ben and Devon wrap it up with a low-spoiler chat about The Matrix Resurrections.

    • 1 hr 7 min
    No, You're Amazing

    No, You're Amazing

    For this very special episode we are all together in the same room! We all just watched Spider-Man No Way Home and have a very, very spoilery discussion. Ben had some science but we told him there was no room for that BS. This also may be our last episode for a few weeks, unless Devon and Ben can figure how to record without Steven. Ben does get in some Star Trek Discovery at the end and Steven watched the first two episodes of HBO’s Station Eleven. So enjoy this almost all Spider-Man episode! Come back for our next ep in a few weeks, or less…

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Some Rejoice, We Mourn

    Some Rejoice, We Mourn

    This episode contains: Happy belated birthday Steven! Sorry about Christmastime. Devon built a garage for his son's Lego MacLaren. Devon talks Let It Be, The Beatles documentary. You're a fly on the wall in the studio. Ben and Devon talk about the digital restoration of both the video and audio. In other news, Ben is Batman, Devon is Superman, and Steven is Catwoman. Mmmrowl!
    X Gon' Give It To Ya: Let's talk about XRays and how scientists may have discovered the first exoplanet found in the M51 galaxy. Turns out finding exoplanets in other galaxies is really difficult, you guys. This exoplanet may be Saturn-sized and orbit a black hole and neutron star. Devon and Steven think maybe we should focus on the problems in our galaxy.
    Engage: DARPA-funded researches accidentally discover the world's first warp bubble. The "Alcubierre/White Warp Drive" is a fascinating almost-viable propulsion theory, which was first theorized in 1994. If you accidentally discover warp drive while working on a death ray, finish the death ray. Ever wondered what DARPA stands for? Devon looked it up for you.
    Science Fiction: Steven needs a new soundboard, as it's crapping out on him. Help us out: patreon.com/sciencefactionpodcast. Netflix has canceled the live action Cowboy Bebop. Some people rejoiced. We mourn. Devon is sick of the drama on Netflix's Lost In Space. "Just tell me what happens!" he screams into the void. Steven and Ben played Walkabout Mini Golf in VR together and it's a blast. Can they convince Devon to get a VR headset? Ben says Star Trek: Discovery is firing on all cylinders in season 4. Devon calls a time of death on the podcast.

    • 1 hr 9 min

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4.3 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

reneet33 ,

Fun and smart!

I worried that jumping into a podcast with over 300 episodes about science would be difficult but I’m hooked. The science from older episodes is still fascinating and relevant. I’ve already learned about some new movies to watch and another podcast to listen to. The guys have a great rapport and are fun and easy to listen to. Glad I gave it a chance!


This podcast is so awesome!

This is a great idea and just reached in to my inner nerd. I feel like I found the geek internets biggest secret. Subscribe to this show.

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