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Senior Living Sales and Marketing

Senior Living Sales and Marketing Podcast Roy Barker, Professional, Consultant

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Senior Living Sales and Marketing

    Show Plans For 2021

    Show Plans For 2021

    Roy - Senior Living Sales and Marketing Podcast:
    Hello, and welcome to the Senior Living Sales and Marketing podcast. I'm Roy. I just wanted to drop by for a minute and tell, let the listeners know, I'm going to be taking a hiatus from the show. I am going to leave it up. That way, if there's any episodes that you'd like or would like to share, they will be there. The last year or so, I haven't really been working in the senior living space that much. I've got a sister podcast, the Business Of Business podcast, which is thebusinessofbusinesspodcast.com, or tbobp.com. It just allows me a lot more latitude to do other topics besides sales and marketing. I'm interested in employee retention systems and procedures, content, leadership, and leadership development. This just gives me a... It gives me a lot more room to talk about a lot of different subjects and reach a more wider audience of general businesses and professionals.
                   I'd like to invite you to, check us out at www.thebusinessofbusinesspodcast.com. We are on all the major platforms, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Pandora. Please, go over, download it, check it out, and share with your friends. We're trying to build an audience over there. I really haven't done much of a promotion with it. We're going to start promoting it a little bit more and driving some traffic over there. Would love to have you come over. Like I said, I'm going to leave these episodes up for a while. I don't see any reason to take them down right this minute, but we'll see.
                   Also, be on the lookout. We are starting another more age-related project. It's called Ageucational it's A-G-E-U-C-A-T-I-O-N-A-L, and it's ageucational.com. The website was recently went through an update and messed it up, but we are in the process of getting it rebuilt. We'll be launching a podcast hopefully shortly after the first of the year, maybe second, third, week of January. So be listening for that. That there's going to be wide range. That is myself and my partner, Terry, will be hosting that. We both are fortunate enough to have living parents that are getting up in age. And so, there's just a lot that goes on. Terry's actually part of the sandwich generation. She still as a younger adult daughter, but still there's things going on, on both ends.
                   What we want to do is really talk about this aging. I know I've worked in the senior living space for probably the last 20 years, worked with a lot of operators, a lot of different communities, so seen a lot. And then, of course, just the trials that we go through every day with our parents, that it's not necessarily that they that they cause any trouble. They're all good and in good health, but just things like medication, driving, of course, COVID, all of these things. We know that there are a lot of other individuals out there that are touched by this.
                   Terry's actually been through the process of finding senior living for her parents. We'll be able to talk about that. Her dad unfortunately has passed away a few years ago and went through... He had Alzheimer's. She, and her sisters, and mom went through that. I feel like we actually have a lot to talk about. We'll be doing some interviews, of course, with other professionals in the industry. And then, we'll just be having some shows of just us talking back and forth about some things that we may have gone through in the last week or so recently.
                   So anyway, just be on the lookout for that. If you have show ideas for that, of course, you can reach out to me at Roy@ageucational, A-G-E-U-C-A-T-I-O-N-A-L, ageucational.com. Send me an email for show ideas, or if you're a professional in the industry would like to be on as a guest, we'd certainly love to entertain a show topic ideas. Again, thank you for the last few years of being faithful listeners. It's been a

