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Are you doing all the right things and success still eludes you? Are your relationships or health a struggle? Are you building a coaching or healing business and don’t understand why your conversations with people are not as productive as they should be? Transitioning from research physicist to healer was prompted by dysfunctional relationships and failing health. On the Scientific Healing progem, you will hear about people just like you that struggled with their health and relationships, then succeeded. You will hear my best tips for getting yourself healthy, happy, and magnetically attractive to others. Listen in to get those tips and visit my website for more tips and free gifts at ScientificHealer.com. or https://linktr.ee/dranastasiachopelas

Scientific Healing with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

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Are you doing all the right things and success still eludes you? Are your relationships or health a struggle? Are you building a coaching or healing business and don’t understand why your conversations with people are not as productive as they should be? Transitioning from research physicist to healer was prompted by dysfunctional relationships and failing health. On the Scientific Healing progem, you will hear about people just like you that struggled with their health and relationships, then succeeded. You will hear my best tips for getting yourself healthy, happy, and magnetically attractive to others. Listen in to get those tips and visit my website for more tips and free gifts at ScientificHealer.com. or https://linktr.ee/dranastasiachopelas

    Real Estate Success with Healing Practices: Interview with Araceli Hernandez

    Real Estate Success with Healing Practices: Interview with Araceli Hernandez

    Spiritual practices really help practical business people grow their businesses.  Araceli Hernandez is one such person.  She has grown her wealth through real estate investing and started a program teaching her process but geared toward women (and men) who are afraid of numbers.  Listen in as Araceli shares her wisdom and experience on growing your wealth. 

    Transcript of Interview:

    Have you ever wondered about real estate investing? Has it seemed too complicated or costly to you? Are you afraid to even consider it? My next guest can put your fears to rest, so stay tuned to hear more. 

    Right now you're listening to scientific healing with Dr. Anastasia Chopelas. I know the power of vibrational healing by combining quantum physics with ancient healing arts to develop my own system that has amplified results for hundreds of my clients in healing students. Discover the simple steps you need to take when working as a healer or a coach to maintain your energy as https://scientifichealer.com/safe-healing. 

    Back to the program. 

    One thing I've discovered in working with some amazing women is that they might be totally amazing at what they do. Yet they help people out tremendously, but are phobic about creating wealth, especially in the healing arts. My next highly talented and accomplished guest Araceli Hernandez came through her own struggles transitioning from first a career in engineering, including being a program manager and then going through a rough transition period to becoming a successful investor of real estate. I cannot wait to hear her story. How about you, she's now teaching other people to invest in real estate to build wealth, including her property flipping school. One of the things that I personally found intriguing was that she has a series of spiritual or energy practices to enhance her business and her success. I'm excited to hear more about these. Welcome to the show era. Sally, how are you today?


     Anastasia, thank you so much for having me. I'm very excited to be here.


    Awesome. So what made you change your engineering career to become self employed?

    Well, I'm telling you this a big story. Because for the longest time, even since I was a baby, I remember thing, taking things apart, my dad's a mechanic. So naturally, I went into engineering, and I really enjoyed it. Obviously, you have probably guessed that I'm a very logical person.

    But as a woman, I think I was very, very unbalanced for the longest time. So when I got to a point in my career in engineering, that I was kind of up the ladder, and I couldn't go anymore. Then I had a couple of transitions happening that really made me change the way I looked at my career, the way I look at the things that I do, because I went through a divorce.

    And then there were a couple changes in my job. And at that point, I realized that I was high on the logical side, and I didn't really use my creative side. I started to feel sick. I really didn't know where to go. So, I started to read books, and more and more things happen about energy, managing your energy.

    I said, I don't know how to do this. And interestingly enough, people came into my life that I never ever thought I would, you know, meet. And I remember being at a networking event. I have thought about it, you know, I would like to just find somebody that can help me because I don't know where to go.

    I was just there is vendors and everything. So I was talking to all of them, they were selling different things. This lady that was selling a wand for your face, to make it look nice. And so she'd show me everything, and it was fine.

    At the end of the meeting, she came to me and said: "You should come to see me. I think I can help you with a healing." I'm thinking: What are we talking about? I never talked to her about that at all. And interestingly, she became a client and wealth client.

