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Ready to break up with burnout and shatter a few glass ceilings along the way? The SheBurns Podcast is full of inspiration and hot cool practical self-care strategies you’ll love.

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Ready to break up with burnout and shatter a few glass ceilings along the way? The SheBurns Podcast is full of inspiration and hot cool practical self-care strategies you’ll love.

    S3 Bonus Episode 10: Fearlessness and Authenticity in Business

    S3 Bonus Episode 10: Fearlessness and Authenticity in Business

    As women, we’re all too familiar with gender bias and inequality in the corporate world, with ‘finance’ and ‘tech’ being notorious boys’ clubs. Then imagine the impossible challenge of being a queer woman of color, breaking into venture capitalism.
    It’s not enough to get a seat at the table; we need a ticket to the line for a chance to be at the door and maybe in the room – let alone a seat at the table.
    But could fearlessness and authenticity be the key to more women taking the lead in finance, tech and the entrepreneurial stage?
    In this episode, we talk to the inspiring Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital and Hire Runner. Having raised nearly $30 million for over 200 startups led by people of color and LGBTQ founders, she shares insights on taking your rightful seat at the table and creating a bigger table for those who come after.
    Listen, and see where fearlessness and authenticity take you in life.
    SO WHAT’S THIS EPISODE REALLY ABOUT:How fearlessness and authenticity took Arlan from homelessness to venture capitalist How to navigate the world as a queer black woman in tech and finance The importance of a mentor and the no-fluff advice that will accelerate your businessHow knowing oneself is the key to breaking the burnout cycleThe deep self-work it takes to understand the warning signs and triggers that you’re about to burnoutHow living you unapologetically, in all facets of yourself, is enough. 
    WHY YOU SHOULD LISTENAs women, especially women of color, the door of opportunity is often closed when it comes to our entrepreneurial dreams. In this episode, we learn when to break down the door, when to build your own, and how being fearlessly and unapologetically yourself is the key to your dream life.
    YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT“You can’t be carrying everybody on your back. It’s not fair to you.” – Arlan Hamilton
    “Putting your mouth behind your money behind what you’re saying.” – Arlan Hamilton
    “Knowing your boundaries and what you’re not going to take, and then doing that, is important.” – Arlan Hamilton.
    “What do I owe people is the answer to what I owe myself.” - Arlan Hamilton
    “I wish I would have known that actions are everything.” – Arlan Hamilton.

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    S3 Bonus Episode 9: Work & Motherhood After Burnout

    S3 Bonus Episode 9: Work & Motherhood After Burnout

    For more tips and tricks purchase my best-selling book, 'Hello, Head, Meet Heart' on Amazon now:
    The expectations placed on women to be perfect in all areas of life, including work and motherhood, are leading to a culture of burnout. But why do we put so much pressure on ourselves, and how can we prevent, understand, and recover from burnout?
    As women, we internalize burnout; it’s not just a lack of something; we feel like a failure in every aspect of life. We tear ourselves apart, digging ourselves deeper into the burnout abyss.
    But what if we didn't…
    What if we could unpack all the nuances of burnout?What if, instead of punishing ourselves, we used it as an opportunity to take a much-needed internal audit?What if this was the invitation to know ourselves even better and create life-long habits and practices supporting us in every arena?And what if we started seeing burnout as the direct cause of not looking after ourselves and prioritizing our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being?
    In this episode of the SheBurns podcast, we talk to Nikki Lau, the founder of Illuminate Development and Wisdom for Working Moms, dedicated to supporting career-driven women in balancing their work and family life sustainably and successfully without sacrificing their well-being.
    Nikki shares her 10-year journey of recovering from burnout in her career and motherhood. She candidly discusses her experiences and how she overcame the internal struggle of burnout by embracing discomfort, rethinking her narratives around success and identity, and prioritising self-care and self-acceptance. 
    Listen, and let’s start seeing burnout as a wake-up call rather than a failure.

    So what’s this episode really about:
    The unrealistic expectation of ‘perfection and sacrifice’ for women in all aspects of life, from career to relationships and motherhood.Understanding the relationship between poor well-being and burnout.Encouraging women to prioritize themselves as a direct antidote to burnoutRedefining success and turning inward to address the root causes of burnout without self-blame or judgment.Building daily, weekly, and monthly habits and rituals that connect the person with their body, better identifying and managing the symptoms of burnout.Strategies to embrace all aspects of your womanhood that light you up without burning out.

    Why you should listenAs women, mothers and talented people with so much to offer the world, we deserve to be in the arena. We deserve to take up space and live meaningful, fulfilled lives that embrace what we love, both at home and work, which means an end to toxic perfectionism, martyrdom, and never feeling good enough. 

    This episode encourages you to go inwards, championing self-care, well-being and a redefined version of success as the antidote to burnout.

