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Seven & Seven Is Radio features psychedelic music of all genres from all over the globe, focusing on the "golden era" of the late 1960's to the mid 1970's. Each episode is selected by Elvin Estela and curated from his personal vinyl collection. This podcast continues in the tradition of Estela's previous psychedelic show - She Comes in Colours which he hosted on Los Angeles college radio station KXLU from 2000-2009 - in unearthing long lost gems from underground heroes and forgotten pop successes.

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Seven & Seven Is Radio features psychedelic music of all genres from all over the globe, focusing on the "golden era" of the late 1960's to the mid 1970's. Each episode is selected by Elvin Estela and curated from his personal vinyl collection. This podcast continues in the tradition of Estela's previous psychedelic show - She Comes in Colours which he hosted on Los Angeles college radio station KXLU from 2000-2009 - in unearthing long lost gems from underground heroes and forgotten pop successes.

    Episode 021: Twenty-One Seconds To Dawn

    Episode 021: Twenty-One Seconds To Dawn

    Episode 021: Twenty One Seconds To Dawn - Late 60's Blue Eyed Soul

    Plastic Penny - Everything I Am (UK 1967) This UK band specialized in the classic pop-psych sound that was sweeping the nation at the time, yet with with a soulful edge that set them apart from their peers.  This can be heard on this sweet and earnest love song - and debut single - which they released at the end of 1967.  After two albums in as many years, the Pennies called it a day.

    Flaming Ember - Mind, Body and Soul (US 1969) A quintessential blue-eyed soul unit from the US that sought a particularly impassioned vocal strain of the genre as heard on this sweet sticky love song.  After a handful of singles and two albums for the Hot Wax label, the band would call it quits leaving behind a discography worth digging into.

    Cupid's Inspiration - My World (UK 1968) This UK band recorded one album and a handful of singles in their brief three year career, but they are arguably one of the finest examples of the blue eyed soul genre.  Their lone album has many highlights including this soaring single that features the huge voice of lead singer Terry Rice-Milton.

    Episode Six - Mr. Universe (UK 1968) This UK psych band is famous for being the first vehicle for future Deep Purple members Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. They released nine singles during their career, all of which failed to chart but nonetheless are worth a listen.  Their finest example may be this sultry b-side featuring the soulful lead vocals of Gillan.
    Aesop's Fables - And When It's Over (US 1969) A moody and groovy number by this band of psychedelic warriors out of New York.  Lead singer Sonny Botari's croon is the centerpiece, but the band's rhythm section is undeniably stealing the show here.  After two albums and a handful of singles, Sonny would break up the band and pursue a solo career.

    Manfred Mann - Fox On the Run (UK 1968) Part of the initial British Invasion that swept the world in the mid 60's, this classic band - lead by an organist of their namesake - would adopt to the times with much success during their long and prolific career.  1968 finds them contributing to the burgeoning pop-psych wave while retaining the soulful sound of their early days as heard on this stellar single.

    The Love Affair - Everlasting Love (UK 1967) This ubiquitous single might be the ultimate example of blue eyed soul - with it's soaring vocal, polished production and bombastic horn section, it can be used as paradigm for the sound.  After two albums and a handful of singles, the band would call it a day in the early 70's.

    The Loading Zone - Maybe We've Been Loving Too Long (US 1968) A funky cover of UK pop-psych band The Flying Machine's minor hit single by a groovy bunch of freaks from Oakland, CA.  Formerly psychedelic band The Marbles, they would recruit soul singer Linda Tillery and morph their sound as heard on their solid two albums.

    Rare Earth -Red Apple (US 1968) One of the more famous American acts of the blue-eyed soul sound, this Detroit combo was quite prolific with a career that spans three decades.  Their debut combines the soul sound with an exploito-popsike twist that yielded great results as can be heard here.