    And then I started a journey to learn about energy healing. And ever s

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    Boost Immunity 16: Care and Feeding of Your Skin and Its Microbiome

    Boost Immunity 16: Care and Feeding of Your Skin and Its Microbiome

    In this broadcast, you'll hear about the importance of your skin's microbiome, which protects you from foreign invaders and pathogens.  You'll also discover ways to take excellent care of it to provide you with moist, flexible and nourished skin.  Get all the immunity boosting tips here: https://scientifichealer.com/immune 

    Standout Quotes:

    "Your skin is your largest organ. It provides the barrier between you and the outside world, and it's the first thing that people see when they look at you. It protects you; it keeps out most invaders, and it projects your current state of health."
    "If your skin looks good, you'll feel good about yourself. If your skin has problems, then you'll feel shame and embarrassment such that you'll isolate yourself, and those with severe issues can be outcasts or stigmatized."
    "Individuals with visible challenges face a steep mountain to climb to embrace themselves for who they are, which in turn helps other people accept them for who they are. And there are numerous other issues such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, and your skin will communicate what is going on within your body."
    "What happens when you're stressed is all the tiny muscles in our face will pull tight and create wrinkles.  You might develop deep lines around your mouth or between your eyes, for example. "
    "Your skin has its own microbiome. This microbiome helps your skin in ways you probably don't realize, and for the most part, it stays stable for most of your life unless you disrupt it."
    "The damage to your skin microbiomes on your hands can also disrupt the gut, and vice versa.  A healthy skin microbiome promotes a healthy gut microbiome. So they play hand in hand, but they are separate." 

    "If you have any gum irritation in your mouth, which might develop if you have pockets. you have to floss well every day. If you use a toothpaste with SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, it'll contribute to the irritation."

     Key Takeaways:

    Just taking care of your skin is a common approach. When you include other lifestyle adjustments together with energy healing, improvements in your health and well-being will accelerate. They have a multiplicative effect.
    Your skin is composed of three layers. 1. The epidermis is the top layer; it is the sealed outer covering, preventing your fluids seeping out and pathogens leaking in.  2.  The dermis, a layer of stiff connective tissue beneath pulled together with collagen, contains your hair follicles, your sweat and oil glands, and nerve endings.  3. The third layer is composed of fat and connective tissue, where the subcutaneous fat is located.
    Exercise helps promote circulation, which subsequently aids the skin in excreting pollutants.
    Apart from consuming plenty of water, which firms and hydrates the skin, some supplements benefit the skin. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamins A, B, E, zinc, and fatty acids are beneficial supplements. Evening primrose, primrose oil, basil, and turmeric are beneficial for aging skin, eating more collagen with higher acid content.
    Whole organic foods rather than processed foods are wholesome for maintaining good skin health, especially vitamins from dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and collards
    Deep breathing and meditation are beneficial release nervous energy. When you enter a parasympathetic state, when your adrenal glands are dormant, your tiny muscles in your skin relax. You appear ten years younger 
    Toxins will collect in your body if you overwhelm your body's detoxification processes, including the skin. Minimize your exposure by eating organic, using healthy personal care products and clean your environment of toxins.  
    Antibacterial products are detrimental to all microorganisms, not just the pathogenic ones.  Minimize their use.  If you work in an environment with bathrooms, bring your bar of conventional soap and wash your hands for about 20 seconds instead of purchasing antibacterial soap. It will remove t

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    Boosting Immunity 15 Your gut microbiome is key to your immune system and health

    Boosting Immunity 15 Your gut microbiome is key to your immune system and health

    Today’s broadcast is about your gut.  Yes, your intestinal system is key to your immune system and right in the middle of that is bacteria, yes, you heard right, bacteria.  https://scientifichealer.com/immune Free course on boosting your immune system.

    Bacteria exist everywhere on your skin inside and out.  We are part of a symbiotic system with bacteria to help provide you with what you need to stay alive.  It is key to your immune system, it keeps the pathogens at bay, it produces vitamins, and neurotransmitters.

    Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the scientific healer and author of The Diamond Healing Method, written about an integrated healing approach based on molecular and vibrational physics. Today, Dr. Anastasia discusses all about gut health and how to keep it in optimal condition.