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    Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    Lead Generation with Roy Harmon
    Roy Harmon is an experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of generating leads in the legal, political, automotive, higher education, software, and healthcare industries. His efforts have mobilized voters, enticed customers, and persuaded donors.
    Advertoscope isn’t your typical lead generation company. Most of the time, business owners searching for lead generation services end up fighting for leads generated by third parties.
    Those leads are sold to multiple competing businesses, and anyone buying them has to hope that:
    the lead is qualified their sales rep gets to the lead first their sales rep closes the lead before the competition bombards them with other offers You won’t have that problem with Advertoscope. We help businesses generate their own leads.
    We’ll work with you to generate a detailed customer profile so you know the leads you receive are highly qualified and ready to close.
    For more information, shoot Roy Harmon an email at roy@advertoscope.com.
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    Roy - Senior Living Sales and Marketing (00:03):
    Hello, and welcome to another episode of senior living sales and marketing. I'm Roy. Yeah. This is the show where, you know, we try to focus our efforts on the senior living industry and specifically the sales and marketing. Uh, some things that we are seeing are things that may be able to help your community actually increase your occupancy or do it, uh, at a more reasonable rate, try to, you know, find cost-effective ma uh, lead generation devices. And so, uh, which brings us to our guests today, Roy Harmon, we're going to talk about lead generation and he's been in multiple industries. He's been in healthcare. Uh, he's been in the, uh, SAS law, politics, automotive and higher education as well. So, um, Roy, without further ado, we'll just bring you on and we'll get talking. How's your morning going
    Roy Harmon (01:01):
    One. Great. I'm excited to be here. Thanks for having me on.
    Roy - Senior Living Sales and Marketing (01:04):
    Good, good. Yeah. Thanks for taking time out of your day. So yeah, lead generation, uh, you know, that's important an important part of, uh, the S uh, in senior living for sure, because, you know, when somebody moves out, hopefully we've got a waiting list, but as things go, sometimes the people at the top of the list aren't always ready to go. So we, you know, have to have an, uh, some way, not only to keep that wait list full, but also have, um, some method in place where we can constantly have leads coming in just to make it easier, you know, any, um, you know, a day with the, uh, with an empty room. We never recapture that revenue. So very important to, you know, cut that down as well. So first off, kind of, how did you get here? And I, I know that you've been in politics and I'm actually a lawyer as well. So kind of tell us a little bit about how you got here.
    Roy Harmon (02:04):
    Yeah, well, so I did, I graduated from law school, but I realized my mistake before I actually took the bar. So not actually not actually a lawyer, but, um, but I had the pay off the same student debt as the rest of them. So, um, yeah, I, uh, I started out in politics doing political marketing
    Roy - Senior Living Sales and Marketing (02:27):
    Roy Harmon (02:29):
    Ma you know, a lot of grassroots stuff, mobilizing voters and things like that. And I really enjoyed that and I realized that that was easily applicable to anything else. So, you know, whether you're trying to get a donor to make a donation or a vote, or to show up for a, um, for a signed wave or to make a phone call any time that you're trying to get somebody to take action that's to the principals are going to be very similar. Right. And so I went from there to automotive and worked for an agency that did, um, did, did advertising for a tier three automotive dealerships. And from there just went to a

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    Storytelling in Sales

    Storytelling in Sales

    Storytelling In Sales a Winning Strategy with Mitch Waks
    CEO, Author, and Consultant Mitch Waks exhibited the gift of entrepreneurship at a young age; elementary school to be exact. He realized the profit to be had in making is own cinnamon toothpicks and selling them to his classmates.
    During his college years, Mitch quickly realized his side-gig in a band would not pay the bills, therefore he established a “party planning” business, using his sociable personality to his advantage. Mitch may be the only college student who did not eat ramen noodles during that time.
    During his experience as a student-teacher, Mitch understood he made a grave mistake in career choices. Sticking with it until after graduation, Mitch went into sales instead of teaching. Mitch eventually et and married his first wife whose mother owned a home tutoring business with around 12 students. Mitch, during his time as an investment salesman discovered investing in senior care to be a lucrative move. Mitch spoke with his mother-in-law who agreed, and thus, Cooperative Home Care was born. Under Mitch’s leadership, Cooperative grew from a small tutoring business to a leader in the home healthcare and hospice industry with offices in two states.
    After 35 years, Mitch expressed a desire to share his knowledge. He took a sabbatical, hid out in the woods, and wrote his soon-to-be best seller On Entrepreneurship. Mitch continues to share his business acumen through consulting start-ups and established businesses alike.
    Home - Cooperative Home Care
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    Roy with Senior Living Sales and Marketing (00:03):
    Hello, and welcome to another episode of senior living sales and marketing. I'm Roy. Uh, today we have a fascinating guest with us, uh, Mitch wax. He is the owner of cooperative home care out of St. Louis, Missouri, and, uh, Mitch. First off, welcome to the show. Thanks for taking time out of your day to be here.
    Mitch (00:23):
    Well, thank you Roy so much for having me on your show and hoping I have some interesting knowledge to pass on to your listeners.
    Roy with Senior Living Sales and Marketing (00:31):
    So you do, you've got such an interesting background and unfortunately we're not going to be able to cover it all because I'm sure that we could talk three or four hours, uh, you know, based on our previous conversations, but, uh, you know, a couple of things I think, uh, as we talked earlier, that really stand out is number one, you've been in business for 35 years. So, I mean, that says a lot for the way that you treat your customers, the way that you treat your employees, the way that you, your sales process. So communication communication with seniors, their families. And I think maybe more specifically, uh, we kind of agree on that storytelling aspect that telling our stories, our company stories, our personal stories, our values stories, those are all very important. So I think that'd be a great jumping off place.
    Mitch (01:22):
    Sure. Well, I think any sales person or marketing person in our industry has to be able to utilize storytelling in a different types of setting, because what we do is not selling a hard product like paint or ladders or cars. What we are doing is connecting with individuals and we need to connect with them at the heart level, right? And sales people can have a great advantage over many of their peers. If they just learn the art of telling a story often, that's a true story of why they're working for the company they're working for or how the company helps somebody through a great tragedy and was able to bring that family peace of mind, right. Or it can really be any story that connects. And the story obviously needs to fit the opportunity that you're talking to a presenting to, but the best salespeople I've ever seen in any industry are ones that can make a good heart connection with their prospects and get them to

