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Funny, thought-provoking, and improvised, “Serious Talk. Seriously.” is a conversational interview with the awesome folks of Sacramento. "Serious Talk. Seriously." is hosted by Johnny Flores. The podcast ended in 2019.

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Funny, thought-provoking, and improvised, “Serious Talk. Seriously.” is a conversational interview with the awesome folks of Sacramento. "Serious Talk. Seriously." is hosted by Johnny Flores. The podcast ended in 2019.

    Stay the F@!# Home With… Rene Jacques and Cam Villa

    Stay the F@!# Home With… Rene Jacques and Cam Villa

    Are you staying the f@!# home? Why not?! Rene Jacques and Cam Villa are staying the f@!# home.

    Rene Jacques and Cam Villa are the founders of are the founders of Golden Bay Mortgage Group. Both Cam and Rene have worked in the mortgage industry since the early 2000s. I invited them to be guests on the podcast because of their knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry. Because of the uncertainty many of us are experiencing around income, I thought they would be a great resource for anyone that has questions about their mortgage or if they’re thinking of buying a home.

    In addition to being business owners, both are involved in the community of Sacramento. Cam and I both live in the Colonial Heights neighborhood and became friends after meeting at a community event he started, the Colonial Heights Kickball League. Cam created the league to bring our neighborhood together, which was wildly successful for the community. Thanks for listening!

    The End

    The End

    Episode 200: The End

    We have come to the end of Serious Talk. Seriously. Like Baby’s unforgettable summer in the Catskills of 1963, (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life and I owe it all to you.

    The Fans
    To everyone who listened to the podcast: Thank you. Sincerely, thank you. It’s been an honor to be allowed into your lives for nearly six years. When I started this podcast, I did not think it would ever gain an audience. In spite of the times I didn’t record episodes correctly or when I went from weekly episodes to a 25-episode season, and even when I was burdened with a job that was burning me out and gave me a bitter aspect on life and this podcast, the show somehow found an audience that kept growing.

    The response to the podcast gave me the self-confidence to pursue podcasting as a career. I decided to take a leap of faith that I could make an income from helping other people make their own podcasts. So for better or worse, my current life is all your fault!

    If you love comic books and haven’t tired of me yet, I’ll continue to co-host Graphic Novel Explorers Club.

    The Guests
    I want to say thank you to all of my guests (especially the elite club whose episodes I never posted — sorry). My invitations to be on the show were quite short. The usual question I got when I asked someone to be on the podcast went something like this: “What are we going to talk about?” My common response was, “I don’t know, but don’t worry. It’s my job to keep the conversation moving. I’ll make sure we have fun.” It’s amazing how many people were up for something as loose as Serious Talk. Seriously. My gratitude to everyone that appeared on the show cannot be expressed. Thank you for your time and willingness to participate in this experiment with me. What a blast I had chatting with each of you.

    The Comedians
    Sacramento has an outstanding comedy scene. If you doubt me, check out any of the comedians I’ve interviewed during six seasons of this show. Be thankful we have comics brave enough and crazy enough to do what they do and for doing it here in Sacramento. Seriously, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. It’s only a matter a of time before Sacramento gets a well-deserved reputation as a place with a deep well of comedic talent.

    My Friends
    I’ll continue by saying thank you to my friends for their support. How lucky am I that my friends are some of the funniest, most decent, and thoughtful people living in Sacramento? A special thanks to the friends I’ve made through podcasting, or existing friendships that grew stronger because of podcasting. This includes Elizabeth & Matthew, Siino, Kempa, Heather Smith, Dennis “Super” Supachana, Frankie Preziosi, Brian McComas, CJ & BK, Chris and Ricky, Hagel, Daniel & Corky, Allison Joy, and Comedian Ben Rice. Additional thanks to Leah and Nicole for the theme songs! Please accept my apology if I left you off of the list.

    An extra-special thank you goes out to Siino for recording this final episode with me! I also owe a debt of gratitude to Isaac Gonzales for approaching me about starting a podcast all those years ago (R.I.P. No Nipples on the Suit).

    My Family

    Now on to my sister, my dad, and Sue. Some of us don’t get to see others as much as we would like to, but when we do, it’s like there was no gap in time at all. We laugh so much whenever we are around each other and I appreciate that most of all. I love you all! Oi-cha-choi-choi!

