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An Aviation podcast about soaring with sailplanes. Adventures in soaring with your host Chuck. Join us for each episode to hear whats next ! Talk with you soon on Soaring The Sky !

Soaring the sky a glider pilot's Podcast Chuck Fulton

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An Aviation podcast about soaring with sailplanes. Adventures in soaring with your host Chuck. Join us for each episode to hear whats next ! Talk with you soon on Soaring The Sky !

    94: Mastering Gliding In Brazil : Sergio Lousada

    94: Mastering Gliding In Brazil : Sergio Lousada

    On this episode we head to Brazil to chat with Sergio Lousada, he is 35 years old and is a Soaring Pilot, Cross country Coach, and Flight Test Engineer.  Sergio has been flying sailplanes since 2007, but for as long as he can remember he has been addicted to aviation. Interesting enough, soaring made it possible to fulfill his dreams.
    As his gliding activity was decisive when he was selected to become a flight test engineer of military aircraft and he got to fly a good number of them! What he learned in the flight test environment he found to be very useful to soaring. And What is the Soaring Master Project? we will soon find out!
    Sergio has flown in many parts of the world (Andes, Alps, and Brazil and since 2018 has been acting as coach for the Brazilian AF soaring team! So many great stories like the time he depended on his motor glider engine to start while he was getting dangerously low! 

    (52:40) Dale Masters Brings us another Soaring Tales With Dale, and this one is titled A Half Second Later Is A Second Too Late!

    (55:40) We are excited to bring you a new segment on this episode called Simon says.  One of our previous gust Flying Simon has a brand new story and some very important advice from a flight he experienced early in his soaring journey. All that and more now on Soaring The sky!








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    93: Monkeys, Coconuts, Field Fires & John Denver: An Interview With Don Ingraham

    93: Monkeys, Coconuts, Field Fires & John Denver: An Interview With Don Ingraham

    Don Ingraham was living in Minneapolis when he was bitten by the soaring bug in 1993 at age 39. Thanks to the tutelage of Bob Wander, by age 40 he had soloed, earned a PPG certificate and purchased a Jantar Standard.
    Over the next couple of years he flew the Jantar to more than a dozen MN State Soaring records and kept busy during the winters refinishing it in gelcoat (with much phone advice from George Applebay). Don started flying contests in it in 1996 and moved up to a Discus in 1999. His wife, Kathy, was always willing to track him down, trailer in tow, when he couldn’t make it home from a XC flight. He won the Hilton Cup in 1999 and got to make a dream come true - meeting top pilots and flying different gliders from the Hilton Ranch for ten days straight.

    A few years later, in 2003, he asked Kathy what she thought about the idea of going into business running a commercial glider operation. He explained the six-figure salary would be gone and there was a very steep and potentially perilous learning curve. And it would take a big chunk of money. And he had no idea how to do it. And they had two toddlers, Chase (2) and Ali (4). Kathy paused for a moment, then asked how he would feel, years from now, looking back,
    if he went back to the stable-yet-now-soul-crushing computer world and never tried to start his own business.  Don said he’d feel like a frumpy cowardly wimpy loser. Kathy said she didn’t want to be married to that guy, so game on! Don and Kathy built a website, bought a tow plane (Socata Rallye 235E) and a glider (Grob 103 Twin II) and opened the doors of Cross Country Soaring in Faribault Minnesota in 2004. They now operate a second Grob 103 and a have a winch.  He is beginning his 17th year in operation. Check it out crosscountrysoaring.com

    Bob Wander was a key factor in Don’s success in pursuit of life in the sky and they have remained good friends. Bob asked Don to write a book based on a talk he delivered at the Sport’s Aviation Conference in Minneapolis in 1996.
    That book is now available at bobwander.com for a song! It is called, “The Final Four Minutes - Landing Out”. Bob wrote the second half.

    (57:02) Soaring Tales With Dale, Dale Masters brings us another soaring Adventure and this one is titled "Totemic Polemic" 






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    92: Soaring On Mars Club Class Nationals & The Perlan Project

    92: Soaring On Mars Club Class Nationals & The Perlan Project

    On this episode we first talk with Miguel Iturmendi, one of the pilots from the Perlan project as he answers your questions and shares his adventures flying super high altitudes and what it's like soaring in the only pressurized glider in the world. Is it possible to fly the Perlan Ship on Mars? You may be surprised when you hear the answer. Miguel is also a test pilot and will also tell us about a very famous solar motor glider he has been flying most recently.   

    (52:52) Dale Masters is back and has another Soaring Tales With Dale and this one is titled Eagle Eyes.

    (56:58) Contestants David Hart and Daniel Sazhin chat with us on location at Chilhowee Gliderport in Benton Tennessee as they get ready to compete with others in the Club Class Nationals! What is it like flying a contest? How is the course? All this and more now on episode 92 of Soaring The Sky! 





