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Independent beauty professionals and industry leaders discuss salon suite ownership at Sola Salon Studios.

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Independent beauty professionals and industry leaders discuss salon suite ownership at Sola Salon Studios.

    The Power of Online Reviews

    The Power of Online Reviews

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, in this day in age, online reviews are a vital part of growing any service business. We know there can be a lot of fear and hesitation when it comes to online reviews. We hear things like, "Well, I don't like to brag about myself," and questions like, "What if someone writes something negative or completely untrue? What if one person's bad day turns other potential clients away?" The reality is, once in a while, it may happen, but the benefits of a strong online presence can be the difference between a thriving business and one that can't seem to keep the doors open. And on those off-chances that you do get a negative review, there are strategies to handle those too!
    Press play for 7 reasons you should lean into online reviews plus 3 ways to handle negative ones.

    In This Episode
    [1:32] - There are ways to ask for reviews in an authentic way.
    [2:28] - Online reviews put you in control of monitoring your online presence.
    [3:07] - Reviews also give you credibility and help clients find you.
    [4:02] - Search engines prioritize highly reviewed businesses.
    [5:06] - Think about reviews as free marketing.
    [6:01] - Like other social media platforms, you can engage with reviewers.
    [7:23] - Share your reviews on social media to entice others to leave one, too.
    [7:50] - Negative reviews will still happen for a variety of reasons. How can you remedy this?
    [10:02] - Check out the Sola blog for more posts and helpful tutorials about online reviews.

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    Yelp Guide For Beauty Professionals
    6 Social Media and Marketing Tips From Our Faces of Sola
    5 Ways to Increase Your Online Presence 

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    Chasing Greatness with Antonio Willis

    Chasing Greatness with Antonio Willis

    Our guest on this episode is a barber extraordinaire who is innovative and talented, yet humle and grounded. Joining us from his barbershop, The Coil, in Chicago, Antionio is here to share his journey to salon ownership - and what lead him to become the successful barber he is today. You might know him as @barbergawd on Insagram, or as one of the 2021 Faces of Sola, but we know him as one of the most genuine and inspirational people we’ve crossed paths with. 
    In this episode, Antonio opens up about his experience moving to the south side of Chicago at 14 years old and how there was a lack of positive mentorship. But despite the challenges he faced, Antonio used his experiences to fuel his passions and purpose.
    Through his work behind the chair and a drive to make a difference in the lives of others in the next generation, Antonio has created a community of empowered people who not only look good, but feel good.
    Press play on this episode to get the inspiration and motivation you didn’t know you needed. 

    In This Episode
    [2:10] - Antonio has made such an impact on the Sola community and we knew his story needed to be shared.
    [3:42] - Growing up, Antonio admired his uncle and aspired to follow in his footsteps.
    [6:26] - By spending time with clients every couple of weeks, Antonio has made connections with young people in his community as a mentor.
    [8:00] - The experience he provides in the chair gives his clients confidence.
    [9:40] - Antonio offers a subscription based VIP list that locks in appointments.
    [11:20] - Because he sees 14 to 18 people a day, Antonio delegates tasks to others in his network to help build his product line and app.
    [13:17] - Antonio felt the need to branch into his own business with Sola so he could do things his own way and keep growing.
    [14:50] - His dreams are to provide stability for his children and give them the opportunities to do the things they want to do.
    [16:40] - Those in the Sola community are passionate about making time to inspire future individuals in the industry.
    [18:00] - During the early days of the pandemic, Antonio set up a tarp covered studio in a hotel.
    [21:53] - Antonio explains why his studio is called The Coil.
    [24:00] - The Coil has also been branched out to include products for women and has a store front.
    [25:51] - Taking photos of his work doesn’t only help promote his brand, but it makes clients feel good, too. Antonio shares his method in self promotion.
    [28:31] - To his clients and his community, Antonio is more than a barber.
    [30:20] - Comparison is the thief of joy. How does Antonio thrive in a community with a lot of barbers?
    [33:18] - Antonio has a strong sense of self and confidence but continues to be very humble.
    [36:30] - It is Black History Month and Antonio shares what it means to him to be a black-owned business in his community.
    [39:00] - Antonio’s advice for young people is to talk to the people who inspire you and find out how to do the things you love.