    Friend and Lover - Reach Out of the Darkness (US 1968) This then husband-and-wife duo scored a minor hit with this perfect funky little pop nugget.  After two years as a couple and musical act, they'd call it quits in both respects leaving behind one album and a handful of singles that are worth investigating.

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    Episode 020: A Twenty Ton Balloon

    Episode 020: A Twenty Ton Balloon

    Episode 020: A Twenty Ton Balloon

    Colonel Bagshot - Six Day War (UK 1971) These Liverpool psych freaks take us through a dark and moody tale of the infamous six day war of 1967.  They released one stellar LP and a handful of singles during their brief four year run.

    Saint Steven - Voyage to Cleveland (US 1969) A mystery artist who recorded only on LP for the Probe label in 1969.

    Passing Clouds - At the Head of the List (US 1968) Another lone album American mystery, the Clouds specialized in sticky sweet pop-psych as heard on this introspective number from their sole LP on the very groovy Records By Pete label.

    The Hollies - Clown (UK 1966) One of the UK's most successful harmony pop acts whose sound and image evolved with the times like most beat groups, this somber tune tells the sad tale of a clown and the hidden meaning behind his painted on smile.
    Iron Butterfly - Belda-Beast (US 1969) San Diego's most famous psychedelic export at once shows us their musical virtuosity and willingness to experiment with sound, mood and texture on this epic number.

    The Mothers of Invention - Sleeping in a Jar (US 1969) Frank Zappa and his band of freaks at their prime, offering a quick bizarre ditty that only they could pull off.

    Fever Tree - Ninety-Nine And A Half  (US 1968) A prolific outfit from Houston, Texas that produced four albums of jammed out psychedelia which perfectly shows the twist Texas bands put on the emerging underground sound.

    Tin Tin - Family Tree (UK 1970) UK pop duo that released two albums during their brief four year career, the first of which was produced by Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees and from where this incredible pop-psych nugget is taken.

    Little Boy Blues - Seed of Love (US 1968) A Chicago based group of freaks that produced a handful of singles and one album for Fontana of which this moody bassline driven track is taken.

    Sacred Guest Set:

    The Children - Beautiful (US 1968)

    Mecki Mark Men - Love Feeling (US 1968)

    Manpower - Puella! Puella! (Woman! Woman!) (US 1969)

    Mr. Flood’s Party - Advice (US 1969)

    The Mandrake Memorial - To A Lonely (US 1968)

    The Shocking Blue - Love Buzz (Netherlands 1970)

    The Cyrkle - She Was Here (US 1967)

    The New Mix - The Man (US 1968)

    H.P. Lovecraft - Mobius Trip (US 1968)

    Summerhill - Follow Us (US 1969)

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    Episode 019: To Be Nineteen Again

    Episode 019: To Be Nineteen Again

    Episode 019: To Be Nineteen Again

    The Who - Our Love Was (UK 1967) One of the most famous exports from the UK who are more known for their bombastic 70's anthems, Pete Towsend and co spearheaded the mod sound and broadcast it to the world with their debut anthem "My Generation".  Their lone psychedelic effort "Sell Out" yielded gems such as this one, a tale of a love once stale that is now revived and soaring. 

    The Gibsons - City Life (Australia 1967) A snooty mod pop big city anthem with an inexplicable feline inspired middle eight by an little known outfit from Australia that relocated to the UK.  They released a handful of singles during their brief two year career.

    The Tony Hendrik 5 - Said My Say (Germany 1968) Quintessential freakbeat by this obscure band from Cologne, Germany that features a prolific singer-songwriter and producer at the helm.  They released one album and many singles during their career, all of which are worth investigating.

    The Creation - Midway Down (UK 1968) The UK's finest mod art combo and an unsung influence on many a guitar hero, this 1968 single - a cover of an even more obscure US psych act John Wonderling - catches the band winding down before their eventual demise.  This vivid single was the closest the band would get to psychedelia and is one of the last they'd record and release. 
    The Loot - Baby Come Closer (UK 1967) The sound and feel of this song captures the mood of the mod love song like no other.  A stomping beat and catchy riff lead way to a too cool to care vocal that still oozes a desire for his love's affection. The band would release stellar examples of the genre during their brief two year career.

