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Conversations with greenwoodworkers, spoon carvers, bowl turners, tool makers and craftspeople from around the world.

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Conversations with greenwoodworkers, spoon carvers, bowl turners, tool makers and craftspeople from around the world.

    Episode 17 - Emmet Van Driesche

    Episode 17 - Emmet Van Driesche

    We are back! And joined by the one and only spoon carving, coppiced Christmas tree growing maverick, Emmet Van Driesche. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, starting by learning about Emmet's journey to becoming a full-time spoon carver, to the trials and tribulations of making a living using social media. We discuss his unique path as a professional spoon carver, how he brought his skills as writer to create Spoonesaurus magazine and his three books and how craft and spoon carving contributes to one's mental wellbeing. Emmet also shares some insights into his workflow, what inspires him to keep progressing and growing his business, and how he manages his unique Christmas tree farm. + more!
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    • 2 hr 7 min
    BONUS - Solstice Sloyd Shindig

    BONUS - Solstice Sloyd Shindig

    Mike & I hosted a small informal gathering here in Sedalia, VA the weekend before the summer solstice. A great group of local sloyd enthusiasts gathered and we carved, cooked, swam, and pole lathe turned for a couple days. This is a short bonus episode introducing everyone who was there. Enjoy!

    • 6 min
    Episode 16 - Julia Kalthoff

    Episode 16 - Julia Kalthoff

    Join us for this chat with crafty axe maker Julia Kalthoff. We learn about her lifelong craft journey from her mother's fabric store to working for Wetterlings. We get into all of the the details of the inception and production of the axes she makes--from the long process of refining each aspect of the design and production, to the rigorous refinement of the metallurgical alchemy of tool making, to some of the finer points of grind geometry, fitting the handles and more. We also touch on the subject of preserving a strong and healthy body whilst pursuing handcraft beyond the hobby scale. And she offers a refreshing to our famous last question... We really enjoyed speaking with Julia, she is a wealth of knowledge and experience!
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    Mentions from the episode:
    Beth Moen
    Gransfors Bruks
    Copy lathe in action
    Handle horse

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Episode 15 - Zed Shah

    Episode 15 - Zed Shah

    Join us for this lively conversation with none other than Zed Shah. We get into a wide range of topics, learning about Zed's inroad to bushcraft, spooncarving and the broader sloyd world from his background in social work and marketing. We explore how the geographical & cultural distinctions influence craft in different parts of the world, and in particular why the UK is such a hub. We learn about Zed's journey as a film maker and the evolution of his approach to documenting the craftspeople and skills he documents and shares, the influence of social media on craft, the importance of photography and marketing for craftspeople, the value of developing skills vs buying expensive tools, and a bunch of other little side discussions along the way. Towards the end, Zed shares nuggets of marketing wisdom, which leads to a future episode concept! All around, a really fun and engaging chat with a little bit of something for everyone.

    Future Episode Concept

    Have any burning marketing or media questions? Want to hear from Zed on them? Send your questions to us and we'll compile them for a topic-focused Q&A episode with Zed in the near future. Send questions to contact@sloydcast.com


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    Keep an eye on: www.spoontemplates.com

    Mentions from the episode:

    Ray Mears

    Not Just Bikes


    Werner Fuchs

    Sharif Adams

    Pro Camera by Moment

    Classic Hand Tools

    Spoontown UK

    Yoav Elkayam

    • 1 hr 58 min
    Episode 14 - Mark Krawczyk

    Episode 14 - Mark Krawczyk

    Join us for this engaging chat with Mark Krawczyk—Renaissance man of permaculture, wood craft, and agroforestry. We delve into his journey from college to study permaculture with Bill Mollison in the early 2000’s which eventually lead him to the UK to learn from the likes of Ben Law, Mike Abbott, and back to the states to intern with Drew Langsner. We explore the finer points of greenwood working in the tradition of chair-making, hickory bark harvesting, and seat weaving—then into the principles and practices of coppice agroforestry and his upcoming book Coppice Agroforestry: Tending Trees for Product, Profit, and Woodland Ecology. We finish it off with an insightful discussion on the tenets of managing a woodland from a holistic perspective. All in all, a wonderful chat! Mark is an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience. Enjoy!


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    Pre-order his book: http://www.coppiceagroforestry.com/

    Mentions from the episode:

    Helen & Scott Nearing

    Ben Law

    Ben Law Grand Designs

    Mike Abbott

    Brookhouse Woods

    Harvesting Hickory Bark

    Make a Chair from a Tree by Jennie Alexander

    Woodlanders Docu-series

    Woodlands by Oliver Rackham

    Forestry Prism

    Eric Sloane

    • 1 hr 56 min
    Episode 13 - Rosie Rendell

    Episode 13 - Rosie Rendell

    Join us for this chat with the amazingly talented coppice and green woodworker Rosie Rendell. We learn about her journey from gardener to coppice woodworker and the burgeoning businesses she has built since. She gives us a lesson in what coppicing is, what hedgelaying is, and some of the basic principles and practices that define these crafts. We learn about the seasonal flow of her work and get a sense of how deeply connect her work is to the ecosystem, her raw material, and the ancient crafts she is carrying into the future. We top it off discussing her new endeavor producing charcoal and how important this process and product is for closing the loop of a coppice woodworking profession. Last but not least, we flesh out how important it is to remember that these crafts are as much a part of the constellation of sloyd practices as spoon carving or bowl turning. We hope you enjoy this chat!


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    • 1 hr 27 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

aarontwas ,

Two human beings chatting all things sloyd, and then some

I have thoroughly enjoyed the impressive amount of content that the hosts have managed to compile and deliver to us listeners in their free time. Their interaction with the guests is amongst the most genuine that I’ve listened to in any woodworking/craft podcast. I enjoy the freeform of the conversations, as this keeps them from solely focusing how impossibly perfect “everything” that these craftspeople do is. These tangent conversations allow us a glimpse into parts of their lives that for me, deepens our connection to them. In an age when we venerate those in the social media spotlight to an unhealthy degree, it is nice to have a podcast like this to show us how the folks we admire face many of the same challenges at setbacks that everyone does. I respect the hosts for their decisions in terms of their time management, and reigning back the frequency of their podcast episodes. Keep the quality over quantity coming!

HealthRanger89 ,

Awesome podcast

Two talented dudes doing it right on the podcast. SloydOut!

wheatfield woodcraft ,

Well done

I started listening to this on a whim and I was for sure thinking I would just set this down as soon as I picked it because I thought it might be boring. Instead I was delightfully surprised at the engaging discussion, history, tales and inspiration. Thanks guys. Keep it coming.

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