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For therapists, educators and parents who want to prioritize play & social skills development to support the growth of positive, reciprocal & meaningful relationships, while sticking with science and emphasizing some good old fashioned fun!

Skilled Socially Ashley Rose

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For therapists, educators and parents who want to prioritize play & social skills development to support the growth of positive, reciprocal & meaningful relationships, while sticking with science and emphasizing some good old fashioned fun!

    Presymbolic Communication with Braxton Baker SLP BCBA

    Presymbolic Communication with Braxton Baker SLP BCBA

    Listen in to this conversation with Braxton Baker SLP, BCBA of Innovative Therapy Solutions. www.InnovativeTherapySoutions.net

    Braxton provides a definition of presymbolic communication and outlines the differences between presymbolic, prelinguistic and nonverbal communication with multiple real life, relatable examples. Braxton also provides concrete strategies and key takeaways for improving the, re ways we intervene in early communication and language development.

    Be sure to download this freebie: Presymbolic Skills List
    Presymbolic Skills List from Innovative Therapy Solutions (iTS)

    • 46 min
    Assessing Social Behavior with the SS-GFA

    Assessing Social Behavior with the SS-GFA

    Need a more comprehensive and meaningful assessment too to assist you in the identification of the most social significant, relevant and meaningful social behavior goals. 

    Listen in to learn about Mission Cognition's SS-GFA Assessment Package and how you can not only access it for use with your own clients or students, but also get extensive personalized training and become part of a community of like minded, passionate and collaborative professionals like yourself. 

    The SS-GFA includes indirect assessment, structured observation and direct assessment components which all allow for flexibility and use of clinical judgement to slect the component options best suited to your population of early - advanced learners preschool - high school. 

    Join the SS-GFA Club at https://www.mconlinelearning.com/courses/social-skills-global-focus-assessment-package-ss-gfa

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    Fun Friday 3: Teamwork Snowbuddies

    Fun Friday 3: Teamwork Snowbuddies

    This fun Friday episode focuses on the skills needed to work together successfully & joyfully as a team. Concrete tips for teaching those skills  using research backed strategies are provided all within the context of a fun teamwork activity.

    This episode isn't really about a snowman activity, or at least not JUST about a snowman activity. What it IS about is Social Skills & effective teaching methods.

    Download your fun Friday freebies at www.Mission-Cognition-Share.com

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    Fun Friday 2: Super Secret Spy Bingo

    Fun Friday 2: Super Secret Spy Bingo

    Love Bingo? So do we! Tune in this episode to learn how we have kicked it up a notch by making some changes to the way we structure game play in order to target complex but critical & foundational social skills including: orienting toward social partner, scanning the room and prioritizing, shifting attention. Conditioning the face & attention is paramount in building later social skills so you won't want to miss this!

    This game is appropriate for developmental ages 5-10 and can be played 1:1, in small groups or even as a whole class if you are super skilled. 

    Listen in to learn how to play then be sure to download the lesson pan at www.Mission-Cognition-Share.com 

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    Tell me About Malcom

    Tell me About Malcom

    This episode highlights the importance and value of knowing your learners beyond checklists, goals & reports. How we view, interact with and talk about our learners matters regardless of what setting you work in, the population you serve, or your area of specialization.
    This episode provides a framework for that thought process and sets a foundation for later assessment & goal identification.

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    Fun Friday 1: Catapults

    Fun Friday 1: Catapults

    This is our very first "Fun Friday!" episode where give you an example of a game or activity we did to target a variety of social skills.

    Today's episode is about snowball catapults and how we used this activity to target a wide range of executive functioning skills, requesting help/assistance & working together as a team, to name a few.

    You will be provided a framework for how to approach activity selection and lesson planning to account for individual goals & objectives as well as preferences, as well as hear a complete step by step description of how to implement he activity with your learner(s) from start to finish.

    Download the free resources to accompany the lesson at www.Mission-Cognition-Share.com

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Joanna Canepari ,

Thank you!!!!

Your philosophy and perspective as a behavior analyst and educator is sooooo refreshing!!! I love learning from you and I keep coming back for more! Thank you for all you do & for sharing your work/expertise with us!

PositiveLKS ,

Great information

I really enjoyed this podcast series! I’m a supervisor and I’m constantly looking for additional information on how to teach staff how to implement social skill development. The information Ashley provides is easy to understand and easily applicable. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Rob Harvey, BCBA ,

Highly recommend!

I have had the great pleasure of receiving consultation from Ashley over the past few years, and she is truly a wonderful guide to bettering social skills treatment. This podcast is exactly what we need as practitioners, and I’m thrilled to see it taking off! I recommend 100% to those who work with children with autism and just people in general: therapists, teachers, wraparound services, parents ... so much for everyone!

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