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Sparking joy, inspiration, and meaningful connection with Smiling Souls from around the word!

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Sparking joy, inspiration, and meaningful connection with Smiling Souls from around the word!

    Putting The MIND In Mind-Body Transformation with Jennifer Haddad

    Putting The MIND In Mind-Body Transformation with Jennifer Haddad

    Episode 2 Description:

    This week Beth is joined by Jennifer Haddad, one of our very own Smiling Soul Fitness members. Jennifer started working out to get ready for her wedding. She joined for the physical results but has stayed working out with us for years because of the whole body benefits she experiences. In this episode we explore what to do when you’re struggling with feeling unmotivated, how to make your routine work for you, and developing confidence to feel good in your body.

    Connecting with host Beth Alexander:

    Website: www.SmilingSoulFitness.com

    Website: https://www.bethalexanderfitness.com/

    Instagram: @SmilingSoulFitness

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    6:11 “It felt like a necessity after a while. It really had a good effect on my metal health, especially during the pandemic.”

    11:45 “I like the feeling of looking back on my day, or my week and just being proud of myself for taking the time to do a work out.”

    13:13 “I don’t look at it as a failure if I have to take a day off, or even a couple of days off. I know I can just get on my mat tomorrow, or even the next week.”

    14:47 “I’ve kind of let go of the idea that my body has to look a certain way or be a certain way.”

    15:15 “You also invited me to think about the reasons why I wanted to lose weight, and something just clicked for me there. And that felt right, and I started to examine why weight loss was such an important goal for me and I have to say it’s no longer so important.”

    19:07 “I think I would tell my pre Smiling Soul Fitness self to just be gentle with yourself.”

    27:46 “I would say a smiling soul is one that is connected at peace. No matter what kind of challenges come up and one that finds a way to smile, even if things are tough.”


    Host: Beth Alexander

    Guest: Jennifer Haddad

    Producer: Marissa Jacky

    Editor: Ash Jeane

    • 28 min
    Inclusive and Accessible Fitness with Vysh Sivakumaran - Episode 1

    Inclusive and Accessible Fitness with Vysh Sivakumaran - Episode 1

    Episode 1 Description:

    Fitness in Place Co-Founder, Vysh Sivakumaran joins Beth Alexander this week to chat about accessible movement. Vysh shares with us her fitness journey and how becoming an entrepreneur helped her create an inclusive community for herself and her clients. Fitness in Place operates on a sliding scale basis to be more obtainable to the community they serve. They strive to make a safe space for all folks to be able to explore their own strengths. Curious about Fitness in Place? Use promo code FIRST-FREE to get your first class free. 

    Vysh Bio: 

    Vysh is a leader in the Toronto fitness community -- working to create inclusive and accessible fitness classes, along with her partner Pat, through their virtual platform called Fitness in Place (@fitness_in_place). She advocates passionately for representation in the industry for South Asian women, but more broadly, aims to be a voice for all people who may face barriers in the wellness. She recently was awarded the Canfitpro's Fitness Professional of the Year Award for Personal Training Specialist due to her quick adaptation to serve her community through Fitness In Place and trauma-informed Yoga practice at the start of the pandemic.

    Connecting with Vysh Sivakumaran:

    Website: www.fitnessinplace.net

    Promo Code: FIRST-FREE

    Instagram: @Vy_she_lifts 

    Instagram: @Fitness_in_place 

    Facebook: VyshFitness

    Facebook: Fitness in Place


    Connecting with Host Beth Alexander:

    Website: www.SmilingSoulFitness.com

    Website: www.BethAlexanderFitness.com

    Instagram: @SmilingSoulFitness


    Books referenced in podcast: 

    The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love by Sonya Renee Taylor

    Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia by Sabrina Strings


    People referenced in the podcast:

    Meenadchi - https://www.meenadchi.com/

    Reena Parekh - @itsreenaparkeh 

    Roz the Diva - @RozTheDiva


     Trainings mentioned in the Podcast

    Trauma Sensitive Yoga - @tctsy, traumasensitiveyoga.com

    Intuitive Eating - Naomi Katz, @happyshapesnaomi, happyshapes.co



    7:38 “We offer invitational spaces for you to sort of explore your body. As well as offering choices for you to also understand what feels good, and what doesn’t.”

    7:48 “In terms of the personal training world, usually there is this directive language, like ‘Do this and do that.’ Where as in a trauma informed world we tend to just say ‘Hey perhaps you want to lift your arm and stretch to the left, or perhaps you don’t.’”

    10:00 “In the fitness industry I have not felt like there has been space made for me to thrive and made for me to feel good about my career. So in that, the challenge is that I had to create space for myself.”

    13:34 “We say ‘Hey, like, come as you can, and show up as you are. We’ll meet you where you’re at.’”

    24:33 “A Smiling Soul is one that is resilient.”



    Host/Producer: Beth Alexander

    Guest: Vysh Sivakumaran

    Editor: Ash Jeane


    • 27 min

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3 Ratings

Brionna L. ,

This Makes My Soul Smile

Fantastic! The podcast is really well done & incredibly informative. I’m looking forward to future episodes!

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