    Links and Resources
    Sola Salons Instagram Page
    Sola Salons – Website
    The Coil Website
    Barbergawd on Facebook
    @barbergawd on Instagram

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    Setting Salon Prices with Joey Figueiredo

    Setting Salon Prices with Joey Figueiredo

    As you think about the ways you can work smarter in your salon this year, it is natural to think about setting boundaries and creating salon policies. By creating and implemeting salon policies, you are putting rules in place to help define your boundaries with yourself and with your clients. Salon policies will help you create a safe, organized and fair environment in your salon. Policies also help you set expectations with your clients which will essentially help protect you and your business. 
    Today’s guest comes to us from Prarie Village, Kansas where he runs his business in a double sized Sola studio. Joey Figueiredo is one of our Faces of Sola, an educator, content creator, photographer, and when it comes to retail, Joey could sell ice to an eskimo. Recently, Joey was featured by Modern Salon in an article he wrote about salon policies, so we couldn’t wait to bring him on to the podcast to dive deeper into this hot topic with us.  

    In This Episode
    [2:04] - Joey started with Sola in 2013 and works hard to maintain healthy boundaries.
    [3:56] - Policies hold both clients and salon owners accountable.
    [5:18] - Joey admits that in the beginning, he let his clients walk all over him until he realized how much he was losing without policies.
    [7:30] - There are certain things that you need to understand to value the monetary worth of your time.
    [8:55] - Start with what you are comfortable with. Copy policies from another salons and tweak as you go.
    [10:34] - Your booking methods could be a policy and be firm in the way you want to run your business and schedule.
    [12:03] - Joey describes his cancellation policy and the challenges that Covid poses on it.
    [13:18] - Educate your clients on your policies and why they are important.
    [18:24] - Covid policies can be very tricky because of the polarizing opinions surrounding it.
    [20:01] - Joey meets his clients where they are comfortable.
    [23:55] - How you accept payment is something you also need to be clear about.
    [26:41] - Joey has very clear new client policies as well.
    [28:34] - Your cancellation policy during the holiday season is extremely important.
    [31:18] - Joey and Jennie discuss tardiness and the impact it can have on your day.
    [33:18] - Regarding communicating your policies, Joey recommends having it in writing.
    [35:01] - Joey addresses losing clients.
    [38:12] - You should be open about policies. Talking about them should not be a behind-the-scenes talk.
    [40:15] - The effects of Covid were actually positive for Joey in changing his work mindset.
    [43:21] - More and more people are becoming more flexible.

    Links and Resources
    How to Set Healthy Client Boundaries and Sane Salon Policies by Joey Figueiredo on Modern Salon

    • 45 min
    Streamline Your Salon Business

    Streamline Your Salon Business

    As an independent salon owner, you wear many hats, and sometimes it may feel challenging to juggle all of your day-to-day tasks, stay organized and maintain a healthy work-life balance. But we've got you covered... because, with Sola, you can have it all. Here are 4 ways you can streamline your business and stay organized in 2022.

    In This Episode
    [1:01] - Manage your business with SolaGenius.
    [2:09] - What can you do with SolaGenius in just a few clicks?
    [3:05] - Stock your back bar and retail shelves with BeautyHive.
    [4:26] - Create and schedule social media content using tools like Canva.
    [5:56] - Keep your social media branded with your colors and fonts interspersed with real photos of your craft.
    [7:17] - Pre-planning and post scheduling give you more time and freedom.
    [8:06] - Sola Sessions are back in person! Join us in Denver in May!

    Links and Resources
    Sola Salon Studios' Instagram Page
    Sola Salons Studios – Website

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    Start Your Year Off Right

    Start Your Year Off Right

    Are you ready to make 2022 your best year yet? Our guests on this episode are here to help you create a solid action plan to keep your business healthy and growing. 
    In this episode, we are joined by Faces of Sola Drew Inge and Genia Church along with industry experts Michael Cole and Nina Tulio to talk all things budgeting, raising prices, growing your clientele, goal-setting and goal getting. Drew and Genia demonstrate how to connect with others to build each other up while Michael and Nina provide the details on what to look for in your 2022 business and financial plans. 
    Press play on this episode to start celebrating your wins, both big and small, and find out how to integrate these best practices to make this your best year yet! 

