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I'm Michael Korman, and I teach meditation and piano. But, not the way you're used to. That's because I'm an INTP and I don't care about your rules. I only care about the truth.

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I'm Michael Korman, and I teach meditation and piano. But, not the way you're used to. That's because I'm an INTP and I don't care about your rules. I only care about the truth.

    #50 – Start Setting Boundaries

    #50 – Start Setting Boundaries

    Lately, I've been a cheerleader for boundaries. That's funny because the second episode of this podcast was called "Stop Setting Boundaries". In this episode, I explain how my thinking has changed by reacting to Episode 2.


    0:00:00 - Introduction
    0:03:09 - Reacting to Episode 2: "Stop Setting Boundaries"
    0:04:37 - Drama Triangle & The Empowerment Dynamic
    0:08:00 - Boundaries let you have conversations
    0:10:37 - How I look at boundaries these days
    0:13:01 - "Violating" boundaries
    0:14:49 - Topics on which I've demonstrated how to set boundaries
    0:17:05 - Restraining order threat
    0:18:08 - Being a Challenger
    0:22:47 - Training your friends
    0:24:29 - Virtue-signalling, being the bigger person
    0:27:59 - "Accountability"
    0:29:28 - Emotional issues
    0:31:26 - Rosenberg Stage 2
    0:34:18 - Jordan Peterson, responsibility
    0:38:52 - Be explicit with the language
    0:42:26 - It's like a BPD thing
    0:44:19 - Back to the list
    0:46:06 - Teaching
    0:46:22 - Friend zone
    0:47:49 - "Michael, you're acting like a victim."
    0:49:42 - I got derailed
    0:52:37 - Back then I was all about acceptance
    0:53:54 - Don't say it to them
    0:54:51 - You don't need to justify
    1:01:15 - Just stand still
    1:04:18 - I wouldn't even say any of that
    1:07:57 - That's it for this episode

    #49 – Spiral Dynamics

    #49 – Spiral Dynamics

    Spiral Dynamics is a framework for making sense of the forces that drive culture. It helps you understand why YouTube commenters are such jerks. Also, why the Godfather cares so much about respect. And why Osho started his cult. And why air traffic controllers aren't to blame for mid-air collisions.

    I'd take it to a desert island.

    Stay tuned for more episodes on the other colors.

    (Instagram live, April 26, 2023)

    0:00 - Introduction
    3:17 - The Ice Cream Truck Song (the Entertainer)
    6:55 - Spiral Dynamics
    10:23 - Overview of the colors
    20:01 - Zagreb mid-air collision
    27:27 - Osho, Wild Wild Country
    28:50 - Yellow (systems thinking)
    31:19 - Purple (animism, shamanism)
    34:08 - Still DRE
    39:46 - Leo Gura (actualized.org)
    42:55 - Red
    44:29 - Sacred cows in FB groups
    46:10 - Revenge of the Nerds
    47:27 - Instagram algorithm
    50:41 - Respect
    51:40 - The Godfather
    54:09 - YouTube comments

    #48 – How to Read Music

    #48 – How to Read Music

    Only you can teach yourself how to read music. I have no power over you. The Universe will do its thing, and no, it's not fair. But here's a placebo to keep you company. It might even work.

    (Instagram live, April 24, 2023)

    0:00 - Introduction
    1:30 - How to read music
    10:44 - Major and minor keys
    16:48 - The Karate Kid (homework 1)
    18:21 - Major and minor chords
    19:05 - The Empowerment Dynamic
    27:36 - C major chord, treble/bass clef
    30:02 - Spiral Dynamics (homework 2)
    35:22 - Teachers don't care about you
    40:17 - Philosophy is stupid
    42:32 - Weird Al
    44:46 - Bo Burnham "Inside" (homework 4)
    47:42 - Seventh chords
    51:56 - Parting words

    #47 – Awake People Use Language Differently

    #47 – Awake People Use Language Differently

    All about meditation, language, non-duality and waking up to b******t. This is graduate-level piano material. Actually, it's a bit beyond that.