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    Corporate Branding

    Corporate Branding

    Corporate Branding with Valerie Forgeard
    A strong brand is the centerpiece of successful and influential business and professional activity. Your brand is what you make of it. Our goal is to help you clarify the best route to build your brand and help you every step of the way.
    Whether you're a corporation, small business, or trying to build/grow your network or change your career, your brand is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. It is all too easy to make mistakes while marketing online; even a slight misstep can undermine the personal brand you worked so hard to create. We are here to support you in crossing the bridge to success with ease while avoiding common branding pitfalls.
    "Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room"— Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) Services | StunningBrand
    Stunning Brand provides workshops, Media Training & Support, and Consultancy. 
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    Roy (00:02):
    Hello, and welcome to another episode of senior living sales and marketing. I'm Roy. Uh, we've got, uh, a great guest with us today. We're going to talk about branding and, um, be the first to say I have very limited knowledge of it. So I am, uh, I'm happy that we have Valerie here with stunning brand to help us out. I'm not forgetting her last name. It's just very difficult to pronounce. So what I will do is I will get her after the introduction to, uh, she can say that for us. It sounds awesome when she says it. Not so much when I tried to say it, uh, but, um, Valerie and her team, uh, they bring 32 years of experience in broadcasting, social media, stakeholder engagement, community, building, public speaking, and negotiation to both the private not-for-profit and public sector. So serve a wide range of clients. And, um, I was why I was excited to have Valerie and she's taken time out of her, uh, late evening. She is in the UK. So we appreciate you taking time, Valerie. First off, before we go too much further, can you give us a pronunciation of your last name please?
    Valerie (01:14):
    Um, it's for French. Not expected.
    Roy (01:19):
    Okay. Yeah. Yeah. My French is terrible. I can barely speak English. Good English. So anyway, um, you know, what I want to do is, um, I just want to start at the beginning and this, uh, that what we're talking about today is going to be more geared toward corporations, big corporations, not necessarily, um, individuals are solo preneurs. There is a little bit of difference there. So just so everybody is kind of on board with that. We're going to talk to corporations. So let's just start at the beginning where you can tell the audience kind of what is branding. We, uh, typically some of us that are not knowledgeable, we think it's a logo, or we think it's a web page, but I know it's so much more encompassing, so let's just take it from the start. I, I have a corporation. I want to either develop my brand or, um, maybe rebrand in some manner. So I come to you and your team, uh, where do we start first? And secondly, welcome to the show. Thanks so much, but where do we start?
    Valerie (02:26):
    Uh, thanks for having me here. Um, so first I'd like to say that, uh, branding sounds like a complicated word, but we run every day right now. You're branding you to me and I'm granting yourself to you. And we're not even aware of it because branding is the representation of the brands. So it's the image that the brand represents and how people will talk about it. Um, the only difference with, uh, which is a big difference with the corporations is that in a corporations then could be 50,000 or a hundred thousand of different worries. Um, which means that, uh, it's a lot of people to represent the brand. So, so yes, a brand that has a logo has a website, uh, does its marketing companies do the marketing to, to impress the clients to gain more clients. Um, but it is also around, uh, the personality of the brand,

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    Referral Networks with Denice Bailey

    Referral Networks with Denice Bailey

    dbaileygroup, llc is a full-service marketing and public relations firm offering clients a wide range of solutions to ensure their needs and objectives are met.
    Whether your needs are to identify and secure new clients, deepen your current client relationships, or your need to stand-out from your competition, we will listen to you and partner with you to define your needs and objectives, then strive to develop solutions that don’t just reach these goals, but exceed them. Our experience in marketing research, traditional and digital marketing, public relations and graphic design solutions will be the foundation for your success. Because the true measure of our success lies not in the recognition and awards we receive, but in the effectiveness of our solutions for your specific needs and, your continued satisfaction.
    “Professionals today need to define their target audience and present an enhanced presence and detailed strategy - and they need it done in a timely, cost-effective way. That’s where I come in. Whether my clients need support for their existing marketing departments or an entirely “off-site” marketing team; I’m here to bring a wide range of resources and years of expertise to the table. Ours is a customized - not an off-the-shelf - marketing strategy that never fails to exceed expectations.”
    Denice Bailey, Principal and Senior Account Executive, has over 30 years of extensive marketing and public relations experience. Prior to founding dbaileygroup, she worked as manager/director in marketing for a number of different companies including Zachry Associates, the Abilene Reporter-News, The Business Press of Fort Worth, and Morren+Barkin. Her previous client list has included such names as Aviall, Inc., The Associates Financial Services, Fort Worth Symphony, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Physicians Reliance Network. Denice is involved in many civic and community organizations and activities.
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    Roy (00:03):
    Hello, and welcome to another episode of senior living sales and marketing. I'm Roy. Uh, we're going to have with us today as a guest, Denise Bailey with the D Bailey group, we're going to be talking about a few different topics, uh, kind of on the sales side, more sales than marketing, but it's going to be all, uh, kind of all encompassing. So Denise, how are you doing today?
    Denice (00:27):
    And then I
    Roy (00:28):
    Am good. Good. Got the dogs stowed away. So I'm getting much better now. Anyway. Well, let's just jump right into it. Um, you know, the first thing that we talked about is that the sales process, especially at the community level is such a team effort. And, um, you know, as you visit communities, you realize that the receptionist is generally the very first impression that you get. If you didn't, you know, if you haven't called ahead, if you just are walk-in, so it's important to get them, um, especially, but also the, um, all the staff on board learning how to greet visitors and just, um, you know, kind of learning those different techniques of, I guess, how we need to act in front of somebody that's in our community for the first time.
    Denice (01:26):
    You know, I agree, Roy, I can't echo your sentiment enough. And part of that I believe, and I think you might agree with me as well, but I believe that is a culture and it comes down from the top and if the top assures that their entire team, and it doesn't matter who on the team within the organization or within the home does not feel empowered or part of the team. And they need to understand and respect and realize how their actions in their interactions could make a huge difference for the home.
    Roy (02:05):
    Exactly. Yeah. And, and, you know, I fault us as managers because we, we don't, um, in our orientation, in our own boarding, we don't really go into how key that certain positions are because of tha

