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Laugh and learn with Emily Aborn sharing the stories of successful businesswomen in NH who are on a mission to change the world!l

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Laugh and learn with Emily Aborn sharing the stories of successful businesswomen in NH who are on a mission to change the world!l

    Flipping the Sales Script with Charlene "Ignites" DeCesare

    Flipping the Sales Script with Charlene "Ignites" DeCesare

    We've all likely been on the receiving end of those icky sales emails, ice cold LinkedIn messages, and mass Facebook Messenger sends. Today, we talk with Charlene DeCesare, of sales advisory firm, Firewalk Sales, about how to flip the script when it comes to your sales emails and language in general. 
    Today's episode highlights: 
    Flipping your own script from "Have To" and "Get To" 
    Our upcoming She Built This event
    A look at some of the different personas that we can be guilty of in our sales emails and conversations and how to turn the beat around
    How your language gives away your mindset
    Charlene's productivity tips including the Focus Keeper App
    Details on her book, The Email Cemetery:
    Where Bad Sales Emails Go to Die, and How to Resuscitate Yours.

    More info on her next book!  
    How she is having fun these days on TikTok! 
    Charlene can be found online at: 
    And of course... TikTok which I still have no idea how to use ;) 

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    "Be Thankful" with NaughtyGood Woman of the Month: Sheila Holmes

    "Be Thankful" with NaughtyGood Woman of the Month: Sheila Holmes

    Join your host, Emily Aborn, in a collaboration with Lindsay Taylor of NaughtyGood Bites as we bring you the NaughtyGood face of November, Sheila Holmes. Sheila was chosen as the nominee for showing up and being her thankful, grateful, joyful self for the theme "Be Thankful". Sheila was nominated by Heather Heigis. 
    Each month, NaughtyGood Bites chooses a woman that was nominated by another in conjunction with a monthly theme. To nominate the NaughtyGood woman in your life, visit their website here. 

    Today we introduce you to Sheila, owner of Halos Hair Salon and Meraki Therapeutic Massage. 
    Sheila has been the successful owner of Halos since 1995, cutting and styling hair—making her clients feel confident and beautiful when they walk out her door. Sheila’s experience as a stylist and her genuine and giving spirit, continually turned first-time clients into long-time and loyal patrons.
    In 2001, Shelia began exhibiting symptoms of Lyme disease, which went undiagnosed for quite some time before finally landing on a viable treatment.
    In 2018, Sheila began having problems with her vision, ultimately being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that impaired her vision enough she could no longer drive and made daily tasks that much more difficult... including cutting hair.
    This did not stop Sheila. Due to her impaired vision, she was forced to give up her love of cutting hair, but not her love of helping people feel their best. Sheila went back to school and brought massage therapy to her salon—where she can now rely on touch, and not sight—to bring beauty to her clients.
    When asked what “be thankful” means to her, Sheila responded: “I am thankful for what I have learned about the human spirit and the strength, weakness and survival of my own. I am thankful for the ability to now FEEL a person's intentions—their compassion, understanding and judgments in any given situation. This is a gift. I am visually unable to see a smile, but I can sense it. I am literally forced to trust my instincts and feelings. I am now able to FEEL the kind-hearted humans that I am so blessed to have all around me.”
    Sheila has made a career and life out of making people feel confident and beautiful. Her challenges have not defined her... they have inspired her and made her an example to us all—wake up every day and be thankful for what you do have... life is plentiful!

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    Cross This Off Your To-Do List

    Cross This Off Your To-Do List

    Here is your permission slip to rest, stop forcing, and give yourself a much-needed break... even before you get tired! 
    In this super duper short episode, I share about my new M.O. in how I am approaching rest and taking TIME. And how sometimes, it's OK to cross things right off that list when they do not need to be there in the first place. 
    I also share my top-secret wish-making formula, which thus far has not let me down! 

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    Website Tips to Grow Your Biz', with Robyn White

    Website Tips to Grow Your Biz', with Robyn White

    Does everyone need a website? And if so, WHY?
    What are some of the common mistakes people make when creating a website? 
    What are some things that MUST be included in our websites? 
    Wonder no more. My guest today, Robyn White of Time to Task answers these questions and more!
    We talk about the importance of:  
    1. Having a clear call to action 2. Keeping things simple3. Having a mobile-responsive website And more!
    Join the She Built This VIP Group! 
    Link to CEO Live
    SBTSAVE30 for $30 off your ticket, before November 11th 

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    Cue the Confetti... it's HERE!

    Cue the Confetti... it's HERE!

    Tune in to today's She Built This podcast to hear our big announcement! 
    The She Built This VIP group "OPEN sign" has officially been flipped and we are ready for you to take a seat and join us and as we grow, collectively, to the next level!This is an invitation to join us as a VIP Founding Member and get in on the ground floor as we build this exclusive community providing you with support, resources, connection, inspiration, visibility, education, and more!
    Learn more and join us HERE! 

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    Where You've Been, Where You Are, and Where You're Going

    Where You've Been, Where You Are, and Where You're Going

    I missed you! I took a week off from the podcast to do some reflection, future planning, and mapping, and I was raring to go to record another episode. 
    In today's episode, I share: 
    The power of a single dollar 
    Three activities for you to do right now as you prepare for the rest of the year and begin to think of the coming year. By looking at your accomplishments, taking stock of past clients and experiences, current clients, and asking the right questions, you will have a roadmap to use for whatever it is that you want to build in the coming year! 
    What is coming up on the podcast for the rest of the year.
    Links Mentioned in the Episode: 
    Please help me by donating to my Best Buddies NH campaign and help me and my Mission Partner, Kristen, to be Champion of the Year 2020 HERE. Every dollar counts! 
    I am still searching for Corona Confessions, feel free to submit them to me here: emily@emilyaborn.com
    Contact me for a messaging and content strategy session or join me in the Peer Groups and get involved! www.emilyaborn.com 

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4.7 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

goodtimesprgirl ,

Thought provoking - and hilarious!

I adore Emily Aborn, and she never ceases to make me laugh out loud and almost spill out my coffee. Her episodes are timely and always contain insightful nuggets that us listeners can apply in our businesses right away. Keep the episodes coming!

LizL1111 ,


I listened to my first SBT podcast and immediately listened to my second! Emily’s podcast feels like sitting down with an old friend to learn, listen and reflect. Looking forward to #3

Bugsy James ,

The She Built This Podcast is EVERYTHING!

I’ve been a member of the She Built This Community for some time now and find tremendous value in Emily’s take on entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful. I recently discovered the podcast and I’m hooked! Her stories are so relatable - both as a human and entrepreneur. She has great advice and interesting guests. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to listen in each week! Thanks Emily, I’m so glad to have you in my network!

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