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Tips, tricks and expert interviews to share everything you need to know to have fun making your own fabulous clothes

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Tips, tricks and expert interviews to share everything you need to know to have fun making your own fabulous clothes

    047: How to use Value & Colour Contrast to Look Fabulous

    047: How to use Value & Colour Contrast to Look Fabulous

    I'm so excited to share this week's episode with you as it is one of the topics that I have personally struggled with (and continue to work on) and that is understanding how to combine colours to create outfits that feel amazing.

    So when I want to learn more about anything style related I turn to the fabulous style gurus that have joined me on the podcast and this week it is a delight to welcome back Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style.

    Imogen was the first person to introduce me to the concept of picking colours and fabrics that mirrored my facial features such as hair, skin, eyes and lips, picking up the properties of those features such as colour and texture.

    When I recently discovered the impact of value and colour contrast I knew I had to share it with you as it is such a simple yet powerful way of designing and planning what you make to have maximum impact.

    In this episode you will hear:
    > What Value and Colour Contrast are
    > Why some colours and colour combinations work for you and why some don't
    > How to discover your own level of value contrast
    > How to create outfits that reflect and match your value contrast
    > How Disney princesses can help us understand colour contrast and how to identify your optimum colour contrast
    > How to combine colours and neutrals to perfectly suit you
    > How to use colour and value contrast to pick the best patterned fabrics for your makes
    > and much more!

    Useful Links and Resources:
    > Amazon: Colour Wheel
    > Insideoutstyleblog: 3 Steps to finding your ultimate contrast levels
    > Insideoutstyleblog: Understanding colour contrast and putting outfits together
    > Insideoutstyleblog: Getting Your Head Around Value and Contrast – the Celebrity Version
    > Related episode: 002: Use your face to pick your fabric
    > Sew Much More Fun Guide: Fabric Harmony Framework Guide (free pdf download)

    If you enjoy this episode please be sure to share it and to leave a review to help others find us. And I always love to hear about you trying out what you pick up from these great interviews so do let me know by DM on Instagram or via the Sew Much More Fun Website or Facebook Group!

    Connect with Imogen Lamport:
    Website address: https://insideoutstyleblog.com/
    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/InsideOutStyleBlog/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/insideoutstyleblog/

    Connect with me:
    Website | www.sewmuchmorefun.co.uk
    Instagram | instagram.com/sewmuchmorefun

    Thank you so much for listening and for all your support. x

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    046: Finding patterns and more In A Haystack!

    046: Finding patterns and more In A Haystack!


    Do you get overwhelmed when you try to search for new pattern and fabric ideas? Well if you do you are not alone. Lots of the dressmakers I speak to say that they can find it challenging to stay on top of the new pattern designers and fabric shops that are popping up all the time.

    So I was doing a bit of my own research to find out what I could do to help and I came across In A Haystack. This a digital subscription service that does all the legwork for you and each month presents you with a focused themed pack that includes a digital sewing pattern and so much more.

    I was intrigued and so my guest this week is the wonderful Kate, the founder of In A Haystack to tell us all about it.

    What you will hear in this episode:
    > Why Kate set up In A Haystack
    > What is included in her digital subscription Haystack Packs
    > How her background as a researcher helps her save you & I time
    > Examples of what has been included in recent packs
    > How a monthly focus can help you reduce sewing overwhelm
    > The benefits of having a monthly digital subscription and how it can boost your creativity

    Useful Links and Resources:
    In A Haystack resources
    > In A Haystack Subscription
    > Carly's Haystack Pack Challenge
    > Tyla's Using Every Scrap blog post

    Patterns mentioned
    > Josie Bra - Made My Wardrobe
    > Fleur Pinafore - Untitled Thoughts
    > Lily Top - Experimental Space
    > Lynn Skirt & Pinafore - Vanessa Hansen Studio

    Directories and forums
    > The Foldline - pattern shop, blog and more
    > Patternreview.com - pattern forum and reviews
    > Curvy Sewing Collective pattern collection forum and reviews

    Instagrammers and hashtags
    > @sewistandthecity -  Sewing Bee Style Challenge #sewingbeestyle
    > #MeMadeMay & #MeMadeMay2021

    Kate is kindly offering all Sew Mindful listeners 20% off your first Monthly Digital Sewing pack! Simply enter the code SEWMINDFUL to receive your discount.  Code is valid until 31 July 2021.

