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A podcast for new cigar enthusiasts and cigar aficionados.

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A podcast for new cigar enthusiasts and cigar aficionados.

    Episode 22: Two Lounges

    Episode 22: Two Lounges

    Recorded at Capital Cigar Lounge (5505 S 16th St Ste 100, Lincoln, NE 68512) I sat down with the owner, Tony Goins, and the owner of Cigarz Lounge (800 Q St #104, Lincoln, NE 68508),  Stacy Williams. We also had Capital's lead bartender Kelly, and their head humidor coach, Jeff. We discussed how both lounges got their start, how Tony and Stacy started their cigar journey, and ended up discussing liquor. With so much divisiveness, partisanship, and competition today, it was refreshing to sit down with two "competing" lounge owners who are good friends. If you're in Lincoln, you do not want to miss out on either of these lounges! Have Kelly make you his old fashioned at Capital, then head over to Cigarz and have Aaron make you his!

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    Episode 21: Isabela Time Traveler 2019 Review

    Episode 21: Isabela Time Traveler 2019 Review

    I announce the first Patreon exclusive content from Simply Stogies Podcast called, Tales from the Lounge, is now available for Patreon supporters! To become a Patron of Simply Stogies Podcast please go to https://www.patreon.com/simplystogies and sign up to get instant access to this new bonus content!
    I welcome simplystogies.com Content Director and Lead Reviewer, Mike Breig, to discuss Isabela Cigar Co. and to compare our reviews of the Isabela Time Traveler 2019. Our reviews, shockingly enough, were not that far off. We were impressed with the flavor notes, transitions, and overall construction of this beautiful, limited edition cigar; we were even more impressed considering MSRP is under $10.00. Mike and I talk about Isabela's footprint in the industry, and how there are a lot of people missing out on some fantastic cigars. A big thanks to Mike for coming on and discussing his review. You can find Mike's review of the Isabela Time Traveler at the link below.

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    Episode 20: PCA Trade Show 2020 News

    Episode 20: PCA Trade Show 2020 News

    With the news that Drew Estate, Altadis, General Cigar Co., and Davidoff will not be exhibiting at the PCA Trade Show this year, I give an outsider's view of what appears to be going on. I discuss the lack of a shared vision between the PCA and the manufacturers, the PCA's perceived lack of direction, and reasons why the trade show must change in order to survive. I also announce a new show that is exclusive to our Patreon supporters, Tales from the Lounge, and let everyone know of the great new articles up on simplystogies.com

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    Episode 19: An Interview with The Cigar Madame

    Episode 19: An Interview with The Cigar Madame

    Congratulations to Chris Hansen, Gary Mehrl, and Caleb McReynolds on winning the Pupperdor.com contest. A big "thank you" to Pupperdor.com for supporting Simply Stogies Podcast and sponsoring such a great giveaway! 
    I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with @thecigarmadame (Coco Maria) an avid aficionada, cigar enthusiast, great Sister of the Leaf, and Instagram influencer. We discussed her cigar journey, how a woman's experience in the cigar community differs from most men's, and how in some ways it's exactly the same. We talk about social media, if glamor models smoke cigars, and The Cigar Madame brand! I had a blast getting to spend a bit of time with The Cigar Madame and hope that you do, too.
    To book The Cigar Madame for events or to contact her for product and business promotion, please visit https://chocolateandcigars.com/
    To follow The Cigar Madame on Instagram please search @thecigarmadame or click here
    Visit The Cigar Madame's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thecigarmadame

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    Episode 18: An Afternoon Chat with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars

    Episode 18: An Afternoon Chat with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars

    During an AMA/Virtual Cut&Light for SimplyStogies.club with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars, I get an opportunity to have a three hour conversation with Pete. We talk about everything from his cigar journey starting in a strip club, to how he looks at the FDA's overregulation, and everything in between. Pete was generous with his time and was more than happy to answer my questions, as well as the questions from the members of SimplyStogies.club. Thank you, Pete! It was a blast! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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    Episode 17: AMA/Virtual Cut&Light with Jon Huber of Crowned Heads Cigars

    Episode 17: AMA/Virtual Cut&Light with Jon Huber of Crowned Heads Cigars

    Jon Huber from Crowned Heads cigars joins James and some of the members from simplystogies.club for an AMA. Jon discusses his cigar journey, how he got started in the business, and where he sees the future of the business. Jon also talks about what inspires him and finding the reason for cigars to exist. We briefly discuss the FDA, it's impact on the industry, and what that looks like from an artists' point of view. He also tells us how his latest collaboration with Drew Estate, La Coalicion, came to be. 
    Immediately following the podcast interview, the members of simplystogies.club had the opportunity to interact with Jon in the AMA portion of the virtual cut&light. To become a member of simplystogies.club email me at info@simplystogies.com or DM me on Instagram @simplystogiespodcast or DM @simplystogies   
    Thank you again to Jon Huber for joining us. It was a fascinating and fun chat!

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