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Real people having Serious. Fun. conversations about life, society, culture, and health.

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Real people having Serious. Fun. conversations about life, society, culture, and health.

    Serious.Fun. with Dave Robinson

    Serious.Fun. with Dave Robinson

    Today on Serious.Fun. I’m talking with Dave Robinson. Dave is a Professional Storywork Coach, Holistic Trainer, and an elite obstacle course racing athlete from Richmond, VA. We met at PaleoFx in 2019 and have been nurturing our friendship ever since.

    Dave is such a down to earth human with a vast amount of wisdom to share, and is one of the most “manly” men I know. We talk about what makes him so manly and get into all sorts of topics ranging from his personal love for obstacle racing, building a life on the bedrock of love and passion, why we’re both “playing the long game,” and much more.

    Possessing a deep passion for self-improvement, Dave has been guiding friends & clients on their own personal development journeys for well over a decade. He works globally with clients, helping them to take action by building confidence, creating clarity, reducing stress, and developing consistent routines.

    Enjoy the show.

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    Serious.Fun. with Grace Lee

    Serious.Fun. with Grace Lee

    From Bookworm 📖🪱to Badass🏋️‍♀️💪

    Another one from the lost archive!

    Today on Serious.Fun. I’m talking with Grace Lee. Grace works in tech as a User Experience Designer in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an OG Recess community member and a close personal friend.

    In this conversation we cover her personal success story, a tale of growing up as a non-active bookworm and blossoming into a gym badass. This multi-year transition came with many trials, lots of patience, big wins, small wins, and learning to give her body what it needs. You’ll learn about how Recess impacted her perspective on fitness and her life. I’m so proud to have contributed to that transformation and to be her 오빠

    Please enjoy this Serious Fun conversation with Grace Lee.

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    Serious.Fun. with Taylor Somerville

    Serious.Fun. with Taylor Somerville

    Today on Serious.Fun. I have another show from what we’ll just call the “lost archives,” this time with my buddy Taylor Somerville. This was recorded last year at the beginning of the pandemic, was thought to be lost, and was found recently in a backup folder. Although this conversation happened a year ago, we touch on some great tips for redefining your relationship to stress, Taylor touches on his professional and personal journey, the importance of seeing life as “practice,” and much ore.

    Taylor is the owner of Symmetry here in Memphis. He’s an XPT Master Coach, that’s Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece’s company. He’s CrossFit Level 1 trainer, and Art of Breath Certified, among others. He’s completed a 24-hour race so this guy has been to a far corner of the endurance community and has a lot of great wisdom to share with us today.

    Taylor helps busy professionals take back control of their lives so they have more time, more energy, and less stress.

    You’ll definitely get tips to practice right away to improve your relationship to stress.

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    Serious.Fun. with Britten Bailey

    Serious.Fun. with Britten Bailey

    Today I have on a movement sister from another mister, Britten Bailey.  

    Britten is the owner of Panorama Movement studio here in Memphis.  

    We actually recorded this one year ago, right at the beginning of the pandemic, and I just recently found it hidden away. The content is very evergreen and applies just as much today as it did when we recorded the show.  

    We talk about her journey into coaching & movement culture as a mother, seeking self validation through fitness, the empowering effect of ground-based movement training, and we close with some perspective during strange times.   

    You can find more about Britten and Panorama on Instagram, @panmovemem and @panmovemama

    Check out the video version on my Youtube Channel : Brooks Meadows

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    Serious.Fun. with Julia Blackwell

    Serious.Fun. with Julia Blackwell

    Today on the show I chat with Julia Blackwell. Julia is:

    -a fascia expert and a self-proclaimed "Pain Relief Wizard,"

    -She is married to a previous guest, Eric Blackwell, and we actually recorded that show in their house last year.

    I'm excited to have Julia on to talk about her journey to healing significant physical trauma from birth, how she discovered the Kinetix method (https://mobilitymastery.com/kinetix/) that focuses specifically on fascia, and how she's using her experience to help others heal their bodies at home with her company, Movement by Julia.

    You can find Julie at her site, movementbyjulia.com or on Instagram @movementbyjulia

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    Serious.Fun. with Josh Hash

    Serious.Fun. with Josh Hash

    Super stoked to have my boy Josh Hash (YouTube @TheStrengthSide) on to talk about movement, lifestyle, health, and have a genuine blast on the mics together. Check out the YouTube version around 29:30 to see two shirtless men goof off on a podcast together. If you need help improving your health and creativity in your Fitness, Josh's YouTube channel and programs have reached millions of people. Enjoy it!

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2 Ratings

mad_dog87 ,

Unique and fun!

Wasn’t sure what to expect from the “Serious. Fun” podcast, and it did not disappoint. So far each episode has me engaged and wanting to hear more. Each individual that has made a guest appearance on the show has been unique, and it has been interesting to hear their stories. It not only makes you feel like you’re not alone in this world, it provides a different perspective on a variety of topics that you may have ever thought about. It’s thought-provoking and intriguing. I don’t listen to podcasts often, but from a novice perspective, the sound quality is great. Excited to hear more!