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Seekers of the Eternal Podcast is dedicated to bringing together people seeking a higher consciousness and striving to reach their fullest potential.

This podcast provides deep conversations about life, spirituality, mindfulness and the secrets to unlocking human potential.

Seekers of the Eternal Podcast Seekers of the Eternal

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Seekers of the Eternal Podcast is dedicated to bringing together people seeking a higher consciousness and striving to reach their fullest potential.

This podcast provides deep conversations about life, spirituality, mindfulness and the secrets to unlocking human potential.

    #20 - Defeat The Dragons & Take Their Power!

    #20 - Defeat The Dragons & Take Their Power!

    Chris (Palehorse) and Jason D’Rocha (Jay-D) respond to the current FTX scandal news and reinforce the steady, undeterred mindset of the SOTE team and the importance of perseverance, faith courage, purpose and enthusiasm for building meaningful communities during these rapidly shifting times. The conversation illuminates how this is in fact a perfect scenario for practicing the hero’s journey mentality and for invoking the spirit and qualities of Hanuman to charge forward without fear. The main theme of the episode invites insights around overcoming the self-created ‘Dragons’ or ‘Inner Demons’ of fear and resistance that are constantly plotting, scheming, and attempting to distract us from discovering and achieving our heart’s true desires in life. Chris shares the story of Hanuman facing and outwitting the enormous ‘Naga’ serpent demon who attempted to devour him as he leaped across the ocean to find the captured Goddess Sita. This story helps us to realize that when we are faithfully and selflessly following our hearts call, no obstacle is too large for us to transcend! Blessings of calmness, courage and spiritual adventurousness to you fellow Seekers! Jai Hanuman!

    Zin Onyx: ‘You’re My Fire’


    Ramayana: India's Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love, and Wisdom: By Krisha Dharma


    Steven Pressfield Quotes:


    • 1 hr 18 min
    #19 - The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

    #19 - The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

    Chris (Palehorse) and Jason D’Rocha (Jay-D) Return with part 2 of this riveting conversation around Joseph Campbell’s ‘hero’s journey’ paradigm. Insights include: How we can invite mythological beings, awakened masters or heroes from history to manifest through us. How moments of crisis always offer both danger and opportunity simultaneously. How the old thing needs to die before a new thing can be born. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. Be courageous. Be the hero in your story.  – Chris and Jay both share how experiencing the death of loved ones brought valuable introspection and personal growth. Chris tells the story of the most powerful spiritual experience of his life so far that completely annihilated his fear of death and helped him guide his father-in-law through his last moments in the physical body. Joy to you fellow Seekers!

    • 36 min
    #18 - The Hero’s Journey (Part 1)

    #18 - The Hero’s Journey (Part 1)

    Chris (Palehorse) and Jason D’Rocha (Jay-D) are back together again! In this 2-part episode the guys open with breaking down life lessons and insights from the projects, situations, and obstacles they’ve worked through and overcome in the past few weeks and share how these personal reflections have shined a silver light of inspiration for the path ahead. During his recent time with Covid, Palehorse talks about mentally traveling back in time and remembering the inspirations that ignited his early call to adventure and to begin his quest to eventually discover his life’s destiny. Jay-D and Palehorse explore the Hero’s Journey model that was discovered and popularized by comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell in his book ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ and later in the YouTUBE documentary ‘Finding Joe’. We’re thrilled to share this episode with you, and we hope you’ll return next week to hear part 2 of the conversation with more Joseph Campbell explorations and the story of how Chris (Palehorse) was gifted the most powerful experience of his life so far that completely annihilated his fear of death once and for all! Blessings fellow Seekers!

    Finding Joe: Full Documentary


    SOTE Hero’s Journey Meditation Session


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    #17 - SHINE Mural Festival Matrix Learning Experience

    #17 - SHINE Mural Festival Matrix Learning Experience

    In this far-out episode, brothers Chris (Palehorse) and Matt Parks share their adventures after helping to produce and host the 8th annual SHINE Mural Festival which supported renown International, national and local artists to paint 15 new murals and spaces in the Downtown area of St. Petersburg, FL., as well as a closing party event, featuring a group art exhibit and live performances. - Seeing each challenge that arose as yet another mission in the videogame, Chris and Matt break down their stories, mindset and approach for learning and adapting to new obstacles very quickly here in this multi-sensory, virtual reality Matrix. A main takeaway is that even when things seem overwhelming, or don’t always go as planned, we can learn to calmly trust the universe to give us what we need in the moment for our success. We hope that these stories and lessons will spark a sense of fun, inspiration and expand new possibilities for any projects, situations or goals that you’re striving for in your current life game. Enjoy the adventure!

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    #16 - The Violent Thief Who Became a Saint & Poet of the Ramayana

    #16 - The Violent Thief Who Became a Saint & Poet of the Ramayana

    In this episode we explore the origin story of how the enlightened sage Valmiki was inspired to give form to the Ramayana in Sanskrit verses. Before meeting his guru, Valmiki was an illiterate thief named Ratnakara who would attack and rob people for their belongings to feed his family. Dive in with us as we begin our journey with this most ancient and powerful epic story that is packed with practical lessons and esoteric truths about the nature of our own existence. Valmiki’s story teaches us that whatever we set out to do in life, if do it with a concentration of power, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished! We also learn not only to rise and triumph when things are going well, but to find the strength to move forward without hesitation even when things are not going as planned. Joy to you friends!

    Reference Links:

    Many Ramayanas, Many Lessons – Anand Neelakantan


    Life is a Battlefield – Swami Kriyananda


    The Great Epics of India: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana – Nayaswami Asha


    • 48 min
    #15 - Game On!

    #15 - Game On!

    As far as I know, the epic known in India as the Ramayana is the greatest, most ancient, mythological, mystic, spiritual, esoteric, sci-fi-esque, heroes’ journey story ever told! It is said that the epic contains insights on how to respond to every situation that comes up in one's life. It can be used as the cheat guide for the video game of life. In this episode, we introduce the framework for the mindset and series of episodes that are to come, where we will be going through the story in-depth each week and talking about the practical lessons and insights that will help us on our noble quest to become masters of both the physical and spiritual plane. We hope this transmission will entice you to become a traveling companion with us on this journey of exploration, introspection, entertainment, beauty, joy, love, sadness, perseverance, power, wisdom, and Self-discovery. Game on friends!


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4 Ratings

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