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How do you Shock Your Potential? This conversational interview format features high performing businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs who are focused on Shocking Potential every single day. Each month boasts a theme that will support your business and/or career objectives, will strengthen your personal development, motivate you to be an agent for change, and more.

Our Host, Michael Sherlock, may not look or sound like your typical podcast host, but she is absolutely serious about business and brings out the energy and dynamic character of every guest. This podcast is definitely worth a listen!

Shock Your Potential Michael Sherlock

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How do you Shock Your Potential? This conversational interview format features high performing businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs who are focused on Shocking Potential every single day. Each month boasts a theme that will support your business and/or career objectives, will strengthen your personal development, motivate you to be an agent for change, and more.

Our Host, Michael Sherlock, may not look or sound like your typical podcast host, but she is absolutely serious about business and brings out the energy and dynamic character of every guest. This podcast is definitely worth a listen!

    Stand in your Truth -Michael S. Seaver

    Stand in your Truth -Michael S. Seaver

    “Be the person you needed when you were younger, and if you do that, you're going to find a tremendous meaning and joy in life.” Michael S. Seaver

    The workplace continues to evolve, as people become more aware of themselves and what they want.  It is therefore important that the leaders of today understand the trends and align themselves accordingly. Michael S. Seaver provides coaching for leaders to help them unlock their potential and says it all goes back to finding your authentic self and being true to who you are.

    Michael S. Seaver is an award-winning executive coach, leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and author. He’s on a mission to unlock human potential to help people uncover and live their purpose, and live a more meaningful and authentic life. His unique methodology has revolutionized how leaders can live authentically and how organizations engage employees. He offers no-nonsense strategies to help people find confidence in their life’s narrative, commonalities across generations working today, and ways to communicate with emotional intelligence.

    Michael’s newest book, I Know, A Practical Guide For Awakening To What’s Within And Finding Work-Life Integration, is a how-to guide Michael uses with clients walking you through the three phases of personal transformation and nine processes you can complete alone or with trusted friends. The book tells Michael’s raw and authentic story, offers research-based psychological truths, and is full of real-world client examples. After reading I Know, you’ll transition from believing life’s answers come from outside yourself to knowing you can discover the answers already inside yourself.

    For more than 25 years, Michael has lead teams and has coached global leaders since 2011. He’s invested thousands of hours in the “arena” managing personal and organizational change, guided others to uncover their lives’ missions, and taught leaders how to create psychological safety by inviting employee life experiences into workplace.

    Featured in numerous publications such as Forbes, Authority, Medium, Thrive Global, Arizona Republic, Business Journals, Accounting Today, Financial Executives International, Best Companies USA, Michael has shared his experiences widely. He is a frequent guest on international podcasts and has served on a variety of boards of directors. Michael graduated from the Thunderbird School of Global Management with a MBA and speaks a bit of Mandarin. He is certified by TTI Success Insights to administer the DISC, 12 Driving Forces, Emotional Intelligence assessments.

    In today’s episode, Michael talks about his passion for coaching, and how he unlocks people’s potential. He also talks about the motivation behind writing his book and the hurdles he had to overcome to make the book a reality.

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    I worked at the Four Seasons Resort in north Scottsdale where I learned an awful lot about customer service, giving back and anticipating guests needs.
    After my MBA I took a full time job at one of the nation's largest healthcare systems as the director of talent sourcing.
    I always wanted to do coaching, and in February 2011, I launched my coaching practice as it is now.
    I am an executive coach and I do offer team trainings, I speak publicly and serve as MC for events, and I also have online courses.
    My life's mission is about how I can unlock potential and give other people hope.
    I've helped a lot of folks define what their life's mission is, or define what their personal brand is, and then figure out ways that they can share them openly.
    I've also really enjoyed helping people become coaches, which then creates an entire ecosystem inside of a company or o

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    Ascend Your Start-up - Helen Yu

    Ascend Your Start-up - Helen Yu

    “Explore life in whatever form it takes, be curious, leave your comfort zone, and embrace courage in small and big ways, because you have amazing answers just waiting inside you.” Helen Yu

    The path towards growth and prosperity is long, and sometimes difficult. Embracing the opportunities that life presents ensures that we not only become a better version of ourselves, but also propels us towards living a life of purpose. Helen Yu has been working with entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses, and highlights the importance finding purpose for starting and running a business.

