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A storytelling podcast delving deep into everyday mysteries, exploring the line between shadiness, and sincerity.

So Curious Rolla Selbak

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    • 5.0, 28 Ratings

A storytelling podcast delving deep into everyday mysteries, exploring the line between shadiness, and sincerity.

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

AdamF4231 ,

Finally answers to all my life's questions!

Gah I absolutely LOVED these!! Seriously had me giddy the entire time listening because of just how CURIOUS it made me!! Like a good book or movie, I was hooked from the start and couldn't wait to find out what happens in the end, and what truth Rolla uncovers! Episode 1 was heartbreaking, creepy, and a bit shocking at times. And the length that Rolla goes to get to the bottom of what she is investigating is absolutely awe-inspiring...and SO BRAVE! I literally get nervous for her while listening!!

Episdoe 2 about the $20k/month Real Estate trainee has been something I've seriously always been so curious about and laughed at everytime passing the signs!! And once I heard that this is the topic of the new episode/investigation..I could not wait to hear what Rolla uncovered!!! And the episode did not dissapoint! I was literally holding on to every word she would say, and sooo interested in what was gonna happen next! Rolla is honestly a true public servant because she was literally doing all the work and inconvenience of getting out of one's comfort zone etc, all for us, and so that we all as listeners can get the answers that everyone passing those freakin signs were so curious to find out! The hardest part for me was that I genuinely was getting anxiety that the episode was ending...because I could have literally sat for hours listening on what else she uncovered!!! I didn't want it to end!!! But I suppose all good things must. And it definitely left me wanting more!

Needless to say, I cannot wait for the next episode and for the future episodes to hear and expereince what she investigates next!!! It gets me sooo giddy just thinking about all the possibilities!! And I feel soo lucky and grateful that I can sit here in the comfort of my home, and still get the answers to all of my curiousity thanks to the Bold Brave and Courageous, Rolla Selbak!

filmmcqueen1 ,


Glad to have discovered this podcast. It's an interesting premise and there is a fresh and personal feel to the program, making you feel like Rolla is sitting in your living room with you and you are sharing these experiences with a good friend. Looking forward to more.

Marc& the gang ,


My first venture into podcasts and these are really interesting topics! Rolla is very witty and delves into "curious" thoughts that most people have had at some point, but rarely indulge in answering. Looking forward to more episodes.

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