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@Sea with Justin McRoberts is a bi-monthly interview show with culture makers and shakers. Each installment, host Justin McRoberts talks with artists, creatives, policymakers, and theologians that are striving and pushing for humanity to reach new heights.

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@Sea with Justin McRoberts is a bi-monthly interview show with culture makers and shakers. Each installment, host Justin McRoberts talks with artists, creatives, policymakers, and theologians that are striving and pushing for humanity to reach new heights.

    Keith Simon : Truth Over Tribe

    Keith Simon : Truth Over Tribe

    I'm recording this introduction a few days after Thanksgiving. And if you're listening to this when the episode comes out, it'll be roughly a week, maybe a week and a day or so after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is to say this is the holiday season. And between Thanksgiving and maybe some things that happen in between. And the Christmas holiday is a season during which we sit down at a table with neighbors, with friends, with family, with people who share different ideas hold different ideas about how the world works. Usually, what we mean by that is they hold different religious or different political perspectives. And the rule the cultural rule has become you don't talk about politics. You don't talk about religion. At the dinner table, and specifically during the holidays, I see story after story or anecdote after anecdote on most of my social media platforms about nightmare scenarios or nightmare fears, things happening during the holidays, around politics, and religion among family members and neighbors, etc. You don't talk about religion and politics during the holidays.

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    That's Love

    That's Love

    In 2002, I wrote and recorded a song called love.

    And I've been waiting to write some kind of follow-up to that song pretty much since I released it. It was a song that meant a lot to me at the time because I was trying to publicly and personally redefine the word and my experience of the word love for myself. And for people that were interested in paying attention. To me, it was this hopeful attempt, I guess, to push back on the idea, or the constant suggestion that love was a feeling. And that just hadn't been my experience. Certainly, there have been feelings involved, as it were. But love, while it included feelings was just more complex, it was more difficult. It was harder, it was Messier. It was just bigger. And I wanted to write something that actually spoke to maybe the more difficult and messier and poetic slash practical elements and aspects of love. And so I wrote this song that is, as it's recorded, both Sung and screamed, which was part of my experience of love. Here's a clip of that song and how it comes off as it's recorded.

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    I’ve long lived with Seth Godin’s suggestion that art is anything you make that forges a connection between people.

    Over time, and in that light, I’ve also come to recognize that the depth and sustainability of my professional art life has a lot to do with the particular people I am connected to in/through my work.

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    It used to confuse me when, as people talked about relationships, romantic or otherwise, they would refer to the relationship as, like a third entity, there was the person and a person, or a few people. And then there was the relationship that they're in like it was this other thing. You, me, and then the relationship. But it turns out there's actually something to that. Sometimes what's being referred to by the relationship is this idea of what we should be or what we could be like, if we did this. Well. Sometimes it's a good thing, specifically when that vision is a shared vision. And we're in lockstep and headed in that direction, trying to become that vision, that ideal of what a relationship looks like. But sometimes, the relationship we're referring to and feel responsible for isn't at all reflective of the actuality of the connection between us. It doesn't help us love each other or even see each other.

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    War Stories

    War Stories

    I've never really enjoyed fighting. And while I know there might be some folks who come to a different conclusion, depending on their experience of me, the reality is that while I certainly did Hone some skills in the art of argumentation, I've always actually hated what It's cost me to fight.

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    Why Let Go?

    Why Let Go?

    My social landscape does not look the way I expected it to a few years ago. Some of that comes on the heels of religious difference or political disagreement. And as sad as that stuff can be, it's also a bit cliche and predictable.

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4.9 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

JamieMarie77 ,


Thanks for the honest and helpful conversations!

sarlinz ,

One of my favs

The start of the third season of this podcast jumps right back into the depth it started from with a cut-to-the-quick kind of conversation about justice, mercy, power, race...all the things we need to have conversations about. I’ve listened through the first 2 seasons, and that’s what I love most about this podcast. It’s about real situations and artistry that have important impacts for all of us in community together and it challenges us as listeners to continue learning, to create, to speak up, and do something beyond simply being informed.

It’s also encouraging to hear the stories of Justin’s guests who are people in all sorts of areas of expertise and status in life with one main thing in common — they are all people of passion who aren’t willing to just sit and watch the world spin. I love that this show isn’t just about one genre or one topic, but multiple conversations that overlap and all matter in our current culture and climate. They are all people worth learning from to say the least, and Justin leads the shows with great guiding questions and insight so I come away from each episode feeling connected to their stories and with a desire to dig deeper.

Christian-stone ,

Engaging and Inspiring

Refreshing to hear honest conversations, with thoughtful questions and great content. Just found this through the Ryan O'Neal interview, but I'm hooked!

Geek comment : I do think the audio could be compressed a bit more so that the audio is louder and voices clearer while out and about, but even still turn it up and give a listen.

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