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Simple Families offers solutions for living well with children. In this show, we focus on minimalism with kids, positive parenting, family wellness and decreasing the mental load. As a Mama with a doctorate in Child Development, Denaye’s perspectives are grounded in research, but more importantly real life.

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Simple Families offers solutions for living well with children. In this show, we focus on minimalism with kids, positive parenting, family wellness and decreasing the mental load. As a Mama with a doctorate in Child Development, Denaye’s perspectives are grounded in research, but more importantly real life.

    2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    This gift guide isn't meant to literally click and buy (although I've included links for ideas). Instead, it is intended to make you think differently about gifting. Our kids may grow out of their toys, but they won't grow out of spending quality time together as a family. 

    If we want to stay focused on what matters most around the holidays, then we need to consider the way we are gifting. Our kids can easily be distracted by the piles of wrapped gifts. There’s a whole lot of dopamine and anticipation build up to those gifts. And that can be distracting if we are trying to focus on the real gifts of the season--family, community, and religion.

    Listen to it here.

    This post contains affiliate links, which means Simple Families may receive a portion of the proceeds from your orders. 

    * Kayak or Kayak Outing

    * Snow Shoes Little Kid Snow Shoes/Big Kid Snow Shoes/Adult Snow Shoes

    * High-Quality Base Layers (Smartwool) Kid Socks/Kid Tops/Kid Bottoms/Adult Socks/Adult Top/Adult Bottoms

    * Bike gear Tag-a-long/Child-Adult Tandem /Bike Bag

    * Birding Starter Kit Squirrel Buster/Seed Tray/Regional Bird Book

    * Mochi-making Kit

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    Organize vs. Minimize

    Organize vs. Minimize

    Organization can feel like a false promise of more. If only you could be more organized, you could manage MORE stuff. You could handle MORE on your calendar.

    But the truth is, the sheer quantity of…everything…is inundating us. 

    My efforts at organization mostly lead me to feel like a total failure. I can’t organize my dresser drawers, they end up a heap of mess. I can’t organize my purse, it ends up all thrown in the middle. I can’t organize multiple playdates and activities for my kids on a weekend, because I forget things.

    You don’t need more bins. More planners. You don’t need ombre’d markers. And you certainly don’t need more self-loathing about being unable to maintain complex systems. What you need is more practice saying no. 

    Organization isn’t the answer. Minimalism or better yet, essentialism is the answer. 

    • 12 min
    Simplify Feeding

    Simplify Feeding

    We all want our kids to eat well. We will try anything and everything to make it happen. But what if sometimes we try too hard and end up mucking it up in the process? There is plenty to be said about simplicity and feeding children--today we are exploring this topic more.

    • 28 min
    Hard Decisions

    Hard Decisions

    Today we are talking about upsetting our kids. Sometimes as parents, we have to make hard decisions for our kids. Decisions they don’t like. Decisions that upset them. We are talking about feeling that tension between what your child wants you to do versus what you actually need to do. 

    This tension can quickly turn into fear. Fear that they will whine. Fear they will be disappointed. Fear that they will cry. Maybe even fear that they will be traumatized (I hear this one a lot from you all!). 

    Here’s where I feel like it gets confusing. We are all striving to be responsive, respectful parents. We want to honor our children’s individuality. We want to honor their choices. We want to empower them to make important decisions in their own lives. 

    BUT...our kids don’t have fully developed reasoning skills. They can’t fully see through the implications of their decisions. They can’t always understand our rationale. They often live in the moment. 

    We are the adults with fully developed brains, decision-making skills, and credit cards. 

    As they grow, we can and should include our kids in the decision-making process, but we have to ultimately be the “brain managers” who oversee the decisions. We have to set the values for our family and uphold those values. I’m going to talk you through a few recent situations recently I’ve had where I’ve felt that tension and how I’ve communicated these decisions to my kids. 

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    Challenging Relationships (Part III)

    Challenging Relationships (Part III)

    In today's episode, Part III, we're going to talk about how we can work to improve and better understand the challenging relationships that we have in our lives. We will cover setting boundaries, empathic listening, building connection, and communication patterns.

    Listen to:

    * Part I* Part II

    • 18 min
    Challenging Relationships (Part II)

    Challenging Relationships (Part II)

    In last week's episode, we started talking about challenging adult relationships. I asked you to think about who that person(s) is for you. Now, this week we will talk about setting goals for those relationships and the impact of idealizing these relationships. In the previous episode, we discussed that some of the people who challenge us the most are those who have different beliefs, world views, and levels of emotional intelligence than we do. 

    Having a world full of people who are a carbon copy of ourselves and our beliefs just isn’t realistic. And frankly, may even be a little boring. But just because we are different, doesn’t mean we can’t have a positive relationship. 


    • 18 min

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4.8 out of 5
791 Ratings

791 Ratings

ShehroseR ,

Love, love, love

Simple families podcasts really resonated with me. In an age of competition from the time babies are born to getting them into music class, soccer class, the best preschool and so on and so forth...this podcast is a much needed reminder and encouragement to slow down, think about the activity and it’s intention, think about parent and child stress levels. We already practice a lot of what Denaye speaks about but I still need to hear this podcast to remind myself to continue practicing keeping our children’s day half full, keeping our toy shelves half full and embracing nature!!

Tabsask ,

One of my Favorites

Denaye’s podcast is probably my favorite in this category (family, simple living, parenting, lifestyle). So much well-thought out content, clear messages and perspective, clean and straightforward style. I’ve learned so much, and I frequently share episodes with my husband and other loved ones when I feel the topic is something that will resonate with them. Love listening to your pod! Thanks so much!

ASimplyHappyListener ,

So Valuable

I can’t say enough about the Simple Families podcast. Denae is so informative, real and incredibly helpful. She challenges her listeners to go against the grain when it comes to raising kids and is just what I need to hear. I’m so grateful this podcast exists!

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