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A podcast about all the elements of self-performance.

Bringing you blunt performance advice that cuts through the noise and gets to the point.

Create more freedom of money, time, and purpose in your life with strategies that work.

Helping business owners, solopreneurs, and leaders do less dumb sh*t, save time, and make more $$$

Self-Performance Strategies Podcast Stephen Timoney

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A podcast about all the elements of self-performance.

Bringing you blunt performance advice that cuts through the noise and gets to the point.

Create more freedom of money, time, and purpose in your life with strategies that work.

Helping business owners, solopreneurs, and leaders do less dumb sh*t, save time, and make more $$$

    Episode 66: The hidden secret behind effective days and weeks

    Episode 66: The hidden secret behind effective days and weeks

    What icebergs can teach you about effective weeks...
    Welcome to the SPS Podcast


    “If you build that foundation, both the moral and the ethical foundation, as well as the business foundation, and the experience foundation, then the building won’t crumble.”

    — Henry Kravis




    How do you have a good week?

    You start by focusing on good days.



    It doesn’t work like that.


    That’s like trying to hit a dart with the dart board from 8 feet away.


    It’s entirely backwards.


    But this is the advice on X or LinkedIn.


    I see it almost daily.


    ChatGPT productivity posts filled with shallow ideas on having good days and weeks. Stuffed with more platitudes than fortune cookies on steroids.


    All the same ideas you’ve read 100 times before…


    Prioritize your tasks. Use time management. Stay positive. Set goals. Have balance. Stack habits.


    Sure…these things help…but they are tactics that only work if you have the right strategy.


    So…what does work?


    You have to think well beyond your days and weeks to have good days and weeks.


    You need to think months…if not a year or more out.


    You build good weeks by working backwards from your future goals.


    Is this revolutionary? No.


    But it sure as heck gives you a more reliable chance of success than reading some dumb sh*t post like…


    Give me 7 minutes, and I’ll give you 7 productivity hacks that made me 7K in my first 7 days running a business online as a 7-year-old.


    I think we’ve all been there.

    I know I have been.


    Focusing on the mirco without even thinking about the macro.


    12+ years ago, when I first got into personal development, I fell into the trap of hacks and shallow ideas.


    I had the morning routine. I was fasting. I was taking mini-breaks to recharge. I was getting good sleep. Drinking water. Going for walks. Eating healthy. Tracking my hours. Using a gratitude journal. Taking cold showers. Getting up at 5 am. Reciting affirmations.


    But all that energy was going into 9 to 5 roles with imitations.


    It took me years to start something on the side that I could grow.


    It took me years to align all these tactics with a long-term strategy.


    Without a long-term strategy...these hacks are like running in waste-high water.


    A lot of effort for a little distance covered.


    The thing is…


    When you discover personal development or high performance…


    It’s like seeing an iceberg for the first time. You focus on the ice above the water. You’re in awe of this magnificent white island floating in the sea. But then you notice how deep and far down the ice goes.


    And if you want to have good weeks and days.


    You have to go that deep with your strategy.


    When I did…I made giant leaps forward. I transformed my life.


    I went from a frustrating plateau of hacks and short-term systems to tapping into perpetual momentum.


    So grab your deep-sea scuba gear…. get a bigger boat…


    And let’s look at the 4 key steps you would do to improve your days and weeks.


    Step 1: Reflect And Review:

    Most people start with actions.


    You should start by collecting data. Finding your trends. Stacking your wins. And creating a vision.




    It builds momentum and lets you know your current situation and direction.


    You don’t create great weeks without the right foundations and vision.



    Step 2: Plan And Act:

    Now you plan your actions.


    You need to plan your next 90 days to have excellent days and weeks.


    You need to highlight your high-value and high-dollar activities and structure your days, weeks, and months around those.


    You need to select power moves that force you to take action.


    Like hiring a coach, joining a community, or onboarding help.



    Step 3: Build And Test:

    You need to connect your macro goals with micro daily actions.


    Too often, I see people with

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    Episode 65: Why your goals are filters for your actions

    Episode 65: Why your goals are filters for your actions

    Let’s discuss using goals as filters.Welcome to the SPS Podcast
    “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” 

    —Andrew Carnegie


    Goals are far more important than you think. And it’s not just about hitting future targets. 


