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A series of musicals with a science fiction theme.

All shows are family friendly.

Science Fiction Musical Podcast SciFi Musical Podcast

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A series of musicals with a science fiction theme.

All shows are family friendly.

    Christmas in Robot World

    Christmas in Robot World

    In a world filled with Robots lives Santonio, a young boy.
    He is the only one of his kind. Though Santonio’s robot parents love him dearly, they have a hard time understanding his obsession with Christmas.
    Thanks to Sanji for playing the boy, Kevin "Spinetingler" Crothers as the narrator and H as RoboMama.

    • 13 min
    Space Traders Online - Episode 2

    Space Traders Online - Episode 2

    Eric enters the wonderful universe of Space Traders Online. There he must learn all about the new ship he's acquired.
    He must fight, level up and discover things about the past.
    But living in a game world doesn't mean he can escape his problems in the real world.

    If you haven't heard Episode 1, we suggest you listen to that one first.
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    • 13 min
    Space Traders Online - Episode 1

    Space Traders Online - Episode 1

    Eric has a dreary life on a distant moon. He’s sick and poor. His father abandoned him and his sister hates him. Only his mother really gets him.

    His only form of escape is a virtual reality video game, Space Traders online. He loves his life in the game more than anything. However, he never progresses. Whenever he has a chance to level  up, he sells his gains to help his mother.
    His luck changes in a chance battle.
    Cast Credits:
    Trace : https://www.instagram.com/aadendvoiceovers/?igshid=1tfav0dehy9ok
    Janay: pultakhen
    My Amazing Extras:
    Merry Toad
    Nina Nikolic kidkerrigan.tv, twitch.tv/kidkerrigan

    • 21 min
    E-Sports Champion

    E-Sports Champion

    In a world where political offices are decided by how well you do in a video game tournament, a new player challenges a prejudiced government.

    Everyone from E-Sports commentators, fans, mayors and generals are surprised. With their jobs on the line they prepare to do video game battle.
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    • 34 min
    Sky Island

    Sky Island

    Each year Errit looks up in the sky to see an island full of wonders floating in the sky above his head and out of reach.
    He dreams of wonders and the people that must be up there. A chance encounter gives him the opportunity to adventure up to floating sky island.

    What will he find? Will he like it? Will he stay?
    "This is really good.  No I really mean it, really good." -- 8 year old reviewer
    "I loved it! Great singers, great music!  You made this?" -- A Grandfather
    If you enjoyed listening and want to give us virtual applause, please give a positive review on social media or wherever you get podcasts. More than you know, positive words mean so much to us.
    Sky island is the first full musical I wrote. I owe so much to my friends and family for supporting me. This has been a journey filled with fun, laughs, joy and a lot of work. I hope you'll love the results.

    • 27 min
    Outpost 73-2-1

    Outpost 73-2-1

    Ensign Phillips is a gun happy space marine. Unfortunately his robot commander hates his attitude and sends him to the worst place in the entire space force.
    As he wallows in boredom his robot cat alerts him to a derelict ship on a collision course. Ensign Phillips needs to figure out what has happened to the missing crew before it is too late.

    • 26 min

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4 Ratings

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