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In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

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In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

    Off Leash Freedom

    Off Leash Freedom

    In this week’s episode, we discuss: Off-Leash Freedom!    

    Did you hear about our 7-day challenge where we discuss achieving your off-leash freedom dream?

    Check it out at https://absolutedogs.me/transformationpath.
    For only £7/$10, this is one challenge you do not want to miss. 

    We dive into what it means to reward your dog and the secret we want to share… It’s not about the food! It’s about the relationship you’re growing AND how playing games with your dog can bring your dog joy… which in turn will transform their behaviour into great choices, rather than naughty choices that can be so very tempting. 

    Listen to today’s top tip tennis on creating a training plan for your dog for off-leash freedom, encouraging your dog to hang out with you rather than running off with sudden selective hearing, and use the world to reinforce your dog so that they think being with you is cooler than what the world has to offer. 

    Can your dog hang out with you! Learn how to get a YES.
    Can your dog ignore distractions? Embrace a future full of ABSOLUTELY! 
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    Adolescent Dogs

    Adolescent Dogs

    In this week’s episode, we discuss: Adolescent Dogs & Solutions!   
     Why is your adolescent dog suddenly:
    More distractedUnable to focusLess able to settleMore reactive on walksLess obedient in generalFind out why your teenage dog seems committed to ignoring requests for behaviours they were adept at before… 
    Discover why your dog is making undesirable choices that before they would have never considered before… 
    Find out what you can do, today, to overcome your adolescent dog struggles in today’s podcast. 
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    Reactive Dog Strategies

    Reactive Dog Strategies

    In this week’s episode, we discuss: Reactivity Struggles  
    Our podcast this week is all about supporting you in your reactivity struggles. We also hear from amazing students that share their reactive dog struggles and they also share their successes. 
    Your Naughty but Nice dog may have taken you on a journey full of learning and discovery. We are here to help you through that journey through the power of games. 
    Have a listen and grab your free Top 5 Tops for Helping Your Reactive Dog eBook (and maybe something else that is quite special!) at absolutedogs.me/nbnebook! 
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    Recall With Cake

    Recall With Cake

    In this week’s episode, we discuss: Recall with Cake! Seriously? Let’s find out!
    In this week’s episode, we talk on rebuilding your recall. Every dog in the world can have a great recall. Some with take longer than others and we’re going to delve into the common mistakes that people make when they’re working on their dog’s recall. 
    Say good bye to your dog…
    … running off… playing keep away … playing hide and seek (and not in a fun way!)… staring at you from a distance but unwilling to come any closerAnd so much more! Let’s build our recall cake from scratch and get excited cake (instead of the icing!). 
    Check out our Recall programme selections mentioned in this podcast:
     Whistle Recall – to grow your emergency recall in case your everyday recall fails
    30 Day Recall Rescue  – 30 days of games to rehabilitate or start your recall of the right way
    Sexier than a Squirrel Challenge  – develop value in proximity so that your dog always chooses to be near you
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    Should I Teach My Puppy A Sit Or A Down?

    Should I Teach My Puppy A Sit Or A Down?

    In this week’s episode, we discuss: What are the right foundations for your puppy?
    Every puppy is an individual and training should be approached with their unique personality and traits taken into consideration. Knowing what lights them up, what motivates them, and empowering them by providing them with many ways to be motivated in training can be essential. 
    With games-based training, we grow concepts with our puppies. We grow their joy and prepare them for the situations they will face in the world before we put them into those situations. These creates a dog that is confident in their choices and that has the information they need to know what you expect. 
    We mention a series of games in this podcast, and many are provided in the individual resources that you’ll receive with the link we’ve provided above and below. Get started on the right foot with your puppy with this super puppy resource bundle. 
    Get excited and jump into your puppy resources right now! https://absolutedogs.me/resources
    Give yourself and your puppy the gift of games with our AbsolutePuppy programme, with video learning and written learning that will take everything you discover within this bundle even further with instruction and insight that will guide you through every puppy struggle you might encounter. 
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    From Perfect Pup to Annoying Adolescent

    From Perfect Pup to Annoying Adolescent

    In this week’s episode, we discuss: Top tips and tricks to tackle ball obsession.
    In this week’s podcast, we play some top tips tennis on how you can turnaround those adolescent dog struggles. What can you do to rediscover that dog that existed before the chaos and craziness began?
    Our strategies are those that can be immediately applied after listening to this episode that will help to effectively reduce the behaviour right away. 
    Many naughty adolescent behaviours shouldn’t be practiced and that saying, “Practise makes perfect,” is where we need to make sure what’s being practised is something we want perfected (i.e., jumping on people should not be perfected 😉). 
    Listen for more super top tips on all of those common struggles, all relatable and all that can be transformed through games-based training. 
    Check out our Absolute Adolescence course
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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
195 Ratings

195 Ratings

Dynamo Deb ,

Helpful, Informative & Fun!

I love this podcast. At first I was hesitant, because Tom and Lauren's energies felt so chaotic to me. I kept tuning in tho, because I always walked away with a new tip or understanding. Now I look forward to each and every episode. These two are literally buzzing with ideas and are so enthusiastic about helping all dog owners fall in love with their role as a puppy parent. I love everything Absolute Dogs including this podcast!

MarisaLacy1996 ,


Wow. I just listened to a past episode about barking because my normally quiet dog started barking like crazy in our new apartment (we only moved yesterday! It’s a huge change). As a dedicated dog mom, I right away started to find ways to help my pup feel more comfortable in our new home. Thank god I found this podcast with such incredible trainers! I found my answer and so much more. Definitely my favorite new podcast and I’ll be listening to as much as I can!!!

Zephyrluna ,

Progressive dog training made accessible!

My journey with Absolute Dogs and the Sexier Than a Squirrel podcast started with a Naughty But Nice (NBN) rescue dog we fostered. At the time, I devoured all the newest science and training I could get my hands on to help her through her behavior issues. I quickly discovered that everything I knew about dog training and animal behavior has been completely upended within just the past few decades (granted, research has been out there far longer, it just hadn’t made its way into the dog training lexicon yet).
A lot of the best wisdom and advice out there is directed to the sport/working dog audiences though. It’s available for pet dog guardians, it’s just not as accessible.
Enter Sexier Than a Squirrel. What started as a hastily assembled online dog training challenge that dogs and their guardians could do under lockdown orders has turned into an incredible, accessible resource for pet parents and their pups (and sometimes cats or horses).
Although they can sound like they’re trying to sell you something, dog guardians can get a HUGE amount of value from free resources (like this podcast).
Enthusiastically recommended!

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