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The business podcast that shares the stories of inspirational women entrepreneurs who have left their soul-crushing 9 to 5 jobs for a life of freedom. If you’re ready to build the life you’ve been dreaming of, stay tuned as we dig deep into what it takes to turn into a true entrepreneur!

She Turned Entrepreneur Dori Stewart

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The business podcast that shares the stories of inspirational women entrepreneurs who have left their soul-crushing 9 to 5 jobs for a life of freedom. If you’re ready to build the life you’ve been dreaming of, stay tuned as we dig deep into what it takes to turn into a true entrepreneur!

    Here’s a HomeVestors Franchisee’s Best Advice: Love Real Estate? Don’t Delay!

    Here’s a HomeVestors Franchisee’s Best Advice: Love Real Estate? Don’t Delay!

    Are you one of those people who love real estate, would love to invest but don’t know how to get in the game? The HomeVestors franchise network may be just the point of entry you need and for more reasons than you might imagine. As featured on this episode of She Turned Entrepreneur, the Dallas-based cash home buying network offers differentiators that make it an industry standout with some 1,200 franchisees across 170 U.S. markets. Tanice Myers, a franchise owner in Spokane, WA, shares her journey from tech sales to real estate entrepreneur and Lauren Midgley, Franchise Growth Director at HomeVestors, highlights the many benefits of affiliating with “We buy ugly homes” brand.

    Franchisees buy homes in distress, “as is” and for cash, offering sellers a gentle and stress-free alternative to marketing their problem homes. The model provides HomeVestors owners a full complement of training tools and support, including intensive field support from knowledgeable Development Agents, lead generation and access to preferred lenders willing to finance up to 100% of purchase and repairs. Additionally, the franchise network itself is a tremendous resource and source of support for entrepreneurs just starting out.

    Could you be a good fit? Lauren shares some of the characteristics (like empathy and people skills) that make for ideal franchise owners. Women tend to do great and real estate experience is in no way a requirement.

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    Here are key takeaways from the conversation:
    • Branding is everything! Mascots and catchy logos go a long way toward visibility!
    • Developing a reputation and profile is gold when it comes to differentiating.
    • When it comes to franchises, competitors are up against a proven system that gives customers confidence.
    • At the end of the day, sales is more about you than what it is you’re selling!
    • Franchise models offer a network of resources and shared experience that is unavailable to independent businesses.
    • Have your eye on a franchise opportunity, but lack the core skill set? Consider hiring someone with the expertise to help you establish the business.
    • Franchise models offer a great way to take an entrepreneurial risk while benefiting from the support of a tried-and-true network and system.

    Here’s a quick look into the episode:
    • About Lauren’s franchising background as well as her work as an author and professional speaker specializing in business coaching for small businesses.
    • About Tanice’s experience prior to becoming a HomeVestor franchisee, including 23 years of technology sales at the enterprise level. She loved it but was in search of something different, and especially something with a real estate bent.
    • What is HomeVestors? They buy houses in ugly situations! Formed in 1996, the company purchases properties from owners who want a fast sale and instant cash.
    • HomeVestors has about 1,200 franchisees in 170 markets across the country with 125,000 homes acquired over the past two decades. They are the No. 1 cash homebuyer.
    • A day in the life of a HomeVestor franchisee looks like:
    o It’s variable!
    o You can be an independent/individual owner or grow a team.
    o Initially it’s about taking phone calls and generating leads on “ugly homes.”
    o Field work to understand the market and scout properties.
    o Milestones and timelines are an important component of successful operations.
    • Real estate decisions are made at the franchisee level, so individual owners choose whether to flip, hold or rent properties.
    • About the competition: Lauren says there’s lots – and HomeVestors doesn’t mind. It pushes both franchise owners and the company as a whole to look for differentiators and push themselves to build upon and leverage brand recognition and reputation.
    • About the training and support HomeVestors provides franchise owners:
    o A weeklong train

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    The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Nothing Promotes Your Brand Like Media Exposure! with Allie Martin

    The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Nothing Promotes Your Brand Like Media Exposure! with Allie Martin