    In This Episode
    [0:36] - All the guests are introduced. Learn about Drew, Genia, Michael, and Nina.
    [3:50] - When planning for the future, it is important to reflect on the previous year. Genia shares what she was most proud of from 2021.
    [6:18] - For Drew, 2021 was very transformative.
    [7:48] - Start your reflection with celebrating your wins. Be still for a moment and see how far you’ve come.
    [9:20] - Part of growing is trying new things. Some of these things won’t work so take them out of your plan and move forward.
    [10:01] - Michael lists five important questions he asks himself when reflecting on the past and planning for a new year.
    [12:18] - Although there have been countless challenges, sometimes crisis creates opportunity. Drew and Genia describe the positive outcomes they’ve experienced.
    [15:02] - How can independent salon owners benefit from changes?
    [16:00] - No matter how proficient we were at using digital tools prior to COVID, we are all far better now.
    [17:50] - Sola is at the forefront of innovation in hair color and styles as a result of creative ideas to survive COVID.
    [19:21] - COVID heightened business awareness for independent salon owners. With that, comes boundaries.
    [20:29] - Keep your goals simple. Growth in your business does not have to be complicated.
    [21:50] - Make the commitment to yourself to maintain consistency while implementing new things.
    [23:40] - Genia addresses burnout and explains how she integrates doing more of what she loves into her business goals.
    [26:02] - Drew’s main goal is to become more financially healthy and explains how he wants to better integrate technology to do so.
    [28:08] - What is the millionaire mindset?
    [31:19] - Part time is the new full time.
    [32:14] - Building a brand strategy and digital strategy is a focus this year for Genia.
    [33:44] - Nina shares a lot of information for budgeting in the new year.
    [35:44] - A healthy business is a profitable business.
    [37:28] - Michael shares what salon owners should be looking at financially in the new year.
    [40:36] - Consultations with clients can be an opportunity to make sure you are making the profits you need and giving the client precisely what they need.
    [42:00] - For Genia, the KPI that makes a difference for her is her Daily Ticket Average. What other KPIs are helpful to look at consistently?
    [46:01] - Keep your books open to new clients and if you can’t, put clients on a wait list rather than turning anyone away.
    [47:40] - If you are booked solid back to back, Michael suggests increasing your prices as the demands for your services are high.
    [50:26] - Every decision you make has to be in alignment with your business and brand. 
    [53:17] - Even if you don’t charge for a virtual consultation, the tickets wind up being more profitable.
    [56:23] - May 2022 Sola Sessions in Denver, Colorado announcement!

    Links and Resources
    Sola Salon Studios' Instagram Page
    Sola Salons Studios – Website
    Ashlie on Instagram
    Drew on TikTok
    Drew’s Instagram
    Genia’s Instagram
    Michael Cole Millionaire Stylist on Instagram
    Nina Tulio on Instagram

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    Setting Salon Owners Up For Success in the New Year

    Setting Salon Owners Up For Success in the New Year

    A new year is a perfect opportunity to get organized. After the holidays, things may feel a bit chaotic. Be patient with yourself as you get things back in order after the holiday rush. From self-care to schedule mastery, we've got the steps every independent salon owner should take to self yourself up for success in 2022. 

    In This Episode
    [1:01] - Self-care is crucial. Fill up your own cup before you help fill others’.
    [2:37] - Spruce up the salon! The new year is a great time to clean things out that are not in alignment.
    [3:21] - Start or restart a healthy routine. During the holidays, we veer away from our usual routine and the transition back can be challenging.
    [5:01] - Consider mindfulness, movement, and nourishment for your morning routine to help set you up for success.
    [5:36] - Time blocking and task batching are strategies that help you manage your time and can majorly increase productivity.
    [6:30] - This is the time of year where hydration is tougher. Be mindful of hydration as part of your routine.
    [7:31] - This is the year of the Sola boss! With the right routines and self care routines, you can set yourself up for success

    Links and Resources
    Sola Salon Studios' Instagram Page
    Sola Salons Studios – Website

    • 9 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Geegamyer ,

Loving the topics on every episode!

Sola Stories revitalized my mindset as a stylist and has given me a fresh new outlook on my career! The host, Jenny asks the best questions! I love hearing industry pros give their advice and best tips for success! After two episodes I was ready to change my direction and go out on my own! Sola support is real🙌🏻🥰

Shelbie Donoho ,

Very informative and love these Sola peeps!

Not only is it nice to hear from other stylists that I can relate to, but getting advice and educated on certain topics has been so helpful. Sola Salons I swear never lets me down, they always have something to offer to help you get closer to my career goals! Thank you Sola!!! 😍

jillianne85 ,

Jillianne K. Studio Sola menifee lakes closure

I am listening to episode 19 right now and missing my amazing studio and my loving, beautiful clients so incredibly bad. 😢 Wanted to say thank you for the support, it is helping me feel still invested and connected during this very isolating experience. Let’s get California reopen, it’s time! ❤️❤️❤️
Sola strong and safe! @jilltrunnell

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