    Helen Yu is the founder and CEO of Tigon Advisory and WSJ Best Selling Author.  She drives growth for tech companies from start-ups to global titans like Oracle and Adobe, and helps CEOs achieve multibillion-dollar revenue growth and record profitability. She’s a board advisor to fast-growth SaaS companies and is on the board of the Global Cybersecurity Association. She’s a top Twitter influencer with a 10M+ weekly reach and was ranked a Top 10 thought leader by Thinkers 360, and a top 10 digital transformation influencer by IBM. She’s spoken at SXSW, TiECon, DMS, and Money2020.

    An avid adventurer who trekked to Mt. Everest base camp and ice-climbed glaciers, her book Ascend Your Start-up: Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate Growth won first place at the New York book festival, Firebird award and first place in Entrepreneurship & Small Businesses at American book festival in addition to achieving WSJ Best Seller.  Helen’s CXO Spice Talk podcast is named as the top 70 podcast to listen to in 2022.

    In today’s episode, Helen talks about her career experiences that led her to living her purpose. She also shares the motivation behind writing her book.

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    Book: https://amzn.to/3yif3fS

    I enable global players to scale through people first framework because I'm passionate about the voice of customer when it comes to digital transformation.
    Growth does not happen by accident, and is not sustainable in any organizations where the culture is not a people culture.
    I was a financial analyst at a manufacturing company, but later got into tech and learnt how to code and design applications for the largest financial banks and insurance companies across the globe.
    The risk I took to get into tech was worth it because that was what got me to where I'm at today.
    I came to the US in 1991 to pursue education, and got my first job in the mailroom at a corporation.
    I got an opportunity and ended up going working for the same company as a Treasury Department.
    There are random opportunities that you have to seize and be bold enough to talk to people when they walk in.
    I always say network with people, when you are not in need of anything.
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    My purpose in life is to tenfold other people's success, and my book is about thinking about the framework for tech startups.
    It talks about the five functional fundamental growth disconnects that trap startups and keeps them from reaching the summit, and from touching the sky.
    I intended to empower founders and CEOs to self-reflect and grow as they progress and scale their business.
    I challenge clients and co-workers to be curious seeker, and this book helps people understand the questions to identify blind spots as they scale their business.
    The book is not just about business, but also about my experience climbing Mount Everest base camp to keep a secret that I promised my grandma to spread her ash there.
    When you're a founder, you need to know why you start a business, and when you stick to that mission, your success rate is much bigger.
    Curiosity is a prerequisite for dreaming and is the rock of innovative thinking, and I inspire curiosity when I work

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    Count-On-Able -Jeff Cohen

    Count-On-Able -Jeff Cohen

    “Both employers and employees need to be empowered to know what their strengths and weaknesses are.” Jeff Cohen

    Freedom is the dream of every entrepreneur. Developing leaders and teams with an ownership mindset is the ticket to achieve it. Jeff Cohen, founder of six businesses, now presents Count-0n-Able as the new and rapid success framework that guides CEOs to make this happen. 

    Jeff is a seasoned Executive with over 20 years as CEO and has worked with over 300 CEO’s, Business Owners and Executives. He is a sought-after Coach, Speaker and Mentor. He is unashamed of his many failures as they have provided the rich proving ground to accelerated success.

    In today’s episode, Jeff talks about his journey being an entrepreneur, his book, and why every leader should inspire their people to be Count-On-Able

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    When I moved into starting my own company, I found that tech was an interesting niche at the time.
    When you take small bites, and adjust how you move along the way it improves performance, and enables you to accomplish goals on time, budget, and with all of the features people want.
    During the economic recession in 2007-2008, I shut my software business down.
    I started a granola bar business and we started growing it rapidly, but it was really hard work, and the margins were not what I needed them to be.
    I went to work at IBM, and then did a program called the team management leadership program.
    I did a self assessment like the very the first three months of the two years and I saw that I was a crappy boss.
    The number one thing that happens in a company that creates failure is ineffective communication.
    What makes the difference for people is when there's effective communication.
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    Most leaders are not lifting people up into leadership, and the result is that they never have a business that grows with and without them.
    Both employers and employees need to be empowered to know what their strengths and weaknesses are.
    The most important thing a business leader can know is what they cannot count their employees for.
    In a matrix environment, honesty has to start from the top.
    Don’t just be accountable, be Count-On-Able!


