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Life is complicated. Fitness, nutrition, education, curiosity, grit, and community support all play a role in our long term happiness and health.

Simply Health ME Emmy Liscord, MD and Peter Spiegel M.Ed

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Life is complicated. Fitness, nutrition, education, curiosity, grit, and community support all play a role in our long term happiness and health.

    Simply Health ME E99 - Dr. Sam Madore DO

    Simply Health ME E99 - Dr. Sam Madore DO

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    Finally got a chance to sit down with Dr. Sam Madore of Weightloss207.com. This episode is perfect for Maine residents to listen to and hear his approach to wellness.

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    Simply Health ME E98 - Interview with Sleep Coach Martha Lewis

    Simply Health ME E98 - Interview with Sleep Coach Martha Lewis

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    In this episode we chat with sleep consultant/coach Martha Lewis. Her website, https://www.thecompletesleepsolution.com/ is where she helps people combat some of the issues we all face when trying to rectify our sleep. 

    It was a fun conversation and she echoed quite a bit of what Emmy and I talk about constantly on the show on the importance of prioritizing sleep. 


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    Simply Health ME E97 - Feasting

    Simply Health ME E97 - Feasting


    What is “feasting”? The refeeding process after a deliberate period of not eating (fasting). 

    What is “re-feeding syndrome”

    Refeeding syndrome has been defined as the “potentially fatal shifts in fluids and electrolytes that may occur individuals with prolonged malnutrition (mainly low phosphorus)  Refeeding problems can happen once food is given, particularly carbohydrate-containing foods. During the refeeding period, insulin and other hormones are activated. This causes electrolyte shifts.  (phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium) Avoid by not fasting if you're malnourished. Very long fasts should be have doctors supervision for slow introduction of food. 

    Why is refeeding so important? Autophagy happens during fasting and in order to replenish those expunged damaged proteins et al, you need nutrients(material) to rebuild new, healthy cells and tissue. **Some could argue that refeeding is even more important than fasting.**


    What are the most nutrient dense foods to refeed with? Vegan options?





    Sauerkraut (highest source of vitamin C)










    Bioavailability of animal foods vs plants - be aware. 

    Be careful of RDA. It's the minimum to prevent disease not optimize health. Protein is a great example

    Side effects of breaking a fast incorrectly for your body

    Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea,


    Avoid highly glycemic foods (they can pull water into GI tract and cause diarrhea - this is called “early dumping syndrome”. Late dumping syndrome relates to huge insulin spike after huge glucose load and low blood sugar after the meal. 

    SXS: abd pain, nausea, weak, dizzy


    More on Nutrient Density check out Chris Mastrjohn phD






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    Simply Health ME E96 Mitochondrial Health

    Simply Health ME E96 Mitochondrial Health

    Mitochondrial Health E96

    What is the mitochondria of the cell and why is it important?

    The “powerhouse of the cell”. Mitochondria are in each cell. The mitochondria take energy like glucose, fatty acids, amino acids and convert that into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which then powers your cells 

    Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, you are organs wrapped up in skin. If you have dysfunction of your mitochondria it affects your whole body. Most chronic disease (maybe all?) have a degree of mitochondrial dysfunction which may be why many disease have fatigue as one of their many symptoms. 

    How your body handles stress in the environment may be largely related to the mitochondria health. Some stressors are good and strength the mitochondria but if too much (chronic) over time that can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction i.e fatigue / disease / aging  etc. 

    The more mitochondria you have and the healthier that mitochondria are the more able you are to be resilience (preventing you from disease / obesity / aging etc. ) 


    What are some things in our environment that affect our mitochondrial health?

    Negative environmental factors




    Dec number

    DNA mutation

    Change of structure

    Decrease autophagy

    Increase in oxidative damageDecrease in antioxidants

    Not enough mitochondrial stimulation (good stress - hormesis)We are too DAMN LAZY AND COMFORTABLE

    Positive environmental factorsExercise (best)

    Cold shock therapy

    Heat shock therapy (SAUNA) 

    Intermittent Hypoxic Training (a type of breathing exercise)

    Nutritional variation

    More on Hormesis

    Your cell is stressed. 

    Transient burst of oxygen reactive species to cell. Cell’s anti-oxidant system is up regulated and gets stronger. (this is kind of like vaccinations - a little infection teaching the immune system how to fight a bigger infection)

    Autophagy is increased which stimulates your cell to repair damaged and dysfunctional parts. Making the cell stronger. 

    There are other pathways stimulated as well but don't want to get into the weeds. You get the point

    Hormesis leads to greater number of mitochondria and stronger mitochondria. Sometimes doubling the number in the cell. More energy - less fatigue!







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    Simply Health ME E95 - Dr. Don Dworek DO

    Simply Health ME E95 - Dr. Don Dworek DO

    In this episode we chatted with Neurologist Dr. Don Dworek about lifestyle changes as related to headaches (including migraines!!). We were so thankful that he took the time out of his day to speak with us and hope you get as much from the conversation that we did. 

    • 51 min
    Simply Health ME E94 - Grand Rounds with Dr. Emory Liscord & Dr. Samuel Madore

    Simply Health ME E94 - Grand Rounds with Dr. Emory Liscord & Dr. Samuel Madore

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    Dr. Emory Liscord MD, and Dr. Samuel Madore DO present Grand Rounds on the topics of sleep and Time Restricted Feeding (TRE) as they relate to weight loss.

    The talk is titled: "Beyond the Basics: Further Considerations for Weight Loss"

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    • 51 min

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23 Ratings

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