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Stories about special seniors in our lives along with tips for caregiving, legal and financial issues and living a health lifestyle.

Seniors We Love Debbie DeChambeau

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Stories about special seniors in our lives along with tips for caregiving, legal and financial issues and living a health lifestyle.

    Seniors and Parents

    Seniors and Parents

    This episode is created and produced by the Seniors We Love interns. It’s an interview with 3 high school seniors about how they would deal with certain situations as their parents age. 
    Their discussion includes hypotheticals as well as real concerns that they will face as their parents age with topics ranging from discussing how they would tell their parent that it is no longer safe for them to drive anymore, dealing with future housing issues and even how they would respond if the younger of their parents passed on first. 
    It’s hard to describe in words the process of aging and how it affects people. On one hand people know it’s inevitable and just a natural process of life, but on the other hand it’s still something people don’t really want to talk about at any point of their lives. You most likely don’t want your loved ones worrying about you, but the irony of it is that you will eventually find yourself worrying for those around you.

    • 56 min
    Leaving Greece Part 2

    Leaving Greece Part 2

    This is the continuation of the Life of Andrew Pappas, living in the US and life in his senior years.  Doing things he loved and surrounded by people who really cared about him.
    The podcast is hosted by Debbie DeChambeau and supported by Lynn Michel Insurance.

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    Leaving Greece with Andrew Pappas Part 1

    Leaving Greece with Andrew Pappas Part 1

    What happens when you put a Greek with a German? It becomes a long lasting love relationship, truly one of those 'till death do us part' stories.
    Andrew Pappas left his home in Greece at 14 and like many immigrants, didn't have an easy life. In this episode we learn about those precious years and the wonderful things Andrew brought to this country and to his family.

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    Elder Law 2020

    Elder Law 2020

    Dealing with health care directives, nursing home decisions, powers of attorney and other issues that caregivers and children must also deal with for their parents is complicated, Add to the confusion of basic care and trying to live your own life and the stress can be enormous.
    In this episode we are talking with Paula Mattson Sarli. She’s an estate planning and elder law attorney MD and DC. 
    Topics We Discuss :
    Difference between an estate planning attorney and an elder law attorney Health care decisions How to pay for care Health Care Advanced Directives Living Will MOLST forms (MOLST.org) How to stay independent longer Avoiding guardianship Medicare vs. Medicaid Communicating with family so they know your wishes Daily Money Manager Types of Powers of Attorney How to find an elder law attorney in your state: - review the attorney’s website to ensure that elderlaw  is their primary focus,  National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA.org) Elder Council Ask for a referral from your Health Care Providers or Financial Advisor To learn more, go to seniorswelove.com.

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    Love At First Sight

    Love At First Sight

    The Life of Hy Kasindorf

    • 15 min
    10 Reasons You Want to Stay With Your Senior In The Hospital

    10 Reasons You Want to Stay With Your Senior In The Hospital

    EP 7 - This is a podcast about what happens with seniors, from caring to financial issues, behaviors to independence and everything in between.
    In this episode, you’ll get insights on why you need to be with your senior while they are in the hospital. These are specific items that happened to me while my mom in to the hospital 6 times within 3 months. 
    My mom was probably one of the worse types of patients. Hopefully some of these items will never happen to you. You’ll have knowledge in the worst case scenario!
    Top 10 Reasons why you need to be in the hospital with your loved ones!
    Keep Them Covered Stay In Bed  Tissues Notes MRI Chargers Reminders Remote Control Cell Phones Flight Risk SPONSOR INFORMATION
    Lynn Michel Insurance, LLC
    If you know someone over 65 that is still working, this message is important for them. If they are on their employers plan, have them verify that it is credible coverage. They should get a letter every year with this verification so that when they decide to stop working or they no longer want the employers health insurance, they won’t be penalized by medicare for not having credible coverage.
    Without this confirmation, the penalty can be substantial and expensive for someone in retirement. 
    If you know someone turning 65 that is still working, have them contact Lynn Michel Insurance and discuss their options. There is no charge for the call. 

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    Debbie DeChambeau is a content creator, business and marketing strategies and professional insurance agent.
    She has spent many years caring for family members from raising her neice and nephew, caring for her grandmother and caring for her parents (of which she had more than most people)
    Her love for podcasting and for the insurance industry have her creating content that help seniors with their insurance decisions as well and caregivers understand what to expect in their new role.
    She is a believer in continued education for her profession and earned the designations as a Certified Insurance Counselor and an Accredited Advisor of Insurance.  
    She is the co-author of Renewable Referrals and hosts three other podcasts Business In Real Life and Divorce Exposed and Business of Insurance. 
    Connect with Debbie on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.  

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