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Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get it done.

Each interview-style episode will feature a woman who tells her story and provides actionable career and life tips. No mansplaining!

Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.

SheVentures Doria Lavagnino

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Sheventures is about women who pivot careers, take risks, and get it done.

Each interview-style episode will feature a woman who tells her story and provides actionable career and life tips. No mansplaining!

Get ready to listen, be inspired, and take action.

    How a Global Perspective Helped Pauline Idogho Create Her Business

    How a Global Perspective Helped Pauline Idogho Create Her Business

    From Nigeria to London to Paris to the United States, Pauline Idogho’s journey has taken her on a whirlwind tour of different cultures and experiences. But it’s her ability to adapt to change that has made her a successful entrepreneur. As the founder of Mocktail Club, an innovative line of elevated non-alcoholic beverages, not only does Idogho take pride in offering delicious, natural drinks, but she also dedicates 1 percent of her sales to support clean water initiatives around the world. She tapped into an ever-evolving market — and has learned to diversify her distribution channels and stay connected with her customers through social media. Idogho’s story can inspire you to embrace change and thrive in constant change, on this episode of SheVentures. In this episode, you will be able to:

    Discover the undeniable advantages of adapting to change for sustained success in your business ventures.
    Unravel the potential of diversifying distribution channels to reach a wider audience and boost revenue.
    Master the art of engaging customers on social media for a stronger online presence and genuine relationships.
    Explore the pivotal role flexibility plays in navigating an ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape.
    Gain insight into the significance of inclusivity in branding and marketing for optimal resonance with a broader demographic.
    Check out Mocktail Club’s blog for tips and recipes.
    Help this small business by recommending Mocktail Club to local retailers or bars and asking them to carry the products.
    Donate to Mocktail Club’s clean water access initiative by making a purchase or directly by visiting the website.
    For more information, visit the show notes at https://www.sheventurespodcast.com/podcast/pauline-idhogo-podcast-episode

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    From Biomedical Engineer to Baby-Feeding Startup CEO

    From Biomedical Engineer to Baby-Feeding Startup CEO

    Becoming a parent is a seismic pivot in itself. Add the societal pressure to breastfeed — with virtually no support and sleepless nights — and you have a rocky six months. But it doesn’t need to be this way. 
     Andrea Ippolito, CEO of SimpliFed, created a community to help women navigate everything from finding an insurance-covered lactation consultant to exploring different formulas to scoring the best-quality breast pump. Ippolito offers free classes and directories of allies and providers and works with workplaces and insurers to help parents get the support they need. 
    As a mom herself, Ippolito knows firsthand the paucity of resources for parents who need support to do what’s best for their new baby and her nutrition. With her background working with the Department of Veteran Affairs and launching and selling her first product (an AI-driven health appointment scheduler), Ippolito has the track record to make a difference.
    Show highlights
    How Ippolito pivoted from biomedical engineering to creating her first product, an AI-driven scheduler, which she successfully sold to a healthcare company The arc of Ippolito’s entrepreneurial journey and how engineering and healthcare intersect
    Ipollito recalls her experience as a new mother and how it informed her decision to create SimpliFed. Ippolito’s crusade for workplace support for parents and breastfeeding working moms Why it’s essential to challenge gender biases that stand in the way of women providing nutrients to their babies. Yes, really! How her past experiences in healthcare and understanding systems helped Ippolito conceive SimpliFed Why support should start well before the baby is born What challenges breastfeeding working mothers continue to face Why access to networks and supportive infrastructures are essential for women entrepreneurs Ippolito on motherhood: “Moms are often discarded as the wrapper and moms deserve more help and care.” How the SimpliFed platform helps individuals, companies, and insurers work together. Why it matters to not only be a visionary but also a doer, one willing to execute tedious tasks integral to startup success. Why should every family educate themselves about their rights under the Affordable Healthcare Act? How to find out what your insurance covers in terms of postpartum care and baby-feeding assistance Telehealth can play a key role in supporting new parents and/or those seeking treatment for mental health. Ippolito suggests everyone stay informed about healthcare innovation and transformation efforts by following the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the General Services Administration. Why it is essential for healthcare to continue to innovate — and our role as consumers. How to find out more about Ippolito and SimpliFed