    (Instagram Live from April 22, 2023)

    0:00 Introduction
    0:48 Meditation
    10:10 Is classical music better than contemporary music?
    11:30 Enlightenment
    21:52 Form vs Function
    25:45 A language exercise
    30:43 Duality vs Non-duality
    35:30 Why YouTube comments suck
    40:40 B.F. Skinner, "Verbal Behavior"
    41:42 The pandemic was a good thing
    42:28 AI, revenge porn
    47:48 Marshall Rosenberg, Amtsprache
    51:49 Asleep vs awake people

    #46 – Piano in the 4th Dimension

    #46 – Piano in the 4th Dimension

    Welcome to 4-dimensional space. Glad you could join me on this higher plane of existence. Now, let me set the record straight about some of y'all's problems with me.

    (Piano Time Live on Instagram, April 21, 2023)


    0:00 - Introduction
    1:39 - Golden Hour
    5:48 - 3-step exercise to play with both hands
    10:51 - The 4th dimension
    19:18 - Für Elise
    22:26 - Moonlight Sonata
    24:59 - The Empowerment Dynamic and the Drama Triangle
    28:56 - Jordan Peterson is awesome
    31:49 - Nerds who correct “misinformation” on social media
    34:19 - Osho, Wild Wild Country

    #45 – Piano NERDS, Bach & Wrong Notes (with guest Dr. David Servias)

    #45 – Piano NERDS, Bach & Wrong Notes (with guest Dr. David Servias)

    I invited Dr. David Servias to have a conversation with me about the Bach Toccata & Fugue fiasco. We discuss the history of the piece, why the NERDS can't process one out-of-place note, and how I'm dealing with hate on my YouTube channel.

    For the backstory, watch the original video (and read the comments 🤦‍♂️)

    Thanks for listening.

    If you have not taken my course Learn Piano in 5 Days yet, that would be a good starting place for you. You can access it for $5.00 here: https://michaelkorman.com/learn-piano-in-5-days/

    Or, if you'd like to work with me 1-1 (online), you can sign up for the Intensive Song Study: https://michaelkorman.com/intensive-song-study/

    Both of these are for beginners. No experience needed. Just willingness to try new things.

    00:00:00 - I posted a cute little piano tutorial and the music theory NERDS freaked out.

    00:02:39 - Bringing Dr. Servias on to help settle the debate.

    00:04:22 - The list of accusations against me. Responding "appropriately." Two kinds of nerds.

    00:05:57 - David explains the controversy. What's the Toccata and Fugue? What did I play? What were they expecting me to play?

    00:11:32 - Does any of this matter? What would Bach have said? Would you have to follow his orders?

    00:13:56 - The history of the Toccata & Fugue in D minor. Why's this such a big deal? There's no manuscript. Disney's Fantasia.

    00:26:09 - My pinned comment. Are they lying? Evolution vs. creation.

    00:36:21 - How do I respond to all this? Your mom jokes. Credibility.

    00:39:17 - The time a hater quoted MY OWN TEACHER to prove me wrong. Urtext editions. Was Glenn Gould a troll?

    00:49:17 - Why I used "your mom" jokes to reply to comments. Are mom jokes insults? Using offense as a weapon.

    00:53:24 - Doubling down. Agreeing with the haters. Making fun of yourself first. Taking the wind out of their sails. Trying all the different approaches.

    00:55:43 - My videos are for adults, not kids. But I'm not making this an 18+ channel to protect the kids. Sorry.

    00:56:26 - Is it wrong to delete comments? It rubs them the wrong way. Free speech. But you're all guests at my party. Why I hate inclusivity. Facebook groups that have rules about respecting everyone's opinions are a mess.

    01:01:01 - They can make their own videos and talk about anything they want. Even trash-talking me.

    01:08:23 - Why I'm not going to prove I have a master's degree. Negotiating with terrorists. I'm not good at piano but I'm better than all of you.

    01:09:50 - They don't like my personality. How I don't conform. They're envious. They want respect and view it as a scarce resource.These people hate children. Generational trauma.

    01:13:20 - "Bro pinned his own comment!", "Bro wrote a WHOLE ESSAY!". Artists vs. graffiti vandals. "You're just doing it for views!"

    01:15:47 - Am I a "troll"? There are two kinds of trolls. The word is ambiguous. I'm a "classical troll." Trolls vs. haters. "Piece" vs. "song". HTML the "programming language". I'm going to keep trying to rock the boat. Paris Hilton. Howard Stern. Amy's Baking Company.

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