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Weekly discussion on China and Silk Road, history, culture and current events

Silk And Steel Podcast Carl Zha

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Weekly discussion on China and Silk Road, history, culture and current events

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3.9 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Краыг ,


we could use another thousand carl’s

Pro processor ,

Carl is brilliant

Carl is a remarkable polymath who makes complicated stories clear. He mocks propagandists on both sides, and makes clear how propaganda is alwas at work on both sides in any account about China. So he makes propagandists furious, who periodically go after in organized campaigns. He's one of the few people to have had his account removed on both on Weibo and Twitter. (He has a great episode on his earlier Clash! podcast about being invited to tea by the Chinese censors. He makes fun, but also has sympathy for people tryign to do an impossibly enormous task.)

If you're look for a introduction, I would listen to his recent 3-episode series on Tianamen Square, something where all the evidence is now in, and where he was in the country at the time (and about 12 years old). They display a guy with remarkable breadth of knowledge trying to carefully pick his way through a many-sided phenomenon and the distortions from both sides. And then you'll have confidence in him as a guide in more recent and necessarily controversial phenomenon where we can only guess and won't know for sure for years. In fact you'll want to hear his story every time there is new news involving China for exactly that reason.

Denard Cointreau ,

Good history but very nationalist

I used to like this series: it beautifully illuminated China’s history. I especially enjoyed the Rome/Parthia episode. Unfortunately it seems to have morphed into a dogmatic political propoganda mouthpiece (espousing mainland Chinese supremacy). It’s now quite nationalistic and unidimensional and the reporting has glaring omissions and reports propaganda as fact.

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