    Goals shape your life. By setting clear goals…you gain a filter to sift through the myriad of choices and distractions that flood your daily life. 

    You can ask yourself: “Will this action help me progress toward my goals?” 

    If the answer is no.It’s time to drop it and move on to something that matters.


    Imagine you’re a chef preparing a delectable dish. 

    Your goals act as the recipe…providing clear instructions for each step. 

    When you have a goal in mind…it becomes easier to break it down into manageable actions. 

    By taking these bite-sized steps. You make progress toward your objectives. Building momentum along the way.  

    Picture this….

    Most business owners…creators…or solopreneurs are lost in a maze of tasks.

    Within this daily maze goals act like a helpful signpost. They show you the way. They act as a filter.

    You leave behind the dead-ends of unproductive actions. You avoid the pitfalls of wasted time and effort. 

    Goals guide you through the business wilderness with a cheeky smile…saying….“Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.”


    Using goals as a filter helps you create the future you want. 

    People have asked me...


    “How do you build the discipline to show up each day?”


    The funny thing is...

    I don’t see myself as disciplined.I set goals and then use those goals as a daily filter. My goals help me choose my actions.Future ME needs today ME to do ABC to win.


    So I go do the tasks that future ME needs me to do.“But how do you do that?”


    With a little bit of what I call Tactical Woo Woo:

    Close your eyes and envision your dream business…your ultimate success scenario.

    Now…take the time to write out what that looks like. How does an average day pan out? What does your health and relationships look like? You can get super deep and detailed with this.

    Feel the surge of excitement and determination that comes from defining your goals...By tapping into these emotions and building a clear picture of what you want.You’ll start to filter your actions to help you achieve your goals.  When you align your daily tasks with your overarching goals. Each action becomes a stepping stone toward your dreams. 

    Use this process to ignite your passion and let your goals fuel your drive to take the right actions today. 


    Now…before we go… let’s challenge the status quo. Conventional wisdom tells us to do more. To fill every moment with hustle and grind. 


    But you know I think that’s dumb sh*t. 

    You need to flip the script….

    You need to remove to improve.


    By filtering your actions through the lens of your goals…you can cut out the noise and prioritize what matters. 

    It’s about working smarter…not harder. 


    Working harder limits your thinking.


    You need space in your days to focus on your vision and impactful goals.


    This is why goals are vital.They shape your identity.They tell you what actions to take.They filter out the dumb sh*t and help save time.


    Just don’t set goals.

    Use them as tools in your life.


    Get the Kinetic Flow Program here:


    Stephen links:

    PRO-Accelerator, select a time here:https://www.stephentimoney.com/pro-accelerator


    Visit the website:



    Follow me here:



    Big love,STFan of using goals as filters


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    Episode 64: Willpower doesn’t work...you need to improve your environments

    Episode 64: Willpower doesn’t work...you need to improve your environments

    Let’s discuss why willpower doesn’t work...
     Welcome to the SPS Podcast

    "If you remain stuck in the same roles and patterns, it doesn’t matter how much willpower you exert; your efforts will continue to be confined within the limiting context of your role. You’ll remain hostage to a context that you mistakenly believe to be fixed identity."

    - Dr Benjamin Hardy



    Willpower doesn't work...

    And shallow hacks won't fix your focus.

    Boom...off to a big start this week.

    For years I was on a mission to improve my willpower to help me improve my focus.

    Building my willpower muscle was an important part of my early successes.

    I'm sure if you're like me you've walked this path.


    You've thought...

    "Only if I could improve my willpower...I could do more?"


    While I was on this willpower journey...I used as many systems and hacks as I could to get my sh*t done.


    The sheer number of systems you can use is endless...

    But...I still struggled to improve my willpower.


    I began to wonder why. I even thought...is improving willpower a red herring...are you treating the symptoms of bad focus...not the cause?


    This line of thinking led me to improve my energy and environments.


    With willpower... you're asking a tired or distracted version of yourself to work harder or get focused.


    With energy management...you're removing low energy from the equation.


    I started to ignore willpower and energy management became a core focus of building my focus muscle...with better...


    Sleep... diet...exercise...