    Once she figured out that being the next “Oprah” wasn’t for her, Allie Martin quickly moved onto the right fast-track. A “visibility expert” who knows the public relations business inside and out, she found her niche by understanding what she did best and how her particular skill sets could be leveraged to help raise people’s profiles. As president of Fame and Fortune Brand Management, Allie is especially committed to helping female entrepreneurs find an authentic voice. On this episode of She Turned Entrepreneur we learn why it’s so important – and pays such recurring dividends – to foster a media presence. Not only does it raise your brand’s profile, it also provides you multiple opportunities to repurpose whatever exposure across all kinds of additional platforms. Turn your appearance on a morning show into a YouTube clip, promote an upcoming feature story on your LinkedIn profile or put together a blog post about your behind-the-scenes interview experience.

    Fame and Fortune Brand Management offers an array of tools to help raise your profile – from crafting your company’s story to pitching media outlets, scheduling interviews and researching background materials to provide journalists. Lucky for us, Allie is also sharing DIY options for those on a budget. She walks us through things to bear in mind when promoting our businesses and tips for prepping for interviews and taming any nerves! Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you have a story to tell!

    Want to hear more from Allie? Check out Selfish, her podcast about the practice and importance of self-care through the eyes of entrepreneurs.

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    Here are key takeaways from the conversation:
    • That career that has always been your dream? It’s okay to discover you need something different; something that in reality feels like a better fit.
    • Are you going a mile a minute? Perhaps you need to outsource your public relations function to professionals who can shape your story and market your pitch.
    • You don’t want to give an interview that seems canned or memorized, but careful preparation will yield confident, relaxed, composed responses.
    • You did a great interview? Don’t be shy! Repurpose it for promotion in other contexts, like a blog post or podcast appearance, Tweet or LinkedIn comment.
    • Tell your story! Regardless what sector you’re in or the type of venture you’re launching, it’s critical to create a narrative that defines your brand.

    Here’s a quick look into the episode:
    • Allie started out with plans to become the next “Oprah,” but in fairly short order figured out that public relations was a better fit for her temperament and native skill set.
    • One of Allie’s passions is telling stories – especially those of women entrepreneurs!
    • The tools that Fame and Fortune Brand Management offers:
    o Identifying media outlets.
    o Researching and writing pitches.
    o Creating narratives.
    o Branding and profile building.
    o Positioning as an industry expert.
    o Setting up interviews with high-profile media.
    • Journalists are always riding trends, which talented PR professionals know how to capture and package in the service of their clients.
    • Tips for listeners who are DIY publicists:
    o Craft several concise “elevator pitches” that summarize your professional insight or expertise.
    o Create a list of talking points.
    o Offer suggested questions that journalists might ask.
    o Provide background, stats and recent research to help journalists do their jobs.
    • Allie’s Tips for Nervous Interview Subjects:
    o Research interviewers to understand the style and tone of their podcasts, articles, etc.
    o Write out how you would answer a variety of questions.
    o Read the answers you’ve composed, listening to yourself and feeling what’s awkward and not.
    o Record yourself to see objectively how you sound.
    o Practic

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    Have You Asked Yourself “Why?” This Intuitive Coach Suggests: Ask Again. And Again! with Leslie Rochelle

    Have You Asked Yourself “Why?” This Intuitive Coach Suggests: Ask Again. And Again! with Leslie Rochelle

    Sometimes we need to become the help we wish we could find. That was the case for Leslie Rochelle, an intuitive leadership coach and mentor who came up in a male-dominated energy industry that lacked female role models. Rather than shy away from executive opportunity, Leslie instead leaned into the challenge by seeking out the tools necessary to step into her full power. She went on an adventure, blending personal development with spirituality with an array of leadership insights. Today she shares the foundational truths she acquired by coaching women in pursuit of their most authentic, self-confident voices. She supports new as well as mid-career leaders alike, unlocking inner knowing and guiding their journey along the path from Good to Great to Exceptional to Phenomenal.

    Leslie’s coaching includes leadership audits, one-to-one mentoring, printable eBooks and guides. But most of all this is a program based in seeing women who feel exhausted or overwhelmed – women experiencing what Leslie herself has struggled with so intimately. She helps us figure out the “whys” that motivate us and spiritual pillars that nourish our dreams. Are we trying to prove something? Be seen? Substitute hustle for heart flow? Leslie’s coaching is all about answering deep questions. The process transitions women leaders into a place of power, a steady knowing and sense of clarity that fuels both life and career. It’s okay to feel burned out. The question is: What do you intend to do about it?