    Spooky Tooth - Do Right People (UK 1968) A non-album b-side that shows just how serious this band's chops were, the Spooky's definitely took a page from Traffic's sound and turned it up a notch on this one.  One part bass and organ driven soul stomper and one part proto-prog mind melter, this is a perfect example of a band showing off it's roots while showing us a vision of the future.

    State of Micky and Tommy - With Love From 1 to 5  (UK 1967) A truly classic mod pop anthem by this clever duo and a song that deserved to be a hit worldwide.  This unsung duo only released two singles in their time, but both of such high quality that they are known as staples of the era and are often compiled.

    Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - Flames (UK 1967) Freakbeat in the truest sense in that this is essentially a turned up and blown out version of a Motown riff.  The classic eighth note bass notes that kick it off is an instant nod to their influences before launching the sound into the stratosphere.  The band's two albums are essential listening.

    The Twilights - Cathy Come Home (Australia 1967) One of the most prolific and successful bands from down under, this proto-powerpop number displays the wonderful songwriting and harmonies of this tight unit 

    Somebody's Image - Hide and Seek (Australia 1968) Another obscure Australian band that only released three singles during their time - of which this pop-sike beauty is their last - and featured a young Russell Morris who would go on to solo fame.

    The Consortium - The Day the Train Never Came (UK 1969) A shortened version of UK pop group The West Coast Consortium, this band released a handful of singles through the late 60's and early 70's that featured a pristine harmony pop sound as evidenced here.  The half time middle break is truly a stand out moment in an already magical genre.

    The Cedars - For Your Information (Lebanon 1968) Lebanon's prime freakbeat export that combined their native sound with the burgeoning UK freakbeat/pop-sike sound to great effect. 

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    Episode 018: Eighteen Reasons to Forget

    Episode 018: Eighteen Reasons to Forget

    Episode 018: Eighteen Reasons to Forget

    The Groop - Woman You're Breaking Me (Australia 1967) A fine beat combo from down under that produced three albums and a handful of singles during their brief three year career.  With it's stomping beat and frenetic pace , this title track from their final album together may be the group's finest moment.

    The Rugbys - You, I (US 1969) A tough and scorching number from a Louisville, KY obscurity that scraped the bottom of the charts with this single, they also produced one album of proto-hard rock that is worth investigating before splitting up.

    Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke & Sasafrass (US 1969) This San Antonio, Texas band is most famous for this single, which is arguably one of the finest examples of American hard psych.  From it's feedback intro to the blistering riff that kicks it off, this single packs more in two and a half minutes than most albums of the time even attempted.  After one LP for the International Artists label, they'd undergo a name change to Demian and further mine the hard rock path on their sole album for ABC Records.

    The Balloon Farm - A Question of Temperature (US 1967) Walking the fine line between garage and hard rock comes this classic American single from an NYC outfit that produced only two singles.  The psychedelic hints also further cements the genre bending the band exudes with this single

    The Attack - Magic in the Air (UK 1967) An unreleased single from one of the UK's finest freakbeat bands.  Their entire catalog is solid and perfectly illustrates the progression from R&B beat combo to acid drenched psychedelia that most bands went through.

    Wimple Winch - Atmposhpere (UK 1967) Another contender for freakbeat kings of the UK is this motley bunch, whose riffs were years ahead of their time.  Juxtaposing a brutal hard rock section against a bridge reminiscent of the Beach Boys is just one of the many things this band executed flawlessly.  After a handful of singles they'd eventually morph into the more prog minded Pacific Drift.

    Eire Apparent - The Clown (UK 1968) One of the few bands that can boast of having their debut album produced by Jimi Hendrix, Eire Apparent released one of the finest UK psych albums that often goes overlooked for more rarer yet not as musically adept work.  This twisted ode to a clown features incredible backwards guitar work and a smokin' heavy rhythm section. 