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    91: Open Cockpits & Vintage Flying Machines: An Interview with Flying Simon

    91: Open Cockpits & Vintage Flying Machines: An Interview with Flying Simon

    Flying Simon is a glider pilot joining us from the Netherlands and a few years ago he started his YouTube channel 'Flying Simon'. He has captured some of his amazing flights. Simons goal is to share the excitement and the wonderful perspective of gliding and this year he hopes to share adventures all over Europe from flights in new gliders to the Junior European Championships in Lithuania! Simon chats with us today on the podcast and shares some of his aviation adventures including the story about one of his YouTube adventures in an open canopy Vintage glider!

    Staying on the theme of vintage gliders we will join Bob Armstrong for our Tips & Techniques segment in his hanger where he keeps a 1946 Schweitzer SGU 1-19 that has been flown over Oshkosh! Dale Masters brings us another soaring Tales with Dale and this one is titled "Feathered Avatars"  We will bring another Soaring Safety Segment as well as our Brand new Listener logbook Segment where you get to share your soaring stories! Click The link below now to record your soaring story and hear it on an upcoming episode! All this and more now on episode 91 of Soaring The Sky, a glider pilot's podcast.







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    90: Tow Planes Gliders & Birds Of Prey

    90: Tow Planes Gliders & Birds Of Prey

    Today our featured guest flies out of southern California. Casey Scholz is a 650 hour commercial pilot flying in airplanes and gliders. His ratings include, multi-engine land, single engine sea and land, instrument rating, as well as AGI/IGI ratings. He is currently Working towards his CFI-A and CFI-G. He has approximately 200 hours in tow planes and has about 1,000 tows in the Tow-plane. Casey shares some great stories and also some lessons he has learned flying both ends of the rope that have helped him to become a better and safer powered and glider pilot. 

    (1:10:30) We then head to the Czech Republic For our Soaring Safety Segment and catch up with Barbora Moravcova.  You may know her as the Gliding Junkie on Instagram. She currently flies with The Czech National gliding Team. She will bring us some great safety tips and talk about what she has been up to since we last spoke to her. She also has some pretty cool stories she will share with us.
    (1:43) Dale Masters, author and glider pilot will be bringing us another Soaring Tale with dale and this one is Titled "We Hadn't The Foggiest"

    (1:44:45) We are then going to head over to Blairstown NJ to catch up with Daniel Sazhin, He brings us our Tips & technics segment on this episode. He has been up in the air and most recently had some super interesting flights with Bald and Golden Eagles. You can click on the link in the show notes to his blog to check out some awesome shots his girlfriend took from the glider. He will share that story from that flight with us as well. 

    This is our first episode with our brand new segment where we hear from you the soaring community! Chris Stevenson shares one of his soaring adventures about landing out. To share your soaring adventure just click the link below and click on the microphone near the bottom of the page. We want to share your soaring adventure on the next Soaring The Sky, a glider pilot's podcast.




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    89: Soaring In The Philippines with Rolf Dunder

    89: Soaring In The Philippines with Rolf Dunder

    On this episode of the podcast we first head to the Philippines and talk with Rolf Dunder, He originally learned to fly in Hamm-Lippewiesen Germany but is currently the only glider pilot soaring in the Philippines. Rolf started soaring in 1979, soloed in 1980 at the age of 15. He received his PPL in gliders in 1982 and his CFIG in 1989. In 2000 he picked up his Ultralight rating and in 2001 his Paraglider as well as his single engine in 2002. In 2008 he moved to the Philippines where he started glider operations Nampicuan and now Tuy. Rolf has flown many gliders including the 
    ASK-13, Ka-8, Ka-6, K-7, Twin III, ASK-21, DG-505, ASW-15b, ASW-19b, LS-4, Standard Libelle, IS-28,
    Schweitzer 2-33, Puchatek, Duo Discus, SZD-55,  and the Nimbus 4DM.

    Rolf has also experienced soaring all over the world and will share some of those exciting adventures with us. He has flown in Japan, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, The United sates and even had the pleasure to be a guest on a 985 km triangle flight in a Nimbus 4DM in Kuruman South Africa. Ralf has logged over 900 hours in gliders that includes over 2,500 
    flights. He also has over 100 hours in Single engine aircraft with 300 hours in ultralights and 100
    hours in paragliding. 

    (45:45) Also on this episode we will hear another exciting soaring adventure from Dale Masters on Soaring Tales With dale and this one is titled "Go Fly A Kite" 

    (49:45) For our Soaring safety segment CFIG Ben Mayes joins us from Williams Soaring Center in Williams California for some great advice and some interesting soaring stories.  

    (1:15) Our Tips and technics segment Monette Beers joins us to share her experience attending the recent Seniors Soaring Championship in Seminole Lake Florida. 

    All this and more now on episode 89 of Soaring The Sky  




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4.8 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

scvihlen ,


I learned about the podcast from this months Soaring magazine. 👍

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What Soaring Needs!

As a glider instructor getting back into soaring after some years away, this podcast is a treasure trove of stories and experience. Whether you're a student about to solo or a seasoned pilot, there's something you can take away. Keep up the good work Chuck!

prartree ,

Great Podcast!

I’m relatively new to the world of soaring and I really appreciate the diversity of both guests and topics discussed in this podcast. Chuck has a friendly, uncomplicated approach to podcasting that makes it easy to listen to and digest.

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