    • 42 min
    Kenya Duke’s Divorce and Financial Empowerment

    Kenya Duke’s Divorce and Financial Empowerment

    Divorce is a life pivot that touches many, and it can be civil or act as a wrecking ball. You may know Kenya Duke from her BET+ show The Gary Owen Show, with her now ex-husband and their three children. Duke, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and host of the podcast Truly Kenya, shares her experience of divorce, as well as its emotional and financial impacts.
    The pain of financial instability and the struggle to make ends meet can be overwhelming. But there is a way to regain control and find empowerment. Duke tells her story from childhood to what it means to be a Black woman in the entertainment industry. Duke shows how to rise above a nasty, acrimonious public divorce, take care of yourself, and build a secure financial future, in this episode of SheVentures.
    Duke describes her humble upbringing, and how growing up in a lower-middle-class neighborhood instilled values of community, hard work, and resilience.  Duke’s foray into the entertainment industry might not have been planned, but her pulse on various unconventional topics quickly catapulted her into the limelight. What it was like to work with her then-husband and children as the producer of The Gary Owen Show Why Duke prefers to be “behind the camera” instead of seeking stardom What it was like to have her marriage fall apart and the media scrutiny of her family and their personal lives Duke’s tips on how to rebuild your financial independence after a divorce
    If you are single or getting married, Duke suggests taking control of your finances and opening a separate bank account for personal economic independence. Learn about how Duke invests in the real estate market. Duke’s humorous take on the transition to dating with kids Tips for balancing a robust career, nurturing motherhood, and ensuring self-care How the transformative power of community — specifically women of color — helped Duke Duke candidly discusses how young hopefuls can explore the possibility of a career in the entertainment industry, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes. By openly sharing her experience, Duke emphasizes that financial stability and success are attainable goals for any woman given the right mindset, education, and perseverance. Find Duke on her social media for behind-the-scenes content, and listen to her podcast, Truly Kenya.  

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    From Army Vet to Spa Creator

    From Army Vet to Spa Creator

    Have you ever considered opening a spa, but the number of unknowns stopped you? Not Crystal Bethea, founder and CEO of C3 Wellness Spa, who pivoted from Army veteran to  licensed massage therapist, cosmetologist, and entrepreneur. Bethea is passionate about massage, acupuncture, and other wellness modalities. Coming from a family of veterans, she’s passionate about helping vets maintain their health and to help them pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and find fulfillment in their post-military lives. That’s why C3 Wellness Spa is a franchise and ready to expand!
    Bethea works with her husband, Marus Bethea, also a veteranwho is a medical billing expert. The spa is committed to working with its clients and their health insurance benefits, to see if the spa’s services are covered.
    Show Highlights 
    Explore Bethea’s transition from military life to creating her own thriving spa franchise. Understand the potential power of word-of-mouth marketing and mechanisms to build a loyal client base. How Bethea incrementally grew her clientele starting with a mobile business through referrals. Bethea, who does not use paid marketing, demonstrates the value of reputation and client satisfaction in scaling a business. Get insights into the process and benefits of insurance company credentialing. If you are a veteran, check to see if you qualify for government benefits and inquire about receiving 100 percent coverage for services at C3 Wellness Spa through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The key steps and strategies Bethea uses to run a solid business Uncover the opportunities for exponential business growth through franchising in the wellness industry. As a woman of color, Bethea speaks about the importance of generational wealth.

    • 35 min
    How a Heart Attack Changed This Ph.D.’s Life — for the Better

    How a Heart Attack Changed This Ph.D.’s Life — for the Better

    Imagine rising through the ranks of the Federal government for three decades until one day a sudden heart attack forced you to reevaluate your life priorities. Debra Owens, Ph.D., is an Army veteran, former U.S. Postal Service employee, and a U.S. Department of the Treasury human resources manager. By all accounts, she built a stable career while raising two children, going through a divorce, and taking every opportunity possible to educate/upskill herself, tireless in her pursuit of knowledge.
    While building her career, Owens was often asked by friends or family about how to navigate the Federal government. Initially, Owens helped because that’s her nature. Then it kept happening, and Owens recognized a gap in the market: helping people navigate the complexities of working with the Federal government, in addition to working with women on how to define and take action on their passions. 
    Owens’ heart attack — which happened while she was working her then side hustle and full-time job — was a pivotal moment where she decided to follow, well, her heart and retire from the government. Today Owens is the founder and CEO of her own development consulting firm, Encore Empowerment International, an author, motivational speaker, executive coach, and consultant who holds multiple degrees and licenses, including one as an ordained minister! This is a story about resilience and determination.
    Key Highlights