    You can quote me on that
    “I'm a career-driven woman. I love my work. But I also love my family. And I want to show both sides of my identity in a way that feels fulfilling, but also lights me up without burning out.” - Nikki Lau.

    “I kind of saw self-care as a luxury, and I now see it as self-preservation. And I learned through that experience that when you lose your well-being, it doesn't matter what else you've got, right? I couldn't be there for my children. I live in a beautiful house. I couldn't enjoy that. You know, I couldn't go out with friends. So it doesn't matter what else you've got.” - Nikki Lau.

    "A lot of my practices are about bringing me back into my body. Because actually, there were a lot of little warning signs along my burnout journey that I would...

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    S3 Episode 8: Activating “happy” at work

    S3 Episode 8: Activating “happy” at work

    These days, both men and women have a great deal more freedom when it comes to defining – and redefining – our career paths. 
    The problem with having more freedom is that it tends to cause decision paralysis, particularly in those of us who aren’t sure exactly what we want or how to get there. 
    Add to that the fact that our skills don’t always align with our interests, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for confusion. 
    The good news is, since the pandemic tipped the scale, job applicants have been in high demand, giving them greater freedom to make decisions – and wherever guidance is needed, a good career coach is a must. 
    Known as the career activator, Madelyn Mackie is among the best in the career coaching business, with expertise spanning the job search process from “applied” to “hired”. 

    During COVID, job applicants decided it was time to find a job that allowed for work-life balance and happiness, Madelyn’s business went into growth mode, and now, her advice can help you do the same. 

    Whether you’re working on defining the job you want, building your professional brand, or nailing the interview, Madelyn has got you covered with practical tips founded on personal experience. 

    In this episode of the She Burns podcast, Madelyn and Hannah talk all about the process of finding work that gives you happiness and fulfillment, from building networks to signing contracts.  

    So what’s this episode really about? 
    The real value in “talking up” the company you work for Four steps towards finding the right job for youTaking the “personal” out of business decisions The unexpected paths we take to find our dream jobs 

    Why you should listen 
    Many of us spend eight hours (or more) at work each day, and spending all that time in the wrong job can be seriously detrimental to our mental health. If you’re thinking about making a move and feeling unsure about how to navigate the process ahead, this episode will show you the way – and give you the nudge you need to make it happen. 

    Madelyn Mackie 


    You can quote me on that…
    “If you want to go far, go together. A lot of us – in our jobs and careers – [have] a lot of far places we want to go, and we’re going to need some help to do it.” - Madelyn Mackie 

    “Don’t be running away from something; run towards something.” - Hannah Austin 

    “The future of an organization  is succession planning because if you’re succession planning correctly, you probably don’t have to recruit as much externally, depending on the organization.” - Hannah Austin

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    S3 Episode 7: The 12 stages of burnout

    S3 Episode 7: The 12 stages of burnout

    Often, burnout comes in two waves: 
    Overworking – trying to do way too much in not enough time. Wilful ignorance – refusing to acknowledge that the status quo isn’t serving us, even when our bodies and minds start to self-destruct. 
    If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with the cognitive dissonance that often comes with leaving a once-loved situation or environment that has become toxic, you’ll know that this combination can be complicated and difficult to escape. 
    It gets even harder when we compare what we’re experiencing to what we assume others are going through, and inevitably decide that our experience isn’t “difficult enough” to warrant raising the white flag. 
    Still, many burnout sufferers will agree that it’s much easier to give advice to others than to take that advice for themselves and slow things down for their health, perhaps because they consider their work to be an integral part of who they are, and they’re afraid to lose it.
    The good news is, there are tools that can help with unraveling and defining those unhelpful behaviors, as well as strategies for confronting loud inner critics and setting effective goals – and if anyone knows about those things, it’s Dr Jacqueline Kerr. 
    A behavior scientist and burnout survivor, Dr Jacqueline researches health behavior change solutions for individuals and communities. After two decades in her career, she is on a mission to prevent burnout through comprehensive strategic planning for employee wellbeing and sustainable, impactful organizational change – and we think that’s worthy of ALL the airtime.  

    In this episode of the She Burns podcast, Hannah and Dr Jacqueline talk all things burnout, from the environments and belief systems to the darkness it can seed and grow. 

    So what’s this episode really about? 
    The value in perceiving burnout as an institutional rather than individual problem  What it means to bridge the gap between the internal and external worldHow our jobs tend to inform our identities The truth about suicidal ideation

    Why you should listen
    We could all do with more self-compassion, particularly during such a difficult time in world history – but, often, we have to take a few tumbles before we arrive at this realization. Dr. Jacqueline Kerr has been through many of these tumbles herself and come out stronger on the other side with plenty of wisdom to share. 

