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Self care isn't a fad for caregivers—it's a necessity. Sandra Peoples will help you take better care of yourself so you can care for others!

Self Care and Soul Care for the Caregiver with Sandra Peoples Sandra Peoples

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Self care isn't a fad for caregivers—it's a necessity. Sandra Peoples will help you take better care of yourself so you can care for others!

    Creating a Bucket List for the Rest of 2020

    Creating a Bucket List for the Rest of 2020

    2020 has been a year we'll never forget. It's amazing what got packed into one year. And we are really feeling it as 2020 ends. But as we enter the last three months of the year, I want to slow down a little and make a plan for what I want to do before it speeds past. Maybe you do too? Maybe you want to take back a little control over the year and set goals you can meet—goals that are less about what you will accomplish and more about what you will enjoy. Let's do that together today as we create a bucket list for the rest of 2020!
    This week, I'll be in our Facebook group talking more about my bucket list and asking you to share what's on yours! if you haven't joined us, click here: Abiding Caregiver Facebook group. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/selfcarespneedsmoms)

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    Let It Go: The Practice of Benevolent Detachment

    Let It Go: The Practice of Benevolent Detachment

    Today we're talking about benevolent detachment, a practice I read about in John Eldredge's book Get Your Life Back. It's the idea of turning over to God what weighs heavy on us and leaving it in His hands. We'll talk about how Jesus practiced this during His life and how we can follow His example. I'll share how I realized it was the solution to something that has been causing me a lot of stress lately. I hope this concept is as helpful to you as it has been to me! 

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    Lessons I'm Learning to Live By

    Lessons I'm Learning to Live By

    Today we're talking about lessons I'm learning to live by. I turned 40 last year, and it's been my favorite decade so far. Through this season of reflection and growth, I've come up with a few lessons I say to myself at least once a day. They are principles to live by if you want to get formal about it, or mantras to remember. I'm excited to share them with you, especially the last one because I guarantee it's a saying you've never heard before but really need in your life. So let's jump into episode 30 and the lessons I'm learning to live by.
    In July, I may not have new episodes each Monday, but I'll still be interacting in our Facebook group, Abiding Caregiver (https://www.facebook.com/groups/selfcarespneedsmoms/), so join me there if you haven't yet.
    Find a transcript and the show notes for this episode at sandrapeoples.com/thepodcast (http://www.sandrapeoples.com/thepodcast/). While you're checking out the show notes, you can also sign up for my monthly newsletter. (http://bit.ly/selfcarenewsletter) It comes out the 1st day of each new month. In July's newsletter, I'll be sharing tips on living a Plan Be summer, that's B-e summer, when we focus on being present and being joyful even in the midst of all we have going on.

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    Our Summer Plans & Priorities

    Our Summer Plans & Priorities

    This is episode 68, and today I'm talking about our summer plans! I'll share what each one of us has planned and how we're making decisions on what our priorities need to be. With the world opening up, we have to be careful not to overextend ourselves in a rush to do all the things again! But we also want to enjoy summer as much as possible. Hopefully we can do both!
    On June 25 & 26, I'll be speaking at By the Brook, a refreshing weekend just for moms, grandmothers, and female caregivers of individuals with special needs & chronic illness. This event includes encouragement, inspiration, dynamic worship, and powerful teaching—all while spending quality time with other moms who “get it.” Visit https://www.risingaboveministries.org/bythebrook for more info and to register!

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    Supporting Special Needs Siblings

    Supporting Special Needs Siblings

    I am a special needs sibling raising a special needs sibling. Encouraging other parents to love and support the typical kids in their families is a passion of mine! So today I'm talking through seven phrases every special needs sibling needs to hear. They apply to every age and stage of development. And I share an opportunity to join me in prayer for our typical kids for fourteen days through daily devotions. Listen to the end of the episode for details!

    * Unexpected Blessing: The Joys and Possibilities of Life in a Special Needs Family (https://amzn.to/3aWk7KE) (affiliate link)
    * All of Sandra's resources on siblings (http://www.sandrapeoples.com/siblings/)
    * Abiding Caregiver Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/selfcarespneedsmoms)
    * Master list of prayers and devotions (http://www.sandrapeoples.com/praying-for-the-typical-siblings-in-our-families/)
    * Sandra on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sandrapeoples/)

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    Help for Fast and Slow Decision Makers

    Help for Fast and Slow Decision Makers

    This is episode 66, and today we're talking about making decisions. We talk about that a lot here, partly because it's such a huge part of our lives. And as I've talked with my husband Lee and other friends about the decisions they make and how they make those decisions, I've noticed we all take those steps at different speeds. So today let's talk through what personality factors go into our decision making speeds, what can really be at the heart of slow or fast decision making, and four questions to ask when making a decision.
    Link to transcript and show notes: http://www.sandrapeoples.com/thepodcast/ (http://www.sandrapeoples.com/thepodcast/)

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5.0 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

Brenda'ssister ,

A true God spread on wholesome toast

I love listening weekly to these podcasts. Some of them hit right on target for me as a special needs mom, and some are not anywhere in my zone, like gardening, ha! The biggest connector is the woman who does these weekly is a true God spreader, each time I listen, I hear God speak through her life.

Wilingness ,

Real and helpful!!

This podcasts resonates so much to my life. I’m raising 3 teenagers, one who has Down syndrome, so navigating these years has taken me to a different level of learning. This podcast is both an understanding shoulder to lean on and knowledgeable advice to move forward with. Thank you!

TJLong09 ,

Love Sandra!

I wanted to listen to a podcast that would make me laugh while encouraging me and giving me truth. And I keep coming back again and again to Sandra Peoples and Selfcare and Soulcare for the Caregiver. You will love listening to this podcast. My only complaint is that the episodes are not longer! Haha! I look forward to all of Sandra’s episodes! Highly recommend this podcast!

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