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Two married lunatics discuss life in Los Angeles. Believe in yourself and anything is possible!

#SOLA Camille Knox & Charlie Sanders

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Two married lunatics discuss life in Los Angeles. Believe in yourself and anything is possible!

    A Very #SoLA Christmas!

    A Very #SoLA Christmas!

    On this episode of #SoLA, Camille and Charlie are slipping deeper into delusion, putting the X back in XMas, drinking boozy eggnog from HomeState and slowly falling apart. Charlie is pitching new podcast ideas and dates for Camille. Camille is still obsessing over minor flaws in the Star Wars and Back to the Future universes. Most importantly, they realize that #SoLA was merely a coping mechanism to make it through the Trump era. And Charlie just discovered Buzzfeed and explains to everyone the ins and outs of the Mandela Affect… which begs the question, Frasier, did this podcast ever exist at all? Merry Christmas! 

    • 44 min
    A Very #SoLA Thanksgiving!

    A Very #SoLA Thanksgiving!

    On this episode, Camille and Charlie slowly unravel while wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving... or as close as one can hope for one in the year of our lord 2020. Chaz is back with a gender reveal, Charlie is back with some Harold Team names and a dating game for Camille. They discuss Phil Specter's long commute to find someone to murder, Camille's hatred for parking attendants and probably some other topics, too. Hang in there! At least 2020 is almost over! 

    • 45 min
    It's All Weezer's Fault!

    It's All Weezer's Fault!

    On this episode of #SoLA, Camille and Charlie realize it’s their 69th episode, make a bunch of bad jokes about it, then move on to Mean Camille being very uncharitable on many topics. She blames Camibriel Byrne. Charlie has lots of Harold Team names, and many updates from Chaz/Chez/etc. Camille discusses her perma-bloodshot eyes and coasters for far too long. They figure out Weezer is to blame for all the ills of the world and Kula, if you're still listening, please come join us for a #SoLA Nation episode. 
    It's basically a lot of Nero-ing a violin while LA burns to the ground. Hopefully we're able to make it to another week so we can apologize for all the awful stuff we said this week. 

    • 43 min
    After the Before Time

    After the Before Time

    On this episode of #SoLA, Camille and Charlie remember they have a podcast! And The Musical Artist Chaz remembers he’s a character. They discuss pandemic regrets, bake bread, the computer overheats, Charlie promotes his upcoming competing podcast Balk Talk, probably some other stuff happens and they give advice to Christopher Nolan. It’s just another very unperfect day in the pandemic in LA. 

    • 36 min
    In LA but Out of LA with Rob Huebel!

    In LA but Out of LA with Rob Huebel!

    On this episode of #SoLA, Charlie and Camille are Zoom chatting with their good friend Rob Huebel. Huebel recently abandoned city life to move to a different part of the city, aka the boonies of Pasadena (only 15 minutes away!). They discuss the running free commercial for HomeState that #soLA has become, as well as how bad Camille and Charlie are at hosting a podcast. Charlie and Rob also discuss their Academy Award winning show Do You Wanna See a Dead Body, as well as Charlie’s lost sketch from Rob’s show Human Giant. There’s some Southern talk, some pandemic What’s the Point talk, lots of talk about moving out of urban blight and are we maybe moving to Pasadena? 

    • 58 min
    The New Nermal

    The New Nermal

    On this episode of #SoLA, Camille and Charlie realize their last pandemic episode was TOO good and push further into quarantine insanity to discuss their New Normal, er, New Nermal? 
    Harold Team Names are still free for now…. except one terrible one that cannot be uttered out loud. (Balloon, that’s all we’re saying.) They do puzzles now. They shop at HomeState. Charlie is still failing at Southwest Airlines humor. 
    And Garfield was right about a few things: Mondays suck, Nermal sucks. Orson sucks. Turns out Camille cares a LOT about Garfield. Maybe SHE is the Garfield Purist. Yep, he’s still alive.
    What IS this podcast? WE DONT KNOW. 

    • 40 min

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4.7 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

nynaeve22 ,

Peanut Butter Spoon

From: @elizabethjenkins

The simple solution to the peanut butter spoon is the adoption or purchase of a dog. The adopted or purchased dog will then remove all peanut butter remnants from said spoon/future spoons.

flutedd ,

So good.

Obsessed. Can’t get enough and I’m sad when it’s over. Highly recommend!

PLKerpius ,

Color Me Rose

I really like this podcast because it is funny. Beamer BABY!!

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