     Standout Quotes:

    "Boosting your immune system with lifestyle choices like eating various healthy nutrients while avoiding the unhealthy habits support your energy healing. Even though I use energy healing daily, practicing healthy habits has helped me become healthier now it's 68 than I was in my early 40s."
    “There is two to three times the number of bacteria as there are cells in your body. You have microbiomes on your skin, your gut, your private parts, your mouth anywhere on and in you."
    "The beneficial bacteria in your gut weigh between two and four Five pounds. The estimate is that there are about 150 trillion bacteria. We have about 50 trillion cells. That's a huge, huge number. And it's almost impossible to imagine."
    "If you maintain the ratio of at least 85% good bacteria in the gut, you will not generally suffer from Dysbiosis.
    "If a healthy microbiome was transplanted into a sick and even overweight person and help that person get well and, and then lean down, this kind of research was ongoing to help people's immune system, and it worked."
    "Avoid Glyphosate bound in roundup type herbicides, especially these are known to kill off your gut bacteria. When they tested them on humans, it didn't affect your human life; it affected your bacterial life badly. That means that most corn, oats, wheat, and soy will contain my newts, quantities of this material."

    Key Takeaways:

    We are a symbiotic organism. Bacteria are present on every surface of your skin, both inside and out. With microorganisms assisting in providing you with the nutrients you require to survive. It is critical for the immunological system. It protects against diseases and synthesizes vitamins and neurotransmitters.
    Dysbiosis or microbiome imbalance occurs when harmful microorganisms take over. Your gut bacteria are critical to the health of your immune system. In your gut, you should have at least 85 percent good bacteria to 15 percent pathogenic bacteria.
    What kind of bacteria are beneficial? You've probably heard of these, mainly if you read the label on the outside of your yogurt carton. They contain a variety of lactobacillus strains as well as bifidobacterium. They multiply when you look after them, yourself.
    On the other hand, bacteria such as E. coli, listeria, Helicobacter pylori, which causes ulcers, salmonella, and staphylococcus, can all have a devastating effect on you. Specifically, there are four types of pathogens: bacteria, fungi (such as those that cause athlete's foot or Candida), viruses, and parasites.
    Around 1000 particular species of bacteria have been discovered. Scientists believe that this represents between one and ten percent of the germs that could exist. It's only that around 80% of them fall inside that popular range, while the remaining 20% fall outside of it.

    When you eat something that contains bacteria or other pathogens, your stomach is the first line of defense. · Some benefits of a healthy intestinal system include: It aids in the digestion of nutrients like fiber, which usually is not broken down. It modulates the immunological system. It produces beneficial neurotransmitters like serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine. I

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    Your Self-Talk Determines Your Success or Failure: 3 Ways You Self Sabotage

    Your Self-Talk Determines Your Success or Failure: 3 Ways You Self Sabotage

    Today, you will hear about how bad habits of self-talk can sabotage your success and why it's so easy to keep doing it. You also discover the three common forms of destructive self-talk.

    Self-talk serves as a navigation system for the journey to appreciation of yourself, leading into success habits. It's no secret that how you speak with yourself has a significant impact on how you experience the world. That is why it is critical to be aware of how you speak to yourself.

    The reason why it's so easy to stay in the self-sabotage is that it became a habit from childhood.  You'll learn steps to break those habits here.

    Here are the 3 points that covered in this episode:

    Three common ways people talk to themselves as a habit to sabotage their success.
    How to change your bad habits
    Where the emotional habits come from

    Putting Down of your Capabilities - Self-deprecation can be harmful to your self-esteem and confidence. This covers both what you say out loud and the mean self-talk you say in your mind. Negative ideas and words can can distort your self-perception. They have an effect on your self-esteem. When you put yourself down in front of others, your comments either make others uncomfortable, or if they're mean, put you down more easily.

    Rationalization and Justification of your Major Decisions - This process, especially if spoken out loud to others, is a way to not take responsibility for your choices.  It lowers your self-esteem and takes away your decision-making power. You have left it up to reasons, not needs and wishes.

    Thinking You Deserve To Be Punished - Instead of improving your situation and moving away from destructive habits and people, you stay in it. You keep telling yourself over and over, you deserve it.  This is an insidious pattern prevalent in some cultures.  Some people carry on the unjust punishment from childhood and punish themselves later.  

    How to prevent negative self-talk? How to change it into positive in order to achieve success?

    You can begin to go deeper and establish new thinking patterns. Becoming aware of your negative thinking take practice and effort. Negative thoughts are frequently linked to incorrect ideas.