    Majority One - Get Back Home (UK 1969) This UK band made their name across the continent as The Majority before a relocation to France and a name change to Majority One.  Their lone album features many fine pop-psych tunes, but nothing quite as searing as this single only b-side that shows them testing out the hard rock waters.

    The Nazz - Open My Eyes (US 1968) Todd Rundgren's first vehicle for his songwriting was this band that eventually scored a minor hit with this proto-power pop single.  The single stands as one of the finest psychedelic songs by an American band and also shows an obvious UK psych influence.  The phasing on the bridge alone warrants this one a place in the history books.

    Eric Burdon and The Animals - The Madman (UK 1968) This song was also released  as a single by Dantalian's Chariot - which featured a young Andy Summers who would go on to much success with The Police - and then mysteriously appeared in longer form with Eric Burdon on lead on his 1968 album Love Is.  This extended version stretches the original's demented groove into an eight minute acid drenched work out.

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    Episode 017: Seventeen Miles to the Sun

    Episode 017: Seventeen Miles to the Sun

    Episode 017: Seventeen Miles to the Sun

    The Association - Never My Love (US 1967) A huge hit for these Los Angeles pop chart regulars and the paradigm for what would become the “soft rock” sound with its clear and minimal production that leaves room to emphasize the vocal. The laid back and dreamy quality of this massive single perfectly captures the feeling of being in love and sets a mood that is distinctly California.

    The Peppermint Trolley Co - Baby You Come Rolling Across My Mind (US 1968) A Redlands, CA band that cut the original version of the Brady Bunch theme, the Trolleys specialized in breezy sunshine pop as evidenced on this lovely heartfelt tune from their only LP.

    The Beach Boys - Feel Flows (US 1971) Brian Wilson and Co. never quite recovered from the media fiasco that was Smile, but arguably, they wrote and released their finest material during the band’s decline in popularity in the 70’s. Afforded recording technology only few in the world could claim to own, their 70’s output sounds ahead of their time due to both the clarity of the production and their experiments with electronics and synthesizers, as can be heard on this stunning number - one that hundreds of rock bands would mimic in the 90’s.

    Harpers Bizzare - Witchi Tai To (US 1969) Santa Cruz sunshine pop masters that found early success with a few hits under their belt and featured a young Ted Templeman, who would go on to be a producer of many iconic pop hits. This sweet version of a Jim Pepper tune shows off both their soaring harmonies and the hallmark psychedelic production of the time.

    The Mamas and the Papas - Step Out (US 1971) Taken from the last album these legendary hit-makers would produce, this light and funky tune features a heavy rhythm by LA’s wrecking crew studio musicians that offsets the sugary vocals of the group. It makes one wonder what direction they would have pursued had they continued into the 70’s.

    The Millennium - It’s You (US 1968) The studio project of fearless pop experimentalist Curt Boettcher, these LA misfits featured a cast of songwriters and singers that could each hold their own as solo artists. This proto Buckingham-Nicks era Fleetwood Mac-esque stunner is taken from their only album which is a masterpiece of soft harmony laden pop-psych.

    Yes - Sweetness (UK 1969) The love affair between UK bands and the US west coast harmony pop bands proved a source of constant reciprocated inspiration for both camps. Before veering head first into prog territory, Yes dipped their toes into a more jammed out version of harmony pop as heard on this early original from their debut. More evidence can be heard on their lovely take on The Byrds I See You from the same LP. 
    The Orange Bicycle - Carry That Weight (UK 1969) Another west coast sound obsessed UK outfit that turns this Beatles classic into a proto Eagles harmony jam, they released one in LP in 1970 after a three year run of fine pop-psych singles.