    Dr Jacqueline Kerr on LinkedIn
    How to stop burnout before it starts – Dr Jacqueline Kerr 
    A quick guide to behavior-based systems change for workplace burnout - Dr Jacqueline Kerr 

    You can quote me on that…
    “When [we] don’t believe in something or [we] think something should be changed, I feel like it is our responsibility to be a part of that change.” - Hannah Austin

    “We can have a lot more self-compassion [when] we know that the system and these multilevel influences, they’re not excuses – they’re actually reasons why behavior change is so hard.” - Dr Jacqueline...

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    S3 Episode 6: Burnout in the Bedroom

    S3 Episode 6: Burnout in the Bedroom

    In theory, maintaining a romantic relationship and a sex life is simple – and for some, it can be just as simple in practice, but it’s also very common to go through different phases. 
    No matter how strong your sexual connection with your partner is, burnout can kill your sex drive and dampen the sense of intimacy in your relationship. 
    Unsurprisingly, when it comes to dealing with physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, sex often goes out the window altogether – and although that’s a normal response, you don’t want it to become the norm for you. 
    Burnout doesn’t have to spoil your relationship with your partner, with yourself, or with anyone else. 
    Re-education is key – and the truth is, most of us have a lot to learn about the ins and outs of sex and intimacy, and after many years of study, Nicole Kammerlocher knows this better than most. 
    Having completed a Masters in Community Mental Health Counseling and further training in the AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists) Certification Program, Nicole has plenty of powerful insights on sex and intimacy to share. 
    In this episode, Nicole talks to Hannah about the modern challenges facing people in loving sexual relationships, and how we can keep our bonds strong. 

    So what’s this episode really about? 
    The difference between stress and stressors, and the impact of both on our sex livesImmediate actions you can take to alleviate stress  What makes for effective communication around sex and boundaries with your partner How to reignite the spark after experiencing burnout 

    Why you should listen 
    Sex is a basic human need and a central component to most happy, healthy romantic relationships, but it can also be an incredibly complex subject – particularly once burnout enters the picture. If you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) burnout and looking for advice on maintaining your connection with your partner, this episode is for you.   

    The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy 

    You can quote me on that… 

    “There’s no new normal to go back to – we’re trying to figure our new patterns and rewiring old behaviors.” - Hannah Austin 

    “One of the most important things to address with burnout is first separating the stress from the stressor. The stress is what is happening in your body – your body really ramps up to put all your power into dealing with the stressor.” - Nicole Kammerlocher

    “We are running modern software on ancient human firmware.” - Nicole Kammerlocher

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    S3 Episode 5: Putting Reserves in Play

    S3 Episode 5: Putting Reserves in Play

    In the SheShatters community, we know the power of a good metaphor – and fire is a particularly powerful one. 
    Cliches like “burning the candle at both ends” and “keeping the flame alive”, overused as they may be, have never been more important and relevant than they are today as burnout continues to spread. 
    That’s why we were so pleased when our latest guest, Dana LaVoie, raised a fiery metaphor of her own in a conversation about energy reserves and burnout in menopause. 
    As the Founder of Menopause Made Easy, licensed in accupuncture and herbal treatments, Dana has devoted her life to women’s health and eliminating symptoms of menopause. 
    Needless to say, she has come a long way since she first sought treatment for a persistent cough from a natural medicine practitioner. 
    The way Dana sees it, energy reserves are just like a candle, depleting over time – and the good news is that there are plenty of natural remedies that can slow the burn. 

    In this episode, Hannah and Dana talk about everything from the magic of ancient Chinese medicinal practices to the importance of replenishing rituals at every stage of life. 

    So what’s this episode really about? 
    The links between changing environments and energy depletion Why you need to preserve the energy in your immune system The subtle sign of burnout you need to look out for How women’s menopause symptoms are still being misdiagnosed The options available to women seeking hormone treatment 

    Why you should listen 
    If you’re not already into learning about energy and hormones, the whole space can seem pretty confusing – but Dana’s help, you’ll discover powerful new links between energy reserves, hormones, menopause and medicine. You’ll also pick up an amazingly simple recipe for Dana’s trademark hormone smoothie. 

    SheShatters Instagram
    See Dana's recipes here
    You can quote me on that…
    “So many of us, when we get on some kind of plan for feeling better, we're like, ‘This is working. That's it, I’ve found the solution.” We just think we're going to stay on that forever, but that's not the case – we need to update what we're doing to stay well.” - Dana LaVoie 

    “Stress is like a big hole in the bottom of your guest tank where all your energy reserves are leaking out.” - Dana LaVoie 

    “When you're burned out, and you're depleted, you don't have anything left for yourself, let alone your partner, [so you lose] intimacy, sex, and connection.” - Hannah Austin 

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