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A True-Crime podcast featuring some of the most disturbing, heartbreaking & mysterious cases which covers a variety of crimes committed throughout the UK and Ireland, including missing person mysteries, unsolved murders and much more. ***Episodes may contain content not suitable for some audience's, including the death of a child, descriptions of a graphic nature, and adult language at times. Listener discretion is advised***

Somebody Knows More Rhiannon Doe

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A True-Crime podcast featuring some of the most disturbing, heartbreaking & mysterious cases which covers a variety of crimes committed throughout the UK and Ireland, including missing person mysteries, unsolved murders and much more. ***Episodes may contain content not suitable for some audience's, including the death of a child, descriptions of a graphic nature, and adult language at times. Listener discretion is advised***

    E46 - The Murder Of Eve Howells

    E46 - The Murder Of Eve Howells

    *** Hi. As a huge thank you for your patience and understanding while I'm making some changes to Somebody Knows More, I've decided to release an extra episode for you this month.  Have a great weekend & please, stay safe! ***

    Can pre-meditated murder ever be justified? To some, the idea of murder is more palatable if it was committed in self-defence or in the effort of saving someone else's life. 
     But what if the victim was the perpetrator of years of abuse and neglect and the offenders felt that the only way out was for to take their tormentor's life? Do the means justify the end? 

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    E45 - The Monster Of Worcester

    E45 - The Monster Of Worcester

    This episode contains descriptions of a graphic nature regarding the murder of children. Listener discretion is advised.

    On a cold and wintery night in Worcester England, neighbours hear high-pitched screams pierce through the tranquil darkness. Even to the untrained ear, the screams sound as if they are coming from terrified children. Neighbours peer through their blinds in the direction of the screams. They are coming from the usually quiet home of Elsie and Clive Ralph - But nothing appears out of place at the home. A cautious neighbour decides it's better to be safe than sorry and decides to call Police just in case one of the children is in trouble. 
    Uncannily and perhaps forebodingly, it was the night of Friday the 13th. For all of the superstition that the date entails, no one could have predicted the horrors that would become evident in the night's lifting gloom. 
    It was Friday the 13th of April 1973 – a date which will forever be known as the birth of The Monster of Worcester. A night when a city - and indeed a country - came face to face with the worst kind of monster – a child killer.


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    E44 - Adam - The Torso In The Thames

    E44 - Adam - The Torso In The Thames


    At about 4 PM on September 21, 2001, 32-year-old Aidan Minter was walking his usual route back home over Tower Bridge in central London. It was Friday afternoon, and usually, the area would have been filled with people. But since the 9/11 attacks had taken place a little over a week prior, not everyone felt comfortable being around major landmarks, and Aidan was crossing the bridge alone.
     While he was walking, Aidan looked at the river Thames and saw driftwood floating around—and then, something else. About 20 feet away, there was something that looked like a beer barrel, but not quite. As Aidan got closer, he realised he was not looking at a piece of wood... but the torso of a little boy.

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    The Boy in the River
    Mandela's plea over torso boy
    Torso murder inquiry moves to Nigeria
    Jail for torso case people smuggler
    Voodoo and human sacrifice: The haunting story of how Adam, the Torso in the Thames boy, was finally identified
    Torso of African boy detectives believe was killed in a ritual sacrifice before being tossed into the Thames is 'identified' by key witness
    The torso in the Thames: A 20-year mystery
    Fresh appeal to find torso in the Thames killer
    Dark mystery of boy's torso pulled from Thames after being cut up in 'ritual murder'
    Thames torso boy was sacrificed
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    E43 - The Murder of Gemma McCluskie

    E43 - The Murder of Gemma McCluskie

    March the 3rd, 2012, had started like any other Saturday for the police officer on duty in London's East End. But when two men, Tony and Danny McCluskie, and their friend Nicole stepped into the station, that evening instantly turned into one of those that the officers would never forget. As soon as Tony and Danny explained that nobody had seen their sister for two days, then mentioned her name, the officers knew this was not going to be a typical missing person's case. And yet, they never imagined how horrifying and shocking the investigation into Gemma McCluskie's disappearance would be.