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    Conscious Capitalism - Gopal Erinjippurath

    Conscious Capitalism - Gopal Erinjippurath

    “Today more than ever, climate is part of the frontier narrative when it comes to the geopolitical landscape or the financial regulatory landscape.”Gopal Erinjippurath

    Climate change is now a fact of life on many fronts including geopolitically and in business. As the world becomes more aware of the impact of climate change, more opportunities come up to make a difference. It is however clear, that despite there being a great deal of information out there, many business are unsure about how to interpret and use it constructively. Gopal Erinjippurath has been working with businesses to help them understand better the link between their businesses and the climate.  

    Gopal serves as CTO and Head of Product at Sust Global, a venture focused on geospatial analytics for climate adaptation.

    Most recently, he led the Analytics Engineering team at Planet Labs (NYSE:PL), an integrated aerospace and data analytics company that operates history's largest commercial fleet of earth observation satellites. Planet Analytics serves a range of customers from city planning teams in governments and the World Bank to defense and intelligence functions across the world. He is known for agile engineering execution from concept to scalable high quality products. He has been an invited speaker at global industry conferences like Google Cloud Next and leading technical conferences in the machine learning space such as ICML, CVPR and NeurIPS.

    Previously Gopal managed teams working on industry-leading analytics products from early concept demonstrations to multiple customers at Captricity (Acquired by NASDAQ:SSNC) and Harvesting Inc, where he advised the CEO. Previously he led the algorithm engineering development of Dolby’s (NYSE: DLB) first imaging display product, the Emmy Award winning Dolby Professional Reference Monitor. Gopal holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California and completed the Ignite Program, connecting technologists with new commercial ventures, at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    In today’s episode, Gopal about what they do as a business, and why it is important that businesses begin to seek awareness of the impact of climate change to their financial bottom line.

    Listen in!

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    I categorize myself as a scientists and primarily looking at data on geospatial data which is linked to location.
    We are enabling businesses to understand the impact of the changing climate, to their holdings and their financial bottom line.
    Today more than ever, climate is part of the frontier narrative when it comes to the geopolitical landscape or the financial regulatory landscape.
    The access to businesses to clean valid and trusted data around the changing climate across the world has been limited.
    Sust Global intends to transform that and enable the ability across the economy towards using a shared set of commonly known parameters around climate data.
    I started my career in multimedia, and later got inspired to pursue a career on focusing environmental data.
    Climate is a global phenomenon and the changing climate doesn't affect just one person in a specific way, rather it affects different people in different ways.
    As climate becomes mainstream in the dialogue on the geopolitical as well as the regional and the Civic scales, we begin to see the desire in the public to invest in climate consciously.
    When businesses need to enable the climate conscious avenues, then they seek to use climate data in new and creative ways.
    Pragmatic solutions that brings into account the changing climate need to also account for the state of affairs today.
    Being able to identify the conflicting demands of the present and the future are kind of what an entrepreneur has to figure out in this fast moving ecosystem.
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    There's a gap between the community that understands climate, and the community that wants to use climate but do

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    Spark Your Technology! - Bob Armbrister

    Spark Your Technology! - Bob Armbrister

    “If you feel like you are behind in technology adoption, just think about why your customers choose you and get started there.” Bob Armbrister

    Organizations are constantly faced with the pressure of not only delivering to their customers, but doing so in an efficient and effective manner.  As technological innovation increases, businesses get to decide the tools that can help them perform optimally and achieve their goals. Bob Armbrister has been helping businesses make viable decisions around technology, and says that when adopting new technology, stakeholder involvement is key to success.

    Bob Armbrister serves as the President and CEO of SPARK Business Works, a business-first team that designs and builds custom software solutions in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and professional services. He leans on his 15 years of executive experience to implement "The SPARK Way" – an approach of practical innovation that helps business leaders build tech that gets adopted and delivers ROI quickly. SPARK specializes in custom software, strategic design, business dashboards, and data integration. 

    Bob was recently selected as a 40 Under 40 leader by the Grand Rapids Business Journal and SPARK was named to the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies and Michigan 50 Companies to Watch lists. SPARK is recognized nationally for helping firms build and adopt technology solutions that result in “practical innovation”.

    In today’s episode, Bob talks about his company and how they help their clients get the best out of technology. He also discusses on the importance of considering stakeholder input when introducing changes in the organization.