    I noticed I could focus for longer...did this solve my issues...had I found a replacement for willpower?


    Yes and no.


    Here's the thing...


    While improving your sleep...diet...exercise...will improve your focus...


    There's a deeper level that proves willpower doesn't work.


    There's a deeper level that most people ignore...one I ignored for years...and one I'm sure you don't think about often.


    What is it?


    Your environments.


    It's how you set your life up with your inner and external mental...emotional...and physical environments.


    It took a deep rut in life to learn this lesson.

    Let's take a look at it...


    The shift in how I approached willpower and focus happened in 2016.


    It was a crazy year...I worked in 3 different places and had 3 months off... all before the start of September.


    As I've told you already...For years I was fighting myself to improve my willpower and focus...I got some wins with energy management.


    But...I was not happy where I worked...I was angry at myself for waiting until my 30s to get my sh*t together...I was chasing job titles and income figures.


    I knew I needed a new approach.


    First I changed jobs...but I brought my mental and emotional BS with me.


    I moved from a general manager in luxury clothes to a sales guy in a luxury car dealership in February 2016.


    While I made decent money...I was still not happy...I got frustrated and annoyed.


    I was not drinking...I was going to bed early...I was eating well...I had goals...I was doing everything I thought I was supposed to be doing.


    But yet here I was still in a rut.


    It hit me hard....willpower is f**king useless against the weight of mental... emotional...and physical barriers.


    I needed a break and quit the car sales job in June 2016.


    I was burnt out...willpower...brute force...or let's say discipline doesn't work if you don't have the right foundations.


    Let me explain...


    While energy management and good habits can cover the cracks for a while...if you're not improving your core mental... emotional...physical worlds...you will hit a brick wall.


    I know I did.


    During the summer of 2016...I spent 3 months doing work on those 3 pillars.


    Did I need to take 3 months to do this...no


    But...I knew...whatever job I went back into I wanted to ensure I didn't fall into the same trap of relying on willp

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    Episode 63: Have we been lied to about how to focus?

    Episode 63: Have we been lied to about how to focus?

    Have we been lied to about how to focus?

    Welcome to the SPS Podcast.

    “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”

    — Tony Robbins


    You've been lied to.

    You've been told improving focus is about discipline in the moment.

    They told you to use app blockers...the Pomodoro technique...and avoid distractions.

    But these are all last-minute band-aids.

    My focus quadrupled when I built clear goals...developed a clear why...and improved my energy levels.

    If you're trying to focus on key tasks daily in your business...

    And have not built the right foundations...you're fighting a losing battle.

    The skill of deep focus starts well before you begin working.

    That's why I believe in Energy Management 


    ” WTF is energy management…is it some type of spiritual mumbo jumbo?”

    I replied…“No…it’s not… It’s about keeping your energy high to do the right daily activities.”

    I didn’t think it needed explaining.But then I realized I had coined the term in relation to self-performance.In the business world…energy management is about optimizing an organization’s energy consumption.It has nothing to do with getting your energy right...so you can focus on the critical activities in your life.So they were right to ask.. “WFT is energy management?”The thing is…When I’m on X and LinkedIn...I get bored with all the shallow time management BS posts these ChatGPT using productivity accounts bang out daily.You’ve seen the platitudes.They list stuff like...

    7 time management tips:

    Say “No” often
    Stop multitasking
    Incorporate breaks
    Delegate if you need to
    Create a plan for the day
    Write down your goals for the day
    Break 1 large task into small ones

    Groundbreaking stuff eh? “Yo Stephen… that’s a bit salty.”Yeah..maybe… sometimes you gotta call things out…or maybe I’ve had too much caffeine today…haha.It boils my broccoli that few posts mention better energy levels… or building the foundational life pillars that give you energy and direction.It pisses me off that most people think effective productivity comes from shallow hacks and systems.This is why I started saying stuff like this back in 2021…Time management is a crucial skill to learn. But energy management is ultimately much more important.If you don’t have your energy right…which includes building core pillars and goals in your lifeNo time management systems or hacks will give lasting results.Time management is a tactic.