    Learn more about Leslie’s coaching platform and read testimonials about her work here.

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    Here are key takeaways from the conversation:
    • Sometimes the change you must make has nothing to do with what’s going on externally. It’s all about investigating your own internal equation.
    • It’s okay occasionally to close the door, have a little cry and then get going again.
    • Our ability to shine depends in large part on connecting with our “heart space” – and a deep knowing that is beyond logical, rational thought.
    • The ability to empathize and be authentic is your superpower!
    • Spirituality can be a critical tool for defining purpose and focusing energy.
    • Look for the lesson in everything. There’s always one in there somewhere!

    Here’s a quick look into the episode:
    • Leslie has spent more than a decade in the heavily male-dominated corporate energy sector.
    • A leadership role that came over the transom proved a huge stretch, particularly because Leslie was trying to adapt without any available female role models in whose steps she could follow.
    • Trying to conform with a highly driven, intense, unrelenting corporate ethos ultimately left Leslie burned out and depleted.
    • To come back from her total exhaustion, Leslie embarked on a path towards more self-awareness and serenity. Once she’d explored and mastered many modalities, she felt called to offer other women the kind of support she herself could have used.
    • Leslie has changed roles within the energy conglomerate, but is still onsite and able to help women coming up behind her in various corporate roles.
    • Through her coaching, Leslie offers corporate clients a framework to discover:
    o Who they are at a “soul level.”
    o Where their true desire lies and what it will take to get there.
    o Strategies for improving corporate performance and decision-making.
    • Thoughtful reflection and deep introspection are foundational: Many people struggle to get out of their logical minds and into the intuitive “heart space” that makes us human.
    • Tips for (Re)defining Leadership:
    o Always start with clarity as to why you want to be in any given leadership role.
    o Ask yourself the tough “why” questions:
     Do you want this role because it’s a next step on a preordained path?
     Do you want this role out of an ego-driven desire for power or control?
     Do y

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    Art = Happiness = A Great Franchise Opportunity for Fun (and Profit)!

    Art = Happiness = A Great Franchise Opportunity for Fun (and Profit)!

    Having children turned out to be an invitation for Jaya Aiyar to revisit a childhood passion that had been pushed aside by her career in tech project management: Art! Inspired to share her love of all things creative, Jaya came up with a totally unique franchise concept: She is the founder and CEO of Créatif, a branded art studio tailored for today’s data-driven world. It’s a place where parents and children, groups of all types and sizes, can get in touch with the joy of painting a ceramic piece or working with an unfinished piece of wood. People have been known to refer to the Créatif esthetic – blond woods, clean lines and pastel colors – as an “Apple Store for Kids.” It’s a community space where art meets technology!

    Jaya shares the details behind the unusual suite of proprietary tools Créatif provides franchisees, including intensive ongoing support that enables them to hit the ground running.
    In addition to onsite training and help with maketing, franchise owners receive access to software that streamlines store operations, tracks customer analytics, manages customer relationships and accelerates productivity. There are also hundreds of online video art lessons, step-by-step guides and sample images. Even the most art-challenged of entrepreneurs are set up for success. It’s all about having a passion for people – and for sharing happiness. If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that is family-friendly, offers great hours and brings joy every day, Créatif may be what you’ve been looking for!

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    Here are key takeaways from the conversation:
    • Is your “secret” passion also the gateway to potential entrepreneurial magic?
    • Regardless the type of business, tech-driven elements can broaden opportunity and ways for potential clients or customers to engage.
    • Keep in mind from the start: Potential long-term revenue streams and opportunities for replicating experiences that generate income.
    • The top franchisors prioritize training and support because their corporate success correlates directly with the outcomes experienced by their franchise startup owners.
    • Regardless the type of franchise, having the right mix of personality traits and marketing strengths usually matters more than any special business expertise or experience.
    • Creativity is a happy business! Créatif customers come in a good mood and are predisposed to have fun. Which makes the job itself fun!

