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In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results absoluteDogs

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In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

    Train Your Dog Like A Pro

    Train Your Dog Like A Pro

    The world is facing a shortage of dog trainers - specifically dog trainers equipped to deliver long-lasting, real-life results with an aversive-free approach. No cookie cutter strategies, but instead trainers able to adapt and modify their plan based on the unique needs of the dog in front of them - something that games-based trainers and concept trainers are able to do - and yet… there is a big need for more games-based trainers to do what they do best. Could this be you?
     You may be thinking, “There’s no way! Someone is more qualified..” Every dog trainer starts somewhere and if you are passionate about working with animals, working with dogs, you already have an incredible foundation to propel you to further dog training success. Have you already begun to homeschool your own dog? You can go from being a pro for your own dog to being a pro for dogs that truly need your passion to transform their lives. 
    Many dog owners are facing behaviour struggles with their dogs and are having a difficult time finding a trainer able to meet their dog where they’re at. This could even be you! 
    Do you already have a dog with behaviour struggles but you’re not quite sure where to turn? Have you sought out a trainer, perhaps even had one come to your home or you’ve travelled to them, and you’ve walked away from the session feeling worse than at the start…  Perhaps there were glimmers of hope, the behaviour stopped, but the path to get there, the strategies required to stop your dog’s behaviour, didn’t feel right. Listen to your gut! 
    The time is now. Train like a pro for yourself, for your own dog, and immerse yourself in something that has you feeling energised, passionate and excited!  Stay tuned for next week’s epic episode focused on something pretty spectacular that will give you your passion an exciting outlet. 
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    • 19 min
    Forever Young ft. Justin Prust

    Forever Young ft. Justin Prust

    What if you could stay youthful forever?
    Most of us would love to stay youthful, enjoy living our best life, and give ourselves, our family and our dogs, our best energy.

    Being forever youthful is less about age and more about vibe, energy and a mindset. Join us with Justin Trust as we share the actions that have helped us to be youthful forever from the inside out. 
    While many of the actions we take will be relatable and might inspire you to take action, also, there will be other steps you can take that speak to you on a different level. It can be easy to fall into patterns and habits that do not encourage you to thrive. Measuring progress is so essential. 
    Jump into this episode, leave a review for us, and share with us what was your biggest takeaway! 
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    • 36 min
    Celebrating Jasper

    Celebrating Jasper

    Jasper sparkled, in life and on camera, always ready to shine as he demonstrated the games he loved, the games that transformed him from a dog lacking confidence to the extraordinary dog he became. Jasper inspired thousands upon thousands of Gamechangers with his passion, his enthusiasm, and his story. 
    Today, we are celebrating his life, as we will do every day. Jasper may not be with us physically, but, as Michelle, his incredible (and just as tenacious) owner, shares, he is still here in so many ways. Join us in a celebration of everything he brought into her life, including an unexpected, and yet entirely fateful, journey from Bermuda to the UK so that he could become the ultimate teacher, not just for Michelle, but for the world. 
    Michelle reflects on the beginning of their journey together, as well as how she has discovered a new perspective, and a new appreciation. Jasper’s memory continues to push her in new directions. We know, without a doubt, that he will continue to inspire the world through the power of games, as Jasper X, the NBN dog that gave so many dog owners in so many countries hope that their dog could be their very best version of themselves, too, just like Jasper.  
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    • 33 min
    Stop Your Dog Barking!

    Stop Your Dog Barking!

    Barking! Barking! Barking!
    Whether it is:
    In the carAt random noisesAt the postmanIn excitement or in frustrationOut the windowAt visitorsBarking can lead to all kinds of conflict, with neighbours, in relationships and can even get local authorities involved. 
    While dogs barking is a natural behaviour, there is nuisance barking and we have the perfect training plan prepared for the dog owners that want to prioritise reducing barking in their home and whilst out and about with their dog.
    Alongside some really easy to implement tips and strategies in this barking focused episode, we also have an announcement.
    Get excited! Our Stop Barking! Mini-Course with 5 epic lessons focused on skilling up your dog and 5 equally awesome lessons focused on skilling up you will help you overcome your barking struggles with fun, effective training. 
    Go to http://absolutedogs.me/stopbarking to get involved today for just £27/$36. 
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    • 18 min
    The Power of Thinking Differently ft. Justin Prust

    The Power of Thinking Differently ft. Justin Prust

    Have you ever wanted to break away from the norm, challenge your thinking and step outside of the box the world might have placed around you?
    In this episode, personal and executive coach, and entrepreneur Justin Prust is back, joining our very own Lauren Langman in a truly thoughtful deep dive into how thinking differently and changing the way we frame our own thoughts can have a huge impact on our personal lives, our careers, the lives of loved ones around us and certainly when it comes to training our dogs!
    Listen in as Lauren and Justin cover top tips such as:
    Reframing your thoughtsGoing with and trusting your gutBecoming flexible and pivoting your thinkingLooking at things in different waysAsking intentional questionsBreaking the mould and making your own rulesWelcoming a little discomfort to embrace great changeWith this episode of the Sexier Than A Squirrel Podcast, we’re going to help you take the reins of your own thoughts, step outside your comfort zone and reframe your thinking to grow yourself into a more intentional and thoughtful person. You are not going to want to miss this one!
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    • 45 min
    Dog Training Provides A Mental Health Boost

    Dog Training Provides A Mental Health Boost

    Our dogs can give us purpose, they provide us with opportunities to be present, and so much more. While in this episode we're talking about how training our dogs, enjoying our dogs and spending time with our dogs can improve our mental health, we also touch on how our dogs can do quite the opposite. 
    Going out for a walk with our dogs, going out on the beach, on an off-lead (or on-lead) walk and being in the moment can provide us with such an amazing outlet that will give us an optimism boost, and a mental health boost. Playing games, focusing on the fun and laughter, can bring us out of darker moments where we're struggling. 
    How does your dog help you enjoy more experiences, experiences you may not have enjoyed without that dog in your life? If you have a dog that tests you, what can you do to overcome what could be a broken relationship and unlock the ultimate real-life results? We have a few tips for you to get a dog-inspired mental health boost. 
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    • 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
206 Ratings

206 Ratings

sunnydaymountain ,

Grateful to be learning from T&L

Found this during a hard week of learning how to raise my pup Peako. Love this podcast - I pair it with Sexier Than a Squirrel training and feel very supported. I learn something new in each short episode and also learn their underlying approach better, which is present in all their teachings. They are clear, consistent, positive, and so helpful. Peako’s happy behavior at the moment is Middle! Thank you so much!

Jada2424 ,

Not so much a podcast, as an advertisement for online sales.

Admittedly, I only listen to one episode, and got a single training tip and bombarded with tantalizing tidbits about how much more info I could get from their website.
Hard pass for me.

Dynamo Deb ,

Helpful, Informative & Fun!

I love this podcast. At first I was hesitant, because Tom and Lauren's energies felt so chaotic to me. I kept tuning in tho, because I always walked away with a new tip or understanding. Now I look forward to each and every episode. These two are literally buzzing with ideas and are so enthusiastic about helping all dog owners fall in love with their role as a puppy parent. I love everything Absolute Dogs including this podcast!

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