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Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles' music and career. Smart, funny and surprising - just like the Fab Four.

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Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles' music and career. Smart, funny and surprising - just like the Fab Four.

    224A: The Making of Get Back

    224A: The Making of Get Back

    Well, it's finally here. Worth the wait? Oh, we think so! But before we get into discussions on SATB about what we thought about it, we thought it would be worthwhile to discuss the making of it - the intent behind it; the goals; the challenges; the nuts-and-bolts - with someone who worked on it. To that end, a listener in New Zealand offered himself up as a guest who could offer an insight or two. 
    My co-host for this one is Dan Rivkin (They May Be Parted), who of course is one of the leading scholars on this material, presented on his blog. Normally, Dr. Duncan Driver would be part of the discussion too, but he had beg off on short notice. (We'll have him back next time...) 

    Meanwhile, we hope that this - presented in the grand tradition of Peter Jackson - in three parts - will suffice.    

    • 1 hr 7 min
    223: The Beatles 1971 - 1973

    223: The Beatles 1971 - 1973

    We have all made compilations of Beatles solo material, but within this large group, a smaller group has imagined taking some of this material and arranging it as The Beatles might have, had they recorded this material and issued it as "Beatles," the collective. There's actor Ethan Hawke's famous Black Album; Spencer Leigh's Finishing School, as well as any number of other efforts out there. 
    Then, there are the ones created by myself and my guest, Glenn Greenberg. You can find his list here, or else listen to the show and hear our choices and justifications, which are every bit as good as anything you listeners can come up with. See what you think - we can talk about this stuff endlessly!

    • 1 hr 46 min
    222: On Pepper

    222: On Pepper

    SATB has touched on the Sgt. Pepper album in the past, but never like this. My guests, Pat Sansone (of Wilco and The Autumn Defense) and Luther Russell (Those Pretty Wrongs) are each accomplished singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalists/performers/producers/engineers AND hardcore Beatle geeks. This album became a touchstone for both of them during their formative years, and it is with decades of insight that we discussed the magic and mystique of the landmark release.
    Luther has been working on the third album by Those Pretty Wrongs with Jody Stephens this year, while Pat has a book of his photography coming out soon: https://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelraso/galleries/72157624760590414/ 

    Wilco has just began a string of live dates around the US but extending into Mexico, the UK and Spain next year. 
    See https://wilcoworld.net/ for details.  

    • 2 hr 47 min
    221: Lennon in Montreal

    221: Lennon in Montreal

    In 1969, Bill Rotari was Regional Managing Director with Capitol Records in Quebec when he received word that John and Yoko were coming. As label rep, it was his job to see to it that John's needs were met; ultimately this included securing recording gear for tracking the first Plastic Ono Band record, "Give Peace A Chance."    
    Bill has led an interesting life; as record company executive, recording artist...and minor league pitching prospect for the Atlanta Braves. His group, The Favorites, recorded for London during the 1950s, and later, as Managing Director of CBS/Sony Records in Montreal, he was directly responsible for signing Celine Dion and getting her first English language recordings produced.
    Bill tells all about the Montreal Bed-In, as well as his life and career in music (encompassing Paul and George, the Rolling Stones, Petula Clark, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Tony Bennett and others). 

    • 1 hr 53 min
    220: Get Back to Peter Jackson

    220: Get Back to Peter Jackson

    In June and again in July, the director of the upcoming The Beatles: Get Back series gave interviews - in Vanity Fair and in GQ - holding forth on what to expect from his re-tooling of the Beatles Let It Be project. Though there was a certain amount of rehashing what had already been said, there were also things that provided much to discuss and analyze as we approach the countdown to broadcast. 

    I therefore reconvened Dr Duncan Driver and Dan Rivkin (They May Be Parted blog) for a discussion on the latest and how what Peter Jackson had to say - and didn't say - suggests where the project is going and what to expect. 

    • 1 hr 32 min
    219: John - George - Eric & Layla

    219: John - George - Eric & Layla

    In late summer 2020, my guest Kyle Driscoll penned this wonderful analysis of the three 1970 releases by three artists whose paths had intertwined and who, as it happened, all found themselves at similar crossroads at the time. You can read it here (which I strongly urge you do) and then listen to the deeper discussion we had on these artists and their impact on each other's work. 

    • 1 hr 41 min

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4.6 out of 5
123 Ratings

123 Ratings

mltrieu ,

Great podcast

I’ve enjoyed this podcast for years. Robert is a great host and very intelligent. The guests are awesome. Top Beatles podcast And I’ve listened to a lot of them

mountart2 ,

Too Paul biased

Every episode is Paul biased and slams and slogs off John and the episodes are way too long and self self-aggrandizing.

JakeHansen69 ,


the podcast is informative for sure. the host is smug and sarcastic which can be annoying at times. but if you can look past it, his content is pretty top-rate.

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