    Ian Matthew’s Southern Comfort - Tonight (UK 1970) Mr. Matthews nailed the west coast harmony pop so perfectly that you’d think he was a Los Angeles native. This is no surprise, as his previous outfit The Fairport Convention arguably may be one of the first UK bands to take on the west coast sound as their own. This smooth number is years ahead of it’s time and foreshadows a sound that he and so many would take less than a decade later.

    Bread - It Don’t Matter to Me (US 1969) It’s only fitting to end this episode with a band whose sound would loom large over the 70’s. Bread’s ballads were extra personal, heartfelt and tender and foreshadowed both the sensitive singer-songwriter movement and AOR soft rock that would dominate the decade. Though the band featured three songwriters, David Gates was responsible for all of their singles and hits. 

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    Episode 016: When Sixteen Sirens Sing

    Episode 016: When Sixteen Sirens Sing

    Episode 016: When Sixteen Sirens Sing: A Celebration of Women in Music

    Elizabeth Cotten - Wilson Rag (US 1958)
    A self taught master of the guitar, Cotten played hers upside down - like Hendrix later would - and pioneered finger picking styles that would influence folk musicians for decades to come.

    Elyse Weinberg - Deed I Do (US 1969)
    Canadian singer-songwriter who moved to Los Angeles in the late 60's and quickly fell in with the canyon scene, her pal Neil Young not only spurred her move to the West Coast, but is also featured on her album from from which this stunning Bert Jansch cover is taken. 

    Judy Henske & Jerry Yester - Charity (US 1969)
    After cutting her teeth with two solo albums for Elektra in the early 60's, this versatile singer recorded the folk-psych masterpiece Farewell Aldebaren with her then husband Jerry Yester.  The album veers in all sorts of directions, but the center of it all is the intense voice of Henske as heard on this mini epic number.

    GTO's - Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation) (US 1969)
    Girls Together Outrageously are the inventors of the term "groupie" and a motley gang of women who formed a ballet art collective that opened for Frank Zappa around Los Angeles.  Zappa produced an LP for the Girls on his Straight record label, which is one of the most fascinating time capsules of late 1960's Los Angeles.

    The Goodees - A Little Bit of You  (US 1969)
    This Memphis band specialized in an updated "girl group" sound and scored a minor hit with their first single "Condition Red". This sweet love song is taken from their only album and captures the Goodees' sound perfectly.

    The Feminine Complex - Forgetting (US 1969)
    Also dabbling in girl group territory is this infectious song from these Nashville legends taken from their sole classic album Livin' Love.  The LP offers a variety of different sounds, from sultry ballads to acid rock, but their tight harmonies shine on this adorable pop tune.

    Minnie Riperton - Oh By the Way (US 1970)
    Minnie is a superstar who needs little introduction!  This tune is taken from her first solo effort Come Into My Garden which was produced by Charles Stepney - producer of her flagship band The Rotary Connection.  The album's sound is similar, even covering a few of their classics, but the spotlight is solely on Minnie and her incredible voice.

    The City - All My Time (US 1968)
    The City was the first vehicle for singer-songwriter Carol King, who would prove to be one of the greatest of her generation.  Their album Now That Everything's Been Said features many of King's early compositions as well her fantastic lead vocals.  This album cut shows that she is already a master of the aching love song this early in the game.

    Linda Perhacs - Sandy Toes (US 1970)
    A former dental assistant who was urged to sing by one her clients, Perhacs cut her debut Parallelograms in 1970.  Disappointed by the sound of the vinyl at the time, she then returned to a life away from the music business before returning with follow up albums more than 30 years later after her album became a cult classic.

    Penny Nichols - Look Around Rock (US 1968)
    Orange County singer-songwriter who released one album from which this beautiful song  - featuring an incredible jazz inspired middle section - is taken .

    Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel (US 1971)
    Folk singer with a haunting voice reminiscent of Billy Holiday, Dalton was an integral part of the Greenwich Village folk scene that inspired so many to pick up a guitar and sing.  Both of her albums are essential listens.

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15 Ratings

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