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    At Spark, we helping clients, mostly in the small middle market, make good decisions around technology.
    We also have just acquired a digital marketing agency so we can help our clients with the marketing side of their technology strategy.
    We want to build something that's flexible that will enable the people in my team spend as much time with their loved ones.
    Where we really thrive with our clients is on the custom side where we build technology tools for clients to help amplify their competitive advantage.
    We do websites, marketing automation, ecommerce among others and all of it is business focused.
    Most technology failures occur when there's a closed-door room when constructing software tools, and so we have adopted user centered design thinking approach when providing solutions.
    We ask clients to tell us where they are going and why, and that's important because they need to communicate that to their stakeholders when we're trying to help with the roadmap.
    We start with rolling out the minimal viable product that's going to impact the business positively, and then iterate from that.
    If you can bring everyone to the table early on and make them part of the process, they're going to be promoting the project when it gets rolled out.
    Commercial break.
    When engaging clients who have multiple business units, it's really about understanding the needs of all stakeholders and how to manage those needs.
    Focusing on the end result of standardization at all costs may result in loss on the culture side.
    You can still have all the great standardization and the benefits of one solution, but with an interface that's specialized for the end user.
    If you feel like you are behind in technology adoption, just think about why your customers choose you and get started there.


    Do you want to be a go to expert that news reporters, anchors and media producers turn to? Are you a media professional looking for credible, reliable and timely guests? Shock Your Media Potential is here for you.

    Shock Your Media Potential is a one of a kind platform that connects vetted experts with news professionals around the glob

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    Finding Simatree - Patrick McCreesh

    Finding Simatree - Patrick McCreesh


    “Even if we come up with all the best ideas in the world, but they're not adopted nor used in any organization, they won't succeed.” Patrick McCreesh

    Organizational alignment is the key to any successful organization. While organizations continue to establish themselves and adopt the latest technology, it also important that they pay attention on their people and how they fit in to the overall vision of the organization. Patrick McCreesh has been studying behaviors within organizations and says that technology has to be centered around people for it to work sustainably.   

    Patrick McCreesh provides executive leadership on strategy, analytics, and change management through consulting, facilitation, and research.  He successfully leads teams to develop strategic plans, analytics programs, and guide change management on large-scale transformations.  Patrick designs and executes institutions that are built to last with 18 years of consulting experience including more than a decade with consulting-leader Booz Allen Hamilton.  He is a leader in the global change management community. 

    Patrick brings global best practices to each engagement as a Certified Change Management ProfessionalTM, a Prosci Certified Practitioner, and a Project Management Professional.  He also teaches change, leadership, and team development at George Mason and Georgetown Universities, and serves on the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Global Board. 

    Patrick has co-authored two books titled,  ‘Stuck: How to WIN at Work by Understanding LOSS’ and ‘Workplace Attachments: Managing Beneath the Surface (Routledge Research in Employment Relations).’ He completed his Ph.D. in Public Policy from George Mason University, earned a Master of Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and he holds a BA in Foreign Affairs and History from the University of Virginia.

    In today’s episode, Patrick talks about technology and why it is important that organizations consider the people aspect as they adopt technology. He also talks about the motivation behind writing the book, Stuck.

    Listen in!

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    Stuck: How to WIN at Work by Understanding LOSS’

    Workplace Attachments: Managing Beneath the Surface (Routledge Research in Employment Relations).

    Simatree is founded on the idea that that technology is really about people, and that if you get technology right, you will be able to empower your organizations the right way.
    When we come in and work with organizations, we start with people by looking at what do people need in order to succeed around their technology usage.
    Our motto at Simatree is exceptional people empowering exceptional people, and from the start, we've wanted to find great people that we could bring together and align with great businesses.
    Everything for us is about alignment, and when you do that with your people and your technology, then powerful things happen and organizations can realize their potential.
    Sometimes organizations don't quite know why they’re rolling out a technology in the first place which can lead to a total mismatch between a strategy with a technology rollout.
    The goal of what we try to do in our change management work is create a more effective alignment so that people can see themselves in what's happening.
    People get stuck because they're used to doing their jobs and living their lives a certain way, which is informed by what we call MEL: Memory, Emotions and Learning.
    When we come in to change that, we try and make the most effective to help them understand why they need to create new memories and effective emotions that will help them get unstuck.
    Commercial break
    My co-author Victoria Grady, and I teamed up and over a d

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4.9 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

maddie@podcastingyou ,

Incredible podcast!

This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to expand their mindset and achieve success in business and beyond! Michael is an incredible host and each of her conversations with guests is truly inspiring.

heyjenhope ,

Full of helpful info

Michael is passionate about having the right people in the right positions doing the right things and you can hear it in her episodes. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been a guest. Thanks, Michael!

Profit Wise ,

Professional podcast

This is no hobby podcast…Michael has a team of people producing it and her preparation is thorough.

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