    You can also establish simple coping habits by becoming aware of each time you say it.  One book author says, "cancel, cancel" to help his mind drop the thought.  You can also use the simple act of cutting downwards with your arm in front of you and imagine you released the thought into the Earth.  Last, you can release the thought with some guided meditation found free at https://scientifichealer.com/emotional/ 


    Standout Quotes:

    "Putting yourself down to make others feel at ease actually makes them feel uneasy because they can see the truth.”
    “You are perfect just the way you are. You might want to change things about yourself. But that doesn't mean you're not perfect.”
    “No one ever deserves poor treatment for any reason whatsoever.”

    Key Takeaways:

    The 3 common things people do that leads into self-sabotage are put downs of your capabilities, rationalization and justification of your major decisions and thinking you deserve to be punished.
    You don't need to rationalize or justify a single decision. You might argue with yourself in your mind whether you want to do something or not.
    All forms of destructive self-talk stem from the feeling of being less than, but you are not your divine being perfect in every way.
    Daily energy hygiene keeps your emotions from sinking, right, because you can be up for a day.

    Episode Timeline:

    [01:28] 3 Common Self Dialogues that leads to Self-Sabotage

    [02:27] Example of self-sabotage

    [03:24] Put Downs of Your Capabilities

    [05:25] Rationalization and Justification of decisions

    [09:06] Thinking You Deserve To Be Punished

    [12:02] Self talk is very destructive

    [15:27] connect with the task

    [16:21] release tension

    If this content was helpful, please give a thumbs-up rating and subscribe to my chan

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    How to have healthier relationships by healing yourself first: releasing your emotional baggage

    How to have healthier relationships by healing yourself first: releasing your emotional baggage

    In this broadcast, you will discover methods for releasing your old emotional baggage.  You also hear about how to have healthier relationships, past and present, by healing yourself first.

    Its human nature to be influenced by your experiences and have those experiences affect the way you perceive and respond to any new interactions or experiences. You can’t change your childhood.  You can heal from it.  When you heal, you change what and who you attract because you change what you radiate out in terms of frequency.

    Relationship healing consists of two main components. 

    Clearing your genetic and energetic patterns, including your emotional baggage,
    Clearing up the connections to others

    What about improving the relationship you’re already in?

    If you are feeling any emotional reaction other than gratitude or neutrality to your current or former relationship, something is still unresolved, and you keep calling them back to you with your strong emotional reactions.  This is all part of your emotional baggage.  It’s you that needs to be healed, not looking for that next great relationship.  You can bring new life to your current relationship or if you’re looking to stop repeating the same relationship patterns. 

    Here are some of the steps to releasing your hot emotional connections. 

    Stop enjoying your hot emotions. Some people like getting angry and telling everyone about it.  People will then sympathize with you and help you stay in the injustice and fury.  This is poison to you.  You are not hurting anyone but yourself by keeping yourself in the drama.  You are punishing your body by not allowing it to heal, which it can’t do in a stressed-out state.
    When you are experiencing your low-frequency emotions, cut the cord to the thought by dropping your arm down three times between you and the person or object that’s stoking those emotions. You are releasing the connection. 
    You can also say a simple mantra every morning that goes like this: “All the times and all the ways, I’m 1% less furious.” Repeat it ten times every morning while noticing what you are feeling in your body. Imagine that emotion dropping into the earth as you’re speaking it.  I have released plenty of emotional turmoil and changed the way I reacted to situations just by doing this.

    Standout Quotes:

     "When you heal, you change what and who you attract in your relationships because you change what you radiate out in terms of your personal frequency."
     “There are a lot of people out there men and women that do not have that connection, and yet they still have relationships.”
     “If your relationship has emotional wasteland, it can be rescued by releasing by doing the healing work on yourself.”
     “Some people like getting angry and then telling everybody about it.”
     “All the whys just keeping you in that old emotional turmoil; every single Whys.”