    Owens reflects on her upbringing, her education, and what it was like to be a woman in the military Where Owens met her first husband, and her experience transitioning to civilian life Why resilience and adaptability are essential in your personal and professional life What led Owens to constantly seek change and pursue education until she obtained her Ph.D. What it was like to fire employees in the Federal government How entrepreneurship manifested in Owens as a side hustle more than 15 years ago Owens speaks about her heart attack, her recovery, and her quick realization she needed to take action The roles faith and support have played in Owens’ life  Owens speaks candidly about how she overcame life’s emotional challenges The significance of community involvement and support in fostering inner strength and endurance How did Owens transition to entrepreneurship full-time? Delve into the dynamics of personal relationships and uncover pearls of wisdom from real-life marriage experiences Real talk about Owens’ lessons from divorce Owens discusses regret and balancing work and family Where to find out more about Dr. Owens, her company Encore Empowerment International, and how you can work with her as an executive coach to enhance your leadership skills or develop conflict resolution techniques, or how you can hire her as a motivational speaker

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    Empowering Young Adults: Career Guidance with Beth Hendler-Grunt

    Empowering Young Adults: Career Guidance with Beth Hendler-Grunt

    The pivot from finishing high school, college, or graduate school to landing one’s first job is often filled with anxiety. If you are like most recent grads, you have zero idea of how to approach your job search — unless you are one of the smart or lucky students who proactively sought help or had an amazing career development department.
    The truth is many grads lack foundational knowledge in how to interview, write a winning cover letter and a resume, use LinkedIn, and most importantly, how to be proactive, tenacious, and confident in their career search instead of waiting for it to unfold passively. And that’s assuming they know what field they want to explore.
    As a mother of two Gen Z daughters and the mentor to a handful of young women who’ve interned at SheVentures podcast, I’ve witnessed the need for quality job guidance firsthand. When I received a review copy of Beth Hendler-Grunt’s practical manual, The Next Great Step: The Parents’ Guide to Launching Your New Grad Into A Career, I knew I wanted to speak to her about the book as well as her role as the enterprising founder of Next Great Step, a company dedicated to guiding recent graduates through the transition from school to the job market.
    A proud mother to two college-age sons, living the transition in real-time, Hendler-Grunt brings a unique, empathetic perspective to her work.
    With decades of robust professional experience prior to founding Next Great Step, Hendler-Grunt leverages her workplace expertise and uses it to inform her job-seeking strategies, help grads understand their talents, and acknowledge and confidently articulate their professional value. 
    Next Great Step is a one-stop shop for some quality free checklists and videos. Hendler-Grunt embraces a B2B2C business model where she helps students, parents, colleges, universities, and corporates looking to hire recent grads or provide internship opportunities.
    Let’s address the elephant in the room: Graduates’ mismanagement of expectations in job search, their lack of coping mechanism for rejection, and how they can learn positive and proactive tools, habits, and mindset. If you are still in school — even a freshman — learn what you can do to build career readiness.
    Why clarity and educated risk-taking matter What gender differences has Hendler-Grunt seen in career challenges? Find out how to apply your professional acumen for your children’s benefit while respecting their independence. Create a culture of trust with your children through candid communication. Develop an effective career mentorship structure fitted to the individual requirements of the young adults around you. Unearth the powerful secret to successfully pivoting careers and thriving in today’s volatile job market. Discover the transformative value of embracing failures and missteps in your career path. Learn practical strategies to smooth your transition from academia to the professional world, which will add value to your early career journey. Unearth the hidden significance of internships and how they provide critical industry insights. Understand the pressing challenges university career services face, how this might affect your journey, and how you can advocate for yourself. Learn how to hone your skills to distinctively shine in the competitive job market. Buy Hendler-Grunt’s book, The Next Great Step: The Parents’ Guide to Launching Your New Grad Into A Career, or visit Next Great Step online if you are a student, a parent, a career services office, or a corporation. Next Great Step offers a myriad of ways to help in this essential transition.

    • 36 min

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4.8 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Deirdre Tshien ,

One to add to your rotation

This is a remarkable podcast that dives into the experiences of women in business with a level of depth that's both engaging and enlightening. It's like having a candid conversation with a mentor or friend, and it's a solid choice for anyone looking to hear unique perspectives and insightful stories. Deirdre

PersonalGrowthGuru ,

Authentic and Impactful Content

The host is exceptional in her selection of guests and her approach to interviewing them. This is an easy-to-listen-to podcast with interesting content each episode.

GlitzGal22 ,

My go-to podcast!

If you’re looking for a podcast that covers career navigation, female empowerment, and transformative advice, SheVentures is the podcast for you. I’ve been listening to SheVentures for about a year now and I can confidently say that every woman Doria brings on has challenged my knowledge on various career industries. From culinary entrepreneurship to financial technology, Doria grants listeners an array of guest speakers that truly have a passion for what they do. As a 22 year old recent college graduate, I look forward to SheVentures consistent weekly episode drops that grant me free knowledge !!

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