    Finally, Sasha. The Official Girlfriend of the Podcast. You never bat an eyelash when I talk about any hair-brained idea I have. You challenge me to make them better and, just as important, you fully encourage me to pursue them. You are sweet, funny, engaged, and incredibly smart, all while consistently having the coldest hands of anyone I ever met. This podcast, my business, and the life we share are all possible because of you

    Episode 184: Kenna Cook

    Episode 184: Kenna Cook

    Today’s guest for Episode 184 is Kenna Cook. Cook is, as described on her website, ” a pansexual, polyamorous sex educator”. Cook is a sex educator to middle and high school students in the Northern California area. She is a Family Planning Health Worker at sexual health and wellness clinics that are teen-centered. Additionally, she founded the Pansexual Pancake Breakfast Group at the LGBT Community Center in Sacramento.

    In this episode of the show Johnny chats with Kenna Cook about her column in Voices: River City; the awkward sex talks we got growing up; the work she has done with CREGS and the safe community provides for gay men; why the three of them have accepted animal hair in their food; why loneliness is more detrimental to your health than heart disease or smoking; the shock of finding out who really owns Google, why children need an adult they can talk to in an open and honest way; and just why Millennials get such a bad wrap (when they should not).

    Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Kenna Cook.

    Episode 183: Broad Room

    Episode 183: Broad Room

    Shevaun Zakhir and Claire Curley, the founders of Broad Room, are the guests for Episode 183. The collective is “a space for women creatives in Sacramento to build community”. Additionally, the space serves as a creative workspace and a wellness center, has gallery shows, offers workshops and classes, and monthly markets.

    In this episode of the show Johnny chats with Shevaun and Claire about the history of the space; how the two of them landed on naming their space “Broad Room”; what drew the two of them back to Sacramento; the reasons why Shevaun and Claire started Broad Room; why the three of them have accepted animal hair in their food; your 20s (hook ups) vs your 40s (falling asleep during concerts); their goals for the future of Broad Room, including affordable daycare; and how their; Shevaun and Johnny’s love of CJ, and the one thing that will get you kicked out of Round Corner Tavern.

    Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Shevaun Zakhir and Claire Curley.

    Episode 181: Topograf

    Episode 181: Topograf

    For Episode 181 the guests are Alyssa and Kevin Stefenesceu, the wife and husband duo behind Topograf. The band recently released a new singled called Futures.

    The band started after Alyssa encouraged Kevin to start his own music project after he had played in a number of bands. Similarly, Kevin encouraged Alyssa, who was a photography and had experience in music, to join the project and become a duo.

    Johnny chats with Alyssa and Kevin about the origins of the band’s name (it’s not a combination of Topher Grace and graph paper, like Johnny thought); the decision to leave “cushy” jobs to pursue artistic endeavors; learning to play the drums as a kid using Playskool chairs filled with varying amounts of water; how to keep finding your creativity on a daily basis; how a band can’t just be a band in the modern era of music; the creative process Alyssa uses for creating images for Topograf; and how Alyssa and Kevin balance being a couple while also being bandmates.

    Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Alyssa and Kevin of Topograf.

    Episode 179: Puzzle Huddle

    Episode 179: Puzzle Huddle

    Episode 179 is here with guest Matthew Goins. He is the creator and owner of Puzzle Huddle. After realizing most puzzles geared toward children lack images highlighting diversity, Goins started the company with his wife to produce puzzles that show children of color positive role models and images.

    A native of Detroit, Goin moved to Sacramento with his wife and three children a few years ago. Per the Puzzle Huddle website, the couple believe “that all children should be reflected in a variety of products. As a result, they decided to create puzzles that affirm and inspire diverse children.”

    In this episode of the show Johnny chats with Goins about his “addiction” to having multiple hobbies; why he loves the weather in California versus the weather in Detroit (hint: no Polar Vortex); how the realization that Legos probably aren’t best for a two year old lead Goins down the puzzle rabbit hole; why he is so comfortable being bad at something; and how companies are striving to be more inclusive.

    Thank you for listening, Listeners, to my conversation with Matthew Goins of Puzzle Huddle.

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5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

BarnesOnFilm ,

Best Sacramento Podcast

Johnny Flores always does a great job finding interesting guests, and the interviews are always strong.

Ernosaphian ,

Best entertainment EVER!

I literally laugh out loud, and learn at least one new things by everytime I listen

SpongeLaura ,

Get to Know Cool Sacramento Folks

Johnny does a fantastic job making his guests feel comfortable and relaxed. The interviews are more like a conversation between friends--never scripted. If you want to get to know more about people who are impacting the Sacramento scene in a variety of ways, make it a habit to listen to this podcast.

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