     Energy management is based on core principles:

    • Eating well

    • Exercising

    • Having goals

    • Sleeping well

    • Having a long-term visionIt’s taking me 10+ years of personal development journey to form this opinion. I’ve read 100s of success books and spent $50K+ on coaches…cohorts…and programs over those years.I’ve now also coached dozens of business owners… And the biggest needle mover with them was creating the right energy for the right activities at the right time.In my own life…This all started when I removed anything from my life that sucked my energy.I called out the dumb sh*t that was destroying my energy.In May 2012…I started working a 100% commission sales job…If your energy was off and you struggled during the week…guess what happened…Your paycheque was sh*t. 

    I got to the point in September of that year… I nearly quit. 

    I was still going out at the weekends… I would finish work selling luxury suits…be in a luxury suit…and think…

    ”Well...I’m already downtown…I might as well hit some lounges.” 

    Dumb sh*t.

    Yes…I was in a good suit and I had some cash…but I was still broke.

    I would then drag myself out of bed on a Monday morning…look in the bathroom mirror and think…

    ”I can’t keep doing this sh*t.””How much did I spend on Saturday?”


    That’s when I snapped. 

    I st

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    Episode 62: How your identity helps you succeed in life

    Episode 62: How your identity helps you succeed in life

    Let’s discuss the power of identity.

    Welcome to the SPS Podcast.


    “You have to be willing to go to war with yourself and create a whole new identity.”

    - David Goggins


    The New England Patriots dominated the NFL for years with the Patriot Way.

    FC Barcelona revolutionized football with Tiki-Taka and won everything you can in club football.

    The New Zealand All Blacks are known for their passionate pre-game Haka and open and expansive play.

    What was one of the core secrets behind their success?

    A clear IDENTITY.


    If you’ve read Atomic Habits

    If you’ve read any book by Dr. Benjamin Hardy

    You will know that your current and future identity is crucial for taking the right actions daily.

    But here’s the thing…


    If you asked yourself what your identity is… could you speak to it?

    I know in my past I couldn’t.

    I had no idea who I was.It's a common mistake many of us make.


    That changed when I sold high-end suits to Vancouver’s rich and famous.

    I jumped into this commission-based role.

    I was in my early 30s…but I was probably still 21 mentally.

    I wanted to do well…but lacked street and business smarts.


    My new regional director Mike...who saw my passion and potential...took me out for a chat and walk. 

    He asked me a question that knocked me back onto my heels.

    “Stephen…who do you want to be within this organization?”

    Mike asked me the question as he passed me a cup of coffee...

    The warm cup hit my hands and I stared down into the blackness…. I paused...looked up...shrugged my shoulders...then mumbled something inaudible: a collection of mmms and ahhs. 

    Mike quickly asked… “What is the core value of our organization?” 

    Like a student wanting an A+ from their favourite professor…I recited the company’s core statement...

    “To build long-term relationships built on loyalty, expertise, and trust.” 

    ” Good” Mike responded. 

    ” But…you should be able to state your core values and who you want to be.”


    To say my mind was blown...was an understatement. 

    Until that point in my life…no one had said that to me.

    Sure…people asked me what I wanted to do or what my goals were.

    But to have a personal mission statement of core values was utterly new to me.

    It was a light-switch moment in my life.

    I now knew I needed a clear set of values and a core identity.


    For the next 3 years working in that organization…

    I identified as a leader of people and a problem solver….I was promoted 4 times.


    A clear identity helped me act in the right manner.

    Like Tom Brady with the Patriots 

    Like a prime Lionel Messi at Barcelona 

    Like New Zealand winning back-to-back rugby world cups

    Okay…okay...yes…being promoted 4 times in 3 years in a store in Vancouver is not the same as the GOATS Messi and Brady.

    But we all have to start somewhere...

    Having a clear identity sped up my progress.


    Now…if you read any decent success book released today…

    Defining your future self is highlighted as a core part of progress in life and business.

    It gives you an advantage. 

    What does that mean?


    Let me explain…

    Identity plays a fundamental role in shaping our behaviour and actions.

    From my own experiences...I can point to these 5 critical points:


    1) Alignment with Values:

    When your goals align with your identity...they are more likely to be meaningful and fulfilling. Goals that resonate with your identity are inherently motivating because they reflect what truly matters to you.