    Here’s a quick look into the episode:
    • How Jaya went from doing art with her kids to making art the center of a unique franchise model.
    • A key differentiator: Créatif incorporates technology within the art space in a completely fresh and unique way.
    • Créatif deploys a tech-driven model that includes guided imagery and a purpose-driven studio software suite that builds in consistency.
    • Créatif franchisees have multiple different revenue streams to leverage:
    o Walk-in business (with pottery, canvas, unfinished wood and other options).
    o Birthday parties
    o Summer camps
    o Corporate events
    o Virtual classes
    o Paint gifts sets
    o eGift cards
    o Senior-junior joint art classes
    o Subscription-based membership
    • Training and support for new Créatif franchisees consists of:
    o National partnering to create studio sites.
    o Contracting referrals for design/execution.
    o A comprehensive operations manual.
    o Onsite and online training components.
    o Hands-on oversight on an ongoing basis.
    o Procedural lists.
    o Marketing materials and support.
    • Are you a potential Créatif franchisee? You needn’t be an art pro. Just someone who:
    o Is social and can communicate enthusiasm for art.
    o Enjoys working with kids and families.
    o Aspires to excellence and improving each day.
    o Holds a positive mindset suited to entrepreneurial highs and lows.
    o Has the ability to market, partner, network and get the word out.
    • Initial fran

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    Ever Feel Like You’re Reinventing the Entrepreneurial Wheel? You Don’t Have To! with Jeannine Thompson

    Ever Feel Like You’re Reinventing the Entrepreneurial Wheel? You Don’t Have To! with Jeannine Thompson

    The vision is there. The passion, too! But where are you going to find the time to launch your new business – especially when so many logistics stand in the way? Jeannine Thompson, CEO of FireLaunch, has been there and explains on this episode of She Turned Entrepreneur how she once wished for a resource like … well … her! As a nurse transitioning out of high-stress burnout towards her dream of helping others as a coach, the path seemed straightforward. But, as we all know, a lot of variables go into getting any kind of venture up and running. Mastering all the necessary technologies, platforms and systems can be paralyzing. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, this is the show for you!

    FireLaunch offers entrepreneurs – especially women in the coaching space – the full complement of tools to get their practices up and running. Fast! In under three months, you’ll go from articulating your vision to witnessing it all coming to life. Jeannine and her team take care of all the things that can really bog us down, both technologically and creatively. Among the services they offer: Logo design, website content, email marketing templates, lead generation, social media management and more. You’ll enjoy learning why you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself. Jeannine is here to provide the very service she once so badly wished for – and could not find – when she was trying to get her coaching business established. She’s the knowledgeable and savvy friend you want in your corner!

    Click here if you’d like to book a free discovery call with Jeannine to discuss your business goals and how FireLaunch can help you achieve them!

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    Here are key takeaways from the conversation:
    • Sometimes the seeds of the business you’re meant to launch are hidden in a need you yourself have been unable to fill with what’s currently available.
    • If your offering isn’t already out there, stay the course. You can create your own category of business!
    • It’s okay to pivot. Sometimes you have to go through things that don’t work out in order to reach the thing that does.
    • Technology can be a huge time sink. You don’t have to wrestle with – or learn – it all.
    • Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome are common among many of us just starting out, which is why it’s so important to have a pro in our corner! Inertia can otherwise set in.
    • Another plus in asking for support? Your business will grow exponentially faster.
    • Find yourself stuck in first gear? Try writing down daily goals (or just a single goal) the night before and then commit – right from the start of the day – to getting the job done.