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    Samaritans (24/7 service) – 116 123

    The Murder of Gemma McCluskie | Crime Documentary |
    The Eastenders Murders: True Crime, Real Tragedy
    Brother jailed for life for murdering ex-EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie before dumping body in canal
    Brother accused of killing ex-EastEnder Gemma McCluskie
    Severed head recovered from Regent's Canal where decapitated remains of former EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie were found
    Gemma McCluskie: Friend of EastEnders actress says she wanted brother Tony to move out
    EastEnders' Gemma McCluskie death: Brother faces murder trial
    Gemma McCluskie Missing: Police Divers Search Canal For Body Parts
    Gemma McCluskie's brother charged with her murder
    EastEnders' Gemma McCluskie 'killed after sink row'
    Gemma McCluskie Missing: Body Pulled From Regents Canal In Hunt For Former EastEnders Star
    EastEnders' Gemma McCluskie murder: Brother guilty
    Gemma McCluskie death: Nine years on from the tragic murder of EastEnders star
    True Crime Fans Need To See C5's Chilling Doc On The Murders Of 2 'Eastenders' S
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     On December 11, 1975, two police officers, Tony White and Stuart MacKenzie, were sat in their police panda car on a side road in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They were observing the passing traffic, keeping a lookout out for any drivers breaking the rules—but then they noticed a man behaving strangely on the pavement on the opposite street. While it was dark and the officers could not see the man clearly, it looked as though this person was trying to hide his face when he noticed the police car. It soon dawned on Officers White and MacKenzie, that they were close to the local sub-post office. Due to the numerous armed robberies within the last three years, everyone in the force knew to be on the lookout for anything suspicious within the vicinity of post offices— so the officers decided to call the man over to question him.
     At that moment, Officers Tony White and Stuart MacKenzie could not have guessed that they had just encountered Britain's Most Wanted Man.

    For more information about this case, including photo's, transcript & credits, please click HERE!

    RAIDS, MURDER AND KIDNAPPING... THE DONALD NEILSEN FILE: How police put an end to Black Panther's killing spree; DATELINE December 11, 1975.
    Profile: Donald Neilson
    Donald Neilson: The Black Panther (Crime Briefs)
    The Black Panther: The True Story
    La ‘Pantera Negra’, el ladrón de Correos que mató y ocultó a una menor en un pozo
    Murderer Donald Neilson, the 'Black Panther', dies
    Legacy of Black Panther murders
    How 'Black Panther' Donald Neilson terrorised the Midlands and snuffed out the life of a 17-year-old girl
    The chilling story of the Bradford serial killer known as the Black Panther
    Black Panther killer Donald Neilson dies
    'The Black Panther': Profile of killer Donald Neilson
    Donald NEILSON
    TERROR IN THE NIGHT Who was Donald Neilson and is he still alive?
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    On the 15th December 1992, Barry Sutcliffe took his normal route to work along Compstall Road, in Romiley, England.  After picking up two of his colleagues he headed into the lifting darkness.  But there was nothing usual about the horrific discovery he would make on an otherwise peaceful morning.  At 6.10am, his headlights silhouetted the hunched-over figure of a woman standing by the roadside. As Barry inched closer, he noticed the woman’s head was bare of any hair and her skin appeared blackened and charred.
     Barry pulled over and the three men jumped out of the car, knowing instinctively the woman needed help. As they drew towards her the smell of burning human flesh became overwhelming. It was very clear that this was no woman, she appeared to be just a girl, no older than eighteen. It was also clear that she needed medical attention immediately.



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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

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Really intriguing episode on Kyle. The show challenges the listener to look at every scenario in the case. Detailed, entertaining and intriguing. Contends from beginning to end. Looking forward to more episodes!

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WOW, Great!

Super FAST Service!

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Awesome crime pod!

Incredible show!

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