    I found this episode so useful and I hope you do too. If you enjoy it then please remember to subscribe on your podcast app and leave a review as that really helps other like-minded lovelies to join us.

    Thank you so much for listening!

    Connect with Kate (In A Haystack):
    Website: https://inahaystack.co.uk
    Instagram: @in_a_haystack

    Connect with me (Jacqui):
    Website: https://sewmuchmorefun.co.uk
    Instagram: @sewmuchmorefun
    Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sewmuchmorefun)

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    045: Not using Tapes? Here's why you should!

    045: Not using Tapes? Here's why you should!

    CHANCE TO WIN a pack of Vlieseline Perfect Hem Tape!
    I am always on the lookout for ways to make my garments look more professional and so any opportunity to learn about how things are done in a manufacturing environment that I can bring into my home dressmaking excites me.
    This week I am delighted to welcome back the expertise of the wonderful Janet Kolle of Vlieseline to help me get genned up on the technology of tapes and how to apply them to our garments. 
    In this episode we discuss 10 fabulous Vlieseline tape products that can take your finished hand made clothes to that next level of professionalism and significantly improve the life of your special makes too. 
    We chat about:
    > the impact of not using tapes as seen in the Great British Sewing Bee
    > where tapes can be used
    > which tapes are suited to which applications and fabrics
    > the best products for no-sew hems
    > the best tapesto extend the life of your lovely garments
    > how tapes are used in clothing manufacture and how we can benefit from their research and technology
    Because Janet loves these products so much she wanted you to be able to try them too and so we have 10 packs of Vlieseline’s Perfect Hem tape to give away. 
    For your chance to win one of these packs click the link below and fill out your details. Competition closes at midday on the 9th June 2021.
    Useful links and resources:
    >  Sew Much More Fun Youtube Channel
    > H410 Interlining
    > Seam Tape Flexible
    > Bias Tape
    > Edge Tape
    > StretchFix
    > Framilastic
    > Waist Shaper
    > EdgeFix Tape
    > Perfect Hem Tape
    > Wundaweb
    > Bondaweb Tape
    > Quilt-A-Long 2021 - live weekly demos free of charge - https://www.facebook.com/VlieselineFreudenbergUK
    Connect with Janet Kolle & Vlieseline:
    Website: https://www.vlieseline.com/
    Instagram: @vlieseline_uk
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VlieselineFreudenbergUK
    Contact me (Jacqui):
    Website: https://sewmuchmorefun.co.uk
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sewmuchmorefun
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/sewmuchmorefun
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXz_TgNqzajtLC5cKXcbJew
     Thank you so much for listening!
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    044: So what is Mindful Embroidery anyway?

    044: So what is Mindful Embroidery anyway?

    Thank you so much for joining me again for another podcast episode. This week I am joined by the delightful Mary Broddle of Mary Broddle Embroidery.

    Mary is on a mission to share the well being benefits of embroidery.  It has made a dramatic impact on her own life, helping her to cope with disabling chronic illness and living in her own  lockdown before the world new what lockdown was. 

    I also believe in the power of any kind of craft and in particular sewing to help us feel better but you don't have to take my word for it.

    In this episode you will hear:
    > about Mary's background and how chronic illness changed her life direction and the role embroidery played
    > how Mary got started with embroidery
    > why learning to embroider is so fantastic to help you stop snacking or drinking too much wine
    > the types of TV programs to avoid when embroidering
    > what you'll be missing out on if you have never tried it
    > what Mindful Embroidery is
    > the background to Mindful Embroidery and the influence of Indian and Japanese stitching traditions
    > how Mary's Mindful Embroidery kits came into being and how you can hold of one
    > tips for using embroidery on  your own dressmaking makes

    "Try embroidery and don’t worry about whether you are doing it right.  Start with Mindful Stitching as a way to relax when you don’t have the time or energy to focus on dressmaking.  My kits provide you with everything you need to get started and can be kept in a bag next to your favourite chair, ready to pick up when you have 10 mins."  ...Mary

    If you are already a lover of embroidering then be sure to get in touch and let us know or pop a pic on instagram and tag Mary and me. And if you are inspired like I am to give it a go then please message us and let us know as we love to hear about your experiences.