    Here’s a quick look into the episode:
    • As a stressed-out nurse with a sleep disorder who knew she needed to make a change, Jeannine started researching options for using her skill set in an entrepreneurial way.
    • Health coaching made sense on every level. It was a process that involved a huge (if creative) learning curve and opportunity to explore what Jeannine did and didn’t enjoy.
    • Technology over time started to become overwhelming and Jeannine just wanted a friend – someone who could come over and help her identify what was important, tools that were useful and how to access them. She wanted something she couldn’t find – and her new coaching niche was born!
    • The way Jeannine works to help coaching businesses launch:
    o First she elicits the dream – what is it that you want to build?
    o Within a matter of weeks, Jeannine and her team provide the plan and take care of all the start-up necessities: logo, branding, website copy, lead magnet creation, building out email marketing templates and CRM, social media content.
    o Skills that might take years to assimilate are immediately unleashed.
    o No need to reinvent the wheel or waste hours figuring things out.
    • An added bonus to using J

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    Feeling Stuck? How Business Growth Often Correlates with Growth Mindset with Lisa Moore

    Feeling Stuck? How Business Growth Often Correlates with Growth Mindset with Lisa Moore

    Do you ever feel stuck or like you can’t get out of your own way? Lisa Moore, Founder and CEO of Success Tangent, has a suggestion for you: Change up your mindset. This episode of She Turned Entrepreneur is focused on subtle – and not so subtle – shifts we can make in the ways we talk to ourselves or assess business challenges. Lisa and her team at Success Tangent teach solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business people of all kinds new approaches to stubborn challenges, whether looking at business development as an iterative process or taking a time-out with watercolors as a neurological channel to creative problem-solving.

    Lisa offers a unique methodology based on industrial and organizational psychology research she compiled while completing a master’s degree at Harvard. Her special sauce is the ability to distill metrics and abstract concepts into actionable steps towards realizable goals. She also empowers entrepreneurs at all stages to give themselves a break, step back and really assess strengths, weaknesses and available resources. A path forward is always there – if you deploy that all-important growth mindset. Leveraging her “people operations” skills, Lisa is here to share innovative new strategies designed to help us achieve our goals, both professionally and personally.

    You’ll appreciate Lisa’s Top Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as practical strategies for anyone experiencing overwhelm or burnout.

    Ready to change your mindset? Get started by booking a free 30-minute consultation here with the code: NewYearNewYou. You can also sign up for Lisa’s newsletter by clicking here. Lisa is also offering newsletter subscribers a free download of her guide, Criticism: Why It Hurts and What to Do About It.

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    Here are key takeaways from the conversation:
    • Did you fall into your niche? Or were you led? Probably some of both!
    • Entrepreneurs and small businesses need marketing services at affordable price points.
    • Want more traction? Acknowledge strengths, define weaknesses, create an action plan.
    • A lot of what solopreneurs and entrepreneurs do is iterative, incorporating real-time adjustments as information becomes available.
    • Key Advice: Simply try to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you were today.
    • Feeling stuck? Find a creative hobby that can transport you away from business temporarily into a more peaceful, mindful, connected realm.
    • Networks and outside opinions can be helpful, but remember that your journey is uniquely your own and not a template of anyone else’s.
    • Don’t beat yourself up! If you’re trying, you are succeeding!
    • Understand that there will be fallow seasons. It’s just a law of nature that some periods bear more fruit than others.

    Here’s a quick look into the episode:
    • About Lisa’s “people operations” background in the corporate sector, a return to graduate school and research into “growth mindset” that translated seamlessly as a methodology for businesses negotiating pandemic times.
    • While data-driven decision-making is important, Lisa brings a different element with educational content that trains and provides workplace cultures with tools to support a “growth mindset” approach to both evaluations and growth strategy.
    • “Mindset” coaching is similar to life coaching, with workshops and trainings available to foster integration.
    • Success Tangent’s client base primarily caters to solopreneurs and small businesses that need help getting traction.
    • Top Tips for Entrepreneurs:
    o Metrics can be discouraging, but remember that they aren’t qualitative.
    o Widen the lens you use to evaluate your performance and measure success.
    o Recognize what you’re doing well and where you need improvement – then create an action plan that breaks it all down.
    o Things that don’t work still have value. B

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

RebeccaPackardNH ,

A must listen for any entrepreneur!

Dori is so well versed in business. The way she has opens conversations with her guests shows you her passion for bringing you real tangible support, advice, and experiences to learn from to grow in your business. Thank you Dori!

JamieRiene ,

What a rock star! ✨✨✨

Dori is such a powerhouse and so incredibly gracious with her knowledge. What an amazing resource.

Kathleen McDermott ,


Dori has such a variety of topics that are sure to touch any entrepreneur. Strategy, branding info, very helpful.

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