    Key Takeaways:

     Relationship healing consists of two primary components: first, healing yourself, which includes your genetic and energetic patterns and emotional baggage, and second, cleansing your connection with others.
     If you have an emotional reaction to someone other than admiration or neutrality, it suggests that there is still unresolved conflict between you. And you keep attracting it by your solid emotional responses every time you think about it.
     It's you, and what you attract that requires healing. You don't need to go out hunting for love so that you can breathe new life into your current relationship or stop repeating old relationship habits.
     Some people like drawing others into the chaos, which is very harmful to you. You're not hurting your partner or ex-partner; you're just hurting yourself and torturing your body by being in that situation.
     When we observe something, we experience an emotional reaction, which we then rationalize by inventing a tale in our heads.
     An injustice infuriated Anastasia. "Why am I allowing somebody

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    Do you have a toxic relationship habit that is hard to break? 3 tips to heal it.

    Do you have a toxic relationship habit that is hard to break? 3 tips to heal it.

    Is your relationship with the people around you doing you any good? Anytime you feel unloved, unappreciated, or if there are unforgiving and resentful people to you, just cut the cord. You can break the habit of dysfunctional and toxic relationships by healing your energetic connections.

    Choose the people that you want to exchange energy with so that you’ll have the best relationships. Listen to this episode to learn what you can do about keeping your energy clear and focused so you can have the best relationships.

    You exchange energy during every conversation and interaction with someone, done with looks, posture, words, thoughts, and emotions.  It mixes with your frequency, causing either harmony or chaos.  Imagine that you interact with several people in a day or hour, and you’ve got all that energy mixed into yours. 

    Here are the 3 points covered in this episode:

    The Primary Ways of Exchanging Energy
    How to Heal your Energetic Connections
    What you can do to protect yourself from Reinfection of Toxic Relationships

    If you are empathic or sensitive and are unaware of keeping your energy intact, you probably feel drained. There are two primary ways you exchange energy: one is near field interactions, and the other is distance interactions.  They each operate by a slightly different set of rules. 

    Picture this scenario:

     You meet with your critical mother, and she says that if you had tried harder, your marriage wouldn’t have crumbled.  If you buy into that idea the least little bit, your energy is knocked off of you, and she scoops it up in her self-righteousness.  Critical parents are a whole other topic, but suffice it to say, they don’t have to say much to bring you into this sort of dynamic with them.  It could be just the look at the dress or suit you are wearing, and you feel the criticism.  You basically crumple. 

    This is what falls under the category of distance interaction.  It can be done in person or by phone.  They don’t have to be in proximity to you to feel the effects.  This process is called cording, which is a line of energy between you and another person.  You can exchange energy this way.  It is the primary way we exchange love energy, which is the only healthy energy exchange.

    There is scientific evidence that this kind of interpersonal energy exchange happens. Experiments show the energy field around the critic grows while that of his/her victim shrinks. You might even call the person drawing off your energy an energy vampire.  They are not aware they are doing it because they’ve been allowed to and gotten away with it for so long.  It has been their means of survival.  You have to teach them a new way of interacting with you. 

    What happens after that is that your relationship shifts towards the positive, or they move on.  It’s a win-win situation and worth the effort.

    How do you heal your energetic connection? 

    The first step is to reclaim your energy back while releasing theirs.  The next step is to sever the unhealthy connections.

    Steps to help you heal your energetic connections to change who you attract

    You have been given labels, many of them not so flattering, by others.  You’ve taken them on.  The labels or name-calling can’t affect you if you let the criticism fall off you like you’re made of Teflon. One of the ways I cleared the labels was to write each label on a piece of paper and put them in a gift box.  Incompetent, lazy, selfish, bitch, stupid, dimwitted.  When I was done with it, I put a label on the box and a bow around it.  The label was to the person who “gifted” me with the labels.  I then burned the box and let the spirit take it away.  I then made a list or inventory of positive qualities and reclaimed my power.
    I went out into my backyard after a noxious conversation with my mom, who criticized the way I was raising my children.  I got one of those dandelion weed pullers and jabbed each weed out of my backyard

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4.7 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Shanthi Yogini ,

Deep Knowledge

Dr Anastasia has deep knowledge on healing, science and many topics which truly serves the listeners. When she talks about vibrations, I am reminded of my healing practice through chanting and the ancient language of Samskritam (Sanskrit). They work based on vibrations. They are part of the ancient science of Yoga.

Lea Bayles ,

These stories help us all heal and awaken!

i love the way Anastasia encourages people to tell the stories of their healings and awakenings. These stories are inspiring and instructional.

GabyGrae ,


Dr. Anastasia is magical - huighly reccomend to anyone who wants to instantly raise their vibe, be informed and feel great!

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