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    Engage Prospects Through Content Marketing with Tim Sprinkle

    Engage Prospects Through Content Marketing with Tim Sprinkle

    Engage Prospects Through Content Marketing with Tim Sprinkle
    Tim Sprinkle is the founder of Layup Content, a thought leadership agency in Denver, CO that helps financial services companies tell better stories in order to connect with their customers on a deeper level. A journalist for 20+ years, his work has appeared in Wired, Entrepreneur, Outside and many other publications, and he is the author of Screw the Valley: A Coast to Coast Tour of America’s New Tech Startup Landscape. More information is available at www.LayupContent.com.
    Full Transcript Below
    Roy (00:02):
    Hello, and welcome to another episode of senior living sales and marketing. I'm Roy. Uh, today we have a guest that's gonna talk to us about, um, content and content as, um, especially Darren tougher times. And, uh, you know, as this industry progresses and grows and gets to be more competition, I think that the, um, the opportunity or the gonna have to be able to tell the story of, um, the senior living community, not from a bricks and sticks, uh, type of aspect, but more from the, the lifestyle aspect. And if you've listened to me before, you know, um, that's one of my things that I try to talk about all the time is that, you know, we have to, to, uh, kind of build the dream, what is life gonna be like? And so, uh, Tim sprinkle is with us today. He is with layup content.
    Roy (00:58):
    Uh, they are a thought leadership agency out of Denver, Colorado. They help, uh, small to midsize, small to midsize businesses, tell their stories in order to connect with their customers on a deeper level. Uh, he was a journalist for 20 plus years and has appeared in wired entrepreneur outside and many other publications. He has also authored a screw the Valley, a coast to coast tour of America's new tech startup landscape. Tim, welcome to the show. Thanks for having me, Roy. Hey, it's great to talk to you again. And, uh, you know, we talked a little bit in the pre-show about this, but, uh, this audience that we're talking to today is the senior living based, which can run the gamut from, uh, assist, uh, from, um, independent living assisted living, uh, nursing or Alzheimer's care and, or some combination of everything in between there. So, uh, you know, we, I think we, um, we're getting better, but a lot of times we're in a habit of telling the story, like, you know, we have an apartment where you live and this is where we go eat. And, you know, I think our consumer not only have they become an they're smarter, the, um, you know, this, this generation is very much research based and research focused, but we've got the internet and with the internet, they do a lot of research before they even make that phone call or come onsite to visit. And so, you know, that's why I feel that content is not only content is King, but it is it's going to be the master of driving traffic to the, uh, communities
    Tim (02:47):
    That's right. I mean, really what it comes down to is that everyone right now is living online. I mean, would it without a digital president's presence, you don't, um, do you have exist? And I think, uh, what a lot of, you know, senior living being just one of them are kind of realizing kind of waking up to you right now is that, you know, it's not necessarily enough to, you know, put your best foot forward and engage with kind of your customers online and on social media. That might be their only impression of you. They may not necessarily even meet you or talk to you on the phone until they're ready to buy. And that really kind of put really high bar for kind of the quality that you're putting out. And it's not just about, you know, just attracting inbound traffic and SEO and putting out content and all that, all those kind of buzzwords, it really is like telling, telling a true story that engages with someone who may only know about you from an Instagram story or, you know, whatever platform they're on, um, really kind o

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