    2) Self-Perception: 

    Your self-identity influences how you perceive yourself. When you set and achieve goals that are in line with your identity...it enhances your self-esteem and self-worth.


    3) Overcoming Obstacles: 

    When your identity is tied to your goals... you’re more likely to persist through difficulties. You view challenges as opportunities for growth. It’s like lighting a fire inside you no one can put out. 


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    Episode 61: Is 90 The New 365? Why 90-Day Sprints Are Magic

    Episode 61: Is 90 The New 365? Why 90-Day Sprints Are Magic

    Let’s discuss why 90-day sprints are magic.

    Welcome to the SPS Podcast

    “Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.” —Art Buchwald.


    I’m bullish on 90 sprints.

    They changed my life.


    Let me explain...

    Up until 2018...I would set yearly goals. Then do a mid-year review during June...my birthday month.

    I love having a birthday slap-bang in the middle of the year. It’s a fantastic milestone.

    But...as I got older...especially in my 30s...

    I often felt depressed and annoyed at my lack of progress for the year.

    I was pushing myself to climb the corporate ladder or start a business. And felt behind in my goals. 

    My wife even picked up on this yearly cycle and dip in energy. The early summer June blues. Dumb Sh*t looking back now...haha

    While I was happy to have a birthday...I know I was frustrated with my year being off track...compared to my January goals.

    So what changed? 

    Early in 2018...I was given the opportunity to lead a pilot project at the insurance company where I worked. 

    Helping 4 managers and 30 team members trial a new customer onboarding process. 

    It was a 90-day project... PWC had been hired to help set up and track the process. I was there to roll it out to the teams and lead them through the process.

    It was my first time working with proper project managers and a top-level consultant specializing in behavioural economics. 

    It was an exciting time in my career.

    But...I was more excited about the concept of 90-day sprints and what they could do for me.

    While in the meetings and brainstorming sessions for the pilot project...I couldn’t stop thinking I had found the Holy Grail of personal progress.

    I felt like Archimedes taking a bath.

    EUREKA...I found the answer to my yearly progress problems.

    The process lit up my brain...

    From milestones and journey mapping to work breakdown structures... the fundamental project management skills gave me the tools to set up 90-day sprints 

    Then it all clicked and seemed so obvious.

    The year is broken into 4 seasons that last roughly 90 days.

    The equinoxes happen every 90 days at the back end of each quarter.

    The Earth goes around the Sun in 90-day sprints. (Kinda)

    Okay...yes...this is amateur-hour science...but it felt like the universe was telling me... “Yo Stephen...this is how you get sh*t done.”

    This is where it gets interesting...

    I started doing it.

    By the time April 2021 came around...

    I had been promoted and moved to 3 other projects. With my side hustle... I built up enough momentum to leave corporate and start my coaching business 

    From 2021 to today in 2023...I have now helped dozens of business owners progress...and my business continues growing.

    I no longer feel sad and frustrated in June. I no longer wait for New Year’s or mid-year to review and set new goals. 

    I make progress every quarter.

    Damn... these sprints work.

    But you may be asking..” Why do they work?”

    Good question... besides the universe and seasons wanting you to work in these 90-day chunks.

    I have pulled out 5 key benefits of working in 90-day sprints:

    Let’s dive in.. 

    1) Clarity and Focus: 90-day sprints provide a defined timeframe for achieving my goals. This short-term focus helps me concentrate on my high-value/dollar work. It helps prevent me from doing dumb sh*t.

    2) Adaptability: If sh*t isn’t working... I have the flexibility to pivot after just 90 days or earlier. I’m no longer waiting for June to do my mid-year review. 

    3) Data and Feedback: 90-day sprints allow for frequent check-in. Four times a year...I go deep into reviewing and planning. 

    The best way to set goals is with data. This process gives me data.

    4) Motivation and momentum: Short-term goals are more motivating than long-term ones. 

    Yes...I have long-term goals...you should too. But the momentum you get from week to week working on your 30...60..90 days goals is unmatched.

    5) Risk Mitig

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5.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

drscottwatier ,

Worth the listen!

Coached with Stephen and it was great! So many breakthroughs and this was right before this podcast launched. Came back and have binged them! So many great nuggets. Take one thing, implement it and then come back for more!

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