    Useful links and resources:
    Mindful Stitching Kits are currently on an introductory offer, available through Mary's website shop. https://marybroddleembroidery.com/product/mindful-stitching-kits/

    Monthly hoop art course: https://marybroddleembroidery.com/courses/

    Contact Mary:
    Website: https://marybroddleembroidery.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marybroddleembroidery
    Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/marybroddle_embroidery/

    Contact me (Jacqui):
    Website: https://sewmuchmorefun.co.uk
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sewmuchmorefun
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/sewmuchmorefun

    Thank you so much for listening!
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    043: The Marmite of Fabrics - Bengaline

    043: The Marmite of Fabrics - Bengaline

    Hello! Thank you for joining me for another Sew Mindful chat. This week is another Fabric Focus. The last one we did was with the lovely Harriet Kjellman when we talked about Denim. If you haven't listened to Episode 35 then be sure to go back and check that out.

    So in this Fabric Focus session I have chosen a fabric that seems to divide opinion - Bengaline. It is a fabric that I discovered quite late on in my sewing journey and it was not at all what I expected. And it did take a while to grow on me.

    You didn't really see much of it around until fairly recently and now it is quite common to see it on the high street used in ready to wear trousers, capri pants, dresses and skirts.

    It has some great properties but there are some characteristics about it that are not to everyone's taste.

    In this episode you will hear:
    > the history of Bengaline
    > the defining features of Bengaline as a dressmaking fabric
    > the types of garment you can use it for
    > where to find patterns that are designed for use with Bengaline
    > how to work with Bengaline and what you need to be aware of
    > why some people aren't so keen on this fabric

    Useful links and resources:
    > Blog post- Imogen Lamport: How buying a tap changed the way I think about buying clothes
    > Blog post - Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow: Style Arc Bengaline Review
    > Pattern: Eva Dress by Eliza M
    > Blog post: What is Bengaline
    > Wikipedia: Bengaline
    > Blog Post: Sewing is Cool: Bengaline Fabric Care Instructions
    > Episode 35: Fabric Focus - Denim
    > Episode 36: Which is the right sewing machine needle
    > Bengaline Patterns: Style Arc
    > Roman: Bengaline Trousers
    > ASOS: Bengaline Trousers

    Connect with me:
    Website: https://sewmuchmorefun.co.uk
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sewmuchmorefun
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/sewmuchmorefun

    Thank you so much for listening!
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    042: The Power of Practice

    042: The Power of Practice

    Welcome and thank you so much for tuning in for this episode. This week I want to tackle a topic that I noticed myself struggling with and that is getting stuck in student mode, faffing and procrastinating. That was until I discovered the Power of Practice!

    Do you suffer from any of these? Do you watch hours of youtube videos, or attend lots of courses, or maybe start but don't finish lots of projects?

    Well that was me. I found myself doing all of these and not actually feeling like I was making progress. In fact I felt the opposite - overwhelmed by all the new information and guilty for never seeming to finish anything.

    So in this episode you will hear:
    > how lessons from the film The Matrix helped me break my cycle of procrastination
    > how you can spot the signs of being stuck in this mode
    > why watching the video or reading the book isn't enough
    > the power of putting into practice
    > 10 steps to take effective action, stop the faff and ditch the guilt

    Useful links and resources:
    > The Power of Practice Workbook
    > Wikipedia: The Matrix
    > Youtube: The Matrix - I know Kung Fu

    If you do take action and want to be accountable then be sure to contact me via the website or DM as I'd love to hear about your experiences.

    Connect with me:
    Website: https://sewmuchmorefun.co.uk
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sewmuchmorefun
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/sewmuchmorefun

    Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sewmuchmorefun)

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4.6 out of 5
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14 Ratings

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PLEASE come back!! 🪡🧵

I just found your podcast…such a great selection of casts to listen too, I’ve enjoyed each one I've played!! I hope you’re just on a little break and will be back soon!! Educational, entertaining AND such a delight to listen to! 😊

Themumslounge ,

Hey it’s Michelle from Annabelles email

Hi this is Michelle, Annabelle emailed me about helping you with your podcast but never heard back from you but great work on getting yours going. I moved platforms so if you ever need advice reach out I’ve been podcasting since December 2019 and I’ve seen and been through a lot. Like how to make money and platforms sponsors so on. You can ask Annabelle for my email and I am also a dress designer so we have a lot in common. Take care and great work again.
Michelle Windle
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